Night Sky Entertainment

   Morgan arrives in Catang City and immediately goes to his apartment. Dammit! Why did Heng send his wife to deal with Naralov. Is he stupid?  After he showers he changes into a custom made dark blue designer suit and puts on a Cartier black diamond watch. He picks up a set of car keys and heads to the underground garage. They have no idea who they are dealing with, I can just imagine Qing trying to charm Naralov to get the contract and his reaction. I told Heng I would handle the company’s affairs when I returned. 

  As he opens the door to a white Land Rover his phone rings, Lin Qing has been anxiously pacing around her hotel room waiting for his call. He puts the key in the ignition as he answers. Morgan grits his teeth, what a pain in the ass. Sounding very displeased he spits out, “I told you I would call when I arrive in Bashu City.”

  “I’m sorry Brother but I..I  am afraid. CEO Naralov was very overbearing and..well.. scary.”

  “Don’t be dramatic.” Nikolai Naralov finally was able to break away from his family and head his own legitimate company. He wouldn’t do anything too rash.  What is she up to anyway?  “Go back to Catang City I will handle the situation.  

   Lin Qing’s voice trembles, “You…you don’t know how frightened I was when I was in that terrible man’s office.” She knows the way to get Morgan’s attention is to act weak and vulnerable. She sniffles, “He threw the contract in my face. If we don’t get Su Kai the movie will be ruined.” I already leaked the news he would star in the movie..who knew Night Sky would get a new CEO and upset my plan.

  He pulls out of the garage, “Why didn’t Heng attend the negotiations? ”  

   “Heng is busy at Lin Group and I have been dealing with Su Kai’s agent.”

  “Well, since I said I would take control of Lin Entertainment I will handle the situation. Go back.”

  “I can’t face Heng..he trusted me to resolve the situation. I will wait for you.” I don’t want to leave without seeing you… it has been too long. Hmm.. She has an idea as she looks at the luxurious bedroom. Hmm.. “I am staying at the Harborview Hotel Room 980. Meet me here. I have the contract.” I can take this opportunity to use the medicine I prepared for CEO Naralov on Morgan. 

   Morgan is uncomprimising, his voice tinged with annoyance, “No. Don’t make Heng worry about you. I revised our offer after your phone call earlier. You can toss the contract you have in the trash.  I am going directly to Night Sky Entertainment.Once I deal with Nikolai Naralov I will return to the city, I have a dinner appointment.” He abruptly ends the call. I need to replace Qing at the company, working with her will be uncomfortable. I will talk to Heng when I return home. I’m sure he doesn’t want us to be in close contact anyway because of the misunderstandings Qing caused at University.

  Lin Qing stomps her high heel on the floor,  Morgan, you can’t avoid me now that you are back! I am not going back…Heng will punish me for failing to get the contract signed before you returned. She calls her friend Lau An, “I’m leaving for the Resort now.” 

  “I thought you changed your mind.”

  “ Well, I changed it back. I should be there in an hour.”

  “ I am having lunch with Wong Stephanie she is at the Spa with her aunt. Call me when you get here.”

   When Morgan arrives at Night Sky Entertainment he is sent up to Nikolai Naralov’s office on the top floor. Nikolai Naralov looks up from his computer then laughs when Morgan enters his office. “When they said CEO Lin was here I didn’t expect you.”


  “Anton, get Morgan a drink. What do you want?”

 “I want you to sign this and stop bullshitting around.” He tosses the contract onto Nikolai’s desk. “I don’t have time to play games with you.”

 Nikolai leans back in his chair with his hands behind his head. “I told the haughty little slut you sent that I am not going to hand my artist over without receiving benefits.”

 “Have some respect, she is my sister-in-law.”

  Nikolai lights a cigar and takes a drink from Anton “Really? Does your brother know she wanted to put a green hat on him just for a fucking deal.”

  Morgan raises an eyebrow and doesn’t comment. 

 Nikolai gulps down his glass of vodka, “ I hate that type of conniving bitch the most. Always thinking a man will agree to anything just to get a taste of their pussy.”

  Morgan is aware Qing can be coquettish to get what she wants but she is his brother’s wife. “I don’t know what happened between the two of you but say one more word and don’t blame me for being impolite.”

 “Ha! Believe it or not. Bottom line is the woman disgusted me. I won’t sign.”

 “Read it. I think you will reconsider.”

 “I will read the contract if you tell me the little fool’s situation. She was kidnapped again under your nose?” He has a sarcastic tone, “No wonder you are no longer a bodyguard.”

  Black lines form on Morgan’s forehead, he snickers, “Coming from the man who let Feng LiMei get shot right in front of his face, that is a fucking joke.”

