Medicinal Herbs

   Morgan finishes the porridge then goes back to his room to call his mother. When she sees who the caller is she is startled, her voice sounds panicked, “Is everything alright?”

   “I wanted to call and tell you I will be home on Thursday if you still want me to meet your friend’s daughter..well.. I will.”

   Morgan’s mother is suspicious he has turned down every blind date she has tried to arrange in the past year.

  His father sees her with a shocked look, “Who is it?”

  She quickly pushes him, “Shhhh” then asks Morgan, “Why did you suddenly decide to go on a blind date?”

  He can’t tell his mother because he is obsessed with his Boss’s woman. “It’s time I will be thirty in a couple months. I’m thinking about entering the Company as we discussed. It would be good if I found a wife.”

  Morgan’s mother can barely contain her joy, I am going to the Temple this afternoon! “I will call Leng Faye her daughter just returned from abroad.”

 “I need to hang up. I will call when I get home.”

 After he hangs up he lays on his bed staring at the ceiling. He likes being a bodyguard but it isn’t a suitable occupation if he gets married. He graduated from H University with a Business degree but went into the Armyafter he graduated then Special Forces. He likes the adrenaline rush when he is in dangerous situations. He would still be in the Special Forces but he was injured during his last mission and his family insisted he come home. They don’t like him working for Qiao Rui but he said he would consider entering the Company if they didn’t interfere with his choices until he turned thirty. He didn’t sleep much last night after witnessing the erotic scene in the Game Room last night, he closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep.

  LiMei walks out into the living room when she doesn’t see Rui. She doesn’t want to disturb him if he is busy in the study but she wants to get the medicinal ointment for Morgan. She remembers she saw a medicine chest in the kitchen so she goes in to check. Noelle is leaning against a counter drinking a cup of tea, “Miss Feng can I help you?”

  “I saw a medicine box here yesterday. I don’t see it.”

  “I put it away.”


  “Where it belongs.”

  LiMei doesn’t get angry she calmly asks,“Where would that be?” LiMei can see she is obviously being rude but isn’t in the mood. She still has a slight headache from drinking too much last night.

 “In the cupboard.”

 LiMei lazily looks at all the cupboards in the spacious kitchen and walks to the back. Logically all the plates etc. would be above the counters. Pans below probably.. it must be the back long cupboard by the door. LiMei walks back and opens the cupboard and smiles, Yes! I was right. 

  Noelle expected LiMei to get angry and was disappointed. She sips her tea watching LiMei take out  medicinal ointment and an ice bag then put the medicine box back. LiMei walks to the freezer and fills the ice bag with ice. She remembers there was a medicinal herb garden and puts the ice bag in the freezer. I will go get some herbs and make him the special healing tea grandmother taught me how to make. She puts the ointment in her pocket and walks towards the back door ignoring Noelle who is watching her every move. What is with that woman! So annoying!

 LiMei puts on the tennis shoes she left by the back door then walks out to the patio. She notices two men she doesn’t recognize following her keeping a little distance between them. I wonder where Cheng is, these two guards aren’t very attractive. I know Morgan has the day off but where is Cheng and that stinky man Hak Byung-soo. Although the Korean guy keeps giving me sidelong dirty looks like he is above guarding me and I annoy him, he is easy on the eyes.

  She jogs along the garden paths. Let me think, the medicinal garden is beyond the koi pond, over the bridge and past a lotus pond. She looks at the two willow trees not far away, there it is. Oh..I should have brought a basket. Maybe one of those guys could go get me something to put the herbs into so they don’t get ruined. I would have thought of it if that woman wasn’t giving me the creeps staring at me.

  LiMei walks over to the two men and she takes a step towards them,they take a step back. She quickens her pace and they move quicker backwards. Suddenly LiMei rushes up to them laughing, “What are you doing? I’m not contagious.”

  Both men: “…” René told us not to get close to you unless there is danger.

  “I need one of you to get me a basket while I start picking herbs, I’m sorry I forgot.”

  One of the guards speaks English with a heavy French accent, “There is a garden shed at the back of the garden.”

  “Oh great! Bring me a basket, I will start.” She wants to hurry before Rui finishes his call.

   Rui comes out of his study looking for LiMei. When he enters the kitchen he sees LiMei’s tennis shoes are not by the door. He walks outside to find LiMei, one of the guards at the back tells him she went to the medicinal herb garden. When he arrives he sees LiMei bending over to pick a hydra flower. He hugs her from behind, “What are you doing?” He looks at her soft white hands holding the flower. “Why aren’t you wearing gloves?”

  “I didn’t think.. I even forgot a basket. The guard said there is a garden shed, are there gloves in there?”

   How the fuck would I know. He motions to one of the guards “Bring Miss Feng gloves and a basket.”

  She remembers Morgan didn’t want Rui to know about him being injured. “I noticed this garden yesterday and I thought since you said we were having guests for lunch I would cook..make a  medicinal soup and pick herbs for the other dishes.”

  He kisses LiMei, “Noelle can cook.” I don’t  like Li Tian. Why would I let you cook for the bastard. Let that woman I pay cook.

  LiMei purses her lips, Noelle huh? She looks up at him, her eyes sparkling, “Well actually I want to cook for you.” She coquettishly puts her finger on his chest as she flutters her curled black eyelashes, “Last night I wanted to make you a special dinner but Noelle said she had already marinated the chicken.I wasn’t allowed. That is why I went to play games to wait for you.” I’m telling the truth if Rui gets mad at the stinky woman..well  I’m not a vegetarian she deserves it. she tried to make a fool out of me in the kitchen just now.

  Rui’s face darkens, LiMei wanted to cook for me and the bitch said she wasn’t allowed? I will take care of Noelle when we go back to the house.

  “Anyway so didn’t you say you needed to go somewhere? It will give me something to do while you are gone.”

   Rui can’t say no to LiMei. “Well, if you want, but don’t overdo, simple dishes will be fine.” He looks back at the two guards satisfied they are keeping the correct amount of distance from LiMei and neither one is good looking. He hugs LiMei and kisses her then brushes her hair back. He has a doting tone, “Baby you didn’t even wear a hat, what am I going to do with you?”

  “I won’t be long.”

  He picks her up and twirls her around and LiMei starts giggling, “Haha.. what are you doing? Haha…Ruiii haha.”

  He looks at LiMei laughing as he spins her around, her cute dimples are showing and her green eyes are sparkling curved into a crescent shape. The long black ponytail is swaying and her unrestrained laughter rings in his ears. When he puts her down she feels dizzy falling his strong  arms breathlessly saying, “Crazy..haha..”  Rui hugs her to him tightly then kisses her soft pink lips, “Be good. Don’t take too long.”

  She wraps her arms around him, “I won’t. You hurry back.”

  Rui walks away smiling and turns back to see her waving at him. She must have been watching me walk away, haha my Baby is so fucking adorable..

  The guard returns with the gloves and basket, LiMei quickly gathers the herbs she needs then picks some fresh mint. 

  In the chateaux Noelle is wiping off the kitchen counter when Rui comes through the back door. She smiles as he approaches then she sees the terrifying look in his pitch black eyes and she shivers. He reins in his temper only because she is René’s woman but he doesn’t plan on letting her get away with insulting LiMei. Noelle can hardly breathe from the oppressive aura surrounding Rui and she is a trained killer. Rui growls, “ Go tell your man to discipline you for disrespecting Feng LiMei. NOW!”

   She stumbles out of the kitchen gasping for air to look for Rene. She knows she can’t escape punishment. René told her this was the highest paying job he has had in a year not to screw anything up.

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