My Sister Is So Cute

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   Sara leaves the building planning to get a taxi back to her apartment. Normally she would take the bus but she feels too exhausted. When she steps onto the sidewalk a man leaning on a Gray Bentley throws down the cigarette he is smoking. He approaches Sara, “Miss Song, Mr. Cadieux sent a car for you.”

   “Huh?” She stares at the tall muscular man in front of her blocking the path to the taxi stand. “I will get a taxi.” How do I know this man is sent by Leo?

   Ye Chian sees Sara’s hesitation, “I can understand your reluctance, let me call Mr. Cadieux.”

  “Don’t bother Mr. Cadieux.”

  Fu Chian’s voice sounds determined, “He instructed me to take you home.” When Leo answers he hands the phone to Sara. “Fu Chian is my driver. I wanted to wait for you but I have a meeting to attend.” The man tracking Li Tian said he is approaching the Zhou Group building. Fu Chian’s martial art skills are unfathomable. He can easily thwart any attempt by Li Tian to get close to Sara.

  Sara has no energy to resist his persuasion. Well he is already here…She agrees and the driver opens the back door.Leaning back on the comfortable seat she closes her eyes. Can I hold in my emotions working with Jason every day? I don’t think I am that strong. Seeing him today evoked too many memories, but I can’t let Zhou Mo down. 

   She falls asleep as the car travels down the highway. When they arrive at Sara’s apartment building the driver looks in the rear view mirror. Fu Chian raises his eyebrow. Sara is curled into a little ball leaning against the window. Haha. The little girl was so cautious before she accepted the ride. Now she looks like a defenseless little kitten that could be easily sold. He shakes his head, I wonder what the beauty’s relationship is with the Boss? It is unusual for him to show any kindness…he even treats his own sister Lois like shit. He even assigned two of his best shadow guards to watch her and she is Li Tian’s woman. 

   He opens the back door, “Miss Song, we are at your apartment building.”

    Sara doesn’t wake up, the smooth movement of the car lulled her to sleep.

  Hesitant to touch Sara he raises his voice, “Miss Song!”

  Sara hears a loud voice calling her name. She slowly opens her eyes and sees Fu Chian leaning in the back seat. Momentarily disoriented she is frightened, “Who..who are you!”

  “I am Mr. Cadieux’s driver, Fu Chian. Sorry to startle you but we arrived at your apartment.”

   Sara rubs her eyes then awkwardly smiles, “Oh..” She gets out of the car, “Thank you.”

   “No problem.” He hands her a card, “This is my number, Mr. Cadieux assigned me as your personal driver.”

  “What?” She hands him back the card, “Tell Mr. Cadieux I appreciate the ride home but I can’t impose any further.”

   Leo told him she would refuse and he needs to convince her or there would be consequences, “Miss Song, if you don’t accept, I will lose my job.” Possibly worse…the Boss doesn’t take no for an answer.

  Sara stares incredulously at his serious expression as he hands the card to her again. She takes the card, “Well, I will talk to Mr. Cadieux.”

  Fu Chian waits until she enters the apartment building then calls Leo. “Miss Song is home. “

   “Very good.” Leo hangs up then looks at the contract on his desk. He flips through the first three pages then stops . “The third clause on page four is unacceptable.” He waits for a response from the sweating bald man sitting across from him. “Well?”

   The man feels the powerful pressure emitting from Leo and stutters, “Mr…Mr. Cadieux, that is the standard procedure.”

   Leo crosses his legs and lights a cigarette, “I want the building demolished in two weeks. What will it take to make that happen?”

   “Well, you need the permits, that takes time. If you want to rush it through…you need to persuade Zhao Ming, he controls the Planning Commission.”

   “Have you contacted the owners of the buildings adjacent to the apartments? Are there any problems?”

   “The only one who I wasn’t able to negotiate with is the owner of the clothing store at the end of the block. He said the offer was unacceptable, if he moves he will have to pay more for a retail space. He is afraid that his regular customers won’t want to travel to a new location.”

  “Set up a meeting. I will personally handle the purchase.”

  “Mr. Cadieux…” The bald man wants to ask why he is in such a hurry but is too cowardly.

   “You have a question?”

   Sweat forms on the man’s forehead, “I don’t want to be presumptuous but why do you want to purchase such a large area then tear it all down.”

  “I have my reasons. I can trust you won’t divulge any information to unrelated parties. If any word leaked out well..needless to say I would be very unhappy.”

   The man feels a sudden burst of cold air that makes him shiver, “My firm keeps all transactions confidential. You don’t need to worry.”

   Mr. Ding I don’t believe I am the one who needs to worry.” Ding Lee regrets getting involved with Leo. I should have checked his background before I agreed to represent him! I can’t even make eye contact with those terrifying eyes! He sounds polite but there are knives hidden behind every word.

  “I will set up the meeting with him” I think once the stubborn bastard sees who wants to buy his property he will agree. This man exudes an extremely dangerous aura which is incongruous with his young age. He looks like a University student! If that idiot doesn’t agree he might wind up dead!

