Alternate Personality

    LiMei has never seen Morgan lose his temper. She sheepishly responds, “Okay. Won’t go.” The iceberg seems to be overreacting, I could easily climb up to the roof.

   “I’m leaving. Be good.”

   LiMei watches Morgan leave then checks on Sara. After she wipes her flushed face again with a wet cloth she makes a decision. You are still feverish, you need to get to a hospital. Sorry Morgan but I am going to the roof. “Sara , I don’t know if you can hear me but I will be right back.”

   Taking the large flashlight she found in the desk drawer she opens the door that leads to the warehouse. LiMei hurries up the flight of stairs in the back of the large room to the third floor. Maybe the phone will work if I lean out the window. She struggles to pry open the window, come already! The temperature in the drafty room is extremely low. Shivering in the thin evening dress she is wearing LiMei can see her breath as she yanks on the stubborn latch .Finally the rusted handle loosens, she uses all her strength to push up the window.

LiMei hangs half her body out the window as she dials Rui’s number. She scrunches up her nose, no luck.. There is a short ledge on the outside of the window, I have no choice, I need to try to contact Rui. LiMei takes off her shoes, earlier she broke off the heels so she could run but thinks the ledge covered in frost looks slippery. She climbs out, don’t look down..don’t look down. LiMei holds onto the edge of the roof then pulls her body up onto the flat roof.

   She breathes a sigh of relief once she is safely on the roof. Carefully navigating the slippery roof trying to pick up a signal she is disheartened. Don’t tell me I can’t get a signal..I have to..Song Sara looks terrible.  Suddenly the phone rings, LiMei’s hand trembles as she excitedly answers. She hears Rui’s angry voice, “Morgan! Where the hell are you? Where is LiMei!”

   LiMei clutches the phone, “Rui!”

   Rui’s heart starts pounding, “BABY! LIMEI! WHERE ARE YOU?”

  “I..I don’t know..” The phone starts breaking up, “Rui..Song Sara..she needs help.”

  “You are breaking up..I will check the phone’s location. Don’t worry I will find you!” He frantically checks the GPS of the phone, Got it!

  “Hurry! Before they find us!”

  ”I..” The phone dies before he finishes his sentence. Dammit! “Cadeaux, call your men Feng LiMei is at 1955 S. Lafayette Blvd.Let’s go!”

  The two men anxiously rush out the door, Leo calls Pierre to give him the address. After he hangs up he informs Rui,“They are approximately fifteen minutes away from that location.” He is more concerned about finding Song Sara, “Is Song Sara with Feng LiMei?”

  “I assume so. Feng LiMei wouldn’t abandon her friend. But, she said Song Sara is very sick, she needs to go to a hospital.”

   LiMei clutches the phone to her chest, Rui..hurry.. She wipes a tear from her cheek, okay.. he is on his I need to make sure Song Sara is stable. She frowns, getting down from the roof will be harder than climbing up. I don’t have confidence I can land on that narrow ledge especially since it is slippery. I wonder if they have a fire ladder on the other side of the building? LiMei walks across the roof, no fire ladder, well that would have been too easy. She notices a large Chestnut tree’s branches hanging close to the right side of the roof. Maybe I can climb down the tree.

  LiMei plays with a few strands of hair, then brushes them behind her ear. If I miss grabbing onto that thick branch, well..I have no choice. She leans over the side of the roof, stretching out her arm, the tree branch is slightly out of reach. She stands up staring at the giant Chestnut tree. Suddenly a surge of adrenaline rushes through  her body, LiMei’s subconscious tells her she can do it.  An unfamiliar woman’s voice reverberates inside her head.. this is easy… use your internal energy…gather your qi..  jump onto the tree. Why are you hesitating?  JUMP!

  LiMei’s eyes focus on the branch and she leaps across landing solidly in the middle. She balances herself then grabs onto the next branch down, steadily moving down the tree until she reaches the ground. She quickly runs around the old wooden building to the office. If that man Morgan isn’t back I need to go help him. He doesn’t seem very intelligent but he is brave, I admire that.  She looks at her thin white arms, I don’t like this weak girl whose body I am occupying, she should have taken out the two incompetent kidnappers when they stopped the vehicle. Didn’t she train as an assassin with that moron Kuang Fu? 

