Sara takes a shower and scrubs her body covered in red marks, how did I fall into that shameless man’s trap again! Yeah right..he said he had the antidote.. Bastard! He probably has no intention of getting it for me…the sick pervert probably plans to bully me whenever he feels the urge to have sex!  After she dries her hair she looks at her phone, there are several missed calls and texts from Bi.

   She takes a sip of water then texts Bi. [Sorry Bi. I need a new phone.Li Tian had some work I hadn’t completed he needed for today.  Because of the storm I didn’t have any reception, this phone sucks I got in Milan. The roads were flooded by his villa so I stayed in his guest room.]

  Bi is getting ready for work when she sees the message. [Oh. That explains it. I was worried.]

  [I will be home before I go to the Zhou Group.]

  [I am leaving for work now. It is a long story I  will tell you later but I am temporarily transferred. Do you want to go drink after work.]

 [You aren’t CEO Fang’s Executive Secretary any more?]

 [Crying emoji crying SuSu is back from Germany.]

 [Well don’t worry. As long as you still have a job at Fang Group you can see him.}

 [I gotta go. I don’t want to be late.]

 [See you after work.]

  Sara puts on the red and black dress over the lace underwear. I really liked that beige cashmere dress! Although this outfit is pretty it doesn’t suit my taste. 

  When she goes downstairs Butler Wu is in the dining room. “Miss, breakfast is ready.”

  Sara remembers the elderly butler from when she dropped off the blueprints last month. “Butler Wu, I apologize for being abrupt with you earlier. I am not feeling well.”

  He looks at Sara’s clean and pure face, she is not what I imagined. She looks like a college student.  “Would you like some medicine?”

  “No thank you. I am having trouble getting a taxi to come out here. Do you know of any companies I could call?” Sara considered calling Fu Chian to pick her up but ruled it out. She doesn’t want Leo to know she stayed the night at Li Tian’s villa.

  “The Young Master arranged for a driver for you after you have breakfast. The chef prepared Eight Treasures Porridge, tomato and eggs, rice and braised chicken stripes with vegetables.”

  Sara is a little surprised Li Tian would be so considerate. Well, as long as I don’t have to look at his smug face I will eat. She smiles brightly, “Well, thank You Butler Wu, that sounds delicious.”

  She sits at the table and an attractive young man wearing a blue striped apron brings out the food. Sara picks up the chopsticks and before she begins to eat she takes a picture of the food. I haven’t posted anything on my blog lately, all these dishes look so appetizing.

She sets down her phone and begins to eat. The young chef comes out of the kitchen, “Is everything to your liking? Anything else I can get you?” He is filling in for his Uncle as chef while the old man is in the hospital. He was warned that Li Tian is a difficult man to work for but the pay is very good.

  Sara dabs her mouth with the napkin. “No, everything is really delicious, thank you so much.”

He turns to walks into the kitchen when Sara says, “Excuse me. Do you mind if I ask you how you got this pastry crust so light and flaky? I have tried but mine always seems to be a little bit tough.”

  “Miss, you like to cook?”

  “I do. Cooking is a hobby of mine but I love to bake. I have a small…” She laughs exposing her cute dimples, “Very small cake business.”

  He looks at Sara with an interested expression, when Butler Wu told him to prepare breakfast for a woman he was shocked. Since he has been the chef he has only seen Li Tian, Yang James and the bodyguards. No women work at the villa. He thought Li Tian was gay.  So the first woman for the Young Master to bring home is an ordinary girl? She seems very sweet and approachable… “What is the name of your cake shop.”

 Sara takes a sip of the hibiscus tea to moisturize her throat. “You have probably never heard of it, Sweet Dreams Bakery.” I’m not going to tell him I don’t actually have a shop but I make cakes in my kitchen.

 The chef’s eyes light up, he was at a birthday party and the Strawberry Cream Cake was delicious, sweet but not greasy. The host said the cake was made by his friend. When he asked the name of the bakery he said Sweet Dreams. “Is your name Song Sara?”

  She sees his puzzled expression “Yes.”

  “I do know of your Bakery. I was at a birthday party with my friend, Wang Ji. The birthday cake for Tzu Yibo was made by you, the taste was unforgettable.”

  “Oh..small world. Tzu Yibo is my fian..” Sara nervously says, “Friend… Friend.”

  “Do you have a business card?”

 “Not with me. If you want you can add me to WeChat.”

 “Okay.” He excitedly goes into the kitchen to get his phone. He is stopped by Butler Wu as he picks up his phone from the counter. Butler Wu overheard their conversation, “Boy are you crazy?”


  “She is the Young Master’s person. You can’t become friendly with Miss Song. I am telling you for your own good.” Butler Wu knows Li Tian’s personality. If he knows this handsome young guy has Song Sara’s number he will get really angry. The boy might lose more than his job.

Butler Wu recalls when Li Tian was just a boy one of his classmates took his favorite car model. The boy was beaten by him until his face swelled like a pig’s head then Li Tian stomped the car breaking it into pieces. 

 “Butler Wu, I am only filling in for Uncle until next week.I don’t work for Li Tian so I it isn’t a problem.” I would like to get to know Song Sara she is beautiful and has a good personality.

  He ignores Butler Wu’s advice and exchanges information with Sara. “My name is Leng Lin.If you want me to teach you how to make the puff pastry crust you can call me. I need to show you the special technique. I go to A University and we can use the kitchen in the Food Sciences Building.” He lives at home and after what Butler Wu said he knows to at least be cautious.

 Sara finishes the tomato and egg dish, “Sounds good. Is the kitchen available at night?”

 “I just need to reserve it. So when it is convenient for you let me know.”

 Sara thinks for a moment and says, “I can also teach you the recipe for my Strawberry Cream Cake.”

 He laughs as he scratches his head then teases Sara, “Aren’t you afraid I will steal your recipe?”

  Sara looks at his handsome boyish face and his aura is light blue, meaning he has a sunny and honest personality. She smiles prettily showing her perfect white teeth. “I am very good at judging people’s character and you seem like an honest guy.”

  Butler Wu is watching from the kitchen archway. He raises his eyebrow in disbelief, If you have that ability why are you with the Young Master? He is black hearted devil.

Sara looks like a satisfied kitten as she pats her stomach, “Thank you Leng Lin, breakfast was yummy!”

“My pleasure Miss Song.”

 Sara stands up and finishes her tea, “Butler Wu could you call the driver? I need to go home before work.”

 “Certainly. Please sit in the living room while you wait.”

  Sara walks into the living room and looks around, the furnishings are incredibly beautiful but they give off such a cold vibe. She chuckles to herself, like the owner of the villa…beautiful and cold.

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