Out Of Control

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18+ chapter

   Once Li Tian sees Sara leave the private room he grabs her, wrapping his hand around her thin waist. She stumbles forward falling into his chest. She desperately tries to push him away, “LI TIAN! STOP! ARE YOU CRAZY?!?”

   He had planned on talking to her and explaining the situation with his grandfather but when he saw Sara affectionately holding Leo’s hand he came unglued. 

   He fiercely kisses her, sucking and biting her lips as she struggles to break free from his iron grip. He holds the back of her neck as he forcefully pries her teeth open with his hot tongue. Li Tian’s heart is racing as he greedily savors her sweet taste that he has been dreaming about since Milan. When Sara is breathless he growls in her ear, his voice raspy, “Yeah I’m crazy…”

  Pounding on his shoulder, Sara has tears forming in her eyes, “Let me go!”

  Insane with jealousy because of her closeness to Leo he drags her into the restroom. Once inside he pushes her to the sink and lathers her small hands with soap. Turning on the faucet he puts her hands in the steaming hot water, “Dare to hold another man’s hand!” He stares at Sara with flames rolling in his eyes, “You are my woman!”

   Sara looks at her hands that are bright red and painful, “You are crazy Li Tian! Crazy!” Afraid of Li Tian because his aura is like a black abyss, Sara nervously backs away from him.

   Overwhelmed by jealousy and dark possessiveness he can’t control the beast inside of him that is clamoring for him to devour Sara. He effortlessly lifts her petite body up into his arms and whisks her out of the ladies room to a private room down the hallway. He wants Sara right now.

Sara’s heart races as she cries, “Why are you doing this to me?!!?”

    Sara knows he has lost his reason when he presses her down on the couch. He domineeringly cages her body between his strong legs as he leans over her quivering body. He looks like a demon, his eyes are red and he has an evil smile on his handsome face,“Why? Why not! Don’t forget Song Sara, you seduced me first.” He runs his finger down her neck then wraps his hand around her neck.Li Tian’s voice is low and threatening, “Now you think you can walk away from me towards another man? I guess you don’t know me very well. What is mine will never be another man’s even if I no longer want it.” He kisses her lips, “And I haven’t finished playing with you yet.”

Li Tian realizes Leo will be looking for Sara soon. “Call that little bastard Leo Cadieux and tell him you aren’t feeling well and I am taking you home.” I don’t need him interrupting me now that I finally have Song Sara in my grasp.

   Sara doesn’t want to entangle Leo in her problems so she obediently takes out her phone and calls Leo. Sara’s sore hands are trembling holding the phone. She sounds calm although every fiber of her body is telling her she is in extreme danger. “Leo, I am not feeling well so Li Tian is taking me home.”

   Leo sounds worried, “Why didn’t you come back? I would have taken you home. Do you need to go to the hospital?”

   “No..no..CEO Li was leaving so he graciously said he would give me a ride. We are almost to my apartment.” Sara blinks a few times to calm her nerves. “Tell Han Bi for me okay?” I don’t like lying to Leo, he has been so kind to me. But best not to involve him with this maniac!

  Leo knows Sara is trying to.protect him and he is infuriated that he allowed her to walk out and meet Li Tian. “I will.Call me when you arrive at your apartment.” Fucking bastard! But I can’t let Sara know my dark side. I will need to continue to be a gentleman in front of Sara if I want to get her to move to my villa.


  Li Tian takes the phone and tosses it across the room. He gently brushes her hair behind her ear then plays with a loose strand twirling it in his finger, “You are a very good liar.”

  “Well you gave me no choice. I don’t want to involve a nice guy like Leo in my sordid affairs.”

   He plays with a long piece of Sara’s hair and inhales her light fragrance, “You are really a stupid girl.”

   Sara pushes his hand away that is carressing her cheek, she furrows her delicate eyebrows, “Obviously, to think you were a decent man.”

  He kisses the crease between her eyebrows. “Decent is not a word that has ever been used to describe me.” He whispers in her ear in a low and seductive tone, his warm breath sending a tingling sensation to her brain, “I do what I want. Right now I want to fuck you.”

    Sara can’t form any words, she is petrified looking into his eyes that are filled with dark desire. My God he is insane…why did I provoke such a dangerous man?

   Li Tian puts his right hand on Sara’s breast that is rising up and down as she breathes. He sneers leaning on his elbow observing Sara.“You look incredibly beautiful in this dress, the way the soft cashmere clings to your body.” He strokes her body. What man wouldn’t be tempted. Did you choose this dress to seduce him?  He tenderly touches her earring, “The way the diamond sparkles against your snow white skin makes a man want to take a bite.” He nibbles and licks her ear sending goosebumps down her spine and she instinctively arches her back. 

