Pink Silk Qipao

  LiMei comes back into the kitchen and takes off her muddy shoes. She sets the basket of herbs on the counter expecting Noelle to be in the kitchen. She is happily surprised the kitchen is empty. She walks into the bathroom next to the kitchen and washes her hands and face. Looking in the mirror, her face is a little red, she pats her face. I should have worn a hat.

   She washes the herbs in the side sink then walks to the refrigerator. Hmm.. there are some bottles of beer. She puts the cold beer on her hot cheek, “Ahh..feels good.” Remembering they are not twist off she gets the opener and pops the cap off. It rolls on the floor and she bends over to pick it up then tosses it in the trash. Hak Byung-so is watching her from the doorway of the kitchen, she a little alcoholic? As soon as the CEO leaves she starts drinking… he continues out to the front door to talk to his friend — who is on duty by the gate. He plans on switching positions with him if René approves but he wants to ask him first if he is willing. He chuckles, Of course I don’t plan on telling him that watching Feng LiMei is a pain in the ass.

   LiMei drinks the beer while she boils medicinal tea for Morgan, she added mint so it won’t taste too bad. While the medicine is simmering she starts cooking the dishes for lunch. Humming a song and dancing around the kitchen she stirs the sauces while the two guards watch LiMei from the edge of the kitchen. The one guard says to the other, “What is she making in that pot it fucking stinks.” The other guard chuckles, “Did you see her with the CEO in the garden? I don’t think he likes her for her cooking skills..haha..”

  She can hear the two guards talking and her ears are burning. First that stinky woman Noelle insulted me now these two big farts. She finishes her beer then stomps over to them, “SO RUDE!! I am an excellent cook! Rui loves my cooking! You are totally ruining my good mood.” She points her slender finger at the back door, “ If you say one more negative word you will need to sit on the patio.”

  The taller guard starts to apologize, “I’m sor..” LiMei interrupts as she gets a whiff of the medical tea, “No apologies..I realize now it is the medicine I am brewing..yes it does stink.” She walks to the refrigerator and gets another beer.

  The guards are dumbfounded, she is making medicine?

   She made a batch of spicy cola chicken wings and fried tofu so she could snack. I am so hungry! When the wings are finished she puts them on a platter then three plates on the table and sits down with her beer to enjoy them. She motions to the guards to come over, they hesitate. LiMei says “Come try my spicy cola chicken wings.”

  “Miss, we aren’t hungry.”

  LiMei fills up two plates and carries them over to them. “I want you to see for yourself my food is delicious.”

  They can smell a delicious aroma coming from the wings and can’t resist, they each  pick up a saucy chicken wing. LiMei walks over to get them each a glass of water, the cola wings are spicy. They are best with a beer but she knows they can’t drink. When she comes back they are devouring the food. The one guard’s face is red from the heat of the spices. He quickly takes the glass of water, “Miss Feng, I am sorry for my words earlier. These are the best chicken wings I have ever eaten!”

  LiMei smiles brightly, “Thanks! I wanted you guys to see you shouldn’t just randomly judge someone.”

   They both have sheepish expressions as they drink the water. Satisfied she proved her point she sits at the table eating, “Ahh my favorite..” When she finishes she takes her plate to the sink throwing the bones away. “Bring me your plates so I can wash them.”

  They bring the plates over forgetting Rene’s rule to stay a distance away from Feng LiMei. One of the guards volunteers to do the dishes LiMei says no and quickly washes and dries them. “While the food is cooking I am going to go upstairs and change.”

  LiMei pats her stomach. Ahh so full. She throws the empty beer bottle into the trash and walks out of the kitchen followed by the two men.

 Once she is in the bedroom she looks in the closet to find something to wear. I wonder what Rui’s guests are like? He didn’t say anything about them. She sees a beautiful pink qipao top and white chiffon pants, that would be pretty. I think I will do my hair in an ancient style that will be a fun look.

  She puts some of the medicinal bath powder into the water and slips into the refreshing bath. After she washes her hair she gets out of the bath and wraps a towel around her slender body. “Ohh.. that felt good.” She stretches her arms over her head. I feel great! My belly is full and I have a little buzz from the beer so my hangover doesn’t hurt. Don’t they say the hair of the dog..haha.”

   After she dries her waist length hair she puts on the light pink silk embroidered qipao blouse and white chiffon pants.Then she coils part of her ink black hair on top and inserts her beautiful white jade hairpin.Maybe I will put a flower in my hair. The rest of her hair hangs down her back to her waist. There is a makeup case on the dresser that was delivered with all the clothes. She hadn’t opened it and decides to see what is inside. Wow..there is alot of makeup in here. Hmmm..I should put on makeup. I wonder what the woman who’s coming is like?