  Anton’s veins bulge on his neck. “Asshole!” He impulsively grabs Morgan for insulting Nikolai. Morgan quickly reacts forcefully kicking him in the chest, sending Anton slamming into the wall. Spitting out blood Anton rushes towards Morgan. Nikolai angrily shouts, “Anton!” He growls, “Insolent! Did I give an order? Leave us.”

  Anton glares at Morgan as he retracts his fist, cursing in Russian he walks to the office door.

  After Anton leaves Nikolai puffs on his Cuban cigar thinking about the situation. I wanted Su Kai to star in the big budget movie then use the hype to promote my company until the woman thought she could manipulate me. Nikolai points the cigar at Morgan while he heartily laughs, “I like you Morgan. You have balls. You came to negotiate yet have no qualms about provoking me.”

  “Well, I don’t like you. But, I think we are both able to see the big picture. You want to put your past behind you and I want to quickly secure my position. It is in both our interest to set aside our personal differences and have a mutually beneficial relationship.”

  “How is Feng LiMei?”

    Morgan shakes his head, “ Minor injuries, in hospital for observation.” He impatiently looks at his watch, I never should have agreed with mother about a blind date as soon as I got back. “Naralov, I don’t fucking have all goddam night, look at the contract.”

     Nikolai studies Morgan’s cold and indifferent expression. My informant said Morgan is in love with Feng LiMei, but from his attitude it doesn’t appear to be true. Good. He picks up the contract, after he reads it he is surprised. “You are willing to let two of my 18th tier actresses be   the other main concubines? I can choose without you interfering?”

   “Yes and I will have the screenwriter give the characters more lines. The arrangement for Su Kai starring in the film remain the same which is generous.” Everday Su Kai holds out I lose money what is putting in a couple 18th tier actresses. Qing is too short sighted. She should have comprimised in the first place instead of playing tricks.

   “I’m surprised.”

   “You aren’t stupid. If the actresses are incompetent or merely vases, it would reflect poorly on Night Sky. So, I assume you will choose wisely.” Morgan has a sarcastic smile on his face, “I’m sure there are many people who would like you to fail. If you cooperate with me I won’t be one of them.”

   Nikolai signs the contract then hands it to Morgan. He has a sly smile, “Happy Cooperation then.”

  “En. We are on a tight schedule after you select the actresses have their agents send them directly to the filming location. I expect Su Kai to be there tomorrow he has scenes to film with Fan Mi.”

  Morgan starts to leave and Nikolai stops him by the door, “I am curious. What made you decide to suddenly leave your job as a bodyguard for Feng LiMei.”

  “No reason.” He opens the door then turns around, “You should stay away from Feng LiMei in the future.” When he gets to the elevator he wonders why he said that. It isn’t like him to care about a client. He reaches in his pocket and takes out his phone to call his mother. When she answers he says what is the woman’s name again I am meeting?”

  “Morgan! You forgot her name!” She frowns, that boy!  His mother continues to trim the stalk of the rare peony in her hand. “Her name is Tang Diana. You met her at Heng and Qing’s wedding. She works at Lin Group, well.. I sent you her picture and some information. Didn’t you get the email? She is a lovely woman and a good match for you.” She knows her son’s indifferent personality, “Give her a chance, don’t be cold.” She puts the beautiful purple peony in a vase, “Bring her some flowers.”

  “I will check my email.”


    He hangs up as he reaches the lobby and as he is looking down at his email suddenly a petite girl runs into his chest. 

  She holds her nose, “OWWW!” She looks up at him with an aggrieved expression then suddenly smiles, Oh Shit! When did they sign this delicious looking male god! “Ah sorry Handsome! I should have looked where I was going! My name is Zhou Li..” Before she can say her name Morgan has stepped past her and in a few long strides reached the door. After he exits the cold air hits his hot face snapping him out of his daze, his heartbeat is erratic, that girl’s fragrance…why did it seem familiar…jasmine?

   Zhou LingLing watches Morgan’s broad back as he hurriedly exits the building. Wow..I like it!  So cold and aloof! I wonder who he is…must be a newcomer or I would have noticed him before. I will ask my brother. She stops at the reception desk, “Is my brother in his office?”

  Morgan walks down the sidewalk looking at the email, Tang Diana. She is beautiful, graduated with honors and speaks several languages. . But she works at Lin Group it could get complicated. I should cancel.


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      1. She’s so adorable 😊 a nice new addition. Lol and Nikolai seemingly confirming that Morgan isn’t interested in LiMei was so funny 🤣


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