Leaving The Chateau

This chapter is for readers 18 and older…

   After Rui and LiMei shower together he hugs her tightly in his strong arms inhaling the jasmine fragrance emitting from her body. He whispers in her ear, “Baby, I love you so much,” then kisses her face. Taking a towel he gently dries her slender body, when he finishes he brushes her wet hair. LiMei obediently sits with the towel wrapped around her as he blow dries her long black hair. She loves the feeling of Rui’s pampering but is apprehensive because of her fragile mental state. He kisses the top of her head when he finishes, “While you get dressed I need to go to my study and make a call.”

  LiMei stands up and presses her body onto his firm chest. She looks up at him with a loving gaze, “Rui,you are too good to me.”

   He lifts her chin and regrets having doubts when he sees her green eyes covered in a layer of mist, “I told you LiMei, you are everything to me.” Rui kisses her passionately tasting her sweetness as LiMei’s heart starts racing melting into his strong embrace. He nibbles and sucks her tender lips, when she is breathless and clinging onto him he stops. LiMei looks up at him with her eyes sparkling, with a trembling voice she confesses, “Rui, I will always love you.”

   When Rui hears LiMei he feels like his heart is going to explode, He puts his hand on the back of her neck and pulls her closer as he kisses every part of her face then sucks on her small jade ear. Rui’s deep eyes reveal his possessiveness, “Baby, I will never let you go..”

   LiMei  leans her head on his chest and can hear his rapid heartbeat. He suddenly lifts her up and carries her to the bed pressing her thin body underneath him.”Baby..” Rui kisses her lips then as his lips move down her neck his phone rings, Dammit! He kisses LiMei then gets off the bed to pick up his phone on the table. After he answers he growls, “What!” He listens and then says, “I will call you back.”

   Rui’s face is black as he leans over and kisses LiMei, “Baby, I need to make a call after I get dressed.”

  LiMei nods, “Okay.”

  After Rui leaves LiMei gets off the bed, Rui didn’t look very good when he got that call. I wonder what it was about? She picks up a bottle of water and takes off the cap. There is a knock at the door. LiMei says, “Who is it?”

   “Morgan.” He waited for Rui to leave then came to deliver the shoe. 

   “What is it? I’m not dressed.”

   Morgan grips the high heel and his Adam apple rolls picturing LiMei’s naked body, “Ah, when Qiao Rui brought the clothes up one of the shoes was by the couch. Must have fallen out of the box when Hak Byung-soo got the delivery.” 

   “Oh. Leave it at the door. Thanks.”

    He is walking towards the stairs when he sees the door open and LiMei wrapped in the towel. Morgan’s dark eyes have a lustful gleam as he watches her bending down. You will be mine Feng LiMei… He hurries down the stairs and runs into Hak Byung-soo coming in from outside. He tells him, “Qiao Rui said you and I are back on duty tonight.”

   “I switched with Henry Noone. I am going to guard the perimeter.”

  “Not tonight. Qiao Rui said he wants you and me to be the bodyguards when he and Miss Feng go to the International Jewelry Competition.”

   “No fucking way! René already approved the switch.”

  “Who is the Boss, René or Qiao Rui?”

  Hak Byung-soo kicks the table by him, “I really hate that little slut!”

  Morgan’s eyes are full of killing intent, his veins bulging on his forehead as he grabs Hak Byung-soo by his neck and squeezes. He grits his teeth growling, “Don’t ever say that again or believe me, I will kill you!”

   Hak Byung-soo can barely breathe. He uses all his internal strength to spit out, “A..are you crazy?”

   Morgan releases his neck and walks away clenching his fists at his side. I would rather have Cheng going tonight instead of that rat bastard. He has no respect. None! I don’t know if I trust him to protect the little girl.. Well, I will be there ..nothing will happen with me guarding Feng LiMei. He goes to his room to shower and put on fresh clothes. 

   Hak Byung-soo watches his back disappear down the hallway.  What the fuck! Crazy! Did that little demoness bewitch him.

   Upstairs LiMei puts on the dress, oh so pretty! She twirls around. When Rui walks into the bedroom he has a doting expression on his handsome face watching LiMei in front of the mirror. He comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist and rests his head on her shoulder, “You look very beautiful, like a fairy princess.”

