Rui wonders why it is taking so long for LiMei to come to the main room after going to the bathroom. He walks down the hallway but doesn’t see Morgan and Hak Byung-soo. He creases his eyebrows surveying the crowd then breathes a sigh of relief when he sees LiMei sitting on a couch at the back of the room with Song Sara.

   LiMei wants to sit and comfort Song Sara because she isn’t feeling well and he isn’t pleased. I don’t want LiMei to get involved with this woman, from the guilty look on the woman’s face she is hiding something. The investigation report identified her as the unwanted daughter of that old bastard Song. She is engaged to Tsu Yibo and apparently is cheating on him with Li Tian. No good.. Why did I agree to bringing LiMei to this fucking event.

    Feeling conflicted when she notices Rui’s annoyed expression LiMei nervously looks at Song Sara. I can’t leave the poor girl like this after that old woman and her bodyguard bullied her in the restroom, Song Sara is shivering in fear. LiMei regards Song Sara as a woman with a good personality, someone she would like to become friends with in the future. Maybe Rui can check her condition. Rui holds LiMei’s small hand and mentions he will go find Li Tian. He sneers when Song Sara quickly stands up, as expected the woman appears anxious and has a guilty expression on her face.

  The three of them walk into the main room and approach Li Tian who is engaged in conversation. Uncomfortable because she took off her wet panties in the restroom LiMei puts her legs together. Should I tell Rui I am not wearing any panties so I can go buy underwear at the Boutique I saw as we entered the hotel.

   Rui notices her blushing and clutching the hem of her dress, He leans down with a gentle look on his face whispering in her ear, “LiMei what’s wrong?” 

  “Na Nothing.. Nothing is wrong..”

  He hugs LiMei away from the group of people then lifts her chin, while staring into her eyes  she blinks several times. He playfully teases, “LiMei, do you know when you don’t want to tell me something you blink several times?’

  She widens her eyes then rubs her finger at the corner of her eye, “I just got something in my eye.”

  He laughs, “Little Liar. Baby, just tell me.” Both LiMei and Song Sara appear unsettled. “Did something happen in the restroom?”

   Well yes ..I beat up a woman and threw away my panties. LiMei decides she can’t say anything, I will slip away and go myself. She has a sly smile, I will divert his attention. “Rui do you know the woman in the red dress?” LiMei was watching Song Sara and only heard part of what she said.

   Rui embraces LiMei and kisses her forehead, “Baby,are you jealous?”

  LiMei’s voice sounds soft and coquettish, “Well, maybe a little.” Rui likes it when I act jealous he will forget he was questioning me. She looks up at him with an aggrieved expression, “You are the most handsome man here. I didn’t like the way she was looking at you.”

  Rui feels like his heart will burst listening to LiMei’s sweet words. He pulls her into the hallway and presses her up against the wall, “One more word from that sweet little mouth of yours and I won’t be able to control myself.” He kisses LiMei, biting and licking her lips. When he pries her lips open his hot tongue enters her mouth, kissing LiMei until she is breathless. Breathing rapidly LiMei pushes him as he puts his hand under her dress. LiMei’s face suddenly is dyed crimson red, “Don’t be a rascal!” 

   He takes his hand off her soft thigh when two people walk by. Rui inhales her sweet scent as he plays with a strand of her loose hair, “Well, I need to show you that you are the only woman I want.”

   Morgan and Hak Byung-soo are standing not too far away.  Hak Byung-soo smirks while Morgan clenches his fist in his pocket, unable to look away from the steamy scene.

   LiMei hears them announce the beginning of the Jewelry Competition, “Rui, it is starting I want to go back into the main room.”

  He reluctantly takes her hand then lazily walks back into the venue followed by Hak Byung-soo and Morgan.

  LiMei asks Song Sara, “Will you be modeling the Midnight Lover Necklace soon?”

  “Yes. Mr. Navarre’s assistant will get me to go backstage.”

  “Do you want some water,  you look very pale.” LiMei sees Rui is distracted while talking to a strange man and decides to go to the Boutique. “I will be right back.”

  LiMei hurries out the door followed by Morgan and Hak Byung-soo. When she enters the Boutique they both look at each other, Feng LiMei is going shopping? They follow her into the store and stand back as she asks the woman where to find underwear. The woman has a strange look on her face, “We don’t carry undergarments. There is Vivienne’s Secret down by the elevator but they are closed.”

  “Do you carry any shorts?”

  ???? This is an exclusive store that only carries designer dresses by Chloe Design. But she is wearing the Pink Lotus necklace by Navarre, I shouldn’t insult the young woman. “Miss, there is a sportswear store at the end of the hallway to the left. I’m not sure of their hours..” She looks at her watch then politely smiles, “This store closes in ten minutes. Is there something else I can help you find?”

 Morgan listens to their conversation and the tips of his ears turn red. He gulps and his Adam Apple rolls as he looks at LiMei’s flustered expression. Could the little girl not be wearing any panties? 

  “ you.” LiMei runs to the door then down the hallway, she sees a woman locking the door to the Sportswear shop. “WAIT!”

   Startled by LiMei’s sudden appearance the woman glares at her and LiMei spits out, “I need a pair of shorts.”

   “I’m sorry Miss the store is closed, we open again at ten o’clock.”

   “This is an emergency.I will pay you to open the door.”

  LiMei reaches into her purse and realizes she doesn’t have any cash. She pulls Morgan by his sleeve, “Do you have any money? I will pay you back.”