    He notices Sara biting her lip trying to refrain from moaning as he touches her body. You know your sensitive body wants it.. But you are using all your willpower to fight the desire you feel…He frowns, I don’t like that pained look on your face Song Sara. This won’t do.. I want to see you gaze at me like you did in the hotel, your face dyed with lust… your beautiful crystal blue eyes with a layer of mist. You made my soul leave my body gazing at your innocent face flushed with desire. I have never seen such a beautiful alluring sight. The sound of your soft voice calling out my name..it was an intoxicating. Don’t blame me Song Sara… you..you are forcing me to do this.

Li Tian unexpectedly gets up and Sara is afraid to move. She turns her head to see him drinking a glass of wine. He fills the glass up after he finishes it and walks over and sits on the edge of the couch. Swirling the red wine in the glass he gazes at Sara with a scorching fire deep within his eyes,“This wine is very sweet…you like sweet wine don’t you..”

   Sara’s beautiful blue eyes are misty as she stutters, “CEO Li… Pl..please…don’t do this.”

   “Please? Now you are polite? You are the first woman I wanted to explain myself to and you didn’t even give me a chance. No…you little demoness… you were too busy seducing your latest prey.”

   Sara gulps, he won’t listen if I try to explain…I hurt his pride that is it and now he is going to make me pay for it. NO! I won’t let him! He is the one that is wrong! He left Milan with Long An  when I was kidnapped!

  “Nothing to say? Well maybe your throat is too dry.” He puts the wine to her lips and Sara angrily knocks the glass away and attempts to kick Li Tian so she can escape. Wine splashes out from the goblet staining her beige dress and the glass rolls on the white carpet.He laughs as he holds her down, “Little whore, do you think I will let you escape tonight?”


  “To punish you of course.” He walks over drinks out of the wine bottle then squeezes her chin so she opens her mouth. Li Tian puts his lips on hers, sending the wine down her throat. Sara coughs as he continues to force her to drink the red wine from his mouth. Red wine is dripping down her chin onto her clavicle then streaming between her breasts as she moves her head side to side struggling to avoid his mouth filled with wine.

The sight of her snow white skin stained from the red wine arouses Li Tian. He sucks on her soft lips, then swipes his tongue across her chin and down her swan like neck. She lets out a small moan as his hot tongue slides between her breasts sucking up the wine sending a tingling sensation through her body.

  He licks his lips then looks up at her beautiful delicate face that is flushed from the heat rising in her body. Soon you will be out of control from the wine triggering the aphrodisiac. 

  Sara clutches the side of her dress feeling the familiar uncontrollable hunger and desperate need to quench her desire.

Sara grits her teeth, “I will never forgive you Li Tian!”

   Li Tian sees the undisguised revulsion on Sara’s face and momentarily regrets his impulsive action. Regaining his arrogant attitude he scoffs, “Do I, Li Tian, need a little whore’s forgiveness? Slut, I only need your willing body!” 

    He rips off her dress exposing her nude lace underwear. He slips his finger under the small panties then rudely penetrates her tight flower hole. He thrusts his finger rhythmically in and out then shows Sara his slender finger dripping with her honey. Li Tian puts his finger in his mputh making a slurping sound. “Your hungry little pussy is so wet already.”

   Sara’s face is crimson red and her eyes are glassy as the drug takes over her body. She bites her bottom lip until it is bleeding trying to withstand the urge to rub on his body. He leans down and in an unrestrained manner licks the blood from her lip. Excited looking at Sara wearing only a thin silk bra and a tiny thong he nibnles on her earlobe then whispers in her ear, “Don’t fight it little whore…you know how good it will feel when I fuck you.” He runs his tongue down her neck, sucking and licking leaving red marks as his hand removes her bra.

    Sara’s willpower is almost gone as his tongue expertly teases her body. When he pinches her erect bud she whimpers, “Ummm..Stop..” She can’t control her body responding to him and a tear rolls down her cheek. Humiliated from being treated as his plaything she digs her fingernails into her palms desperately trying not to give in to the pleasure. “I..I have never hated anyone… but I hate you..ahhh.. Mmmm..Li Tian..I..I ahh..hate you…” 

  When he puts her pink bud in his mouth and begins twirling his tongue around sucking and biting Sara’s body is on fire. Out of control she anxiously reaches to unbuckle his belt then unzips his pants. Li Tian wants Sara to pay for ignoring him and making him lose his self control. He has a devilish grin as she puts her small hand on his huge dragon. He takes her hand away then lifts Sara’s chin staring into her hazy eyes, “Don’t you hate me? Little whore, if you want me to fuck you…well, beg me…tell me you love me.”

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      1. Oh god that’s just the worse…but I’m more concerned about the drug affecting the baby 😰


      2. The drug is not still potent in her body. The aphrodisiac affected the brain. Wine triggers the psychological effect you could say it is psychosomatic. So no harm to baby. But..😰 Poor baby your dad is insane!


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