After Li Tian savagely tosses Sara in the private room at Ming’s Restaurant he covers her naked body with his black trench coat then carries Sara down the back stairs of the restaurant. Kang Mingshun is waiting leaning on a Silver Rolls Royce Phantom, he tightens his jacket, it is fucking freezing tonight! When he sees them approach he immediately crushes his cigarette on the ground and opens the back door. Once inside the car he discreetly raises the privacy divider between the seats and turns on the heater. The little girl must be freezing only covered by the boss’ coat. 

   Due to the strong effect of the aphrodisiac Sara clings onto Li Tian sucking and licking his neck. She whispers in Li Tian’s ear, “Want..Need it..” She surprises him by wantonly straddling his lap and putting her slender arms on his neck.The large trench coat slips down revealing her perfect creamy white breasts covered in his love bites and Li Tian feels his desire rising again. He gulps as he takes her arms from his neck, “Be good.” He wants to wait until they get to his villa to continue but it is difficult to resist her alluring appearance. The black designer trench coat is huge on her petite body, as it slides down her arm she is barely covered.

  Sara gazes at him with her eyes full of lust, her voice sounds soft and coquettish, “So itchy…empty..Tian… help me..” He pulls up the coat and buttons the top button. She pouts, “Why are you being mean?” He looks at her aggrieved expression and has a faint smile wondering what she will do next. She leans into his ear, her hot breath on his neck.“ I need you…” Frustrated by him ignoring her pleas she puts her hand on his crotch, “You are soo hard… Don’t you want it too…”

   He stares at the beautiful fairy like girl on his lap in a trance. The little girl has delicate facial features and her thick black eyelashes are like butterfly wings as they flutter. Her skin is like the finest porcelain, her big blue eyes are covered with a seductive layer of mist. But this little girl’s pouty pink lips are the most tempting. She is right… I could get any woman I want, but I only want her…she excites me like no other woman ever has.  I know it was wrong to give her wine but I want this needy Song Sara…sexy…wanton…uninhibited.  Dammit! I want to bully her for making me addicted to her charms.  Li Tian tightens his embrace then punishes Sara by sucking and biting her lip until he tastes her blood. Sara moans as he runs his hand up her thigh to her sensitive spot. He rubs his thumb across her nub and inserts his long finger. When he feels her body reacting he takes his hand off her wet pussy, “Don’t want.” 

  Sara is quivering from his touch and a wave of pleasure runs through her body. When he suddenly stops her mind is muddled, “You…you don’t want me?”

  He has a sly smile when he sees her hurt and confused expression “No. Too much trouble.”

  Sara buries her head on his chest and hugs him, “I’m so hot..I need you… I really need you.”

  “You don’t sound sincere.”

   Sara looks up at his indifferent and cold expression and remembers what he said in the private room. When I said what CEO Li wanted to hear he made me feel better. If he doesn’t help me I am going to die! “I love you..pleeassee fuck me..fuck me..”

  “I don’t think you do.” She wiggles on his lap and it is taking all his willpower to resist throwing her down on the seat. 

  “I do…really.. Tian…I love you sooo much.” She starts unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his chest while clinging onto his body as though he is her life saving straw. Sara bites her lower lip, “Whatever you want…I promise…I… I will give you…”

   They arrive at his villa, as he carries her out of the car he leans down deeply kissing Sara until she can’t breathe then he nibbles on her ear. When he steps inside the luxurious villa with Sara he presses his mouth on her delicate ear, “Don’t forget your promise.”

   During the night while their bodies were entangled Sara fulfilled every desire Li Tian uttered. He felt that he had never been so aroused and the pleasure she gave him was indescribable.

Everytime she called out his name he wanted to crush her into his body as he reached the sky. Sara was completely under the influence of the aphrodisiac craving relief, surprising Li Tian by wantonly begging him to go deeper as he placed her body in different positions. Sara was unaware that Li Tian was becoming more obsessed as they climaxed together.

