Morgan Makes Plans

   LiMei wakes up feeling refreshed, I will need to thank Morgan his massage really got rid of my headache. She gets out of bed to take a bath wondering where Rui went this afternoon as she takes off her clothes and walks into the bathroom. Filling the bath with warm water and the medicinal powder she slips into the bathtub.

  Downstairs Morgan is in his room feeling ashamed he took advantage of LiMei. He lays on the bed with his hands behind his head staring at the ceiling unable to relax. It’s true once you taste the forbidden fruit you want more. I need to find a way.. I want to hold Feng LiMei in my arms and make her happy. While he is imagining the possibilities his phone rings, “Brother, why are you calling?”

  “Mother told me you are finally willing to enter the company.”


   “What made you decide to suddenly return?”

   “Personal reasons.”

    Lin Heng grits his teeth, why can’t that bastard say more than two words at a time! “You know this is a sensitive time for Lin Group we recently invested a great deal of capital in Lin Entertainment. The subsidiaries located in Hirachi City are going through reorganization due to the intense competition from Leng Enterprises.”

  “Know.” When he was unable to sleep thinking about LiMei he spent the time getting acquainted with the recent developments within Lin Group. He gets up to light a cigarette. “Brother, I have no intention of usurping your position as CEO. Not yet anyway. I need more time to investigate the situation in the company. I will need to figure out how to bring your supporters to my side and disclose your selfish machinations I discovered.

    Lin Heng breathes a sigh of relief he has been panicked since their father told him Morgan was going to work at the company, well aware his brother isn’t a man to be underestimated. He was top in his class at University and everyone thought he would immediately take over the company. Morgan shocked everyone by declining and joining the Army then when he became a bodyguard it was the talk of the circle. “Well, we can discuss with father when you return. When will you arrive in Catang City?”

   “Next week.” 

   “Mother said you agreed to a blind date?”

    “If that is all I will be hanging up.” 


    Lin Heng’s wife walks into the room, “Honey, why is your face red?”

  “That fucking bastard Morgan is coming back and joining the company.”

   Lin Qing’s eyes light up but she quickly reins in her emotions and in a dull voice she says, “Why?” She had given hope on seeing Morgan again after the last time he was at the mansion. He wouldn’t bend when the elders tried to convince him to work at the company after his injury. Shocked would be putting it mildly when she heard he became a lowly bodyguard. The aloof and untouchable genius of the department, a bodyguard! He must have finally come to his senses.

   Irritated by the prospect of Morgan returning to the family the veins bulge on his neck as he blows up. “How the fuck do I know! Father and Mother were so excited they couldn’t wait to tell me. I thought it was wishful thinking on their part but he confirmed it right now. Mother said he was even willing to go on a blind date and settle down”

     Lin Qing fingernails dig into her palms in the pocket of her Chanel business suit. A blind date? Settle down? He said he would never get married in this life! Although she wants more information Lin Qing knows how jealous her husband is of Morgan’s accomplishments in University and she doesn’t want to infuriate him. It would be best to find out from Mother. She holds his arm and coquettishly looks up at him with her doe like brown eyes reassuring him, “Heng, he is no match for you. He hasn’t been in the corporate world since he graduated.”

  He calms down, “You are right.” He might have been the number one genius in the department but that was seven years ago. He gazes with a hint of admiration at her stylish designer outfit, the short cyan two button jacket  paired with the high top pants accentuates her small waist.The white silk blouse underneath shows a hint of cleavage between her ample breasts. Qing is tall at 170 cm and in the 10cm nude high heels she is wearing make her legs look long and straight. Qing is a stunning woman, she looks sexy even in a pantsuit. If I cared about her at all I would be jealous but she is only a pawn. Marrying — was to secure the votes and cooperation of her family. I never thought her ability to seduce men would be an added perk. The bitch is as greedy for wealth and power as I am.  “Are you going to the company? We can go together.”

  She kisses him then brushes her finger across his thin lips to remove the lipstick. “No. I have an appointment at Night Sky Entertainment with their new CEO Nikolai Naralov about cooperation on a project.”

  “Nikolai Naralov? There isn’t much information about him.” He pats her round firm ass pulling her into his embrace. He bites her earlobe then in a low deep voice teases, “Madam Vice President,use your charm and find out how we can use him.”

