Sara and Leo

Sorry I didn’t update last week. I hurt my knee while hiking and was in pain sooo much pain… I couldn’t even think…but I am better now…hobbling around on crutches haha..will try to post another chapter on Friday! Enjoy! ❤

   Leo’s cold heart is filled with an unknown emotion as he stares at the black and white ultrasound, Song Sara’s baby.. so incredibly tinyIt is a shame your father is a self centered asshole.

   He puts the ultrasound in the inner pocket of his jacket then sits by Sara’s bedside. Taking off his glasses he rubs the bridge of his nose contemplating whether he should tell Sara about her pregnancy or wait until she is stronger. I could hire a nutritionist and have a doctor monitor her condition. I have some business in Catang City so I will bring her with me in my private jet to protect her from Li Tian. 

   Leo stays by Sara’s bedside through the night watching her sleep. He is gently wiping her flushed cheeks as Alexandre comes into the hospital room.

  “Leo, what are you doing here?”

  “Hmmph..did that useless scumbag send you to check on Song Sara?”

  “He had Chen Hu call me after Song Sara was rescued to check on her condition.” Alexandre is shocked watching Leo’s doting expression as he wrings out the cloth then continues to tenderly run the wet cloth down Song Sara’s slender neck. What the fuck! Is this the ruthless assassin I know who wouldn’t blink while breaking a woman’s hand who dared touch him.


  “You look like shit. What is your connection to Song Sara, I have never seen you show any affection to a woman.”

  Since Alexandre and Leo are friends as well as business partners, Leo tells him, “I don’t know but since I met her at the Club I have felt a strange connection to Song Sara. I want to protect her. That motherf****r Li Tian leaving while she was in danger well…is proof he doesn’t deserve Song Sara.”

  “You are attracted to Song Sara? She is Li Tian’s fucking woman. Don’t get involved, we have a big deal coming up with him and the Russian next week.”

  “Fuck him! Cancel the goddamn deal!”

  “You want to throw away a quarter of a billion in profit because you don’t like the way he treats his woman? Are you insane?”

   “I can’t explain it but my blood boils when I think of him deserting Song Sara. When she wakes up do you know how sad she will be?”

  “…” No fucking way ..could it be true..“Do you like Song Sara?”

  “No. More like our souls are connected.I don’t fucking know how to explain it. The moment I touched her hand that day in the Club my heart started to beat again with human emotion. When she smiled all the anger and resentment inside of me melted away. I no longer felt the cold emptiness in my heart that has always been like a dark prison. When I am near Song Sara the bright light that surrounds her body absorbs my darkness.”

    Alexandre glances at Song Sara sleeping on the bed then back at Leo. He noticed at the Club the similarity between their facial features, could she be his sister? I overheard Remy Cadieux mention Leo had a twin sister who died in a fire at the age of nine.  Did she survive and they were unaware… she lives in China…who is their mother? It obviously wasn’t Remy’s wife Lois’ mother..the woman must be Chinese. “Leo do you think Song Sara and you have similar features, could she be your sister who supposedly died in the fire?”

  Leo has an incredulous expression, “What? What fire?”

  “Last year your father was on the phone arguing with someone while I was waiting for you. He wasn’t aware I was smoking a cigarette around the corner and during the heated conversation he was speaking Chinese and French.  I only heard bits and pieces and didn’t think much of it at the time. I was worried about the Club opening and thought it was none of my business. He called the person a liar… Something about a daughter is dead so is her mother..only Leo…that is all I remember.”

  Leo’s eyes widen, while Song Sara was dreaming she kept talking about a fire. He stands up and his eyes have a murderous gleam as he grabs Alexandre by the collar, “BASTARD! YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME!”

  Alexandre pushes him, “Like I said at the time I thought it was none of my business. I forgot about it afterwards. The only reason I thought of it now is because you just said you have a connection. I have never heard you say you care about anyone in all the years I have known you. You have always been extremely cold and emotionless to the point I wondered if you even had a shred of humanity in you. “

  Sara stirs on the bed then lifts her head off the pillow. Leo quickly pushes Alexandre away, in a low threatening tone he warns, ‘Keep your mouth shut.”

  She slowly opens her eyes and gazes around the room with a disoriented expression. Sara’s throat is dry and her voice sounds hoarse, “Mr. Cadieux?”

  “Don’t try to speak.Let me get you a drink of water.”

  He holds the bottle of water while Sara takes a sip. Surprised he is in her room she timidly thanks him.

  Sara heard Feng LiMei’s voice earlier when she was asleep but doesn’t see anyone in the room besides Leo and Alexandre. “Was Feng LiMei here?’

  “Feng LiMei was discharged after an examination, she didn’t have any injuries. Qiao Rui took her to his villa. She did say she would return.”

  “Oh.” She drinks more of the water then rubs her stomach. I am so hungry..I feel like I haven’t eaten in days.

   Leo asks in a pampering tone as he plumps up the two pillows behind Sara, “Are you hungry?”

  Sara blushes embarrassed by his attentive behavior, Why is Leo Cadieux and the man from the Club here? Where is Li Tian?

   He smiles, “I hear your stomach grumbling so I will take that as a yes.” He has a gentle expression on his handsome face, Could Song Sara really be my sister? Is that why I am feeI this way towards her?

  “Well I am… but I don’t want to trouble you.”

  “It’s no trouble. Alexandre go to the Club have the chef prepare a light breakfast for Miss Song, make sure he includes Porridge.”

   “…” What the fuck! I’m not your damn errand boy I am your partner! Who knows of the asshole chef is in the kitchen yet!

