Save Song Sara

    Morgan tenderly caresses LiMei’s cheek.He can’t resist the urge to kiss her so he lightly presses his lips on her forehead. Afterwards he stares lovingly at her delicate face and traces his finger across her curled black eyelashes, I promise I won’t let them hurt you. He carefully lays LiMei down next to Song Sara then moves behind the stack of pallets towards the back of the truck.

    After the truck passes through the gate it stops in front of a large warehouse. The driver, Eddie gets out of the truck then grumbles as he throws his cigarette on the ground, “Get two of the guards to carry the women, my back is messed up from the last job.”

   “You are so goddamn lazy… always fuckin complaining.” His cousin Ben opens the back of the truck. “You go do it. I will wait here.” He leans against the side of the truck and smokes a cigarette. If that fat idiot wasn’t my cousin I would have refused to work with him.

    The driver comes back with two guards, “When they take the bitches inside we can leave.” He waves a fat envelope, “Not bad for one night’s work.”

   Suddenly Morgan hears two gunshots and the sound of the two bodies hitting the ground with a loud thud. One of the guards laughs as he picks up the envelope, “Morons. They were told to bring Feng LiMei, serves them right for grabbing an extra woman.”

  The other guard looks at Song Sara laying in the back of the truck. He gulps his saliva down looking at her beautiful face and body, “What are we going to do with her?”

   The middle aged guard smiles showing his two gold front teeth. Smirking as he grabs his crotch, “Fuck the little beauty to death then toss her body into the incinerator out back like these two stupid assholes.”

  The skinny guard can feel himself getting hard thinking about ravaging the Asian stunner.  “The women are still unconscious. We should get rid of these fuckin bodies then come back for them.”

    “Good idea. After we dispose of them you can carry Feng LiMei into the lab and I will tie the other woman up in our room.”

    He looks around, “Don’t let anyone see you, I don’t want to share her body. He licks his lips, “Only the two of us. We can take turns fucking her all night.”

     LiMei has awakened and can hear the two men talking. She clenches her fists at her side,  Disgusting! I won’t let you hurt Song Sara! 

   After she hears them dragging the bodies away she sits up and jostles Song Sara, “Wake up..we need to escape.”

   Morgan hears LiMei and comes out from behind the pallets startling her as she is nudging Sara. He quickly puts his hand over her mouth, “Shh..Miss Feng, it’s me..Morgan.”

   She looks at him wide eyed as she whispers, “How..”

  He says in  a low voice, “No time to explain, I am going to see if the keys are in the truck. If they come back, you need to pretend to still be unconscious. Don’t worry I won’t let them hurt you.”

   Morgan jumps out of the back of the truck before she can respond. He looks in the ignition then bangs his hand on the side of the truck, no keys. There are woods to the right. I can hide the women then come back to hot wire this truck or find another vehicle.

   He climbs into the back of the truck. “We need to escape, there are no keys. Can you run? I will carry Miss Song.”

  LiMei holds onto his sleeve, “Wait. You need to save Song Sara. She has a fever and needs to go to a hospital. Don’t worry about me. Escape with her, if I am still here they won’t put much effort into searching for her.”

  “NO! I am your bodyguard! You are my only priority.”

   She pleads, “Morgan! You heard them! They are going to violate Song Sara then kill her. YOU MUST SAVE HER! They won’t kill me, they need me alive. Contact Rui after you escape.”

  “I am not leaving you.”

  Morgan picks up Song Sara and when he is on the ground grabs LiMei’s hand pulling her out of the truck. “Let’s go.” She tries to wiggle out of his grasp.He holds her hand tightly then starts running towards the woods.”Behave!”

   The guards come back from burning the two men’s bodies and see the back of the truck is empty, “FUCK!”

   The short skinny guard exclaims, “We are dead if we don’t find Feng LiMei!”

   The middle aged guard starts sweating, “They couldn’t have gone too far.” He looks around, “They must have headed towards the woods.”

   Morgan wants to find a place to hide the women then return to find a vehicle.He cuts through the woods and tears a couple pieces of Song Sara’s dress. He hangs the fabric on a couple of bushes along the way to mislead the men following them then circles back around.