   LiMei experiments and applies a small amount of pink eyeshadow. For an added touch she  paints a delicate small fuschia lotus slightly above and between her eyebrows. Then applies a little pink lipstick. When she finishes the delicate makeup she is satisfied. Haha..I like it! Why do I feel like I have done this before? Weird..

   She slips on a pair of white leather flats that were in the closet. Okay the medicine for Morgan should be ready. LiMei takes the medicinal ointment from her navy blue pants then notices the special ointment on the nightstand. She takes it instead and walks out of the bedroom.

   The two guards stare at LiMei’s transformation. She notices their admiring look and teasingly says, “Pretty?”

   The both cough..and in low voices say, “Pretty.”

   She hurries down the stairs through the kitchen. She looks in a couple cupboards until she sees a large mug then finds a strainer. Taking it to the stove she carefully lifts the lid of the pot with the medicine so the steam doesn’t ruin her makeup. Then pours in the medicine through the strainer into the mug. She takes some sweet strawberries and melon she cut up earlier on a plate so after Morgan drinks the medicine he can eat something sweet. She finds a wooden tray and puts the cup of medicine and fruit. After taking the ice pack out of the freezer she fumbles around with it..” cold!” She quickly puts it on the tray with a towel and the medicinal ointment.

  The two guards watch LiMei wondering where she is going as she walks out of the kitchen. It doesn’t look like that is for her and the Boss isn’t at the chateaux. LiMei walks to the common room but it is empty. LiMei frowns, it would have been much easier if Morgan was in the common room. I wonder which room is Morgan’s; he is probably resting. I can’t go into his room if Rui found out that would be bad.

 The two guards were brought in from guarding the perimeter and have no idea who LiMei would be looking for in the servant’s quarters. She turns around, “Do you know which room is Morgan’s? Could you tell him to come to the common room.”



   “We don’t know that person.” They do but they don’t want any part of what is going on.

   LiMei scrunches her nose then mutters, “Do I need to knock on every door? The medicine will cool down and not be effective.”

    Morgan’s room is two doors down from the common room and because of his high martial skills he can hear LiMei. Fuck! What is Feng LiMei doing back here! I’m not going out, she will leave.

  LiMei knocks on the first door and no one answers, then she knocks on Morgan’s door. 

  Morgan stares at the closed door and there is a louder knock.Goddammit! He gets off the bed and answers the door. I can quickly take the medicine from her.

  When he opens the door LiMei smiles brightly, “Second try! I thought I would have to knock on all these doors and the medicine would be cold. Come to the common room, hurry.”

  Morgan stares at the pink lotus on LiMei’s forehead and her sparkling green eyes enhanced by her delicate makeup and like a man possessed walks out the door following behind her to the common room.

  The two guards are dumbfounded. Morgan shouldn’t have answered the fucking door. 

  LiMei smiles as hands him the warm mug, “My grandmother was a doctor. She had a clinic in the Washu Mountains and I learned some Chinese medicine. Hurry and drink. It tastes really nasty so drink then quickly eat the fruit.”


 Morgan obediently drinks the medicine. Although it tastes bad she must have added mint to lessen the bitterness from the herbs..

  LiMei urges him, “Quickly eat the fruit!” She picks up a piece of strawberry and puts it to his mouth. He is mesmerized by her beautiful face and how the pink qipao makes her skin look even more jadelike. Morgan quickly chews the sweet fruit then says, “Thank you Miss Feng. I can apply the ointment.”

  LiMei stands up. “Okay.I just know the medicine is bitter and I wanted to make sure you drank it all. It will take away the pain and speed the healing. I can make you another cup tomorrow, one a day usually works. Don’t forget to use the ice pack. If it is too cold wrap it in the towel I brought, it is a thin cotton kitchen towel so it should be perfect. Yeah Rui should be home soon and I need to finish making lunch.” She pats him on the shoulder her eyes bent in a crescent shape as she teases. “No more fighting over a woman ! Haha…”

As they leave Morgan gives the two guards a murderous look, warning them to keep their mouths shut.

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  1. It seems that LiMei still has not developed the skill of communicating with the opposite sex. She acts so directly, without thinking at all about the consequences.


    1. Well LiMei was introverted in high school, then she lived surrounded by men at Black Sky even though she doesn’t remember.So she is comfortable around men.She was more awkward at first around Sara haha


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