   He reaches into his wallet and gives LiMei all his cash. She smiles looking at the stack of bills, “Thank you!”

   The woman stares at LiMei’s outstretched hand thinking she is crazy, the young girl is wearing a multi million dollar necklace and an exclusive designer cocktail dress. Why does she need a pair of shorts at this time of night. She greedily takes the money LiMei,“Very well.”

   The woman turns on the lights and points to the back of the store, “Our selection of running shorts are located there.”

   LiMei rushes to the back and finds a pair of white shorts, these will work. She hands the woman her credit card, “I don’t need a bag.” She shoves the tiny shorts into her purse, “Thank you.” 

   The woman hands her back her credit card and LiMei rushes out of the store, “Whewww.. Thank God!”

   Morgan and Hak Byung-soo follow, each having their own thoughts about the situation.

   LiMei slows down her pace as she enters the main room. Everyone’s eyes are on the stage as a beautiful woman wearing a unique ruby necklace walks in front of the judges.

   She takes a bottle of water from a table and takes a deep breath as she approaches the group of people.”Where is Song Sara?”

   Rui holds her waist tightly, “Where did you go?” He knits his brows staring at Morgan and Hak Byung-soo with an icy expression.

   LiMei innocently responds,“I couldn’t find a bottle of water for Song Sara, “Did she go backstage?”

  “Yes, Navarre’s assistant came and got her a few minutes ago.”

   “I am going to give her the water.”

   He holds her hand tightly, “No. I don’t want you wandering around any more.”

   LiMei looks up at him with a pleading look in her eyes, Damn I want to put on the shorts.  “But Rui she didn’t look well, I want to see how she is feeling. She told me she has never modeled before and is nervous. I have bodyguards, I will be fine.”

   Rui reluctantly agrees, “Go straight backstage.”

   She stands on her tiptoes and kisses him,  “Of course.”

  LiMei stops at the restroom to put on the shorts then comes out the door with a relieved smile on her face. She ignores the strange looks on Morgan’s and Hak Byung-soo’s faces and hurries through the main room to a door leading to the backstage area.  A security guard opens the door for LiMei but won’t let Morgan and Hak Byung-soo enter, “You can’t go in there.” They see several other muscular looking men who are obviously bodyguards also standing outside the room. They nod and step to the side.

   LiMei enters the backstage area gazing around for Song Sara.  The models are mingling in the middle of the room but she can’t see Song Sara. When she walks around the group she sighs when she notices her friend sitting on a couch in a far corner of the room by herself. Song Sara’s complexion is pale and she has her hand resting on her stomach.  LiMei sits next to her and holds her hand, “Drink some water.” Sara’s hands are cold and clammy, concerned LiMeis asks,“How are you feeling?”

   Song Sara takes the water, “Thank you. I’m just a little nervous.”

“You look absolutely gorgeous, you will do great!”

“To be honest I want to get this over with and go back and sleep. I am leaving to go back to Catang City in the morning.”

“If you aren’t feeling well can’t they find another model?”

“No. I promised Mr. Navarre I would model for him.”

Navarre’s assistant walks over with a disgusted look on her face. “I need the make up artist to redo your makeup You look terrible.”

LiMei gives her a dirty look, “She isn’t feeling well. Give her a minute!”

“There isn’t much time. She models after Marissa.”

Song Sara stands up and feels dizzy. LiMei quickly grabs her arm before she falls and sits her down on the couch. “She can’t model! She touches Sara’s head, “She has a fever! Get someone else!”

“There is no one else! Are you going to ruin Mr. Navarre’s chance of winning!” She pulls on Sara’s arm yelling in her face, “Who put you up to this! You were fine earlier!”

LIMei pushes the assistant. “Let go!” She thinks the shock of what happened in the bathroom must have affected Song Sara. “I need to go get Qiao Rui, he is a doctor.”

Mr. Navarre’s assistant looks closely at LiMei, Eurasian..beautiful.. a little short but.. She sounds fierce, “You are her friend? You do it or we will sue Song Sara.”

“Me!?! I’m not a model!”

The assistant sneers,”So what neither is Song Sara. Mr. Navarre wants an unknown to model.”

“I need to go get Qiao Rui, she is burning up with a fever.”

Song Sara can hear them but is very weak, “No.. no.. I can do it.”

The assistant shakes her head, “Nonsense do you want to humiliate Mr. Navarre!”

LiMei holds her hands, “I will. But you need to go get Dr. Qiao he is standing next to Li Tian, you know him right?”

” Yes. I will get the doctor. You put on this necklace, when they call Song Sara you go out that door that leads to the stage. Walk in front of the judges, smile and put your hand delicately on your neck to show off the necklace. Very simple.”

After she leaves LiMei takes a tissue from her purse and dabs the beads of sweat on Song Sara’s hot forehead, “Sara lie down, I will do a good job for you don’t worry.”

Song Sara can barely focus on LiMei’s face, her eyes are misty. She lightly squeezes LiMei’s hand, “Feng LiMei… thank you.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you down.” LiMei takes off the Pink Lotus necklace and bracelet and puts them into her purse. She takes a deep breath then nervously puts on the Midnight Lover’s Necklace. How hard can this be...

Song Sara’s eyes are closed

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  1. Poor guards… I laughed so hard… It seems that Li Mei just can’t help but get into ridiculous situations that, at the same time, she creates for herself.


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