Diamond Casino

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    The lights suddenly go out. Li Tian uses the light on his phone to maneuver through the crowd followed by Leo Cadieux. When they arrive at the backstage the lights flicker then turn on illuminating the area. Anxious models are pushing out the door as he anxiously looks around for Sara. Marisa approaches him with a smug expression then taunts him recounting two men abducting Sara. He pushes her away and she stumbles to the floor, “LI TIAN YOU BASTARD! I HOPE THE BITCH’S CORPSE IS COLD WHEN YOU FIND HER!”

  Li Tian fiercely kicks Marisa out of his way. “Fucking c*nt” as he rushes over to Qiao Rui who appears enraged talking with his Korean bodyguard. He glances around and doesn’t see Feng LiMei either, were both women kidnapped? He grabs Qiao Rui’s arm,  “Do you know where Song Sara is?”

 Qiao Rui shakes his hand off, “No” He has a worried expression. “Feng LiMei is missing as well. According to my bodyguard a suspicious looking  delivery truck was pulling out of the parking lot and he got the license plate number. Feng LiMei’s bodyguard hopped onto the back of the truck but hasn’t been in contact.”

 Leo Cadieux on the side narrows his eyes, those two women made a big mistake getting involved with these two fucking bastards! The target could be either one. He hears Qiao Rui continue and takes note of the license plate number.When he hears him say he has a contact in the police department he interrupts, “It is better if I call the people I know.” Song Sara must be sick or she wouldn’t have Feng LiMei model Navarre’s necklace.We need to find her quickly or her baby could be in jeopardy! He has no intention of informing Li Tian of the fact Sara is pregnant. He decides to call a doctor also to be ready when they locate the two women. 

  Li Tian sets aside his animosity towards Leo Cadieux and readily agrees, “Do it. Let’s go check the security cameras.” He runs his hand through his messy black hair, Song Sara.. I will find you.

   Leo watches Li Tian and Qiao Rui walking towards the door,  “I will meet you in the security room.” He takes out his phone and calls a man named Pierre.When he answers he says, “I need you to find two Chinese women who were just abducted from the Etienne Hotel. The kidnappers left in a delivery truck with the license plate number AA 639AA. It is urgent you locate them quickly, one is pregnant and most likely ill.”

  Pierre plays with the poker chips in his hand. He can detect in Leo’s tone the pregnant woman is important to him. I wonder who the Chinese bitch is? His woman? No, he is fucking gay from what I heard. The pretty little motherf****r never is with a woman. “It might take some time.”

  Leo tightens his grip on his phone,  “Listen, if Song Sara isn’t found soon you can kiss my investment goodbye.”

  “I need to hack into the traffic CCTV and I am at the Diamond Casino. I don’t have access to a computer.”

  “Are you stupid! Use the computer in Yvette’s goddam office. Don’t make me repeat myself. I want her found immediately!” He growls in a threatening tone, “Or you might lose more than the investment.”

  Pierre breaks out into a sweat knowing Leo will fuck him up. He pushes the big breasted woman sitting on his lap, “Scram.”

  Unwilling to leave the stack of chips in front of Pierre she holds onto his neck, “But baby you are winning. Why are you leaving?”

  He ignores her and takes long strides through the casino to the office. When he arrives he knocks on the door, “It is Pierre. Hurry! Open the door.”

  A beautiful woman with short curly blonde hair sitting behind a large intricately carved antique desk motions to a muscular man to open the door.

  Pierre rushes into the room. He has a thin layer of sweat coating his forehead and he sounds panicked, “I need to use your computer.”

  Yvette looks up from the paperwork on her desk. She laughs looking at his nervous appearance, “No.”

  “Listen,  a woman’s life is in danger.” Mine too if I don’t find the little bitch.

  She takes a cigarette from a pack on the desk next to a computer, “Not my problem.”

  “Not your problem? If I tell that maniac Cadieux you refused to let me use your computer it will become your problem real fast.”

  “Leo? He wants you to find the woman?”

 “Yeah. So what is your answer now.”

 “Still no.”

 “You have balls. I will give you that!”

   Unhappy because Pierre is disrespecting Yvette, her bodyguard grabs him by the collar, “Watch your mouth asshole!”

  Yvette exhales a puff of smoke then smiles revealing her perfect white teeth, “Let him go.”

 The bodyguard reluctantly loosens his grip while glaring at Pierre.

 Yvette crosses her long slender legs while studying Pierre.”Pierre, unlike you I don’t need to jump through hoops to please Leo Cadieux. But..” She pauses, “If you can tell me the relationship between him and the woman I might consider your request.”

  Pierre has no clue who the woman is and her relationship to Leo but he urgently needs to use the computer. He doesn’t want to waste any more time so he lies, “She is his woman and pregnant.

  Yvette’s beautiful brown eyes widen and her face pales. She shakes her head, “Impossible!”

  “He said so himself when he called. Have you ever heard of him being concerned over a woman? He said if I don’t find her quickly I am as good as dead.If he finds out you delayed me..well..I don’t think I need to paint you a picture. You know his sick temper.”

