Very Awkward

 Li Tian grits his teeth thinking about Song Sara’s insolent attitude while she was on the phone. He dials old man Zhou who is sitting in Qiao Rui’s hospital nervously waiting for the results about his wife’s injuries. She remains in a coma from the attack outside the Red Viper Club in Pushong City. 

   Zhou Mo looks at his phone, What the hell does he want? I told Jason to deal with Company business until I return to Catang. Zhou Mo rushed to the hospital after he was notified his wife Vicki was admitted. He hasn’t slept all night, he holds his throbbing head, maybe Li Group secured the land for the Mega Mall project , “CEO Li, I have a personal emergency right now, call my son Jason, he is at the company.”

   “I won’t take much of your time. No questions, tell Song Sara she needs to accompany me to Milan to meet an investor.”

   Zhou Mo scratches his head,“We have another investor? They are Italian?”  

   Li Tian squeezes the phone, what part of no questions did you not understand you old fart! “I said no questions if you want Li Group to continue partnering with the Zhou Group I need Song Sara to be my assistant until the project concludes. 

   Tell your assistant the decision was made because you trust her judgement. Zhou Jason has other projects to handle as temporary CEO while you deal with your wife’s hospitalization.”That will make her want to meet his expectations without questioning his motive further. Obviously she values the old man and would want to help the company. “Give her a 20% raise for the duration of the project.”

   “I will inform Miss Song tomorrow.” Zhou Mo has to much on his mind to care why Li Tian wants Song Sara to work with him and she is competent. Alsothis will free up Jason to handle the remaining projects. But how did he know my wife is hospitalized I blocked all reports concerning the incident. 

     No matter, 20% raise is reasonable for the added responsibility, she does have a degree in Business I have always felt she is overqualified to be my executive secretary.

    Li Tian demands,“Call her now.”


   “Yes, I am leaving for Milan tomorrow.” Dammit! That’s right she doesn’t have her fucking phone.

   He paces across the living room,“Send her an email if she doesn’t answer.”

   “I will have Jason email her personally, it isn’t convenient for me right now.” He sees a doctor approaching him with a chart. Why does CEO Li sound strange? Usually Yang James handles minor personnel issues for the Li Group. He rubs his red eyes, “CEO Li have you heard from the farmer about the land?”

   “I am in negotiations now. “Actually someone bought the fucking piece of land and I can’t find out the bastard’s identity yet.

    “Inform your son to send the email immediately.” That will work it will sound reasonable for him to make the decision to lighten his workload since he had to step into his father’s position as CEO of Zhou Group abruptly.

  “Make sure your son believes it to be your decision, otherwise I might  have to reconsider our cooperation.”

   “I will lay it out to Jason as we discussed don’t worry I have no problem loaning you Miss Song. The idea actually has merit since the Zhou Group will need Jason’s full attention on another project in the works.”

      Li Tian’s veiled threat makes Zhou Mo break out in sweat, he has already invested too much in the project, the shareholders would be furious if the Mega Mall Project didn’t materialize.

   “Then I look forward to our cooperation on the Mega Mall Project.” He has a satisfied smile on his handsome face as he hangs up the phone. Perfect! She will be by my side without even  knowing I am manipulating the situation.The more time she spends with me she will realize how perfect I am. I could use a drink, where is Peizhi anyway?

   Sara stares at the ceiling her stomach growling, maybe Mrs. Mu will let me make a few dishes for dinner to thank Sun Peizhi and Li Tian for saving me. She lazily walks out of the bedroom as she does she bumps into Sun Peizhi coming out of his room, “Sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going.” Sun Peizhi smiles, “Did you speak to your friends?”

   “Yeah.” She hands him the phone, “I feel relieved that I could tell them I’m fine, knowing the two of them they didn’t sleep last night.”

   They continue walking down the hall, Song Sara asks him, “This house is very beautiful do you know who the designer is?”

   Sun Peizhi has a proud expression on his handsome  face because he designed the house himself, but unfortunately can’t admit the fact. “Have you heard of a design firm in Hirachi City named Clear Sky Architectural?” 

   Sara excitedly grabs his arm, “I thought  the unusual design reminded me of a home I saw in Architectural Digest. Is the designer the elusive owner of that firm? I saw CEO Leng’s spectacular vacation home on Shingu Island featured in the magazine. The Mountaintop home was unbelievably innovative and amazing!”

