Fang Yunxian

    Sara takes a deep breath to calm her nerves. She feels relieved when Leo’s aura turns a light gray as she tightly holds his hand. She doesn’t want Bi to worry and she doesn’t want Leo to get into any mishaps because of her either. Sara forces herself to smile brightly at Li Tian, “CEO Li, long time no see.”

  Li Tian doesn’t like her flippant tone and the way she appears to be close to Leo Cadieux. He controls his emotions, “I didn’t expect you to be here, Miss Song. But, since I ran into you we should step outside and talk.”

  Leo’s aura darkens again and Sara squeezes his hand. She takes a sip of water “CEO Li,I completed my work with you. I don’t think we have any further business to discuss.”

  “Well…I think you will be interested. I was able to acquire the…” He glances around at Bi and Leo then he innocently says, “Miss Song, do you want me to continue…”

   Sara meets his eyes and from his smoldering gaze she knows what he is talking about..the antidote for the aphrodisiac. “No.” She lets go of Leo’s hand and tries not to show her apprehension. The last thing I want is for him to mention the antidote or the aphrodisiac in front of Bi and Leo.  “I will come outside with you.”

  Leo doesn’t want to expose his violent side but blood is rushing to his head wanting to lash out and hit Li Tian. He could feel Sara’s hand begin to sweat when Li Tian said that cryptic remark.  The Motherf****r is threatening Sara!

  Sara sees Leo’s concerned expression and Bi is looking at her with a confused look. “I will be right back.”

  Leo stands up moving swiftly in front of Li Tian who got up from his seat a moment ago.   Sara holds Leo’s arm worried Li Tian will retaliate against him for interfering. “Mr. Cadieux…Leo… CEO Li  did me a favor. It is a private matter though, so it would  be more convenient to speak to him outside.”

    Both men are tall, 190cm tall and are face to face, they have equal momentum but Leo hides his inner power. “CEO Li, I think you should leave, you seem to be upsetting my guest.”

     Li Tian’s eyes narrow dangerously, wanting to rip Leo’s arm off that Sara is holding. He knows Leo is putting up a facade of being a gentleman and he wants to see it crack. He grabs Sara’s hand off Leo at the same time using his internal force to push Leo back. Expose yourself for the psychopath you are. Hit me!

   Leo realizes Li Tian is intentionally provoking him so stumbles backwards holding onto the table with one knee on the ground. His bodyguards stare incredulously at the scene. Unless Leo gives them an order they can’t move. What is the Boss doing?  Sara glares at Li Tian and helps Leo get his balance. She is really angry and raises her voice. “CEO LI! Could you wait outside! I will be right there.”

  Li Tian sees Leo smirking but ignores him and lazily strides out the door Keep acting, you little prick! I got what I wanted. Once I get Sara out of the room I will take her back to my villa. I will make sure you don’t get anywhere near my woman!

   After Li Tian leaves Sara apologizes,“Leo, I am sorry.”

  “Sara there is nothing for you to be sorry about, I am worried about you. I thought after the Milan trip you would sever ties with him.”

   Bi can see Sara is giving Leo a look to silence him. She is very familiar with that expression on Sara’s face, eyes wide raising one eyebrow.“Sara! What is going on? Did something happen in Milan? What private matter?”

   Sara blushes, “Don’t worry about it Bi. It is complicated.”

  Leo has an idea, “I don’t trust Li Tian. I will send my bodyguards outside with you.” I would just fucking kill the motherf****r but he is the father of your baby.  As much as I would like to eliminate him, it might prove troublesome when you find out you are pregnant by the bastard. I need to figure out a course of action to neutralize him so he isn’t in the position to be able to get close to you. Prison? Alive but unable to harrass you… Hmmm… but then my niece or nephew would be stigmatized..Goddamit!

  Bi interjects, “Sara, that is a good idea.” She doesn’t know what is going on but the tense vibes tell her that Li Tian came here especially for Sara.

   Sara reassures Bi, “It is a crowded restaurant, nothing will happen. I will be right back” I need the antidote so I have to swallow my pride. I would never be able to obtain it on my own.

  As Sara leaves Fang Yunxian and a tall pretty woman with long red hair enter the room, they are both surprised Han Bi is there, “Leo, this is my fiancee Jiang SuSu “

  Leo greets them, “Leo, Miss Jiang. Please have a seat.” He motions to the server to pour them wine. “Excuse me, I need to make a call.” He takes out his phone and walks over past the couch.