  LiMei turns around and blushes, “Rui..” She stands on her tiptoes, “This dress..the beaded butterflies are so pretty. Chloe is such a talented designer!” He lifts her silky black hair and puts the Pink Lotus Necklace around her neck. LiMei’s mouth drops open staring in the mirror as she touches the necklace. “RUI! I have never seen such a delicate beautiful piece of jewelry!”

   He softly kisses the back of her neck and LiMei quivers. Running his finger over her exposed snow white clavicle he then touches her fingers on the necklace. He turns LiMei around and kisses her soft lips then seductively says, “I think this necklace is very beautiful but can’t compare to your beauty.”

   The tips of LiMei’s ears turn red and Rui’s thin lips curl in an arc, he holds her hand, “Sit. I will put your shoes on for you.”

  “I can.”


  LiMei sits on the couch and Rui holds her jadelike tiny foot in his hand and can’t resist the urge to kiss her cute toes. When he does, LiMei starts giggling again, “Rui! That..haha..tickles..”

    While he slips on her crystal beaded high heels,LiMei watches him “Rui,you look so handsome.. like Prince Charming.”

    After he puts the heels on LiMei he teases, “ Am I handsome?”

  She leans forward, smiling happily wrapping her arms around his neck, then kisses him, “The most handsome man in the entire world!”

   Rui laughs thinking LiMei looks adorable, her eyes are bent in a crescent moon shape and her two dimples are exposed as she grins.

He lifts her up into his arms and walks out of the bedroom. LiMei has her arms around his neck, “Rui I can walk.”

“I like to carry you.” He kisses LiMei, “Isn’t that what Prince Charming should do?”

LiMei blushes and giggles, “I love you my Prince.” She snuggles into his chest as they go down the stairs. I love you so much.

Rui motions to Hak Byung-soo to open the door and he carries LiMei out to the Rolls Royce Phantom. Morgan is leaning on the car smoking a cigarette. He immediately extinguishes it and opens the back door while staring at LiMei in Rui’s arms. He has a jealous look in his dark eyes. She looks like a fairy princess in that dress. he snaps out of it and says, “René went to the Étienne Hotel as you instructed. I will be driving.”


Hak Byung-soo gets into the passenger seat, What the hell? Is the chick’s little p***y that fucking good. Both these idiots look like they want to fuck the little slut on the spot. He has deep resentment towards LiMei, although he and Morgan have butted heads he has a a great deal of respect for him professionally. He is considered one of the most elite bodyguards in all of China, his skills are enviable. He glares at LiMei, from the moment I met her I can see she is an unlucky star for that poor fuck Morgan. Does he really think he can take her away from a fucking Billionaire? He is a goddam bodyguard. Those shoes she has on probably cost a years salary for us.

LiMei sits on Rui’s lap and leans on his chest like a contented kitten. Morgan pulls out of the driveway and looks in the rear view mirror clenching his large hands on the steering wheel. Rui kisses LiMei and rubs her breast. Embarrassed because of the two men in the front seat she whispers, “Rui..don’t”

Rui has a playful expression, “Don’t what? This?” He slips his hand under her dress and runs his hand up her thigh. LiMei instinctively moans, he wants to show she belongs to him to the two men in the front. He didn’t want to bring them after the Game Room incident but they are the two bodyguards with the best skills. LiMei tries to take his hand from under her skirt but he moves his hand up under her lace panties playing with her flower petals while he kisses her pink lips, he whispers in her ear, “You are mine Baby.. I want to fuck you right now.”

LiMei looks at Morgan and Hak Byung-soo in the front seat, her voice is shy and low, “Rui they can see. Stop. Please.”

He was only teasing LiMei, he tells Morgan,”Put down the glass partition.”

Morgan’s finger is shaky as he presses the button. It makes the back soundproof as well as private. Once it is down Bak Byung-soo snickers, “I thought the Boss was going to let us watch him fuck his woman. That would have been fun. I am curious what kind of pussy drives a man insane.”

Morgan knows he has to drive and can’t beat the shit out of Hak Byung-soo right now. He grits his teeth, “You think I was joking earlier.”

