This ‘Morgan’ chapter is for my friend Lili who likes this poor obsessed guy haha…

     Hak Byung -soo releases Morgan’s accupoint after Rui takes LiMei into the house. Morgan looks at him with a piercing glare, “You have guts.”

   “If I didn’t stop you from running out to where Feng LiMei collapsed, well..I think you know the consequences. You should thank me. Don’t be an idiot.. Fuck bro…she is the Boss’ woman.”

   Morgan stares out at the cherry blossoms scattered on the ground. Deep in thought he sees Rui walk out and pick up the Tianshu Sword then go back inside. His heart feels stifled not knowing if LiMei is alright after collapsing. I wonder how the little girl is doing.

  Hak Byung-soo can see what Morgan is thinking, “Man, you should avoid that little demoness. It was like Feng LiMei was possessed while she was dancing. I am not fucking with you! I saw her life force leaving her body, how did she wake up…and did you see the goddamn illusion she created? It was too fucking real.”

  “Shut up.” Morgan goes back into the house as Cheng is walking down the hallway to his room. Rui had sent him to follow Gunnar Hedwig and he only returned to the chateau now. 

  Cheng shakes his head, “What the hell happened to you.”

 “Don’t worry about it. I need you to go find out how Feng LiMei is doing.”

  Cheng bites the apple in his hand, his words are garbled as he chews, “I have been up for twenty four hours, I gotta go to sleep.”

  “Just do it.”

   Cheng isn’t aware of the events in the garden earlier, “Shouldn’t you know what she is doing? Aren’t you her bodyguard?”

   Cheng is about to take another bite of the apple and Morgan snatches the half eaten green apple from his hand and tosses it into a waste can in the common room “Goddammit Cheng! How many times have I covered your ass! All you need to do is go see how Feng LiMei is doing!”

   “What the hell! I’m fucking starving!” I didn’t eat but one measly sandwich while I was shadowing Hedwig. “Did something happen to Feng LiMei?” Why does he care anyway?  He hears footsteps as Rui walks towards them, “Here comes the Boss, ask him.”

  Morgan has black lines on his forehead and kicks Cheng, “Don’t fucking say anything.”

  Rui walks up to them, “The cook went to the store. Tell the old cook to make a pot of the calming tea in the main kitchen for Feng LiMei. I need to go into Paris for a meeting and I’m taking Rene and Adrien. I will be back in two hours. I am expecting a delivery from Chloe Design for Feng LiMei. Don’t disturb her, leave the dress in the living room.” He looks at his watch as Rene approaches.

  After he leaves Morgan has an idea, I will take the tea to Feng LiMei to check her condition. “I’ll go tell Old Huang to make the tea. Yeah, you look like shit Cheng, you should get some sleep.”


  Morgan lips curl up into an arc as he enters the main kitchen. After carefully brewing the tea he walks up the stairs to the bedroom where LiMei is sleeping. He knocks twice when she doesn’t answer he enters the room. Looking at LiMei’s alluring appearance on the bed, his hand is trembling while holding the tea, he assumed she would be awake. She is sprawled on the bed hugging her pillow with one slender leg exposed outside the covers. He gulps while gazing at her ink black hair seductively spread out and tangled. She has a few sweat beads on her forehead and she is mumbling something indistinguishable  in her sleep.

  The teacup is making a clinking sound as it rattles on the saucer, he quickly sets in on the nightstand. Morgan’s breath is chaotic as his dark eyes are glued on her petite body, her silk light blue nightgown has ridden up her thigh. If I look closer..no I can’t..don’t do it!

  He gently lifts the quilt then covers her leg. Should I wake the little girl up to drink the tea? He is mesmerized watching her slightly parted pink lips as she talks in her sleep. It won’t hurt just to watch her sleep… Should I sit on the edge of the bed..or pull up a chair. Morgan’s obsession with LiMei makes him unable to think clearly. He sits on the bed, only for a few minutes then I will leave…when we get back to Catang City I will quit and go on that blind date. I am going to indulge myself this once. 

  Suddenly LiMei grabs his hand, “Dad, No..please no..I will work hard at the company for you don’t make me go with them. I’m scared!” Tears are spilling out of her closed eyes onto the pillow she is holding.

