Do You Love Me

This chapter is for readers 18 and older

   Rui picks up the dress and shoe box then heads up the stairs. Morgan has a smile on his face as he goes back to the common room. The old cook sees him as he picks up some dirty dishes from the table, “Big Guy, why are you smiling? Is it the little girl? She seems to be the only one who can crack that frozen expression he usually has on his face. But from what that little Korean guy said Feng LiMei is bad news.

  “No reason. Have you seen Hak Byung-soo?”

   “He said he was going out to the perimeter.”

   Morgan goes out the side door to the patio then takes the path around the house to the front.

   Upstairs LiMei is leaning back in the bath asleep when the bathroom door opens. Rui’s thin lips curl up in a smile staring at LiMei with her eyes closed, her curled dense black eyelashes are fluttering and long strands of her wet hair are stuck to her cheek. Rui’s Adam Apple rolls gazing at her round soft breasts peeking out from under the flower covered water. He wants to kiss her alluring pink lips that are slightly parted while she breathes. My baby looks so delicious.. So he kneels by the bathtub gently brushing her hair from her cheek touches her hair then kisses her lips, “Baby.Wake up.”

  LiMei can hear Rui’s voice and her eyes lazily open halfway, her vision is blurry. Rui can’t resist her seductive appearance. He puts his hands on her cheeks as he kisses her soft lips again. LiMei wraps her arms around his neck and smiles showing her cute dimples and her deep green eyes bend into a crescent shape, “ are back.” She kisses him and he slides his tongue inside her warm mouth to taste her sweetness. When they are breathless LiMei starts to unbutton his shirt and his heart is racing when her soft fingertips touch his skin. He hurriedly takes off his shirt then his pants, his deep eyes are full of lust as he gets into the bath. Water splashes onto the floor as he pulls LiMei onto his lap facing him. He hugs her naked body to him as he whispers in her ear in a low and magnetic voice,”Baby…you are so beautiful”, then nibbles on her snow white ears that are dyed red. When LiMei’s small bottom moves on his lap he feels a fire surging within him. He kisses her neck, licking and sucking her tender skin, ”Do you really want to go tonight.”

  His scorching masculine breath on her neck is intoxicating. LiMei can feel him growing bigger underneath as she twists her body to get comfortable in his arms. She has an itchy feeling. LiMei’s voice sounds raspy as his mouth moves down to her sensitive pink bud and he holds her breast in his hot hand. “Ahhh..Rui..Ohhh..”

  He twirls his tongue around the erect pink bud then bites and plays with her other breast. LiMei has her hands in his hair as he mercilessly teases her body. “Rui…stop..ahh..”

   The water is getting cold in the bath, Rui picks LiMei up and dries her petite body then takes her to bed. He presses her flushed body underneath him hungrily continuing to suck her snowy white soft peaks as she sweetly moans. Aroused by her lewd sounds he spreads her delicate and slender thighs. Rui’s thin sexy lips lift into an arc as he inserts his long finger into her tight tunnel, “So wet.” He gazes at her beautiful face, when LiMei is aroused her face is so incredibly beautiful..a combination of innocence and seductiveness. The scent of her body is sweet and sensual from her honey. And this look is only for me.. Her body only belongs to me. He thrusts his finger in and out and LiMei pleads, “Rui..don’t tease..pleeease..” She arches her slim hips towards him and he kisses her mound, “Please what?”

  “Give it..give it to me..Ruiiii..ahhhh..ummmm..”

  “Open your eyes.”

  LiMei obediently opens her eyes and blinks a few times to focus on the handsome man on top of her body. She closes her eyes because if she looks at Rui she can’t control her emotions. LiMei always feels he is too good for her and gets self conscious.

   “Open your eyes Baby I want to see my reflection.” He sees the overflowing love in her gorgeous catlike green eyes that suck his soul from his body. Becoming aroused Rui’s voice sounds hoarse as he gently touches her cheek. He impulsively asks,  “Baby, do you love me?”

  LiMei has a misty look in her eyes when he says those words because she doesn’t believe she deserves Rui. After she woke up some memories were clear in her mind. But she does truly love him with all her heart. LiMei’s voice has a kittenish softness,  “I love you much.” She recalled bits of memories of a man chasing after her the sounds of gunfire. Crystal tears silently form in her eyes as she mutters “But..I can’t.. he..” before she can say anything else Rui fiercely bites her lip then licks and sucks the blood. Coming unglued at the thought of another man pressing LiMei on the bed he seals her lips with a domineering kiss. Can’t..can’t!.. HE! HE! she has another man? I will fucking kill him! Baby, I won’t ever let you escape from me in this life! He wants to dominate and possess her body to make sure she can only have him in her eyes. Rui’s deep dark eyes have a demonic glint. “Baby, I will give you what you want.” Rui has a crazed look in his eyes, “I will give it to you..but Baby you need to tell me who the man is.” He moves the tip of his erection on her flower petals teasing LiMei. At the same time he rubs his thumb across her nub then pinches it making LiMei’s body quiver. Honey pours out as LiMei writhes on the bed clutching the covers, her entire body is begging for him to quickly fill her up. Her voice is hoarse and pleading from the strange feeling of being unsatisfied. and tortured by his intensive toying with her body.”Ruiiii.. You..only you.”I want you..Ruiii..pleeeease Ruiiii… ” She puts her hand on his erection, “I need itchy.”