“Morgan, I want you to see she isn’t the only little twat in the world. Why you are fucking obsessed with Feng LiMei I don’t get it. You are a goddam legend! The last job we worked together those two beautiful sisters were fighting over you and you didn’t put them in your eyes. You are a fucking badass, how can you be played by Feng LiMei? Granted she is extremely beautiful but so what? She could end up destroying you. Qiao Rui is insane, you and I both know that.

“None of your business. Protecting Feng LiMei is your job and I expect you to do your job.”

“I have never let personal feelings affect my performance. But you..well..I think you know falling in love with the client causes a bodyguard to lose effectiveness in a dangerous situation.”

“You better not repeat that.”

“I won’t. I respect you that is why I prevented you from rushing out to the garden. That is why I didn’t fight you when you grabbed me by the neck. I don’t want you brought down by a woman. A woman who belongs to a powerful man. You saw in the training room his murderous aura, he would kill without blinking an eye any man who messes with Feng LiMei.”

In the backseat LiMei and Rui are getting more aroused. Rui presses LiMei down and his face is under LiMei’s dress sucking and licking her flower petals. He uses his tongue to thrust in and out as LiMei leans back softly moaning, “Ruiii..ahhh.” She has her hands on his head as she makes lewd sounds. LiMei’s mind goes blank as intense pleasure overtakes her as he rubs her red and swollen nub. Rui laps up her delicious honey dripping from her flower hole coating his lips. He holds her slim hips as she squirms on the seat responding to his hot tongue moving in and out of her tunnel. Sliding his tongue and poking her sensitive spot giving her endless pleasure.”Ummm..ohhh…Ahhh..”

LiMei’s soft and tender p***y is being sucked and licked until she can’t breathe and her body is twitching. “Ruiiii.. “

The sound of her soft and tender cries fuel his desire. He moans breathlessly, “Baby I need to be inside you.” When he unbuckles his belt a LiMei has a lucid moment, “But Ruii..” She has an idea, “Ah..let me use my mouth.”

Rui gazes at her innocent expression remembering her inexperienced attempt last time. But he agrees, if we have sex..

Kneeling she stares at him while biting her bottom lip. He wants to laugh at the determined look on her face. My Baby is so cute. She holds onto him with her soft hand then licks his thick shaft with her warm moist tongue, his eyes are glassy as he moans, “Ummm”. She moves her hand up and down as she concentrates on licking and sucking the head. Twirling her wet tongue around licking and teasing him as Rui breathes heavily. A surge of heat runs through his body from her soft and wet tongue as she flicks his sensitive head. “Nngh.. Baby..feels so good…”

LiMei then puts as much of his length as she can in her mouth and Rui runs his fingers through her silky black hair thrusting in and out as her head bobs up and down. I’m glad I watched that video, Rui seems to enjoy it this time. Proud of herself she continues until suddenly she gags as he enters too far into her throat. She doesn’t have time to recover when he releases and she swallows a unpalatable tasting substance. LiMei’s eyes water and spits a little out and the thick sticky liquid dribbles down her chin. Rui chuckles at her distressed expression, “Poor Baby, but it was your idea.”

LiMei can barely talk, “Tow…towel”

Rui takes a bottle of water and wets his handkerchief then wipes her lips and face. After he kisses her wet lips, he tells her, “Baby, you were amazing.”

She forgets her grievances as he gently cleans her face, “Really?”

He smiles, “Really.” Rui seductively whispers in her ear, “My Baby’s mouths are the best I love fucking both of them.” He has a devilish smile seeing LiMei turn red, he grabs another bottle of water. “Drink.”

Rui cleans himself after he zips up his pants, he pulls her into his embrace. “Baby, tell me again you love me.”

LiMei hugs his waist, “I love my Rui. My Rui is the most handsome and sexiest man in the world.”

He laughs, “Are you sure you want to go to the event?” He squeezes her breast, “We could continue in a hotel room.”

“We can continue afterwards, just next time don’t make me swallow.”

Rui hugs LiMei, “Hahaha..well I rather your other mouth swallowed my seed so we can have a..” He stops himself. “Looks like we are here.”

LiMei anxiously takes a brush out of her purse and takes the clip from her messy hair, “I am going to need to go to the bathroom before we go into the Jewelry Competition to clean up.”

“I can get a Suite.”

“Rui! Then we won’t leave the room! I will just use the restroom first.”


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