Leo walks into the security room where Li Tian and Qiao Rui are watching the surveillance tapes. They both turn their heads when Leo enters the room. Li Tian questions him, “Did you find anything out?”

  “My men have located three possible locations in the outskirts of the city. I ordered them to head there now.”

   Li Tian breathes a sigh of relief because they have narrowed the search area. “Where? I can send additional men.”

   Leo responds, “That would only complicate matters. The men I sent are elite professionals and they are the best equipped to handle the situation. ”

   Li Tian won’t be dissuaded, “ The address! I won’t interfere but I need to be there.” Before he continues his phone rings with a familiar ringtone, Fuck..what the hell does he want. He briskly exits the security room as he answers the phone, “Yes.”

    Li Gao is livid after hearing Li Tian allowed Song Sara to bully Long An and her mother. He knows Li Tian has been unhappy with the marriage contract but didn’t think he would act rashly. It is one thing to have a woman on the side but he needs to control her behaviour. “Brat! You need to return to Catang City immediately. Thanks to you, your grandfather’s heart disease flared up, now he is in critical condition at the hospital.”

  “What? I thought Grandfather’s heart disease was under control with medication. How did I aggravate him?”

   “You and your little whore that’s how! You need to bring Long An back with you to Catang City and go directly to the hospital. Zhao Lanfen’s call earlier this evening stimulated the old man.s She complained your unruly mistress assaulted Long An landing her in the hospital. When Zhao Lanfen confronted the bitch this evening at the Jewelry Competition her bodyguard forced Zhao Lanfen to kneel on the cold bathroom floor for over a half hour. You get your ass back here immediately!”

  Li Tian’s face darkens, “What is Grandfather’s condition? What did the doctor say?”  I can’t leave until I find Song Sara.

   “He is unconscious.”

    Dammit!“I will fly back in the morning.”

    “Unfilial brat! I said now! You have your private plane. I called the airport and it is ready to go. Bring Zhao Lanfen back also. We need to smooth over the situation before Old Man Zhao gets wind you have been mistreating his granddaughter.” I don’t need any conflicts with that crazy old bastard!

    Li Tian’s veins are bulging on his neck, “I have an emergency I am dealing with at the moment. I can’t leave Paris until it is resolved.”

    “ I said leave tonight with your fiancee and her mother! There is no room for negotiation!” Li Tian’s father abruptly hangs up the phone. He is fuming, Zhao Lanfen said the boy’s mistress’ name is Song Sara. I need a thorough investigation. It isn’t like Tian to set aside his familial responsibilities..this engagement was set by the two elders. What is the bastard thinking allowing his mistress to run rampant. Assaulting Long An..disrespecting Zhao Lanfen…who gave her the courage! 

  Li Tian purses his lips, FUCK! He calls the Director of Li  Private Hospital. “This is Li Tian, what is my grandfather’s condition?”

  “CEO Li, I was just speaking with your father and the cardiologist in charge of your grandfather’s treatment. Li Hong is presently in a coma, he has not awakened since he was brought into the Emergency Room earlier. We are monitoring him to see if he will need heart surgery, at his age we don’t want to operate unless it is the last resort.”

  “I see.”

  The Director glances at Li Gao as he hangs up the phone. He was told to exaggerate Li Hong’s condition, he can’t afford to disobey Li Gao’s orders if he wants to keep his job. 

   Li Gao nods at the doctor. “Very good. I knew my son would call to confirm.” Li Hong awakened shortly after arriving at the hospital. He is in stable condition but after hearing Zhang Lanfen’s complaints he wants Li Tian to get rid of Song Sara.

  When Li Tian gets off the phone with the Director he is worried about his grandfather. I have no choice, I need to return to Catang City immediately. I will have Chen Wu  alert me when Song Sara is found. Although Leo Cadieux is the last person I want to entrust Song Sara to, I am confident he can bring her back safely.  He has a knot in his stomach thinking about abandoning Song Sara. I will make it up to her.

  He walks back into the security room and approaches Qiao Rui. “ I need to return to Catang City immediately.”

   Leo Cadieux is the first to react, he snarls, “HA! You cold heartless bastard! I knew you didn’t deserve Song Sara!” He gets in Li Tian’s face, Leo’s pupils behind his glasses narrow dangerously as he pushes Li Tian, “ Song Sara’s life’s in danger and you are flying back to China! You call yourself a man!”

  “Fuck off! I don’t need to explain myself to you.” Li Tian pushes him out of the way and steps in front of Qiao Rui. 

  “ I need you to take care of Song Sara when she is rescued with Feng LiMei. I am leaving my three bodyguards I brought to assist you.”

   Even Qiao Rui has a shocked expression on his face. Li Tian is an asshole but I thought he cared for Song Sara. How can the bastard leave Paris when his woman is in danger. “Feng LiMei considers Song Sara her friend so I will because of that fact.”

   Li Tian motions for a muscular tall man dressed in black to come over and he introduces him. “This is Chen Wu the head of my security team. He will remain here in my place.”

  Li Tian can’t waste any more time he needs to get Long An and Zhao Lanfen to go to the airport. He pulls Chen Wu to the side. “I am counting on you to make sure Song Sara isn’t harmed. Keep me up to date on the progress.”

   Long An and her mother are sitting at a table in the main room. She is frightened,  “Mom, why do you think the lights suddenly went out.”

  Zhao Lanfen glances around looking for Li Tian as people are filtering out of the room. “Maybe a robbery.”

  “Shouldn’t we leave?”

  “We need to wait for Li Tian.”  After the phone call I made to Li Hong he should be looking for us to return to Catang City.

  Long An pouts,puffing out her cheeks she complains, “I don’t want to see him!” She finishes her glass of wine. “Mom,  I want to end this farce of an engagement. I am tired of being humiliated by Li Tian! He hates me! When that arrogant man was insulting me he turned a deaf ear. Ever since Song Sara showed up all he thinks about is that scheming slut!”

  Zhang Lanfen restrains the urge to slap her daughter for her short sightedness. She has a malicious smile on her face, “Baby, Mommy told you I would handle this matter. We will be going back to Catang City with Li Tian tonight.”

  Long An wants to ask her mother if she hit her head in the bathroom then sees Li Tian taking long strides across the room towards them.

  When he reaches the table he growls, “Let’s go.”

   Zhang Lanfen remains seated as she calmly responds, “I have a driver. An is upset, she can stay with me at my hotel.”

  Li Tian sneers, “Zhang Lanfen, you can cut the crap! You know very well my father instructed me to bring you and Long An back to Catang City.”

   Zhang Lanfen has a surprised expression, “Li Gao asked you to bring us back to the city? Why? I planned on staying in Paris with An for a few days to shop.”

   Li Tian has flames rolling in the bottom of his eyes, “I don’t have time for your games. You knew very well the reaction Grandfather would have to your phone call. You better hope he doesn’t die or you and your whole family will be buried with him. Either you walk by yourself or my bodyguards drag you to the car.”

     Long An stares at her mother, is this what she meant earlier by ‘I have a plan?’ What happened to Grandpa Li?

     Zhang Lanfen stands up then motions to Long An to follow, “Tian, you only have yourself to blame. If you met your obligations to my daughter I wouldn’t be in Paris right now. Did you expect me to sit idly by while you and your whore bullied my daughter!”

  “SHUT UP!”

  Zhang Lanfen has a slight smile, she can feel the killing intent coming from Li Tian. Good! Now, is not the time to aggravate him further. I have achieved my initial goal of separating him and that conniving bitch Song Sara. I will be quiet but I am not finished with you bastard! No one bullies a member of the Zhang Family and gets away with it! ”

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