 Leo’s different colored eyes narrow dangerously when Alexandre doesn’t immediately respond. ”Haven’t left?”

    Alexandre takes out his phone to call the chef as he walks towards the door. He knows better than to anger Leo. The last time he touched his inverse scale Leo pulled his investment from an important arms deal. When I had to renegotiate Amir Malouf threatened to kill me for changing the number of weapons in the shipment.

   Sara blinks her eyes trying to understand the situation. She softly tells Leo, “Mr. Cadieux I can eat the hospital food, you needn’t trouble yourself or your friend.”

   “ I haven’t eaten breakfast.”

     Sara finishes the bottle of water, “I don’t understand .Why are you here? Did CEO Li ask you to come? Where is he?” My memory is blurry..I woke up in a small office with Feng LiMei and her bodyguard. Feng LiMei said we were kidnapped from the hotel. Several men came into the room…I saw Qiao Rui but never saw CEO Li. Was he injured? Sara has a worried expression and her voice trembles revealing her deep concern, “Did something happen to CEO LI?  Was he injured?”

    Leo clutches his fists at his side and the temperature surrounding him drops at the mention of Li Tian. Injured? HA! The fucking bastard left with his ugly little bitch and her fat mother.He hesitates not wanting to hurt Sara. She will find out anyway, I might as well tell her now so she can accept the fact he is a heartless prick.  “Miss Song, Li Tian and his fiancee left shortly after you were kidnapped. He should be in China now.”

    Sara’s face pales and her knuckles turn white gripping the quilt, I was kidnapped because of him and he left with Long An? She twists the quilt and her palms are clammy from the pain in her heart. Back to China.. not knowing if I was alive or dead? She feels like she can’t breathe realizing how insignificant her life is to Li Tian.

A strange smile appears on her beautiful face, I was deluding myself Young Master Li cared about me. What a fool I am! So stupid! I was just a novel plaything to amuse himself! I actually was developing..haha..nevermind..don’t think about him! Don’t think about that heartless man again! I shouldn’t be surprised he choose Long An and ruthlessly discarded me. Who am I? My mother is dead and my father hates me, favoring my stepsister and her despicable mother.

   Leo watches the variety of turbulent emotions flashing across Sara’s face. He can see intense pain  reflected in her beautiful blue eyes from being abandoned. I will kill that son of a bitch! Fucking kill him! He controls his inner rage and calmly says, “I am going to Catang City on business and I would welcome your company on the trip. The doctor said after this infusion you can be discharged.your condition was due to severe hypoglycemia. He will be in to check you shortly. We can leave this afternoon, my plane is fueled and ready to leave.”

    “ I appreciate your kindness but let me think about it.”

   “Of course.” You need to come with me, I will make sure you are safe. 

    Alexandre returns with breakfast, Sara feels much better as the warm porridge pads her  stomach. She sighs it must have been stress and the hypoglycemia, for the first time in a week I don’t feel nauseous. Sara is unaware the doctor prescribed anti nausea medicine specifically for pregnant women. 

     The doctor comes into the room and examines Sara, “Miss Song, your vitals are good but you need to watch your blood sugar levels and eat more nutritious food. You are severely underweight and your body has been under a great deal of stress. If you don’t want to end up back in the hospital I suggest you have a nutritionist recommend a meal plan and supplements. You need to increase your body weight and also pay better attention to your health. You can leave anytime and go through the discharge procedure downstairs. “

   “Thank you doctor.”

   Sara bites her bottom lip, should I accept Mr. Cadieux’s offer? I am very comfortable with him and it would save me money. I have already lost so much buying not one but two two nonrefundable tickets! Now, I have a hospital bill. Hmmm.. Why not! Although he had a dangerous black aura when speaking with his associate… right now his aura is glowing purple reflecting deep loyalty… which I really don’t understand. I barely know him. I’m so tired of all the drama..  I just want to return home! “ Mr. Cadieux, thank you. I will go with you.”

   Sara thinks about her clothes, “First I need to have clothes delivered. Will there be time? I don’t want to delay your trip.”

  “Julien felt guilty he was unable to come to the hospital, he had to go to the police station.The Midnight Lover’s Necklace was stolen.  The police haven’t recovered  the jewelry that was stolen during the chaos. So he had his assistant Michelle send you clothes when he heard of your circumstances.” He picks up the dress from the chair by the door, “ I will wait while you shower and change.”

  Sara slowly walks to the bathroom, Mr. Navarre and Mr. Cadieux are such gentlemen…so considerate. She furrows her eyebrows, unlike that uncaring tyrant Li Tian! Sara forget about him! Now there is no reason to have anymore to do with him. Tears slowly fall down her cheeks as she enters the bathroom,  I thought he cared about me a little anyway…but this proves I am nothing to him…a toy to play with then toss away. She steps into the warm bath then leans back closing her eyes. I swear I will never..NEVER!  NEVER! NEVER be so weak again! First, Zhou Jason broke my heart now Li Tian used me as a disposable plaything… I will never let a man hurt me again!

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  1. 😭😭😭 hopefully finding out she has a twin brother will ease Song Sara’s pain. Hope you’re doing well!


    1. I think Leo will be good for Sara..not for Li Tian tho.. haha. Thanks I am getting around now…I was actually lucky it wasn’t worse😰


  2. But if they are twins, then one of their fathers is not the real one. Is Sarah an adopted daughter? And Leo has other sisters?


    1. Remy Cadieux is Leo and Sara’s father. It is complicated… will be explained in upcoming chapters. Lois Cadieux is Leo’s half sister.😳


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