  Shocked Morgan doesn’t know what to do, what is she talking about? He still has some rationality and tries to peel her tiny soft fingers off his hand. LiMei won’t let go and moves closer to him. He can smell her light jasmine fragrance, his heart pounding as she hugs his waist. Panicking he begins to sweat as his body reacts to her arms wrapped around him. I need to wake her up. “Miss Feng?..Miss Feng?”

   LiMei is dreaming of being taken by her father from her class. Qin Peng then dragged her across the school parking lot to men wearing masks waiting in a van.“Don’t leave me..I’ll be good..don’t give me to them.”

  He is at a loss as he listens to her not knowing how to comfort LiMei. He tenderly rubs his large palm on her head, “It will be okay. You are having a nightmare, wake up.”

  “Bo..Bo why did he sell me, I’m his daughter.”

   Morgan decides he should wake LiMei up, her entire body is quivering and she has sweat beads on her forehead. He reluctantly removes her arms from his body and stands up. He leans down and shakes her thin shoulder, “Feng LiMei..wake up.”

  LiMei flutters her eyelashes then slowly opens her eyes, her voice sounds weak, “Feng LiMei?” She stretches her arms out and stares at Morgan looking disoriented.

  She pulls the covers to her neck as she sits up in the bed. Morgan notices the confused look in her eyes, “You were having a nightmare when I came in with your tea.”

   Morgan hands her the teacup. Oh… Morgan. “Thanks for the tea.” Maybe the tea will clear my head.

  LiMei looks frightened and is still shaking so he asks in a concerned tone. “How are you feeling?”

  She blinks her eyes a few times composing herself because her thoughts are jumbled. “Ah..ah..good.”

  “The Boss said he will be back in two hours. Do you need anything else?”

   LiMei rubs her throbbing temple, “Is there any pain reliever? I have a terrible headache.”

  Morgan furrows his swordlike eyebrows as he responds,“After being unconscious I’m not sure if it would be wise to take any medication.” He hesitates then says, “I could help you relieve your headache if you want.” He knows that by massaging her temples and pressing on her acupoint she should feel some relief.

She blows on the tea that is still steaming,”I don’t want to bother you… you should be resting..why did you bring the tea? Where is the cook?”

Morgan’s has an infatuated look on his face but LiMei doesn’t notice as she sips the tea. He casually replies, “The cook went to the store, I was the only person not busy. Miss Feng, I don’t mind, I appreciate the ointment and medicine you gave me.”

Morgan’s heart tightens he can tell LiMei is in pain as she creases her forehead. “It won’t take long.”

LiMei finishes her tea then reluctantly reluctantly agrees because her pain level is rising, “Thank you then, should I sit in the chair?”

“You can just turn your back to me, your legs will feel weak for a few minutes after I am done. It would be difficult to walk back to the bed.”

LiMei turns her back to him and Morgan begins to massage her temples. LiMei sighs in as her pain decreases after a few moments, “Ahh..my head feels better already.”

A secret fire burns in Morgan’s pitch black eyes as his long slender fingers gently massage her temples. A few strands of her silky black hair fall tickle the back of his hand and his heart starts beating faster. He takes a deep breath to control his rising desire, inhaling her light sweet fragrance is intoxicating. LiMei’s seductive scent is making his blood rush and a scorching heat is rising into his chest but he resists temptation. Gulping down down his saliva he concentrates on alleviating LiMei’s pain and he can feel her body relaxing.