  “We can conclude the meeting for today but I expect you to get me those deeds by the end of the week. Zhao Ming,is he related to Zhao Lanfen?”

   “Yes. They are cousins.”

   “You can leave.”

    The bald man feels as though he can’t move his short legs fast enough as he runs out of the room. He hurries to the door and quickly opens it. Rushing down the hallway he bumps into Leo’s assistant.Ding Lee keeps his bald head down that is glistening from sweat. He doesn’t slow down his pace as he nervously mutters,“Sorry..sorry.” 

    After Ding Lee leaves Leo puts the sales contract into the desk drawer and calls a woman. She is straightening a Monet on the wall when her phone rings. She picks up the phone from a nearby table and smiles, Leo Cadieux? He curtly says ”I need you to send an interior designer to my villa tomorrow morning.” She is stunned when he immediately hangs up.

“…” The smile disppears immediately and she throws her phone down. He hasn’t changed! Arrogant!

 Leo’s assistant Alain Guerren comes into the study, “Mr. Cadieux, I contacted Fang Yunxian. He will meet you at Ming’s Restaurant.”

  Leo has flames of anger rolling in the depths of his eyes. “Did you find the old woman, Woo Hua?” He received the results confirming his guess Sara is his sister. Anyone involved in keeping this a secret will pay!

  “Yes she lives about two hours from Catang City in a small town named Huangan”

  “Send her a  large bouquet of …hmm..Red Dahlias include some Aconite flowers and a card, “Grandma, see you soon. Your grandson.” He has a malicious gleam in his eyes, Betrayal..Dishonesty…Hatred. The old woman should be sufficiently stimulated. How dare the witch keep my sweet sister away from me. If our paths hadn’t crossed at Alexandre’s Club I never would know Song Sara.

    “Will do.” Red Dahlias? Aconite?The Boss really has an evil streak. I hope the old lady doesn’t have a heart attack when she receives the ominous bouquet.

   After Alain Guerren leaves Leo calls Sara, I don’t think her roommate will refuse when she hears the man she wants will be at dinner. I have to give Alain a bonus, his report on Han Bi is very detailed.

   Sara is sitting on the couch staring at the card the driver gave to her. I need to call Leo, this is too much, I can’t accept any more of his kindness. She picks up her phone and is about to dial his number when the phone rings. She smiles, “Leo, I was thinking about you.”

   He has a genuine smile on his handsome face, “Why?” He has to restrain himself rom calling Sara sister. I need to find out more before I reveal our relationship.

   “Well, your driver gave me his phone number, I really can’t trouble you to this extent.”

   “No bother. He is one of my bodyguards’ brothers and desperately needed a job. His wife needs an operation and is in the hospital. He can’t afford the operation. I offered to give him the money but Fu Chian is a proud man.  I already have a driver and he isn’t suitable to be a bodyguard. As a favor I hired him to be your driver temporarily until he can find a permanent position.”

  “Oh…his wife is in the hospital… a temporary job… Well, okay then.”

   Leo has a mischievous grin, my sister is so cute and gullible. He takes a sip of water,  “I was calling because an associate of mine, Fang Yunxian, will be joining us for dinner, I hope you don’t mind. Have you spoken to your friend?”

  “No, she isn’t home yet.” Fang Yunxian! Bi will definitely want to go! “What time?”


   “As soon as Bi gets home I will call you.”

   “Very well.” He can tell from her excited tone her friend will want to come. Oh little sister no wonder that bastard Li Tian was able to manipulate you so easily. You are far too easy to read. So sweet and innocent. I need to protect you and your little bun.

     “Bye.”  Leo is so thoughtful. The poor man! No wonder he had such a worried expression on his face when I refused. He must have been upset wondering how he would pay the hospital when I said I didn’t need a driver. Sara holds the pillow from the couch in her arms, I wonder what is wrong with his wife.

The single dog Fu Chian is eating noodles while watching his favorite gamer girl’s livestream on his phone when he suddenly sneezes.

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  1. Hahaha I love Leo. But I’m so curious about the confrontation between him and their grandmother. I can’t fathom why she’s leave Sara with the Song family when they’re so horrible to her.


      1. Lol 😂 me too, so I’m really interested in seeing those two battle it out, than revealing this all to Sara later on.


      2. True, but I guess when you play the ‘Bro’ card you can get leeway. And right now, Li Tian is not in the best position in Song Sara’s mind.


      3. Haha..I need me a little crazy Li Tian. He just missed Sara at Zhou Group..He is having a bad couple days thanks to Leo


      4. Ooh I feel that kid will give him hell in the future 😈…OMG Sara’s baby and LiMei’s baby would be so adorable together as friends 🥰


      5. Haha they could make an arranged marriage between the kids if one is a boy and the other a girl. I think a little mini Li Tian would be hilarious !


      6. Yeah but I picture him like Li Tian when he isn’t happy they get really black lolol..who knows maybe she will have twins haha


      7. Well as a twin herself, Sara is more likely to have twins…double the cuteness and trouble 🥰


  2. It’s a good thing that Leo is Sarah’s brother, otherwise it would have been hard for her. He’s such a scheming asshole. 😆😆😆


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