No Feelings

     After Rui leaves LiMei can hardly stand the excruciating pain, she staggers into the table as she tries to get to the bed to call for a nurse. Morgan hears the noise as LiMei falls to the floor and rushes into the room. He carefully picks up her trembling body from the floor and carries her to the bed. He is reaching for the button to alert the murse when she grabs his hand. “Wait …don’t call.”  The voices in my head are fighting over Morgan?!?

   She gazes at his ruggedly handsome face, he doesn’t have his usual facial paralysis. Morgan’s expression is gentle and he is looking at me with an affectionate gaze.The voices in her mind become clear as they argue about controlling her mind and LiMei tries to focus. The one voice keeps saying, I want Morgan. He is mine. Don’t try to stop me. Li Mei feels confused, Did something happen when I wasn’t in control? When he rescued me?

    Morgan knows she is having mental issues and is worried, LiMei’s delicate face is extremely pale and there are beads of sweat on her forehead. He hesitates to press the button wondering if she is now her alternate personality, LingLing. He is caught off guard when LiMei says, “ mind is very confused..but..well..I don’t know how to say this…did something happen between us?” 

     Surprised by her sudden question he hesitates then replies, “No.” but his tender expression says, ‘yes’. 

    LiMei’s headache worsens. ERASE HIS MEMORY!! HE WILL DESTROY RUI TO HAVE YOU! LiMei responds, I don’t know how to do that! Qin Daiyu’s voice says, I will do it if you accept I am you. You are Qin Daiyu, Feng LiMei is an identity the old man gave you. When LiMei doesn’t respond, the voice warns, DO IT! MORGAN IS OBSESSED WITH YOU!  LingLing wants to emerge but Qin Daiyu won’t let her, she becomes increasingly  weaker as LiMei focuses on Qin Daiyu’s familiar voice.I am Qin Daiyu? Listening to Qin Daiyu’s voice inside her mind while looking at Morgan’s concerned expression she wonders, Could the Iceberg like me? If so I should listen and do it for his well being. He is a good guy and I love Rui.

   LiMei makes a decision allowing Qin Daiyu to take over her mind. She smiles at Morgan, “Let’s forget I said that then..haha.. I don’t want to bother the nurse, could you hand me Rui’s medicine bag? There is some medicine for my headache there.” She knows Rui also has silver needles in his medicine bag .

    When Morgan brings the bag over LiMei asks, “Would you get me a glass of water?” As he walks over to the table LiMei quickly takes out a silver needle and hides it in her sleeve. When he hands her the water she points to the chair, “Sit with me until Rui comes back.” 

Disappointed that LiMei is treating him indifferently Morgan sits on the chair by the bed not sure what to say. He can feel his heart tighten into a knot, Feng LiMei has no memory of being LingLing and the intimate moments we shared. After she takes the headache medicine she suddenly exclaims, “Rui!” He immediately turns towards the door, LiMei swiftly inserts the needle in his Zhedu point.

Normally it wouldn’t have been so easy to distract him but he was thinking about LiMei not remembering kissing him and saying she wanted to be together while at the warehouse.

After being immobilized Morgan slumps back in the chair. LiMei twists the silver needle twice then removes it. Afraid Rui will return soon she hurriedly whispers in his ear, “You have no feelings whatsoever for Feng LiMei. She is only a woman you are paid to guard. You will wake up in thirty seconds remembering only that I asked you to sit with me until Rui returns.”  That’s to the point.

LiMei leans back on the pillow, I really can’t imagine the big iceberg being obsessed with any woman let alone me..hahaha..She isn’t sure if it is from the medicine or letting Qin Daiyu surface but she no longer has a headache.  

   Morgan opens his eyes, “Miss Feng, I should go back outside, Qiao Rui wants me to guard the door until he returns. If you need anything, call the nurse.” He recalls the Game Room incident. Qiao Rui definitely wouldn’t want me alone with you in the room with his possessive attitude.


  LiMei watches him leave then finishes the glass of water. She picks up the silver needle from under the quilt and stares at it, I have this skill? She takes the silver needle to the bathroom to clean and hears the familiar voice, because you are Qin Daiyu..not Feng LiMei… When she finishes she places it back in with the other needles in Rui’s medicine bag.  She feels dizzy as some memories flood her mind, she repeats because you are Qin Daiyu..not Feng LiMei…but I like being Feng LiMei…Rui loves me…he would despise Qin Daiyu.. GO AWAY! LET ME BE HAPPY! 