When Sara’s extremely pure yin mixed with his dark yang his mind and body was being sent into a place of immense joy and ecstasy. He was experiencing the heavens opening up and his entire body was on fire as his dark yang devoured the purest yin. It was as though he wasn’t in the mortal realm but in a place where only intense pleasure existed.

When she was on top of him her body could no longer move so he held her hips and continued to thrust inside until he groaned releasing his essence. After Sara passed out from exhaustion he gently bathed her then applied ointment to her ravaged body.  

 In the morning  Li Tian is propped on his elbow watching Sara sleep in his bed. He stares at her beautiful face and smoothes her hair spread over the pillow. He gently kisses her red and swollen lips thinking only she can make him lose control. “Song Sara you are poison…sweet lethal poison that makes me lose my mind.”

  He has an important meeting so he reluctantly gets out of bed to get dressed. He calls Yang James, “Have Chloe Designs send over clothes for Song Sara to my villa. They have her measurements.” Recalling impatiently tearing Sara’s clothes off last night his lips curl up, “Include underwear.”

  He selects a dark blue suit by Armani out of his closet and pairs it with a matching dark blue silk shirt. Li Tian’s dark eyes are filled with the lewd images of Sara last night as he looks at his naked body in the full length mirror. There are numerous scratch marks on his chest and back, his neck has small red marks from Sara’s little mouth. Li Tian has a satisfied smile as he runs his finger down the longest scratch on his chest, Little Wildcat…you are mine… I will tame you…

When he smiles his thin red lips coupled with his dark and seductive Phoenix eyes adds a charming aspect to his otherwise unapproachable countenance. The dark color suits his temperament and makes his skin appear flawless. The way the custom made suit perfectly hugs his body adds to his impeccable appearance.  He finishes dressing then  puts on a Limited Edition Cartier watch encrusted with black diamonds completing his noble and elegant look. 

   Before he leaves he stops by the bed. Sara is curled up into a ball under the covers still sleeping soundly. He lightly runs his finger across her eyebrows, you are so beautiful…I will never let you go. Lifting a stand of her hair he puts it behind her ear then in a low voice whispers, “I’m going to give you a chance to come to my side willingly. If you chose not to..You will force me to lock you up.” 

  When he is down stairs he gives instructions to Butler Wu to make sure Sara eats a mild breakfast then have the driver send her home. He decided that he will have someone monitor her movements. I will give her time to cool down when she wakes up she will be angry at me for giving her wine last night. He chuckles, but I will never have any regrets. 

 Butler Wu sees Li Tian walking towards the garage, “Young Master, aren’t you going to have breakfast?”

 “No time. I have an appointment.”

  Sara wakes up and her head is pounding. Disoriented, she glances around the strange room, where am I? She looks at the man’s pajama top she is wearing and curses, that damn man! Errr.. so despicable! I need to get out of here! The night is a blur but the last thing I remember is him forcing me to drink wine.

Sara hurries to get out of bed, her waist hurts and her legs are shaking, she immediately collapses onto the thick carpet. I feel like I have been run over by a truck! She is still sitting on the floor when there is a knock at the door, she thinks it is Li Tian returning. Sara is furious that he took advantage of her last night,  her voice is hoarse as she screams, “LI TIAN YOU BASTARD! DON”T COME IN HERE!”

  The hair on the back of  Butler Wu’s neck stands up, he came to the bedroom to bring the clothes that Li Tian ordered. It is good the Young Master left and didn’t hear that. Who is this woman? He has never brought any woman here before! Not to mention downstairs the Young Master had a pampering tone when he told me to take good care of the woman. “Miss, it is Butler Wu. May I come in?”

   Sara blushes and softens her tone. “No. It isn’t convenient.” I am sprawled on the carpet and can’t stand up!

  “I have the clothes the Young Master had sent over for you.”

   “Where is CEO Li?”

  “He left for work.”

   Sara’s mood improves, her voice sounds happy, “Great! ” She coughs , “Umm..Thank you Butler Wu. Could you set the clothes outside the door?” Li Tian left..thank God! I need to get dressed and get out of here!


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