Sara Arrives Home

   Li Tian paces down the hallway outside his grandfather’s hospital room while anxiously calling Chen Hu. Uneasy because he hasn’t received any news about Sara he curses Zhao Lanfen for aggravating his grandfather’s heart condition, forcing him to return to Catang City. Why haven’t I heard from Alexandre or Chen Hu. When Chen Hu answers he fills him in on the rescue but hesitates to inform him of the situation at the hospital. Li Tian grips his phone when he detects the trepidation in Chen Hu’s voice, “What aren’t you telling me?”

   “Boss… Leo Cadieux, well he stayed in Miss Song’s room all night and ten of his bodyguards guarded the door. I didn’t want to make a scene without speaking to you but you didn’t pick up.”

   “What the fuck!” He tried Sara’s phone several times but it was shut off. “What do I pay you for? You can’t fucking handle a few goddamn bodyguards? Go into the fucking room and give Song Sara the phone. I want to speak to Song Sara NOW!”

   “…” A few yeah I can handle..but fucking ten men blocking the goddamn door! Not to mention it is a hospital! Chen Hu is about to say something when Leo Cadieux walks out to speak to his guards. Chen Hu decides to tell Leo Cadieux that Li Tian is on the phone for Song Sara. “Mr. Cadieux, CEO Li wants to speak to Miss Song.”

  Leo smirks as he takes the phone. His voice drips with sarcasm, “Game over asshole… she doesn’t want to speak to you.”

  “Give Song Sara the phone.”

 “You really are a cocky bastard. Do you think after you deserted the little girl when she was in danger she would want anything to do with you?”

  “Let Song Sara tell me herself.”

  “She is sleeping.”

   Li Tian doesn’t like the feeling of not being in control, fucking bastard..I can’t say wake her up… He hangs up and slams his hand on the wall to vent his frustration.

   Leo smirks as he hands the phone back to Chen Hu then walks over to his bodyguard, “Louis, I will be leaving in twenty minutes, make sure everything is prepared.” He lifts his lips in a provocative smile as he passes Chen Hu to enter Sara’s room.

   Li Tian calls Chen Hu back, “Call the Paris office and get enough men to take Song Sara to my villa. I will fly back immediately.”

   When he walks into his grandfather’s hospital room his grandfather is eating a strawberry as Long An peels an orange for him. She sweetly smiles, “Tian, Grandpa Li said having us here has improved his spirit.”

  He sees on the monitor all his grandfather’s vital signs are good. “Grandfather, I have something urgent at the company. Long An, you can stay to visit.”

   Li Hong can tell the situation between his grandson and Long An is worse than he thought. Tian is ignoring Little An, he hasn’t looked at her once since they entered the room. She appears nervous and is pretending to be cheerful. “Whatever is going on at the company Yang James can take care of it. I want to talk to you about the wedding. Your mother met with a monk and he said the 18th is an auspicious day for your marriage.”

  Long An’s eyes suddenly light up, Tian can’t argue with his grandfather he will be afraid to upset him because he might have a relapse.

  Li Tian responds without showing his inner rage from being manipulated by Zhao Lanfen , “The 18th?”That is plenty of time to get rid of this marriage. “Fine. I need to take care of the problem at the company myself, Yang James is in Bashu City. He is negotiating a deal for a piece of waterfront property.”

  Li Hong is pleasantly surprised when Li Tian agrees to the date, “Your mother will arrange the wedding photos then for tomorrow.”

  “Grandfather, you should concentrate on getting better instead of worrying about my marriage.”

  “Brat! If it weren’t for you antagonizing Zhou Lanfen, I wouldn’t be in this hospital bed! It’s good you have come to your senses and realize this marriage is inevitable.

  “ I agreed, don’t get your blood pressure up. Tell my mother to schedule the wedding photos for Friday. I need to go to Pushong City. I have meeting scheduled with the owner of the construction company I hired for the Mega Mall Project.”

  He turns to leave without even glancing in Long An’s direction. She quickly sets down the plate of oranges and holds his sleeve, “I will walk you out.”

  Li Tian’s face blackens, he wants to throw her hand off his arm but can’t in front of his grandfather. They walk out together and when they are in the hallway he growls, “Touch me again and I will break your fucking hand. Get back in there.”

   Long An feels confident because his grandfather pushed up the date of the wedding. “Tian..”

   He interrupts her, “ Bitch! Don’t think because I agreed to a date for the wedding anything has changed between us. When grandfather recovers you will break off the engagement. I don’t think you and your family can handle the consequences if you don’t.” Taking large strides Li Tian storms down the hallway to the elevator.

  Long An’s fingernails dig into her palms watching him leave, hmmph this is all because of that slut Song Sara! She smiles knowing her mother’s plan to separate him from Song Sara will work. You are deluding yourself… Do you think she will have anything to do with you after you left Paris when she was kidnapped? You left with me…you chose me over her when she was in danger. You think she will ever forgive you! In your dreams! Mother will make sure you marry me!

  Once Li Tian leaves the hospital he calls the airport to have his plane refueled to return to Paris. While he is driving to the private airport he receives a call. “CEO Li, when we arrived at the hospital Chen Hu was lying unconscious on the floor of Miss Song’s hospital room. The doctor revived him and he said that before he was knocked out he heard Leo Cardieux tell his guard they are flying to Catang City with Miss Song.”