   She runs into the office, hmm.. the handsome bodyguard hasn’t returned. Without looking at Song Sara she quickly heads to the gate where they entered. She rips part of her dress then wraps the strips of fabric around her feet. Why didn’t the little idiot bring her shoes up to the roof? Looking at the ground she follows the trail left by Morgan’s boots, crushed grass, broken twigs and muddy footprints. When she hears the sound of fighting she crouches down behind a bush to assess the situation. Morgan’s face has blood dripping down; one arm has a large gash. He is wielding a pipe fighting off five men. She picks up a few Chestnuts from the base of a nearby tree. Using her internal force she throws four simultaneously. The small nuts whip at lightning speed towards the men, undetectable in the darkness.  Four men fall lifelessly to the ground, the only man left standing relaxes his vigilance against Morgan while looking at the strange sight. Morgan takes the opportunity to strike the man in the face, splitting his nose and smashing his jaw. The man screams holding his face as a Chestnut hits him in the back of the head instantly killing him.

   Morgan has no idea why the four men suddenly fell to the ground. He looks at their motionless bodies sprawled on the muddy ground. He kicks one of the men with his boot to see if he is still alive. All dead. What the fuck! He looks around and can’t see anyone. Well, maybe Qiao Rui sent men. I don’t have time to check, I need to return to the office where I left Feng LiMei and Song Sara.  

   When he enters the office LiMei is in the bathroom wringing out a wet cloth. Morgan only sees Song Sara, he nervously calls out “FENG LIMEI!”

    She lazily walks out of the bathroom and smiles, “You are back. Good. Rui is on his way.”

“Huh? The phone works?”

   “For only a few minutes but Rui said he could track the phone.”

   “His men might be here already, I was fighting several men and they were all mysteriously killed.” He leans over the sink splashing water on his face to wash off the blood.

LiMei hands him the towel. Well, that was me haha… but I can’t let the silly man know. “Let me see your arm, you are bleeding.”

   “It is nothing. Song Sara hasn’t awakened yet?”

  “No. Her temperature has gone down but she is still unconscious. Come here.” She grabs another towel from a cupboard “Let me clean your wound. Take your shirt off.”

  “I can do it myself.” Morgan takes the other towel from her hand, “Go take care of Song Sara.” 

  “I will bring you the medicine chest.”

Morgan is unbuttoning his shirt, “Okay.”

   LiMei returns with the box and stares at Morgan’s bare chest. This man is really handsome..just my type..  He reminds me of Hu Ming the leader of the Blue Mountain Sect. Lean but well defined muscles.. I want to touch.. She has a mischievous gleam in her eyes as she applies the disinfectant to his injured arm. Afterwards she stands very close to him running her finger down a long jagged scar on his abdomen. Her finger stops and rests right above his belt buckle. LiMei’s voice sounds low and seductive “Morgan, how did you get this scar?”

   Morgan looks down at LiMei, he can feel her warm sweet breath on his chest. His heart races and turbulent emotions engulf him from LiMei’s unexpected actions. He quickly removes her soft hand from his skin that is on fire from her featherlike touch, “Long story.” What is she doing!

  She looks up at him and her voice has a coquettish tone that scratches his heart like a kitten’s paw, “I want to know.” 

  Morgan’s face turns red, “Miss Feng, I think I hear Miss Song, she must have awakened.”

  LiMei enjoys his flustered expression from her teasing, the big man is cute…  She brushes her hand across his large palm as she hands him a tube of ointment. “I will check on her.”

  After she leaves the small bathroom Morgan stares at his reflection in the mirror, his eyes are dark with desire. He gulps down his saliva, Dammit! I could barely control the urge to grab the little thing into my arms and kiss those tempting pink lips when she was touching me! Does she not understand how provocative her intimate actions were! If I didn’t know Feng LiMei I would think she was trying to seduce me!  Standing so close to me wearing that thin torn dress, does she not consider me a man!

  While Morgan is in the bathroom trying to calm himself down LiMei looks at Song Sara, this woman is pitiful…so weak.. LiMei takes her wrist to check her pulse, hmmm..the woman is pregnant… no wonder her emotional state was easily stimulated by her man’s fiancee and the bitch’s mother causing a fever. Well, since Feng LiMei considers you her friend I will help you regain your strength. She gathers her internal energy and places her hands on Song Sara’s body. Song Sara slowly opens her eyes, “Feng LiMei.”

   “Don’t try to talk. I will get you some water.”

   Song Sara looks around the small office, where are we?

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    1. The personality is LingLing who came out during the Tianshu Dragon Dance if you recall. She was awakened again when LiMei was on roof..haha..😰 I will fix so it is clear!


      1. LiMei is in there haha… just overshadowed right now by the LingLing personality. It should be kinda fun. Two words Poor Morgan lol😌😳


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