   Seeing her excitement he really wants to tell her he collaborated with Leng Shuai on this house, but he says, “My friend who owns this villa  is a good friend of the architect and drew the initial design then worked with Clear Sky to make his ideas come to life.

   “Wow your friend that is very talented! Is he an architect  also? “

   “No he is in another line of work.”

   Li Tian  hears them coming down the hallway talking amiably together. What the fuck! I don’t like this one bit! 

    The two of them are laughing as they approach the living room Sun Peizhi freezes when he sees the killing intent radiating  from Li Tian’s dark eyes. He quickly says, “Boss, I need to check on the situation with a motorboat in town.”

   “Good but before you do I need to discuss some business with you first.”

   “I will go see if Mrs. Mu needs help preparing dinner.” Sara scurries away to the kitchen,she can feel the dark aura surrounding Li Tian,she shivers, my God how can anyone live with so much negative energy!  That man really should try  to find a way to relax and calm down.

   After she leaves Li Tian says, “Get me a drink. “

  “What do you want?’

  “I will take a whiskey on ice.”

   Sun Peizhi walks to the bar then pours him a drink. When he hands it to him he says, “What business?”

 “Ask Song Sara if she needs to check her email. Is there a computer here she can use? I have mine in the car but I would rather not be involved.”

  ???  “Yeah, there is a spare laptop in the study.”

  “Do it before you leave.”

   “Will do. Boss.. about Milan.” I need to go but how can I approach the subject without raising suspicion? 

   Li Tian gulps down the whiskey, “What about Milan.”

   Fuck it! I will make up some shit. “I know a guy who belongs to the Rushkov Organization, I think if I went with you I could be of use in finding out Viktor’s whereabouts.”

  “Why didn’t you mention this to me before.”

   “I wasn’t sure he would be in Milan and didn’t want to say anything until I confirmed he could help.” I hope the fucking Russian pri*k will help me, I busted his jaw the last time I saw him when he was drunk and provoking me in Berlin. But then again I did save his life in Serbia.

  “You can go but I have one stipulation, stay the fuck away from Song Sara on the trip.” I don’t like the way she looks at you with those big blue eyes of hers. I should tell her you blindly took another woman off the boat barely returning in time to save her little ass.

   “…” Damn he really is a crazy jealous bastard! But, I need to complete my mission successfully, once I do, the commander said I can take a month off. 

   “Get me another drink then go tell Song Sara she can use the computer.Don’t rush back from town I want some time alone with my woman.”

  “En.” Holy fuck! I won’t miss working for him at all, get me that. .what does that nice girl see in this arrogant bastard anyway? 

   Sara is in the kitchen with Mrs. Mu, “Smells delicious! Do you mind if I add a couple dishes, I feel it is the only way I can thank Sun Peizhi and CEO Li for saving me.”

   Mrs. Mu looks up from the sauce she is stirring on the stove. “I don’t mind..what do you mean saved you?”

   “It is a long story but CEO Li sent Sun Peizhi to rescue me after I was kidnapped.” She opens the door of the refrigerator taking out some shrimp, “Is a shrimp dish okay?”

    Mrs. Mu continues to stir the bubbling sauce,“I was going to make garlic shrimp, I have some  shrimp peeled by the sink, you can use them.” She suddenly drops the spoon and turns around staring at Sara her eyes wide in shock, “ Wait did you just say you were kidnapped?”

   Sara walks over to the sink to rinse the cabbage in her hand, “Yes it was terrifying but Sun Peizhi rescued me shortly before the freighter exploded.He is so brave.”

   Mrs. Mu grabs her chest, her heart is racing, the Young Master saved this girl? Was it the freighter I saw on fire on the television? My Lord!  The Young Master could have died! She grasps the counter with her hand, what kind of job does he have?

  Sara sees her panic stricken face, the old grandma seems fond of Sun Peizhi, worried she hurries over to her, “Are you okay?”

   “Yes, that just sounded so frightening! Thank god you are alright!” And the Young Master! The  Madam would collapse if anything happened to her favorite son!

   Sun Peizhi walks into the kitchen right after Sara gives Mrs. Mu a glass of water. The old lady’s face is pale and there is a thin layer of sweat on her forehead. He rushes over, “Grandma Mu are you alright? What happened?”

   She affectionately puts her hand on his face, “ Young Master..Are you hurt anywhere?”

   He looks over at Sara, dammit! How am I going to explain myself! “Mrs. Mu, I’m his friend Sun Peizhi, Young Master is in England.” 