  Li Tian tightens his grip on the steering wheel, LEO CADIEUX YOU MOTHERF****R! YOU THINK I WILL LET YOU GET AWAY WITH STEALING MY WOMAN! He immediately calls Yang James, “Find out what airport Leo Cadieux’s plane will use when it arrives in Catang City and time of arrival then get back to me.”

Yang James is sitting in his office at Li Group. Why does Li Tian want this information. He sounded furious. Is it something to do with the arms deal next week?

   Sara slept most of the flight to Catang City on the comfortable bed in the cabin. When the plane is about to land Leo wakes her up, she yawns and stretches her arms out from under the warm quilt. Feeling refreshed her eyes bend into a crescent shape and her beautiful eyelashes flutter,“Mr. Cadieux,I think this is the best sleep I have got in days. Thank you.”

   He is happy to see Sara looking healthier, her eyes look bright and the color has returned to her face. Leo’s eyes are filled with tenderness as he pats her messy hair,“We need to go buckle up in our seats, we will be landing soon.”


   When the plane lands there is a black Rolls Royce Phantom waiting for them. Three black SUVs are parked behind the luxury vehicle for the guards. While they were on the plane Leo tried to convince Sara to stay at his villa outside Catang City but she politely refused his offer. The driver opens the back door and they get into the car and Leo decides not to pressure Sara. “Miss Song, what is the address of your home?”

   Sara tells him the address then he hands her a card, “This is my cell number and the address of a private clinic under the Cadieux Group. I have arranged a follow up appointment there for you with Dr. Ling Yi for tomorrow. I will pick you up for the appointment and introduce you to Dr. Ling and a nutritionist.” Leo doesn’t leave anything to chance he had his assistant find a failing private clinic in Catang City that desperately needed an investor. He arranged for Dr. Ling and a nutritionist she recommended to be on staff. This way he can control Sara’s care and the confidentiality of her pregnancy.

  “Mr. Cadieux, I can’t take any more advantage of your generosity. Now that I am home I can deal with my health issues. ”

   Leo quickly says, “Call me Leo, when I hear “Mr. Cadieux” I expect to turn around and see my…haha. Julien insisted I take care of you until you fully recuperate. He blames himself for forcing you to model for him. Otherwise, you would have returned to Catang City without incident. Also, I need to speak with the Director so I am going to the clinic anyway.”

   Sara looks at the card, “You are too kind.I don’t know how I can repay Mr. Navarre and you.”

  “Just get healthy so Julien can relax and not worry. He is an extremely sensitive person and feels a tremendous amount of guilt about you falling ill. As his friend he entrusted your care to me so please allow me to fulfill my duty..”

   “It wasn’t his fault… I was under stress about other things which caused me to get sick. That unlucky star Li Tian is the culprit! If it weren’t for him I never would have gone to Milan starting the disastrous chain of events! You have been too kind to me already by bringing me with you on your plane.”

   “Well, you mentioned that you like to cook. Maybe you can come to my villa and make dinner for me when you feel better? We can call it even then.”

   They arrive at the address Sara gave the driver and Leo furrows his eyebrows, she lives in such a poor area? The building looks like it could collapse at any time! I thought although the Song family was declining it hadn’t reached this level of poverty. “Miss Song, your family lives here?”

    “ live here with my good friend.” I haven’t lived at home for several years… If you could call that viper’s nest a home. “Thank you for everything.” The driver gets out and opens the door for Sara.

   Leo stretches his long legs out of the car and he follows Sara, “I will walk you to your door.”

  “No need.”

   Leo is disgusted when he notices a disheveled drunk man staggering behind Sara. He quickly motions to his guard who kicks the man away into the alley. Sara’s back is to the drunk man so she is unaware of the situation as she opens the door to the apartment building. Leo sounds determined, “I want to make sure you are safely inside your apartment before I leave. Humor me.”

  Sara is reluctant to have him come inside but he is insistent. The paint is peeling on the walls and there is always a puddle of water on the floor by the stairwell. She awkwardly replies “Okay, but watch your step, it’s wet on the floor, the elevator is broken we need to take the stairs.”

  “…” This won’t do at all! I need Song Sara to move to the villa with me. Whether she is my sister or not I don’t care, I can’t have her live in such a dirty rat trap!

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  1. I hope Sara finds out their relationship soon. Poor girl is in desperate need of familial love. By the way, what’s the story about her grandmother?! She has to know about Sara being a twin, why didn’t she say anything?


    1. You are so good! Haha.. Leo will find Woo Hua to ask after he confirms Sara is his sister. He took a strand of Sara’s hair to test at the Clinic. I like Leo ❤


      1. Definitely! Leo is as powerful and unscrupulous as Li Tian so I think it will be great to see him make Li Tian pay for hurting Sara.😰


      2. Lol I’m gonna enjoy seeing that! I hope Sara makes him work for them to have a relationship .


      3. Definitely! She wants nothing to do with him! Sun Peizhi (Zhi) makes an appearance soon…remember he invested in the rooftop restaurant for her with Bi’s brother. But Li Tian owns the building..The Waterfront Tower..😰


  2. And how is it that Bi also lives in such a poor place? Out of pity for Sarah? She has no shortage of money.


    1. Well yeah she lives there because of Sara. Their apartment is nice just the building is in disrepair. To Leo it looks poor but it is a modest working class neighborhood. Haha


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