   “Give him the laptop on the shelf to the right.” She taps her long red fingernails on the desk.”What is the woman’s name?”

  “Didn’t say.” He did but I will keep that information to myself.

 “Ridiculous. How are you to find a nameless woman.”

   He takes the laptop from the bodyguard, “All I have to go on is she was abducted from the Etienne Hotel and the license plate of the kidnapper’s vehicle.”

    Yvette has a knot in her stomach, Leo is mine! Who is the little slut that climbed into his bed? I will make sure she doesn’t come back alive! She stands up and walks over to the couch where Pierre is sitting. “That is it?”

   “What is the password?”

   Yvette presses her index finger to unlock the computer. “I can send some of my men to help you. After all, Leo and I grew up together. I am happy he found a woman who doesn’t find his different colored eyes disturbing.” They need to kill the scheming bitch!

  Pierre begins to access his files, “Hmmph.. Yeah, those eyes are strange but what woman can tolerate his cold personality. She must be special. Oh… he did say she is Chinese.”

  Yvette looks over his shoulder, “Chinese?”

 “Yeah, that is all I have to go on.”

 Yvette walks away, after she enters a side room she has a murderous glint in her eyes. She speaks to a handsome man sitting on the couch. “Yuri, find out about an abduction of a Chinese woman at the Etienne Hotel tonight.”

  He sets down a financial report he is reading and pushes up his gold rimmed glasses. Speaking French with a faint Russian accent he quips, “Miss Aubert, I am not your lackey. Your father sent me here to ensure the casino runs properly. Unless it concerns the Diamond Casino I am not obligated to comply.”

  “I know you have contacts at the hotel. It is a simple matter for you to get the information quickly for me.”

   “Of course it would be the matter of a phone call, but I refuse.”

  Yvette clenches her fists at her side, “What would it take for you to do me this favor.”

   He looks her body up and down then mockingly replies, “You have nothing that I want.”

  “What if I said the woman who was abducted is Leo Cadieux’s girlfriend.”

   He raises his eyebrow, if I help save his woman… “He asked you to help?” 

  “Yes.” Indirectly anyway.

 “What is your  relationship with Mr. Cadieux.”

 “I grew up with his sister Lois..we are friends. I will give you 500,000 euros.”

  He laughs, “Miss Aubert, I am not short of cash but if you will do me a favor in exchange I will consider it.”

  “Depends on what it is.”

 “Introduce me to Lois Cadieux.” 

  She is surprised at his request. He doesn’t pay any attention to me and Lois is well.. not as beautiful and has a prickly personality. She knits her brow,“You are interested in her?”

 “Yes.” If I can manipulate that woman…have Leo Cadieux indebted to me..I will easily find a way to get close to their old man. I need to find the ancient scroll and Remy Cadieux is my only lead. 

 “It is a deal.. now call.”

  Looking at the computer in Yvette’s office Pierre watches the hotel’s security camera footage of the vehicle as it leaves the parking lot. He shakes his head when he sees a man hopping onto the back of the truck. Must be the woman’s bodyguard. He switches to the traffic CCTV camera images and watches the truck move onto the highway headed away from Paris. He can see the monitoring until the truck exits in the countryside where it is dimly lit and without coverage. He checks a satellite map of the area and takes note of the possible destinations of the kidnappers. Very good. They must be at one of these three warehouses because the road they exited onto is by the river.  He hurriedly cleans his searches from the laptop.The only other person in the room is the bodyguard. Pierre puts the laptop on the coffee table, “I’m leaving.”

  The bodyguard grabs him as he is heading for the door and growls, “You need to wait for the Boss to come back.”

  “Fuck you asshole!”

  Yvette walks out of the side room when she hears Pierre, “What did you find?”

  “Possible location.”

 “You don’t have time to arrange for your men to rescue the woman. Take several of my men.”She tells the bodyguard next to her, “Jean, Get ten men and go with Pierre.”

  Pierre knows she is right his men are across town and it would waste at least an hour waiting for them. He glances at the tall muscular man who grabbed him. “Will they listen to me?”

  “Yes. Jean follow Pierre’s orders as if they were mine.” She leans into his ear and in a barely audible voice she orders her bodyguard to kill the woman during the rescue. “Implicate Pierre.”

He nods and sneers following behind Pierre out the door.

Pierre calls Leo Cadieux as he leaves the casino, “Located three possible locations. I am taking Yvette’s men and heading to check them out now.”

   “Make sure no harm comes to Song Sara. She is my first priority. Save the woman with her  unless rescueing her will jeopardize Song Sara. Contact me immediately.”

  “Will do.”

  Leo walks into the security room where Li Tian and Qiao Rui are watching the surveillance tapes. They both turn when Leo enters the room. Li Tian questions him, “Did you find anything out?”

  “My men have located three possible locations and are heading there now.”

   Li Tian breathes a sigh of relief they have narrowed the search. “Where? We can send additional men.”

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