I Am Qin LingLing

Sorry for the late update..I hurt my knee hiking last week Waaah too much pain to think! I’m better.. but crutches suck haha..

   LiMei’s alternate personality Qin LingLing is still in control and wants to seduce Morgan. She goes into the bathroom with an empty glass. Morgan is buttoning his shirt. LiMei sets down the glass then holds Morgan’s hand, “Let me, your hand is hurt.” She puts her fingers on the next button, he looks down at her delicate jade like hands and freezes allowing her to button his shirt. When she reaches the top button she seductively runs her finger across his neck. He takes her hand, “Don’t.”

  She looks up at him smiling exposing her cute dimples, “There was a little ointment that wasn’t rubbed well.” She holds up her index finger that still has a trace of white cream on the tip, then touches him again. “All good.”

  Morgan’s ears turn red, I am thinking too much… “Miss Song woke up?”

  LiMei fills the glass with water, Oh my! He is so handsome…tall..soulful deep black eyes..I really want to kiss those sexy lips of his. Should I tell him I am not Feng LiMei? “Yes. She doesn’t feel as hot but her face is still flushed.” LiMei takes the glass of water to Song Sara and gives her two more pills. After she takes the medicine Song Sara closes her eyes again.

  Morgan comes out of the bathroom, “I am going over to the other warehouse where the kidnappers parked the truck. I want to see the situation. The men I was fighting died inexplicably, possibly help has arrived.”

  LiMei clutches onto his shirt, “NO! You can’t go, you are injured.”  Once they arrive I lose my chance to kiss this handsome man!

  He sees her worried expression. Is she caring about me? Morgan takes a deep breath suppressing his turbulent emotions.“The wound is superficial and I’m not sure if they will realize we are in this deserted warehouse.”

  “Rui knows our location. Wait here. You’re my bodyguard and I give the orders.”I really want to kiss your sexy lips and this is the only time we will be alone. Once the little girl’s boyfriend comes back I’m sure she will feel safe and not need my presence. I only surfaced because she was terrified on the roof. “I forbid you to leave!”

  “…” Morgan can feel his body having a reaction to LiMei’s provocation. If I stay I might do something I will regret. I shouldn’t be this close to you, smelling your sweet scent and feeling your soft touch is driving me crazy. I want to hold you in my arms and kiss your beautiful tempting lips. They need to hurry and get here or I need to leave!

  He has a dazed expression and LiMei steps closer, “Morgan? Morgan? Did you hear me?”

  “Yes. I will guard outside.I won’t leave.” 

   He hurries towards the door and LiMei follows him grabbing his hand, “Just stay with me.”

   When he turns around LiMei hugs him, pressing her head on his chest, her voice is soft with a hint of coquettishness. “Hold me.”This man is too noble! I can see he wants Feng LiMei but he is restraining himself using all of his internal energy. Should I confess I am not Feng LiMei but Qin LingLing

  A thin layer of sweat is forming on his forehead and his Adam’s Apple rolls, “Miss Feng let go.” He pulls her slender arms off his waist. “Don’t.” His breath is becoming unstable and heat is running through his body creating an indescribable pleasurable feeling.

She looks up at him, her pink lips quivering and crystal tears dripping from her beautiful green eyes. “I’m afraid.” This pitiful appearance should move him.

   Morgan controls his facial expression, appearing unaffected Morgan calmly says, “I told you I will protect you and Miss Song. Qiao Rui will be here soon.”  

   LiMei twists her delicate eyebrows and has an aggrieved expression from being rejected. He feels like his heart is pierced by the disappointed look in her misty eyes.Fuck! What man could resist Feng LiMei’s vulnerable and innocent face? In that torn diaphanous dress she looks like a beautiful broken porcelain doll. “Okay for a minute until you calm down.”

   She hugs Morgan tightly, oh he smells sooo good..is that sandalwood?.. so.manly. After I find the cave on Lion’s Breath Mountain I want to take him back with me. He is definitely more handsome than that arrogant man Hu Ming from the Blue Mountain Sect.

  Morgan’s body stiffens as she clings onto him. He brushes her messy black hair behind her ear, unused to comforting a woman he pats her back, “Don’t worry, Qiao Rui will be here soon.”

    Pierre and his men have stormed the other warehouse. After killing the men protecting the exterior of the building they break through the reinforced door and are shocked. The building from the outside looks like a typical warehouse but once inside it is a high tech laboratory. As soon as they enter several men with guns appear and a gun battle ensues. Pierre directs three of the men to break away from the fight and search for Feng LiMei and Song Sara. He doesn’t know they are in the adjacent B warehouse with the same address. 

