Live With Me

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     LiMei tosses and turns in her sleep worrying Rui. She mumbles incoherently then wakes up in a cold sweat. Rui gently wipes her face with a damp cloth and comforts her, holding her shivering body tightly in his embrace. He feels a stabbing pain in his heart because he is unable to alleviate her distress. Running his fingers through her messy hair he tenderly kisses her face repeating, “You are dreaming LiMei…dreaming…I’m here don’t be afraid.” She  briefly wakes up then falls back to sleep snuggled in his arms whispering nonsense.Rui’s heart tightens, he can’t bare the sight of her fragile appearance as tears silently fall down her cheeks. Rui tries to make sense of what she is saying but the only words he can make out give him a chill. LiMei repeats over and over, “I need to leave…I need to leave.” 

    In the middle of the night LiMei’s condition worsens and she becomes extremely agitated. Rui decides to give her a sedative in order for her to calm down so she can get some rest. When he walks over to his medicine bag on the table LiMei takes the opportunity to dash towards the door. He takes two long strides to catch LiMei and traps her with his strong arms. Rui panics when sees the blank look in LiMei’s beautiful eyes as she struggles to get out of his embrace. She squirms and pushes his chest, “Let me go!” Her green eyes are unfocused  and filled with fear as she attempts to strike him with her palm. Quickly grabbing her small hand he buries his head in LiMei’s neck, “’s me… Rui.” He kisses her sensitive ear and his warm breath tickles her neck,  “I love you LiMei. Baby…Baby you can’t leave me.”

   Hearing the soothing sound of Rui’s voice LiMei feels confused, he doesn’t love me…he loves Feng LiMei. I am not Feng LiMei, I am Qin Daiyu. She lifts her head and meets his deep eyes full of love. Maybe… I can tell Rui the truth…maybe he will accept me. No, I don’t want to see Rui push me away in disgust. I want to remember the affectionate look he has in his beautiful eyes right now. I must keep my past a secret and leave Pushong City.

   Rui notices the complex emotions flashing across LiMei’s face. You want to leave me? Never! Fuck it! Baby, I am going to do what I need to do to keep you by my side. He hits her acupoint with two fingers and she slumps in his arms. He carries LiMei over to the bed and after he lays her down he takes out his silver needles. “I need to erase your memories…Baby, I am doing this for us.”

  Xinghi comes through the door and witnesses Rui about to insert the silver needle in LiMei’s Zhedu point. He angrily grabs Rui’s arm, “What are you doing!”

   Rui shakes him off, “It is none of your fucking business!” He pushes Xinghi, “Get the hell out of here!”

  “Do you want to break the little girl’s mind! You selfish bastard, she needs to come back to reality.”

   Rui’s eyes narrow and the air around him drops to freezing, “She is happy being Feng LiMei. She had nightmares all night. It would be best for her to forget the past.”

   “You don’t know that. Asshole! You are only thinking of yourself. Have you considered the consequences of you manipulating her memories? Obviously in her subconscious she knows she isn’t Feng LiMei, that is an identity she created. The constant conflict in her mind is the source of her debilitating headaches and nightmares.”

   Xinghi points out Rui’s sore spot, he realizes his motive is extremely selfish. But, when she said she wanted to leave he snapped. “Xinghi, you are right I am being fucking selfish and i don’t give a damn if doing this is unethical. I don’t want to lose LiMei. I will do whatever it takes to keep her by my side.” He is used to being able to control every aspect of his life and maintain his composure, but since he met LiMei his self control has collapsed.

  “ Rui, whether she is Qin Daiyu or Feng LiMei, most likely her feelings for you will remain the same. Although Daiyu was trained as an assassin she never lost her desire to lead a normal life which is why she escaped from Kuang Fu. I know Daiyu very well she can’t hide her emotions. She is a sweet and pure girl even after all she has been through. I saw the way she looked at you when Xixin and I were here yesterday well… the little girl genuinely cares about you. You need to support her in recovering her memories. How do you think she would feel if she knew you wanted to manipulate her? She would be hurt and feel betrayed.”

  Rui clenches his fist at his side and glances at LiMei sleeping. “I don’t want to take a chance she will distance herself from me once she regains her memories.”  I won’t let that happen! She kept saying she wanted to leave and tried to run away. “Xinghi, I love Feng LiMei, for the first time in my life, I am happy. That happiness is because of Feng LiMei. She is everything to me.” He aggressively grabs Xinghi by the collar, Rui’s eyes look like a black abyss filled with extreme possessiveness. “I won’t let you… or anyone take her away from me.” He let’s him go and walks over to the bed.

  Xinghi knew Rui was involved with Feng LiMei but he didn’t know the depth of his feelings. He can feel the murderous aura surrounding Rui. How did little Daiyu get involved with this crazy bastard! He is no less dangerous than Kuang Bo.“I don’t doubt you love the little girl but in her condition she could become mentally unstable. Let me hypnotize Daiyu when she wakes up and integrate her memories. That is the only way to ensure that her mind regains its balance.”

   Rui looks at LiMei’s furrowed eyebrows, he knows she is in pain. He gently rubs his finger between her eyebrows. “I want to be present while you hypnotize LiMei.”

   “As long as you don’t interrupt the process I don’t foresee a problem.”

  “Fine.” I need to make sure she doesn’t forget me. If it looks like Feng LiMei will disappear…well I will do what I need to do.

  “I will come back in an hour.” Xinghi leaves and Rui calls his brother Delun, “Bring a set of clothes for Feng LiMei from the guest room and my black Armani suit to the new Holistic Wing.”

   “Feng LiMei is in the hospital? What happened?”

  “She is having some tests. Hurry. They are scheduled in an hour.”

  He watches LiMei sleep then leans over and caresses her cheek, when he does she slowly opens her eyes, “Rui…” She puts her hand on his, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

  Rui takes a deep breath suppressing his turbulent emotions. He smoothes her tangled damp hair. “I was just worried… you were restless having a bad dream.”

  LiMei has a confused expression, “Hmm..I don’t remember.” She can see in his eyes he seems gloomy and sad. Did I say something disturbing in my sleep? LiMei thinks he has been very moody lately, she stretches her arms out, “Rui..Come back to bed. I am cold.”

   He kisses LiMei and she wraps her arms around his neck. “Rui, after the tests are finished can we go to your villa? I will make you lunch. We can walk around the garden, I never saw the cherry blossom grove.”

  Surprised because earlier she said she wanted to return to her apartment, Rui lays down next to LiMei. He wraps his hands around her slender waist pulling her petite body closer. Rui’s eyes light up, “Baby, you want to go to my villa?”

  LiMei buries her head in his warm chest. She puts her hand on his heart and can feel his rapid heartbeat. “Hmm..I want to spend a relaxing day with you. When we go back to work we won’t have the time. You will be busy opening the new wing and I will be working at Hushang Group.”

  He touches her soft black hair then plays with a strand around his finger, “Why don’t you quit Hushang Group and work for me. Then we could spend every day together.”

  “Rui, I like my job.”

 “Then move into my villa.. Live with me.” He kisses her forehead. “I want to wake up to your beautiful face every day.”

 LiMei’s eyes are sparkling and her lips curl up in a coquettish smile as she intimately touches him, “Well… convince me.” 

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