Li Tian stops talking when Sara approaches. “Song Sara, Julien was looking for you, what took you so long in the bathroom?”

    Uncomfortable the situation in the bathroom with Zhao Lanfen will be exposed she ignores his question while looking around. She takes a deep breath to calm herself then asks, “Oh.. did Miss Dupont need me to go backstage?”

   “Yes. She said she would look for you in the bathroom.”

   Sara panics not expecting Navarre’s would go look for her. Oh my God! What if she sees Zhao Lanfen in there? Well, she wouldn’t have the nerve to say anything after Feng LiMei threatened her. “I will go see.”

   Li Tian holds onto Sara’s slender arm to prevent her from leaving. “No. Wait here. Navarre’s assistant will be back.”

   Leo and Lois Cadeaux walk up together. Lois’s eyes fill with jealous glint when she notices Qiao Rui holding Feng LiMei’s hand.  The Pink Lotus necklace around Feng LiMei’s neck and the stunning  matching bracelet sting her eyes. No one has ever snatched what she wants.The Pink Lotus set should  be mine, it would look perfect with the Chanel dress I am wearing. She reaches out her hand towards Qiao Rui, “Mr. Qiao we meet again.”

  Qiao Rui ignores her outstretched hand as he raises his eyebrow, “Have we met?”

  Lois Cadeaux’s face turns bright red, “ Well it was brief, yesterday at LTJ Paris. I wanted the Pink Lotus necklace and bracelet, unfortunately I was a bit slow, you purchased the set before I had a chance.”

   Leo chuckles, No wonder Lois was in a foul mood yesterday.  He witnessed her cursing and slapping one of her assistants when he went to his father’s mansion. He decides to stoke the fire, “Navarre’s creation looks beautiful on you Miss Feng, I don’t think my sister would have done it justice. You have the ethereal fairy-like beauty needed to compliment its exquisitely delicate design.”

   Both Lois and Rui are annoyed. Qiao Rui responds, “I agree.” He possessively  wraps his arms around her thin waist then kisses Feng LiMei. He bites her earlobe then whispers in her ear, “Baby, how do you know Leo Cadeaux?”

   She shakes her head and in a soft voice responds,“Don’t know.”

   Leo smiles at Qiao Rui’s unexpected reaction, with his arrogant personality I didn’t expect him to be enthralled with a little girl, although she is incredibly beautiful. Enjoying the awkward atmosphere he doesn’t stop his provocation there. Li Tian glares at Leo when he ignores him and walks in front of Sara. “Miss Song, you look absolutely gorgeous tonight. I am looking forward to seeing you wearing the Midnight Lover’s Necklace.” He then uses his poisonous tongue to embarrass Long An who is quietly standing next to Li Tian. She has a complicated expression wondering where her mother could be and what happened. Long An snaps out of her daze when Leo taunts Li Tian. “Tian, why isn’t your fiancee wearing any new creations from LTJ?” He creases his eyebrows pointing at the necklace Long An is wearing. He shakes his head and his lips curl up in malicious smile,“Sad.. just an uninspired necklace from last year’s collection…I don’t even remember the designer’s name..” 

   Long An’s face can’t conceal her humiliation at his insulting observation. Li Tian refused to allow the store to send her the jewelry she had meticulously chosen to wear. She digs her fingernails into her palm while cursing him in her heart. Who is this venomous man! 

    The atmosphere between the groups becomes extremely tense, Sara can’t wait for Navarres’ assistant to arrive so she can escape. These men’s overwhelming auras are suffocating. What a dangerous group! 

   After the specified time set by Feng LiMei Zhao Lanfen got up from kneeling in the bathroom with her legs shaking. She was forced to sit for several minutes afterwards from the numbness needing her bodyguard to pound her legs before she could even stand. Growing up privileged and in a family with deep ties to the Underworld she has thick skin and won’t give up until she finds a way to avenge Long An. Zhao Lanfen knows Song Sara won’t mention the incident in the bathroom so she boldly exits the restroom to find Li Tian and Long An.

