Check The Baby

  Sara is laying on the hospital bed dreaming of when she was a child trapped in the burning mansion on the cliff overlooking the ocean. When she was rescued with Feng LiMei, the building not far away was engulfed in raging flames. She could smell the smoke and hear the crackling of the red and orange flames burning down the wooden structure.The intense heat from the fire could be felt on her skin as she was put into the ambulance. This familiar scene triggered her childhood memories and she is reliving the nightmare.

  Leo Cadieux stands by the side of her bed watching her restlessly toss and turn while mumbling,”Mother..where is my hot..Mommy!”

  He wipes her forehead, as he does Sara grabs his wrist. Her eyes are closed but her voice is clear, “Beautiful boy…my mom..have you seen my mom?” Tears are rolling down her cheeks, “Mommy..”

  Leo has a complicated expression as he listens to Sara rambling. He tenderly holds her soft small hand and doesn’t say anything. When I had Song Sara investigated there was no mention of her mother in the report other than she died when Sara was nine years old then the little girl moved into the Song mansion. I know there’s a connection between us but I can’t find it.

   Sara slowly calms down as the strong sedative starts to work. Leo tucks the quilt around her petite body and brushes her damp hair behind her ear.

Feng LiMei wrapped in a big black coat covering her torn dress comes into the room with Qiao Rui, “Has she awakened at all?” She hands Leo a cup of coffee as he responds with a worried expression on his handsome face, “No.”

  Qiao Rui doesn’t like Leo Cadieux but appreciates his help in rescuing Feng LiMei so he reassures him, “I talked to the doctor who examined Song Sara. She was suffering from a fever and hypoglycemia when she was brought into the hospital. He is confident that after she finishes the glucose drip she will wake up.”

  Leo is concerned about her baby but hesitates to mention Sara’s pregnancy. After he thinks about the situation he says, “Dr. Qiao I would like to talk to you in private.”

  Qiao Rui raises an eyebrow, “Anything you want to say, you can say in front of Feng LiMei.”

  Leo glances at Feng LiMei who is wiping Sara’s flushed cheeks with a wet cloth. “It is rather confidential.”

 They walk out into the hallway, “This information has to stay between you and I. I do not want that bastard Li Tian to know.”

 Qiao Rui is a prudent man and has no qualms about refusing his request, he responds in a decisive tone, “Although the business between Li Tian and I is concluded I don’t want anything to jeopardize any future collaboration we might have. So I don’t want to be involved.” 

  He starts to walk away and Leo grabs his arm, “This has nothing to do with business. You are a doctor and I want you to keep this as privileged information.”

  “What are you talking about?”

  “Song Sara is pregnant. Even she is not aware of the fact. I don’t want Li Tian to know..he doesn’t deserve to know. The cold heartless bastard left Paris without knowing where Song Sara was or if she was even alive. Does a man like that deserve to be in Song Sara’s life?  NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! I want to protect her and the baby. It is in Song Sara’s best interests to stay far away from Li Tian. But, obviously I don’t want her baby endangered so could her present condition affect the baby? Does the doctor need to be aware she is pregnant?”

  Qiao Rui is not shocked by his revelation, When I gave her a brief examination at the hotel her symptoms were typical of a reaction to pregnancy. She vehemently denied even the possibility of pregnancy though. Song Sara didn’t look like she was lying.He doesn’t show any emotion on his face as he patiently listens then advises, “Of course the baby’s condition should be checked and monitored. Song Sara had a high fever for a long period of time. Previously she was experiencing stomach pain and nausea at the Jewelry Competition.” He wants to ask why Leo knows Song Sara is pregnant yet she is unaware of the fact but decides it isn’t any of his business. “It is unwise to keep this information hidden from Song Sara. She needs a thorough examination and prenatal care.”

  “Then do the testing yourself I trust your discretion. I don’t know this doctor.”

