Tianshu Dragon Sword

LiMei leaves the common room and asks the guard what time it is. “Eleven thirty.”

   Rui should be back soon he said the guests would be here at noon. She walks into the kitchen and picks up the vase of peonies she picked earlier and puts it on the rosewood dining room table.She takes a small white peony out to put in her hair. When she returns to the kitchen she goes into the small bathroom and inserts the flower by the carved jade hairpin. I hope Rui thinks I look good. I’m a little nervous about meeting his business associate and the woman he is bringing to lunch.

  She sets the table then pours a glass of white wine before she checks the chicken in the oven. When she takes a sip she frowns, too dry..but I’m afraid if i have red wine I might spill on myself. Drinking a beer would seem too common haha.. After the glass of wine her green eyes are shining and she feels a little more relaxed. Should I call Rui? She runs up to the bedroom to get her phone, she is coming down the stairs when Rui walks in the front door, she happily runs down, “Rui! I was worried the guest would come and you wouldn’t be back.” She runs into his arms hugging him.

   His breath is taken away from the sight of LiMei in the beautiful pink qipao and the white chiffon pants exposing her delicate ankles.”LiMei you look beautiful.”

 She hugs him tighter, “You bought me such beautiful clothes. I love this..” 

  He lifts her chin and smiles as he touches between her eyebrows, “Looks good.” He remembers the jewelry he bought at LTJ. He holds her hand and walks over to the couch, “I got you a surprise yesterday.” He hands her the gold bag with the LTJ logo.

  LiMei is excited, “You got me a present!” She opens the black velvet box, “OH! OH! I have never seen such an exquisite bracelet.”

  He says, “Let me put it on your wrist.”

  LiMei holds out her hand and he hooks the clasp. LiMei stares at the sparkling pink lotuses and her eyes get misty as she wraps her arms around Rui’s neck and kisses him. He responds and tangles their tongues together. He wishes Li Tian wasn’t coming and they could go upstairs.She doesn’t have a chance to.open the neclace because Rui begins kissing her neck and slips his hand under her blouse. “Baby, I want to tear this off you..”

LiMei is breathless from his kisses, “Ruii ! ” She takes his hand from on her breast,”Stop it !”

   They are making out on the couch when the doorbell rings. Kang Mingshun gets the door and Rui’s business associate and a woman walk into the entrance hall. LiMei hears them and pushes Rui away. Blushing she stands up and smoothes her clothes. Rui lazily stands up and holds LiMei’s hand as they walk to greet them.

   LiMei is apprehensive she tightly grips Rui’s hand as he introduces everyone. LiMei shyly whispers ” Rui, lunch isn’t quite ready, should we go to the living room? I made appetizers I will go get them.” 

  Rui leans down in a low voice teases LiMei, “You don’t have to whisper. René sent a new cook she can serve.” LiMei looks at Rui, her eyes wide in surprise, a new cook? What happened to Noelle? “Okay.” 

  The four of them walk into the living room and sit. LiMei sees the sword in Li Tian’s hand and nudges Rui, “That is the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword?”


    A middle aged woman comes into the living room with a tray of appetizers and says, “What would you like to drink?”

  Li Tian answers red wine and Song Sara says, “ Juice please.” Rui says, “ Bring a bottle of the 2006 Château Ausone “

  While Rui and Li Tian discuss business LiMei can’t take her eyes off the Tianshu Dragon Sword. Song Sara notices. The atmosphere between the two women is awkward so she decides to start a conversation. “Feng LiMei are you interested in swords also ? CEO Li told me Qiao Rui is a collector.”

  LiMei looks up from the sword, “No. But I grew up in the Washu Mountains and this sword is legendary.”

  Song Sara looks at the sword, it seems so ordinary, but Li Tian said Qiao Rui was willing to sell the land for the Mega Mall Project to obtain the sword. “Really? That is interesting.”

  The cook comes into the room with the wine and juice. LiMei picks up her wine and takes a sip. “My grandmother told me the story when I was young. I never thought I would actually see the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword.”

  “You grew up in the Washu Mountains?”

  “Yes. What about you?”

   “I was born in Pushong City. I’m curious what is the legend behind the sword.”

   LiMei glances over at Rui and Li Tian and they are looking over some paperwork. She drinks her wine and feels more comfortable with Song Sara. She gets a good vibe from her, she doesn’t seem haughty like I thought she would be. “Well, there was a cult of assassins in the Jianghu who had extraordinary martial arts and medicinal skills.” She touches the hilt of the sword and whispers to Sara, “I’m not sure if I should touch it.” Song Sara thinks LiMei is cute she obviously is worried about touching the sword but Sara could tell from the adoring looks Qiao Rui was giving Feng LiMei he loves her very much.

Sara leans over whispering, “I think it will be alright they are focused on their business deal.” She is surprised too that Feng LiMei’s aura is very warm but she detects a strange fluctuation unsure what is causing it. Maybe being nervous Feng LiMei has put up a protective barrier because Sara can’t really fully sense her true self.

  “You think so?”


  “Okay.” LiMei finishes her glass of wine. “Can you see these markings under the Black Dragon?”

   Sara looks closer and LiMei says “Don’t just use your eyes, use your mind.”


   LiMei sees the quizzical expression on Sara’s face. “Haha that probably sounds weird.”

  “Kind of but I think I know what you mean. But I only see the intricate lines and geometric patterns.” She means connect to it with my subconscious mind but I am too weak right now. Interesting girl.. “I don’t have a clear mind right now so I can’t concentrate.”

  “Oh. I will explain to you.This particular sword according to the markings here.” She points to some ancient writing, “This Tianshu Dragon Sword belonged to a woman …a very strong woman.” LiMei’s  green eyes widen, “Wow.. She was the only female leader of the Black Dragon Assassins. See these lines? That is how many men she defeated to rise to the position of cult leader. These symbols represent the location of their secret caves in the mountain. The legend says has it there was a Healing Spiritual Spring hidden behind one of the caves.“

  “A woman ? CEO Li said the sword was discovered in a Warlord’s tomb.”

  “Really? Did he kill the woman? Take her sword?” LiMei fills up her glass and puffs out her cheeks then takes a gulp of wine. Shaking her hrad as she purses her lips together, “Men..”

  Song Sara can’t help but laugh out loud, Oh my God she is precious!

  LiMei laughs too realizing what she just said, “Well, haha..according to the last line on the hilt only a woman performing a perfect Sword dance with the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword can open the entrance of the secret cave . So if he did steal it I doubt the horrible man could open the cave.”

  They both laugh, Rui and Li Tian look over what is so funny? 

   The cook comes into the living room, “Lunch is ready.”

   LiMei breathes a sigh of relief that the cook was watching the food she totally forgot about lunch. She is a little tipsy and when she and Sara stand up she takes her hand, “I will finish the story after lunch. Maybe I will perform a Sword Dance in the garden and see if the sword reveals any of its other mysteries..hahaha.” Sara laughs and walks with LiMei out of the living room.

On the way to the dining room Song Sara says, “ Feng LiMei, your outfit is beautiful, I love traditional Chinese clothes.”

“Thank you. I really like the color of the dress you are wearing. It makes your beautiful eyes look so crystal blue..like staring into the deepest part of the ocean.”

   Rui: LiMei Why are you holding that woman’s hand.

  Li Tian: That’s a good line.




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