Rui’s possessiveness and jealousy clouds his judgement, he has a raging fire burning inside of him. ” Baby, I will fuck you so fucking hard… until you can only see me. He lifts LiMei’s slender legs placing them on his shoulders and with a savage thrust his huge shaft enters deep into her tight tunnel startling LiMei, she screams while gripping onto the covers. “AHHH! WOOO!HURTS! HURTS! STOPPPP.”

“Baby.. Unghh..Your tunnel is devouring doesn’t want me to stop.” His eyes are red and his breathing is ragged as he pounds her flower hole like a beast wanting to devour his prey. Rui is consumed with dark desire, misunderstanding LiMei. You’re mine Baby.. He growls, “ Nngh..MINE. Ummm..” Baby, your tight little p***y is ONLY MINE. LiMei’s warm honey pours out drenching his long shaft and his movements become faster and more brutal from the indescribable pleasurable feeling. 

   Hurt by LiMei’s careless words he turns her body over and lifts up her round bottom. He wildly plunders inside while slapping her tender skin sending a wave of pain and pleasure through her body. LiMei keeps sucking in his length and he is losing his mind thinking she wants to leave him. He is thrusting into the deepest part of her tunnel, you will be my wife and have my baby LiMei.

  LiMei’s mind is chaotic from his savage thrusts and the overwhelming sensations from him hitting her sensitive spot over and over. Twitching and writhing she is adding fire to the already out of control burning desire within Rui. Obviously he is angry but I don’t know why he was fine when we were in the bath. “AHHH…WOOOHUUU.. TOO DEEP… NOOOO!” LiMei feels a rush of heat through her body and spasms clutching onto him digging her nails into his skin.

   He leans down his voice sounds low and magnetic, “Am I fucking you good Baby?” Rui reaches around pinching then rubbing his thumb across her red and swollen nub as he speeds the rhythm of his thrusting. “SAY MY NAME..”

  LiMei screams in ecstasy as she climaxes again and her honey squirts out, “RUI!..RUI…AHHH.. TOO BIG! TOO FAST!”

  Listening to her scream his name Rui has his hands on her hips fiercely thrusts his  engorged thick shaft into the deepest part of her flower hole ramming into her cervix. When he fills her with his seed he groans in satisfaction, “Baby..Ummm..Nngh.. Fucking your wet p***y feels so fucking good..” He squeezes her tender bottom, then lightly runs his hand down underneath teasing her red and swollen nub.

  LiMei quivers when the hot rush of his essence shoots inside her body and collapses on the bed burying her head in the pillow.

  He has sweat dripping down his forehead as he pulls out of LiMei then he turns her . LiMei looks at him with an aggrieved expression and her eyes are red. Rui hugs her to him and kisses her forehead, “LiMei, I’m sorry. Don’t look at me like that.” He buries his head in her neck whispering, “Baby, I love you too much. When you said you love me but..I..” Rui gently kisses her ear, “You can’t ever leave me LiMei.”

  LiMei is surprised that is why Rui was angry, “Rui, I don’t want to leave you. I just think I am having some mental problems and I don’t want to burden you.”

   He tightens his embrace, “LiMei whatever problems you have we can deal with them together. When we get back to Pushong City I know a good therapist.” He kisses her face, “Baby, you are everything to me, I love you. 

   “Rui when I performed the Sword Dance you didn’t think it was strange?”

   He brushes her damp hair behind her ear, “It was strange but very beautiful.”

  “Rui I saw things.”

  “Like what.”

  “Well I saw a map on the Tianshu Sword. A cave with weird medicinal herbs growing inside. Forget it..I was hallucinating.”

   Rui lifts her chin looking into her eyes, “You saw a map?”

  “It was in gold writing and it was like it imprinted on my mind at the end of the Tianshu Sword Dance.”

    “LiMei, when we get back to Pushong City..” LiMei interrupts, “Do you believe me?”

   “Of course I do. I purchased the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword because of  its mysterious origin.” He doesn’t want to press LiMei although what she knows might be the key he needs to find the rare herbs needed to cure Hannah Hedwig.

  LiMei rests on his chest, “Rui.”

  He plays with her long black hair twirling it between his slender fingers, “Hmm.” 


   “Baby, do you really want to go to the Jewelry Competition?”

  LiMei looks up at him with a pleading look in her eyes, “I do. I don’t have any friends in Pushong City and I felt a connection to Song Sara. She asked me to come and support her while she models the Midnight Lover Necklace for Navarre.”

   He kisses her forehead, “The Competition begins in an hour and a half, there is no time for a stylist but I did get you a dress from Chloe Design.”

   LiMei hugs Rui, “Thank you.”

   Rui holds her in his arms, “Just say you forgive me.”

  “Rui..I love you please don’t ever doubt that. I just worry..” He puts his finger on her lips, “Shh.. Baby, I always want you by my side. We can deal with your memory loss together.”

  LiMei impulsively kisses Rui and slips her small pink tongue in his mouth. She entangles her tongue with his and Rui’s heart pounds in his chest. My Baby is so cute, she is still a little clumsy. He takes control of the kiss sweeping his eager tongue over the inside of her sweet mouth. All I ask is that you love me can never leave me or I will lose my mind. When I think of you with another man..smiling at him..kissing him.. A surge of rage flows through my body I can’t control.

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      1. He is, and I did like how LiMei reaction to his sudden change, and Rui being drawn back when he realised he was going overboard again.


      2. Yeah, I’m just excited to see the clash between Kuang Fu and Rui, because I know it’s gonna happen eventually and I expect it to be brutal.


  1. Rui is so jealous … So where did he get the other man from? He was the first to her and their separation was not so long. Jealousy clouds the mind 😄


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