Morgan continues to massage her temples then moves his strong hands to the base of her neck continuing to tenderly massage LiMei. The beast inside of him can hardly be suppressed. If I press her Xinya acupoint she would never know if I touched her body. Morgan’s eyes are red and his Adam’s apple rolls as he looks at the charming scenery in front of his eyes. Don’t do it! She trusts you..don’t be a despicable flower thief! Damn! I will just look at her for awhile. He is filled with uncontrollable lust and dark desire as he impulsively hits her acupoint. LiMei’s delicate body goes limp resting on his broad chest, she is in a trancelike state. I could just touch once..only once..she wouldn’t know.. He massages her thin shoulders then lays her head down on the pillow. Morgan lovingly gazes LiMei, she is wearing a thin light blue nightgown, underneath her perfect round breasts are captivating while moving up and down as she breathes. The hint of her pink buds can be seen and the nightgown clings to her petite body displaying her slender curves. Breathing heavily he traces his finger down her face to her pink lips then sliding further lightly touching her snow white neck. Fascinated by the feeling he continues to move his hand down her body. Goddammit! Why isn’t Feng LiMei my woman! If I took over the company I wouldn’t lose out to Qiao Rui in any aspect. Morgan’s eyes light up when he comes to that realization, that’s what I will do then… I will compete with that cold bastard for Feng LiMei! I can give her anything she wants if she is willing to be mine! Once he makes this decision he has a faint smile on his face. You are so sweet and innocent if you realized all the darkness inside of Qiao Rui would you still be with him? He is deceiving you little girl..that prick puts on a fake gentle air while disguising his true self.

Morgan’s handsome face is flushed red and his emotional state is unstable as he hugs LiMei’s soft body to him. Aroused by the feeling of her breasts pressed onto his chest his eyes are full of sparks. He has lost his mind being so close to the woman his heart longs to possess. He has never been attracted to a woman before LiMei and he isn’t able to control his feelings that are raging through his body. Burying his face in her tender snow white neck he exposes his turbulent heart whispering ,”Why isn’t it me..”. He gently kisses LiMei pressing his eager warm lips on her flawless face. He then kisses her half parted lips slipping his hot tongue into her small mouth to taste the sweetness he has been dreaming about every night. Giving into his lust he runs his fingers through her soft ink black hair as he wantonly caresses her supple body. Morgan comes to his senses as his pants strain from his huge erection and stops before he does something he knows he will regret. He breathlessly gets up and leans down lightly brushing his finger across her lips then covers LiMei with the warm quilt. I want you Feng LiMei.. I have never wanted anything as much as I want you …One day you will willingly give yourself to me. That bastard doesn’t deserve you.

Morgan quietly leaves and goes to his bedroom to take a shower. Once in his room he has a self deprecating laugh as takes off his pants looking at his throbbing erection. He thinks about holding LiMei’s seductive body in his arms and kissing her sweet lips as he rhytmically moves his hand up and down. I am a perverted bastard but I don’t care…I would do it again.

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    1. He wouldn’t have been able to live with himself. And his argument about Rui being bad would’ve been null-and-void!


      1. I would’ve too, if he hadn’t knocked out LiMei and molested her. And minutes after she had a nightmare of her dad abandoning her. His priorities are messed up 😂! But I love the character development, though I’d don’t approve of his methods.


    1. Lol and I truly like that about your male characters. Hmm gotta say the best character that shows this, hands down in Nikolai…when will we see him again?!


      1. When they go back to China..Nikolai has gone straight haha now on charge of an Entertainment Company partnered with Sun Zhi. Maybe he will show up in The CEO Is Mine! Haha


      2. Well I think so Straight Nikolai will be funny restraining the urge to kill a little 18th tier actress pestering him. He will come into contact with Shen Qiqi when his company wants to make her Webtoon into a weekly drama.
        I like to think of all my stories being in one world and all the people interacting. 😳


      3. Haha it’s gonna be a drastic change for him, when he can’t use the old methods to deal with people 🤣👏🏽


      4. Exactly and everyone in the company annoys the s**t out of him haha..swatting all the beautiful actresses away like annoying flies as they try to get close to the new mysterious CEO.. Next week he will briefly appear with Sun Zhi.


      5. Well he had it rough true but its a whole new life for him now..spoiler: he falls in love it will be fun I think. He still has his crew Anton, Dimitri and Leon as his ‘bodyguards’and they are funny trying to fit in. His assistant that Sun Zhi gives him will be flabbergasted at the situation. I love his crew lol..remember the snake soup haha


      6. Haha well he did have a rough beginning and just needs to get into the grove of his new life. Lol yeah that a funny moment with the snake soup 😂 and I can only imagine how his crew tries to fit it


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