    Cursing the incompetent men who ruined his plan Dr. Brokaw, the mastermind behind the kidnapping, leaves the facility when he hears the gunfire out front. Before he leaves he sets a timer to destroy the lab and any incriminating evidence. He has no qualms about killing the guards that might lead back to him.

As Pierre and his men are fighting a guard comes running out from the back screaming,”Bomb!” An explosion can be heard at the back of the facility and fire is engulfing the rear of the building. Several other explosions can be heard and a fireball is moving down the collapsing hallway.

   Pierre’s men look towards him and he motions for them to leave. Dr. Brokaw’s guards are no longer interested in fighting and scramble to the exit also. Once outside they jump into the vehicles parked on the right of the building. One of Pierre’s men grabs a guard and knocks him unconscious before he can escape. Pierre doesn’t want an unnecessary blood bath so he allows the guards to leave since he has one to interrogate.

   The three men he sent to find Song Sara and Feng LiMei come out from behind the burning building, their clothes are scorched and they are coughing. One man shakes his head, Pierre gulps while watching the building collapse. Leo Cadieux won’t like hearing Song Sara is dead but there is no way she and the other woman could survive this inferno.

   When the three men approach Pierre frowns, “Any sign of the women?”

   “No.. but  maybe they are being kept in the other warehouse.” He starts coughing, “ I saw it when I came out the back into the woods.”

  “Let’s go.”

    By the door to the small office  LiMei snuggles into Morgan’s arms, I don’t want that man…I want you!

  The last of Morgan’s willpower leaves him holding the woman he wants in his embrace. He decides to stop fighting the incredible feeling he is experiencing and enjoy having LiMei depend on him. I know it is only because she is terrified but this is like a dream having her willingingly in my arms. He subconsciously tightens his arms around her waist and LiMei smiles with her face buried in his chest. How can I get him to kiss me?

  LiMei looks up at him and makes a decision to tell him she is Qin LingLing, “Umm..Morgan?”

  He leans down and their faces are very close, he can feel her warm breath and his heart skips a beat. “Yeah?”

   She kisses his lips, “I’m not Feng LiMei. I’m Qin LingLing and I like you.”


  “So kiss me until Feng LiMei comes back. Okay?” She wraps her thin snow white arms around his neck and kisses him, her small tongue licking his lips. Morgan comes unglued, crazy with desire when she kisses him. He fiercely kisses her back, opening her mouth he inserts his hot tongue causing a surge of raging fire to run through his body. Tasting the sweet flavor he has been longing for since the night he stole a kiss after giving LiMei a massage he can’t control himself.

He holds her tightly in his embrace and they continue to kiss until they are both breathless. Consumed with desire he doesn’t care why she is kissing him he only knows that he wants her with every fiber of his being. He gazes at her flushed face then licks and nibbles on her ear, his fingers entwined in her tangled hair. “You are so beautiful.”

  LiMei softly moans as he kisses her neck, “Ahh..Morgan.”

  When she says his name it unleashes the beast in him.He cages her with his strong arms against the wall then kisses her deeply, “Leave Qiao Rui, be with me.” He puts his hand under her dress then rubs her breast playing with her pink bud until she softly moans. Morgan’s eyes are red with lust as his domineering tongue enters her mouth. I want you..I want you to be mine.. Morgan’s voice is hoarse as he presses his mouth on her delicate ear, “I can give you everything he can.”

  LiMei gazes up at him, her eyes hazy with desire as she touches Morgan’s cheek,  “Feng LiMei would never leave him. This must be our secret.” She puts her small hand on his heart that is pounding in his chest and takes his hand and places it over her racing heart. “If you believe in fate, I, Qin LingLing will be yours and you will be mine one day in a different place and time.”

  Morgan comes to his senses and releases LiMei from his arms. Feng LiMei must be so traumatized she is mentally unstable. I can’t take advantage of her in this condition. 

  She looks up at him with a hurt expression, “You don’t believe me do you?”

  “Miss Feng, I lost control. It won’t happen again.” She needs help. Lin Morgan you are a selfish fucking bastard taking advantage… 

  LiMei’s eyes are sparkling and her smile is dazzling. “When we enter the cave in Lion’s Breath Mountain you will see. I will open the portal with the Tianshu Dragon Sword and bring you with me. ”

  “…” What the hell???? 

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