“ Bitch! you dare to hurt my daughter if I don’t make you die tonight my name isn’t Zhao Lanfen.” She waves over one of the women who is sneering at Sara, “Hold the slut for me.”

   Sara doesn’t have the strength to resist as the muscular female bodyguard holds her shaking arm. She feels guilty about her indecent relationship with Li Tian and the strange feelings she is developing for him. Resigned that she can’t escape Long An’s mother’s wrath, she closes her eyes expecting a heavy slap.

   All of a sudden she hears Feng LiMei’s voice, “What are you doing! Let her go.” The bodyguard sneers “How did you get in? Little girl leave if you know what is good for you.” Song Sara opens her eyes to see Feng LiMei fiercely glaring at Zhao Lanfen then in a flash suddenly hit the unprepared bodyguard in the neck. The tall woman slumps soundlessly to the floor. The other guard rushes over but Feng LiMei has her arm around her neck strangling Zhao Lanfen. Feng LiMei threatens in a decisive voice, “Come any closer and I will snap her neck. Don’t think I won’t do it.”

  Song Sara is in shock as Zhao Lanfen fearfully says, “Do what she says.” Zhao Lanfen can feel a murderous aura surrounding the girl who is tightening her grip on her neck. 

  Feng LiMei thinks for a moment and says, “Tell your guard to wait outside.”

  Zhao Lanfen’s eyes are red and tearing from the pain, she is terrified. This woman must be one of Li Tian’s people. She is skilled and ruthless.

  Feng LiMei tightens her hold and her voice sounds cold and intimidating in Zhao Lanfen’s ear, “Not saying?”

  Zhao Lanfen spits out, “GO!”

  The woman reluctantly steps outside and sees Morgan and Hak Byung-soo standing in the hallway. She casually stands to the side. Fuck! That old bag!  She should have known Li Tian would protect his woman. Now Myra and I will be in trouble with Old Man Zhao if anything happens to the stupid bitch!

  Inside the bathroom Feng LiMei lets go of Zhao Lanfen and hits the back of her knees so she is forced to kneel in front of Sara. She glares at the woman, “Don’t move.”

  Sara is in shock and shivering. It was obvious Zhao Lanfen wasn’t going to let her leave the bathroom before she was beaten. Feng LiMei holds Sara’s trembling hand and comforts Sara in a soft voice, “Don’t be scared. I won’t let them hurt you.”

  Sara knows Feng LiMei has martial arts skill but her precise and forceful actions were unexpected. She sounded serious when she said she would kill Zhao Lanfen. Sara saw Feng LiMei’s aura at the time, it was purple meaning loyalty. She has only seen this aura surrounding Han Bi and Tzu Yibo, her childhood friends. Feng LiMei thinks of me as her friend, that is why she had a murderous air confronting them?

  Now that Zhao Lanfen can see Feng LiMei better she is incredulous. What the hell! Song Sara’s bodyguard is wearing Navarre’s Pink Lotus Necklace..a delicate cocktail dress from Chloe Designs and her face looks innocent as she comforts the slut. Li Tian went to that much expense so she would blend in with the crowd to protect Song Sara?  That bastard values the little whore that much?

  Feng LiMei gently pats Sara’s hand , “Would you like to slap the horrible woman a few times?”

  Song Sara looks at Long An’s mother kneeling on the cold bathroom floor with a terrified look on her heavily made up face. The fear in the woman’s eyes is palpable. Song Sara glares at Zhao Lanfen, if Feng LiMei hadn’t barged in I don’t know how I could model the necklace.“No, let’s go.” I don’t want to invite more trouble later.

  “Well I really need to pee, Song Sara can you wait for me?” Feng LiMei gives Zhao Lanfen a warning look, “If you get up before I finish, you don’t want to know the consequences.”

   LiMei goes into the stall and sits down, Ahhh.. my underwear is soaked from messing around in the backseat of the car with Rui, should I just take them off? Maybe there is a Boutique open, I could buy one.  Yeah…I can’t stand the feeling. She slips off her lace panties and throws them into the small waste container in the stall. Haha..if Rui knew I wasn’t wearing underwear he would go crazy..Well it was his fault…

    Outside the stall Zhao Lanfen grits her teeth and in a low voice she threatens, “Don’t think because your bodyguard showed up this is over. I will get my revenge.”

   “…” Bodyguard? She thinks Feng LiMei is my bodyguard? Sara wants to laugh, what bodyguard wears a multimillion dollar necklace.. 

   LiMei hears Zhao Lanfen because of her martial arts skill. I would like to teach that old woman a lesson. Maybe later when Song Sara is modeling. She walks out and washes her hands then glances at Zhao Lanfen. “You can get up in ten minutes, not a minute before. If you do don’t mind me for being impolite next time I see that ugly face of yours.”