  Outside the room Morgan’s phone rings, “Yeah, I will come down and meet you.” He turns to Hak Byung-soo, “I am taking off for a week. Wu Pei is downstairs. I am going to bring him up then leave.

   Hak Byung-soo stops him, “What? What about the little chick?” 

  “ You know Wu Pei, he is overqualified as a bodyguard.”

  “ can just leave?  I mean… Shit… it is great if you came to your senses..That’s good you decided to give it up.”

  “Why not? It is not that much money.”


   “I am considering quitting anyway. I have been doing this job long enough, it might be time for a change.” He looks at his watch, “If Qiao Rui comes back tell him I went to get Wu Pei.”

   After Morgan walks down the hallway to the elevator Hak Byung-soo scratches his head, was it the shock that Qiao Rui wants to marry the little seductress? Is that why he is leaving? What happened to the crazy look in his eyes when Feng LiMei is mentioned. He looked so fucking calm when he left her room. Maybe she has some conscience and made it clear to him she isn’t interested and he accepted the fact. He was in her room for awhile.

   While Hak Byung-soo is trying to make sense of Morgan’s sudden change in attitude, Morgan is downstairs meeting Wu Pei.

   Wu Pei didn’t get any details on the phone so he asks. “Why did you call me?

  “Short notice. I knew you wouldn’t say no.”

  “Tell me about the job.”

  “You will be guarding Qiao Rui’s girlfriend Feng LiMei.”

   “Fuck Bro! You never said I would be guarding a woman. Why didn’t you just call a security agency? I don’t like dealing with arrogant little bitches!”

  “She is just a little girl. Besides being somewhat wilful and childish, her personality isn’t bad. Feng LiMei was kidnapped and the person behind her abduction hasn’t been found. That is why I need a qualified replacement or Qiao Rui definitely wouldn’t agree, he dotes on the little chick. You know Hak Byung-soo, you will be working with him. Let’s go up.”

  Wu Pei laughs, “Rene assigned Hak Byung-soo to guard a little girl? Haha..he must be going insane from boredom!”

  While they are in the elevator Wu Pei asks a few more questions about Qiao Rui. “He owns this hospital?”

  “Yeah, he is CEO of Qiao Corporation but also a doctor.”

   “What… so someone grabbed her for a ransom?”

   “It isn’t clear why she was kidnapped but when she was rescued there was a laboratory inside the warehouse. Anyway, she could be in more danger so don’t be lax.”

   Morgan doesn’t want to interrupt Rui’s meeting but is hesitant to leave without informing him. He decides to call. “Wu Pei arrived. I am taking him up to Miss Feng’s room then I am leaving. Should I introduce him to Miss Feng?”

   “ No one is to disturb Feng LiMei. I will be up shortly.”

   Morgan and Wu Pei reach LiMei’s floor, Wu Pei sees Hak Byung-soo leaning up against the wall. “Long time no see.”

  Hak Byung-soo flinches as Wu Pei pats his shoulder. He pushes him away, “Get your fucking hands off me.”

Wu Pei teases,  “Don’t worry, you aren’t my type..hahaha.”

   Morgan wants to get to the airport, “Qiao Rui said he would be up soon. Don’t let anyone enter Miss Feng’s room.”

   Curious about his sudden indifferent attitude towards LiMei, Hak Byung-soo has been waiting for Morgan to return. When Hak Byung-soo sees Wu Pei he comes to the conclusion Morgan got Wu Pei as his replacement because he won’t look at Feng LiMei. He nods his head and  laughs, “Morgan I almost thought you changed your mind. I see you have a plan.”

     ???? What the hell is he talking about?  “I’m leaving.”

    As he walks towards the elevator his phone is ringing.  He takes out his phone from his pocket, the caller is his sister-in-law. Morgan has black lines on his forehead as he answers, “Speak.”   

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    1. Spoiler-Well Morgan takes over Lin Entertainment in Catang City. He doesn’t think about LiMei until a cute little 18th tier actress named LingLing comes along. He has a strange feeling when he hears her name. lolol..😳


      1. I like Morgan ❤I didn’t want him to keep obsessing over LiMei. He and Nikolai who is CEO of Night Sky Entertainment will knock heads soon too it should be fun! 😰


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