   As they circle around he notices another warehouse surrounded by chain link fence. This might do as a temporary hiding place. “Miss Feng, I need you to hide behind these bushes with Miss Song. I am going to see if there is a gate.”

  He carefully lays Sara down, “Stay here and wait for me.”

  LiMei nods and then touches Song Sara’s forehead. Oh my God she is burning up! I noticed a small stream as we were running. She watches Morgan’s back disappear. It shouldn’t take too long to get there. LiMei rushes back towards the stream, when she arrives she tears a large piece of her dress then soaks it with the cold water. Once she finishes she hurries back to where Song Sara is laying motionless behind the bushes. She is wiping her flushed cheeks when Morgan returns.

 “…” Didn’t I tell her not to leave!

  LiMei notices his angry expression but ignores him and continues to wipe Sara’s face with the wet fabric.

    Morgan points to the right, “I found a gate and the warehouse appears to be empty. Most likely after the guards search the woods they will check the warehouse but it will buy us some time anyway. I will try to get a signal once we are out of the woods to call Qiao Rui.”

    LiMei worries if Song Sara’s fever worsens she could die. “Morgan, you need to promise me that if those men catch up with us you will protect Song Sara. She is an innocent person who unfortunately was with me. I can take care of myself, she is sick and vulnerable. You need tofind a way to take her to the nearest hospital.”

  “Miss Feng, I know you want to protect your friend but..”

   LiMei purses her lips and stares at him with a determined look in her eyes.“No buts Morgan! I will never speak to you again if anything happens to Song Sara! YOU PROMISE ME NOW!”

  Morgan has a complicated expression, “I will protect both of you.”

 He lifts Song Sara up and firmly grips LiMei’s small hand in his large palm. Dammit! I can’t promise that! When they reach the gate to the warehouse Morgan had already broken the lock earlier so they walk through into the parking lot. He tells LIMei, “After I get you settled inside I am going to take care of the two men following us. Once they are eliminated it will remove the immediate threat.”

   Morgan kicks open the door of a small office attached to the warehouse. He lays Song Sara down on a couch while LiMei looks in the cabinets to see if there is a medicine box. She pulls a large white plastic box out and stumbles backwards. Morgan reaches his long arms out to catch LiMei before she falls to the ground. He freezes and his heart starts pounding in his chest with her petite body in his embrace. He inhales her sweet fragrance and it takes a moment for him to regain his senses. Looking down at her beautiful face his ears turn crimson. When LiMei notices his shy expression she blinks her eyes, “Ah sorry!” He immediately let’s go of her thin waist then nervously bends down to pick up the scattered medical supplies. I hope she couldn’t hear my heart pounding… Morgan nonchalantly says, “There is some fever medicine.” He looks at the packaging, “It isn’t expired.”

  LiMei takes it from him, “Great!” She grabs a paper cup from a dispenser next to an empty water cooler then goes into the bathroom. She rinses the cup out then fills it with water mixing in the powdered medicine. 

  When she returns to the office she lifts Song Sara’s head and pinches her jaw so she can feed her the medicine. 

   Morgan’s deep obsidian eyes are filled with infatuation watching LiMei give Song Sara the medicine, she is so beautiful and sweet. He recalls her gentle touch applying ointment for him and feeding him the medicine she prepared especially for him when he was injured.

   LiMei finishes then Morgan reminds her, “Miss Feng, you are Song Sara’s only protection so don’t follow me or leave.” That should convince the little girl not to go anywhere. “I haven’t been able to get a signal but I am leaving my phone with you.”

  “Okay, maybe on the roof I can get a signal.”

  Morgan impulsively puts his hands on her shoulders and leans down. He sounds angry as he growls, “MISS FENG! DON’T DO ANYTHING DANGEROUS! WHEN I GET BACK I WILL GO TO THE ROOF!” He takes his hands away, “Sorry. Please…just stay here and wait for me to return.”

  LiMei has never seen Morgan lose his temper. She sheepishly responds, “Okay. Won’t go.” The iceberg seems to be overreacting, I could easily climb up to the roof.

   “I’m leaving. Be good.”

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