   After Sara and Feng LiMei leave the restroom Zhao Lanfen’s bodyguard is going to rush into the bathroom but Feng LiMei stops her, “Your Boss asked me to tell you to wait outside until she comes out. She has a stomachache and it will be much worse if you disturb her.  Feng LiMei smirks, “Much worse.”

Feng LiMei’s two bodyguards follow behind them as they walk to a quiet area away from the main room. Feng LiMei tells Sara, “Sit here, I am going to get you a cup of tea.”

   Sara sits waiting for Feng LiMei to return, tea does sound good. I am feeling nauseous. If Feng LiMei hadn’t come into the restroom when she did… Long An’s mother wouldn’t have listened if I tried to explain I mean nothing to Li Tian. Obviously Long An told her mother I pushed her down the stairs and she wanted to take revenge for her spoiled daughter’s grievances.

  Feng LiMei returns with the tea she sounds concerned,“Here, drink this herbal tea. You look very pale, are you alright?”

  Sara sips the tea, “Thank you Feng LiMei. If you didn’t stop them I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to model and caused a big problem for Mr. Navarre.”

  “Please call me LiMei. Song Sara if you don’t want to talk about what happened that is fine but I have one request. It is complicated but I would rather not have Qiao Rui know I intervened.”

  “Of course. I really don’t plan on mentioning the confrontation at all. I appreciate your help.”

   “You aren’t going to tell Li Tian?”

   “No.” Who knows what will happen if I tell him. I don’t want to cause him any problems or myself for that matter. “ I feel I owe you some explanation…” Feng LiMei interrupts, “No. No need. We all have our own situations. I want to give you a word of advice though, entitled women like that old witch won’t let go if they think you are weak. You might think I am wrong but you should have slapped her a few times to show you aren’t a soft persimmon she can bully at will. At the worst she would have a red and swollen cheek but you would have shown her there are consequences to bullying you.”

  Feng LiMei sips a glass of champagne, “Is the tea helping?”

  “Yes, thank you. I was feeling a little sick earlier then that was upsetting.”

  “You know Qiao Rui is a doctor, do you want him to check you out? I think while I was in the bathroom he booked a Suite.”

   “No. I have troubled you enough.”

  “No trouble. Oh, here he comes now.”

  Qiao Rui gives Feng LiMei a look then says hello to Song Sara. He bends down kissing Feng LiMei,“Baby, I was wondering what took you so long.”

  “I ran into Song Sara. She isn’t feeling well, take her pulse.”


  Song Sara feels awkward, she can sense his displeasure. “That is alright, I feel better after having the tea.”

  He doesn’t care about anyone besides Feng LiMei but since she wants him to check he says, “You do look very pale. Are you experiencing any discomfort, fever?”

  “I have been nauseous and very tired. Probably from stress. It isn’t a big deal.”

   He feels her forehead, “No fever. Could you be pregnant? Have you missed your menstrual period? Those are symptoms that can occur in the first trimester of pregnancy.”

She blushes denying the possibility. “No. They checked before x rays recently.”

“If your stomach issues persist you should consult a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis.”

  “Thank you. I will.”

   He takes Feng LiMei’s hand,“LiMei.”

  “Ah..Rui, I am going to sit with Song Sara for a few minutes to make sure she is okay.”

  He has black lines forming on his forehead.“Miss Song, I will go inform Li Tian that you aren’t well.”

  Sara immediately stands up. “I am much better I don’t want to worry CEO Li. I have to model the Midnight Lover Necklace soon.”

  Feng LiMei wants Sara to be able to sit in order to calm her nerves but Qiao Rui looks angry. She has a worried expression, “Are you sure?”


   “Okay we can walk over together.”

    Qiao Rui holds Feng LiMei’s hand tightly as they weave through the crowd to find Li Tian.

   Li Tian has an agitated look on his face while talking to Long An when they approach. Long An sees Sara and has a surprised expression she expected her mother to at least slap her face. What happened? 

   Sara notices her look of surprise, Hmmph she knew her mother planned on assaulting me in the bathroom so she stayed with Li Tian to avoid any suspicion.

   Li Tian stops talking and asks, “Song Sara, Julien was looking for you, what took you so long in the bathroom?”

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  1. Hehe so LiMei is still always LiMei, even if her memories are altered! I like the growth of Song Sara and LiMei’s friendship.


    1. Well LiMei reacted instinctively when she saw Song Sara in danger. I think their friendship will be cool. Sara is really physically and mentally weak right now. It is good LiMei is there to support her.


      1. If his reaction is like the drive there, I’ll have to diagnose him as sex-craved 🤣👏🏽


      2. Add in I said our Rui is addicted to LiMei or will Morgan find out lololol


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