   Bi awkwardly smiles, “Jiang SuSu it has been awhile. When did you return from Germany?” She picks up her wine glass and takes several gulps. If I knew the CEO was bringing that little white lotus I never would have agreed to come! Bi has never been able to tolerate Jiang Su Su’s fake personality. I can’t believe a smart man like CEO Fang falls for her act!

   Jiang SuSu knows Han Bi has always had a crush on Fang Yunxian but she is confident she is no threat. The Fang and Jiang families are connected through business and the marriage was arranged by their grandparents. Although she is well aware Fang Yunxian has no feelings for her, when they are in public he always acts like a loving boyfriend. She hopes since she has returned from abroad she can get him to fall in love with her.

Wanting to stimulate Han Bi she holds Fang Yunxian’s hand showing off her large diamond engagement ring, “Last week. I finished my studies and will be staying in Catang City.” She smiles gazing lovingly at Fang Yunxian, “I missed Yunxian so much. It was difficult being apart, but now that I graduated I am very happy to join Fang Group.”

   Fang Yunxian hasn’t said anything. Han Bi must be surprised by the news I was going to tell her tomorrow at work. He only became aware Jiang SuSu was joining Fang Group earlier when his father informed him. He glances over to see Bi’s reaction, dammit she looks upset. I have no choice but to accept this annoying woman into the company until I can find a way to get rid of this engagement. I don’t want to look at her arrogant face everyday! I like watching Han Bi sitting at her desk playing video games when she thinks no one is paying attention. She is so cute!

  Bi decides she will ignore Jiang SuSu. She is obviously trying to make me feel uncomfortable. “I look forward to working with you.”

  “ I want to learn the business from the bottom up so I will be Yunxian’s Executive Secretary for the time being. “A shocked expression flashes across Bi’s beautiful face staring at Fang Yunxian. You will be transferred..” She puts her hand over her mouth, “Oh..I’m sorry…didn’t Yunxian tell you?”

   Bi recovers her composure, “Well, I have been in Bashu City visiting my family so I haven’t seen CEO Fang.”

   Fang Yunxian is filled with complex emotions, he enjoys working with Han Bi and the thought of working with Jiang SuSu annoys him. Unfortunately, I need to acquiesce and listen to the elders until I can gain a better foothold in the company. CEO what a joke I have to bend to everyone’s wishes. No one asked my opinion about inserting Jiang SuSu into the company. “We will discuss the situation in the morning at work.”

  Leo walks back over and senses the tension at the table, “I’m sorry, I had a small problem to resolve. Fang Yunxian if you don’t mind we can discuss business in the morning at your office. I didn’t realize you were bringing your lovely fiancee, she might find it extremely boring.”

  Jiang SuSu thinks this is a good opportunity to show off her ability. She has been studying the projects Fang Group has been developing. Fang Chen wanted her to seamlessly fit into the company so he can monitor his son. He has been filling her in about company’s most recent projects. One is the cooperation between Leo Cadieux and Fang Group. “I don’t find it boring at all as a matter of fact..”

  Fang Yunxian interrupts her, “I think that is a good idea. Mr. Cadieux where are you staying? I have an empty villa you are welcome to use.”

  “Thank you but I am quite comfortable where I am.” He fills up Han Bi glass with wine, “Miss Han, you should come to my villa, I have a video game room you might enjoy.”

  Bi’s eyes light up then she realizes Fang Yunxian and Jiang SuSu are staring at her, “I am a novice I only play occasionally on my phone.”

  Leo’s lips curl up into a faint smile, obviously she was very excited when I mentioned the game room. She must be hesitant in front of Fang Yunxian and his fiancee. Leo’s voice is low and magnetic,“Then I will teach you.”

   Bi blushes, he sounds so sexy and those eyes are mesmerizing then thinking about Fang Yunxian and Jiang SuSu she boldly replies, “Sounds like fun!”

   Fang Yunxan: “…”  He clenches his fists under the table, jealous of Leo Cadieux. He suddenly blurts out. “I have a high tech game room. It was designed by my cousin Fang Chao, head of FCG.”


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    1. Haha he is an introvert…he knows Bi likes him and he silently likes her. Seeing her smiling at Leo shocked him.


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