  “You are putting me in a precarious position, the consequences of hiding Song Sara’s pregnancy from a man like Li Tian..well..needless to say there will be retribution. If I wasn’t concerned about Feng LiMei I wouldn’t mind helping you…I could deal with having Li Tian as an enemy. His behavior was reprehensible.  Any man who deserts his woman when she is in danger doesn’t deserve to have her in his life. But… making Li Tian my enemy at this time…no.. that might endanger Feng LiMei. I will say, Dr. Jinnere is competent and he would need to adhere to patient confidentiality policies. Li Tian is not her husband and has no right to obtain her personal information. I’m sure with your power you could..well.. you know where I am heading.”

  Leo considers what he said, “Understandable. I will inform Dr. Jinnere immediately. You are right there are options and I am here to protect Song Sara and her baby.”

  Qiao Rui walks back into the hospital room and Leo goes to the nurse’s station to locate Dr. Jinnere.

  Feng LiMei looks towards the door as Qiao Rui enters the room, “What was that about?”

  “He wanted to ask my opinion about Song Sara’s condition.”

  “Oh, well it is good Song Sara has someone by her side anyway. I wonder what their relationship is?”

  “Don’t know.”

  Feng LiMei suddenly hugs Qiao Rui resting her head on his chest. “Thank you for saving me”

  He smiles and lifts her chin then lightly kisses her lips, “Baby, I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.” Qiao Rui kisses the top of her hair. “I love you.”

  She hugs him tighter, “I feel so bad for Song Sara. Li Tian is such a big.. a big bastard!”

   Qiao Rui laughs at her angry expression as he caresses her cheek, “He is.”

  Leo Cadieux comes into the room accompanied by Dr. Jinnere and a nurse wheeling in an ultrasound machine. The doctor says, “Miss Song needs additional tests.” He looks at Qiao Rui  and Feng LiMei, “ Please leave the room.”

  Qiao Rui takes Feng LiMei’s hand and they leave. The doctor tells Leo, “Have a seat, this won’t take long.”

  Feng LiMei asks Qiao Rui, “That was an ultrasound machine wasn’t it? What kind of tests are they going to do?”

  “Don’t know.”

  She scrunches up her nose, why is Rui being evasive? “Don’t know? Or don’t want to say?”

  He rubs her head, “Nosy.”

  “Well Song Sara is my friend, I am worried.”

  “She will be fine after the infusion.I am worried about you.We should go to the villa. I will ask Leo Cadieux to call when she awakens then we can return to the hospital.”

  Leo sits on the couch anxiously awaiting the results of the ultrasound. The doctor calls him over to look at the screen, “ As you can see the baby is moving.”

  Leo breathes a sigh of relief, “So her condition didn’t affect the baby?”

  “From the ultrasound the baby appears normal. Miss Song however is severely undernourished and frail, which will severely  undermine the baby’s healthy development. She needs to increase her caloric intake, additionally, she needs to take nutritional supplements.To be able to ensure a healthy baby she must maintain a healthy weight. Reducing stress is also necessary. ”

  “I understand.”

  The nurse hands Leo the ultrasound picture and he touches the small image of the baby. Your Uncle Leo will protect you.

  The doctor writes a few notes on the chart, “Mr. Cadieux, I will keep this secret for you in respect for your family. The hospital appreciates your generous donation. I want to give a warning, sometimes when you think you are doing what is best for someone they might not agree.

  Leo looks at him narrowing his strange different colored eyes behind his glasses. “Noted.”

  The man shivers, I have never seen such eyes. They seem to look into my deepest thoughts. Although I am a greedy man I am responsible. The young woman should be made aware she is pregnant and make her own decisions.“Well, I have other patients. The nurse will return to change the glucose drip when it is finished.”

  After they leave the room Leo looks out the window contemplating the doctor’s words. If she knows she is pregnant will she tell Li Tian? I think when she finds out he left with Long An while she was still in the hands of the kidnappers she might not. He glances at her sleeping face, her complexion looks better and she is resting comfortably now. His cold heart is filled with an unknown emotion as he stares at the black and white ultrasound, Song Sara’s baby.. so incredibly tinyIt is a shame your father is a self centered asshole.

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