   “Oh..oh.. I was so stunned. “ She self consciously smiles, “Sun Peizhi..” She pats him on the arm, “You and the Young Master look so much alike this old lady got confused for a moment.”

  Sara softly says, “Come sit down. “ She holds Mrs. Mu’s chubby arm helping her over to a chair. “You rest, I will make dinner. Do you want a cup of tea?” Sara brings the glass of warm water to the table, “Drink some more water.”

   Mrs. Mu waves her arm, “ will be fine if I sit for awhile.” 

   The saucepan on the stove begins to boil over and Sara hurries over to remove it from the heat. 

   Mrs. Mu takes the opportunity to quietly whisper to Sun Peizhi, “I’m sorry this old lady got a shock when the little girl said you saved her after she was kidnapped.”

   He affectionately holds her wrinkled hand smiling, “Just don’t tell anyone, particularly my mother.”

   Mrs. Mu motions as though she is zipping her lips as Sara walks back over to the table. “I took the sauce off in time. I think it didn’t burn, is it for the pork? I can finish preparing the meal you should go lay down.”

   Sun Peizhi looks at Sara, “We can order takeout , Mrs. Mu you should go rest.”

   “No, I’m fine.”

  “I insist, I wouldn’t want to have to explain to your Young Master if you collapsed.” 

   She sheepishly looks at him, his eyes are telling her to go, “I will thank you then.”

   Mrs. Mu stands up to leave and Sara asks, “Do you need help getting to your room?”

   “No please don’t worry this old lady just had a little shock to her system there.” 

   After she leaves Sara apologizes to Sun Peizhi, “I didn’t mean to upset Mrs. Mu I just told her you saved me and I wanted to cook for you.”

   “How could you have foreseen her reaction, she always mistakes me for the Young Master . We can order takeout.”

   Sara starts laughing as she steps over to the bowl of marinated pork, “CEO Li doesn’t seem the type of man who would eat takeout though.”

   Li Tian overheard her laughing at his expense, controlling his temper he casually strolls  into the kitchen. He sips his whiskey, “You are right Sara since you scared the cook you should prepare dinner.”

  “Of course it would be my pleasure to cook for you CEO Li.”  Sara? Sara? What is wrong with that man! Can he say anything without having that cold and overbearing attitude! I was planning on cooking, he didn’t have to be rude and remind me I scared Grandma Mu!

  Sun Peizhi awkwardly tries to relieve the tense atmosphere by changing the subject, “Miss Song I was going to tell you if you need to use a computer to check your emails there is one available in the library.”

  “Really! Thank you! I should check my work emails, I was planning on calling my boss in the morning. CEO Li would you like me to brew some tea for you while you wait for dinner?”

  “No. He hands his glass to Sun Peizhi, “I will take another whiskey.”

   Sara ignores Li Tian who continues to stare at her and begins to fry the pork strips then checks on the rice. She hums a song as she stirs the vegetables in a pan sprinkling some spices on the vegetables. I can feel his eyes burning a hole in my back. What did I do in my previous life to deserve this man’s evil aura surrounding me…Brrr..

   Sun Peizhi returns with Li Tian’s drink after he hands it to him Li Tian says, “Go check on the boat.”

   “Okay..” I was going to wait until after dinner to meet Marley for drinks at the Drunken Clam. Whatever she is cooking it smells delicious.

  “Well, can’t you go after dinner?” I don’t want to be alone with this iceberg.

  “I need to go before the repair shop closes.” Can’t you see the Boss is annoyed and wants to be alone with you? I don’t want to be the third wheel!

  “I wanted to show my appreciation for saving me…you and CEO Li of course,” She smiles sweetly at Li Tian, “ CEO Li do you think he could leave after we eat, the food will be ready shortly.”

 “You can eat first.”  If I say no I look like an asshole. He gulps down his whiskey, “But Sara, I told you to call me Tian.”

 “Thank you CEO Li…Tian” My God that sounds so weird! She picks up the spoon next to the frying pan, “If you two want to go to the table I will bring the dishes in as soon as they are ready.”

  Li Tian and Sun Peizhi walk to the dining room table, “Peizhi did the doctor leave a sedative for Song Sara?”

  “He did. It is in the bottle on the nightstand next to the antibiotics.” 

  Li Tian has a strange look on his face. Good..Very Good. I need to sleep with her tonight I can feel my blood heating up every time I am close to that stupid woman. But from her attitude there is no way she would be willing to warm my bed.

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