Wang’s Private Clinic

   When Sara and Leo enter the private clinic the nurses on duty unabashedly stare at Leo’s outstanding appearance. He is very tall, towering over Sara walking next to him. Leo’s black trench coat is open exposing a crisp white shirt and his long legs are wrapped in tight jeans. One young nurse can’t help but sigh, “He looks like a model, so sexy with his top two buttons undone giving him an unruly look.”

   Her friend tugs on her arm, “Don’t be so obvious. I heard Dr. Ling remark to her assistant that he is the new investor that saved the clinic from bankruptcy.”

   The pretty young nurse has a gleam in her eyes,  “Hmm… he must be very rich too!”

  “Do you see the way he looks at the girl with him though? She must be his girlfriend.”

   She twirls a loose strand of hair hanging down and giggles, “So… when has that ever stopped me? I can get rid of an innocent looking girl like her easily… Haha..”

   Her friend nervously pulls her away, “If you keep staring, Dr. Ling will notice. Come on, let’s go.”

    She hesitantly leaves but as she passes Leo and Sara she glances back meeting Leo’s eyes.   Those eyes are so strange. I feel like he knows what I am thinking. Suddenly she shivers as a bone chilling cold penetrates her body.

   Sara becomes concerned when she notices a change in Leo’s aura wondering why it suddenly became dangerously black. She gently touches his arm and gazes up at him, “Leo…are you alright?”

   Seeing her worried expression he instantly relaxes, calming down the rage brewing inside of him. He smiles affectionately at Sara then teases, “You finally called me Leo.”

   She blushes and Leo flicks her forehead, ”I’m very happy you feel comfortable with me now.”  Leo can’t resist the urge to hold her small hand, Song Sara is the only person who looks into my different colored eyes without being afraid. 

   Sara doesn’t know why she feels so comfortable with Leo, “I do.” She lets him hold her hand so he can absorb her golden light and loosen the knot in his heart. Relieved when his aura gradually becomes warmer  Sara wonders why she feels so comfortable with Leo

    As they walk up to meet Dr. Ling her assistant has his eyes glued on Leo’s Limited Edition AJs with his mouth hanging open. Dr. Ling notices his unprofessional attitude and nudges him. He straightens his back and awkwardly smiles at Leo ond Sara.

Dr. Ling greets Leo, “Mr. Cadiuex. Sher reaches her hand out, ” You must be Song Sara. I have a room ready for you, come this way.”

  Leo and Sara follow Dr. Ling to a luxurious private room on the third floor. Sara glances at Leo, this room looks more like a hotel suite. The furnishings are beautiful and the view of the water is amazing.

  He smiles with the tender expression on his face while watching Sara. Leo’s pampering look surprises Dr. Ling. When I met him before he had a cold and aloof demeanor which made him appear emotionless. Is it because the beautiful girl is pregnant with his child?

  Dr. Ling tells Sara, “I am going to have a nurse come after you have changed into a hospital gown. You will find them in the drawer on the left. She will take you for xrays and blood work. afterwards a nutritionist will  draw up a meal plan for you.”

  Sara wrinkles her forehead, “Doctor how long will this take?”

  “About three hours.”

  “Okay, thank you.”

  Dr. Ling leaves and Leo asks, “Are you going somewhere this afternoon?” 

 “Well, I need to go to Zhou Group.”

  “Can’t wait until tomorrow?”

  “I need to talk to Zhou Jason and I’d rather not wait.” 

  “I can take you there then.”

  “I don’t want to bother you. I can take a taxi.”

  “No bother. I am going to speak to the Director and go over some paperwork so I will be here for a few hours.” He picks up a remote, “ Why don’t you watch television while you wait.” He leaves Sara’s room and makes a call. “Now.”

  Sara changes into the hospital gown and sits on the bed waiting for the nurse to come. She flips through the channels looking for a food show and suddenly turns pale when she hears Long An’s voice. Several pictures of Li Tian and Long An hugging affectionately are on the screen. A nurse is being interviewed describing the happy scene of Li Tian and Long An moving up the wedding date because he is anxious to marry. Sara drops the remote, Liar! Li Tian are the worst! You told me you didn’t even like Long An! 

    Li Tian is in Bashu City dealing with the aftermath of Kuang Bo hijacking the arms shipment. Yang James has located the whereabouts of Amir Malouf and Li Tian sent Donnie to deal with him. He is baffled wondering who played him. Who would benefit?  He calls Yang James, “Have you found out any information?”


  “I don’t fucking get it. If Amir delivered the merchandise to me then it was robbed, I would be responsible and take a huge loss. Ivanov got the shipment at the same price so he doesn’t give a shit, all I lost was a little face for not controlling Amir. Why do I feel like someone is fucking with me? First the fire at the construction site then the hijacking.”

   “The fire according to the fire department was started by a lightning strike. They couldn’t find any evidence it was arson.The hijacking I am still investigating. Ivanov was cooperative because he knows it wouldn’t be in his best interest to make an enemy of you. Unfortunately, the bank information he gave me wasn’t useful. The money was routed through different banks in several countries then I lost the trail. Whoever did this is very clever and didn’t leave any traces to follow up on as far as I can see at this point.”

  “Not arson? I don’t believe it, the whole site was on fire from a lightning strike? Have you spoken to Zhou Jason?”

  “Last night.He went to the Mega Mall site to assess the damage.”

  “Call him and set up a meeting for this afternoon.I am going back to Catang City. Has Song Sara been located?”

  Yang James hesitates and Li Tian growls, “Well?”

 “Song Sara is in a private clinic undergoing tests.”

  “WHAT? I thought they released her from the hospital in Paris because she recovered.”

  Tang Qiang followed them to the clinic and that is all he could find out.”

 “Them? Leo Cadieux was with Song Sara?”

  “He picked her up at her apartment.”

  Li Tian’s face contorts in anger, that little son of a bitch! “Which clinic?” I am going directly there. 

  “Wang Private Clinic.”

  “Isn’t it closed? I thought the Wang family was on the verge of bankruptcy?”

  “I don’t know the details but that is the clinic according to Tang Qiang.”

   Call me if there are any new developments.”

   Li Tian hangs up and gets into his silver Maserati. Aggravated after hearing Sara is with Leo, he lights a cigarette and inhales deeply. Leo Cadieux! You little prick do you think I will let you have my woman? NEVER! SONG SARA IS MINE!

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      1. Ah thank god! Now I’m just waiting for news that Leo and Sarah are brother and sister, so Leo can throw around the ‘brother card’ 🤣👏🏽


      2. Haha…he will find out but he can’t throw it around for awhile because of his family. But he will do his best to protect Sara.


      3. Yeah. Sara and Bi get the notice soon the building will be demolished…
        Sara and Bi: Next month???
        Leo: I have a mansion


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