     Sara nervously clenches her hands at her side when she sees Long An’s mother approaching. Zhao Lanfen’s eyes narrow and she grits her teeth noticing the couple standing next to her daughter. When she approaches the group for a fleeting moment she has a shocked expression witnessing Qiao Rui hugging the little bodyguard who bullied her in the bathroom. Who is the little bitch!  She quickly returns to normal, “Mr. Cadeaux, I couldn’t help but hear your snide remark. Unfortunately, my daughter’s luggage was lost on the flight from Milan which contained the gorgeous jewelry she was planning on wearing this evening.” She affectionately touches the necklace around her daughter’s neck. “ I gave her this necklace to wear because it has sentimental value, Tian’s mother gave it to me on my birthday last year.”

   Li Tian flinches at her familiar tone, he knows she is lying but doesn’t care. I will deal with the old witch later. Sara doesn’t look well, she looks extremely pale. 

  Feng LiMei also notices Song Sara’s sickly appearance and volunteers to go get her a bottle of water. After she leaves Michelle Dupont walks over, “Miss Song it is time to go backstage.”

  Relieved Song Sara follows her through the crowd. She holds her stomach, What is wrong with me? I have felt nauseous all day. When they arrive at the entrance to the backstage Michelle Dupont shows her badge to a burly security guard. He opens the door and when they enter Sara is very nervous glancing around at the glamorous models.

  Michele Dupont’s phone is ringing, after she answers she frowns. Dammit! I don’t have time for this nonsense! She turns to Sara, “I will be back.”

  Sara walks past two famous models then hurries to the back of the room when she sees Marisa walking towards them. She shivers, My God! I doubt Marisa would recognize me but I don’t want to take a chance. I want this night to be over and go to sleep! I can’t wait to get back to Catang City. She sits on a couch and closes her eyes waiting for Michelle Dupont to return. This trip has been a nightmare! 

  Feng LiMei brings her a bottle of water. She can’t help but worry when she sees the thin layer of sweat on her new friend’s forehead.“Song Sara are you okay? Drink some water.”

   Sara takes the water bottle, her hand is trembling,“Oh, Feng LiMei, thank you.” She gulps down some water as Feng LiMei takes a tissue and wipes her forehead. 

   Feng LiMei has a worried expression, “Is it your stomach?”

   Michelle Dupont returns and locates Song Sara sitting on the couch. She stares at Feng LiMei, “Who are you?”

   “I am Song Sara’s friend. She isn’t well. I am going to bring her a doctor.”

    Michelle Dupont’s eyes widen,“There is no time for that!” She was informed that Navarre’s Midnight Lover Necklace will be evaluated soon.

   After a short heated discussion between the two women it is decided that Feng LiMei will model the necklace. Michelle Dupont will go find Qiao Rui to examine Song Sara.

  Meanwhile in the main hall the tension between Li Tian and Leo Cadeaux is reaching a boiling point. They are arguing about Song Sara as Qiao Rui walks away to find Feng LiMei.

  Li Tian pushes Leo Cadeaux, “Why the hell are you so concerned about my woman you little fuck!”

   Leo’s eyes are filled with rage because he knows Sara is pregnant, “She is obviously ill. She should go to the hospital not model a fucking necklace so you can exand your business!”  He shoves Long An into Li Tian’s chest,  “Isn’t this slut your fiancee?” 

  Li Tian’s veins bulge on his neck as he pushes Long An away and she lands sprawled on the floor. He grabs Leo by the collar, “ Bastard! Do you want to die!”

   Leo smirks as he grips Li Tian’s hand and kicks him away, “You are a fool. You don’t deserve Song Sara.”

   Li Tian lunges at him and he dodges the fist. Suddenly they come to their senses when they hear the announcement, “Now, Navarre’s Midnight Lover’s Necklace modeled by Miss Song Sara.” They look towards the stage and are shocked when they see Feng LiMei modeling the necklace. 

   Li Tian and Leo Cadieux have the same thought What the fuck! Where is Song Sara!


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