   Lin Qing’s ‘s lips curl up in an arc as she fixes his tie, “President, have I ever failed in this aspect.”

 He laughs as he lifts her chin staring into her eyes, “No. I know I can count on you because we both want the same thing.” 

    Lin Qing looks at her watch, “I need to leave. I will call you after the meeting. I might stay overnight in Bashu City. I want to the Han’s Mountain Resort Spa with my friend Lau An tomorrow, she is there on business also.”

  “Very well.” 

    After Lin Qing gets into her red Lamborghini she looks at the bag of skin products on the passenger seat. Well,it is worth giving them to the old lady if I can get information about Morgan’s return .She was excited to get from her connection at Aphrodite Cosmetics. I am sacrificing you for a good cause. I have to find out what Morgan’s plans are. She calls her mother-in-law, “Mother, I was wondering if you are free for breakfast. I got you the latest skin products from Aphrodite when I was in Seoul last week.” 

   Lin Rong abruptly puts down her chopsticks gazing at the plate of food in front of her at the dining room table. She has been on a waiting list for those products, how did Qing’er get them ahead of the official release. “I can meet now if you want.”

   Lin Qing pulls out of the gate, “Let’s meet at the Red Palace Restaurant.”

   “En.” Lin Rong stands up from the table, “Husband, I forgot I have an appointment.”

   “…” What would make Rong leave her favorite dish untouched?

   Meanwhile in Rui’s chateau LiMei soaks in the bath, I hope Rui wants to go to the Jewelry Competition. I would like to support Song Sara and meet the designer of the Pink Lotus bracelet.

  Downstairs Hak Byung-soo answers the door for the delivery man carrying the clothes for LiMei. Once he takes the dress from the man he tosses it onto the couch and drops the shoe box on the floor. He shakes his head, Now, I am a goddamn butler.  Disgruntled he goes outside to see if his friend has decided to switch positions. Rene said he would have no problem with them exchanging duties.

  Morgan feels restless and walks to the living room when he hears the doorbell. He sees the evening dress in plastic crumpled on the couch. He picks it up and straightens the dress on the hanger. The dress is beautiful, a white cocktail dress with crystals sewn on the top and a layered chiffon skirt adorned with colorful beaded butterflies. He sees the crystal covered high heels that are spilling out from the shoebox. Morgan gulps down his saliva, the little girl will look like an innocent and pure fairy descended from heaven wearing this dress. He has a flash of jealousy in his bottomless eyes that other men will see her wearing this delicate dress. I need to be Feng LiMei’s bodyguard for the Jewelry Competition tonight so I can protect her from all the wolves that will be eyeing her beautiful body. But how? Qiao Rui won’t let me guard her after the incident in the Game Room. Maybe if she requests me? But how can I ask?

   He has an idea but as he picks up the dress Rui comes in the front door. He immediately puts the dress down. “Boss, they just delivered the clothes.”

  “Good. I will take it upstairs with me.” After his meeting he doesn’t want to disappoint LiMei but he feels going to the Jewelry Competition could be dangerous. His informant told him that Gunnar Hedwig has a researcher who has disappeared. The man complained to his subordinates about Hedwig’s decision to abort the Subject 456 project then angrily stormed out of the facility. The source said the man has been identified as Paul Polskinzi. Rui knows him from the Underworld and had a bitter dispute with him. The man ended up losing three fingers and his position as head of research at Biotech. Naturally he bears a grudge against me. He looks at Morgan, he is my most trusted bodyguard and Hak Byung-soo’s abilities are the best of the bodyguards. He doesn’t usually waiver in his decisions but he thinks they would be the best two men. Rene can be the driver.

   Morgan is staring at Rui thinking about how to broach the subject when Rui surprises him, “Morgan you and Hak Byung-soo will be the bodyguards for this evening. Go inform Hak Byung-soo.”

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  1. I hope still Morgan will not betray Rui, otherwise what about his professional ethics. Let it be fair competition for the girl. Haha, the poor guy has no chance.


    1. He won’t betray Rui. Although obsessed he is making plans to win her over when they get back to China. Lin Heng and Lin Qing are in for a rude aeakening haha😌


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