One more extra chapter from sweet Lily ❤…Enjoy!

    LiMei leans her head on Rui’s warm chest and breathes in his unique masculine scent. She rubs her cheek on his soft cashmere sweater, “Rui..”

   Ru hugs LiMei in a tight embrace with his head resting on her shoulder. He likes the way she is clinging onto him like a soft little bunny in his arms, “Hmm.”

    LiMei’s voice sounds soft and sweet, “Thank you.”

   His warm breath sprays on her neck sending a tingling sensation down her back, “Baby, what is wrong with you?”  

   She looks up at him, her green eyes are misty and her long black eyelashes have crystal tears hanging off them. “I..I just don’t know why you are so good to me.” Except for her mother and grandmother that are gone no one has treated her with so much kindness.

   He licks the tears that are slowly falling from her moist eyes onto her cheek, “Don’t cry. Baby, I love you..” Rui wipes a tear with his slender finger. He thinks she is too exhausted from him tossing her all night and feels guilty. “You are just tired. After you eat, you should lie down. Try the shredded pork with vegetables, isn’t hat your favorite.” He moves the chopsticks to her mouth and she opens her pink lips. After she swallows she picks up some shredded pork with her chopsticks, “ Rui, you have some too, the tender pork is really delicious.”

  Rui’s phone starts ringing and after he sees the caller he kisses LiMei’s cheek, “LiMei Baby, I need to take this call in my study. I’m not sure how long it will take, you finish eating while the food is hot.”

   She stands up then watches him walk into the living room before she sits down. LiMei’s stomach is growling and she picks out the brocolli. After a few bites she drinks the glass of orange juice and her spirit revives. I think if I get some answers to my questions from Rui I might feel better. I am going to first ask him if he knows why I can’t remember going from Cambodia to Paris. LiMei tries the congee. I have to admit  the cook has skill. Rui hasn’t returned and LiMei is full; she has eaten all the congee and most of the shredded pork.

 She looks around for Morgan and Hak Byung -soo they are usually close by, she wants to ask them about last night. LiMei wanders down the hallway to the servant’s quarters when she walks into the common room she sees Morgan and Hak Byung-soo sitting at a table with two other men. An elderly man is holding a bowl of porridge while talking to Morgan, “You should be able to get this down. You are fuckin lucky you didn’t get a broken jaw, then you would be eating out of a straw.” The Old Man sarcastically quips, “I thought your skills were better than this”

   Morgan recalls the fight between him and Rui earlier in the training room. He could have dodged the blows to his face but didn’t. He feels guilty about the perverted thoughts he has been having about LiMei and his unconscionable behavior. So being totally disgusted with himself he only put in enough effort to avoid being killed by Qiao Rui’s vicious attacks. Not only did he listen outside the bedroom door but after he and Hak Byung-soo left the Game Room he came back upstairs worried about LiMei because he saw the crazy look in Rui’s eyes. He shouldn’t have gone back upstairs because once he did he saw what he shouldn’t have seen fueling his desire to his limit. 

    Hak Byung-soo must not have closed the door tight as they left the Game Room. When Morgan returned the door was slightly open and he tried to resist his perverted urges. He stepped away from the door afraid if he closed it they would hear, then when her soft voice wafted into his ears he turned around unable to resist the lure of the sweet sound. His ears turn red thinking about what he saw and heard as he was frozen in place, his eyes dark clouded a with burning longing while riveted on the erotic scene. Feng LiMei’s flawlessly beautiful face dyed red with lust.. her petite naked body being ravaged as she whimpered and pleaded with lewd words.. the sweet soft moans… perfect round breasts bouncing up and down… her small red cherries.. so beautiful.. then from the angle where I was standing I could see her smooth most intimate spot as she spread her snow white thighs. Begging..pleading for… I wanted to throw that ruthless bastard tormenting her off her fragile body and hold Feng LiMei in my arms. He clenches his hands into fists, why didn’t I turn my head…fucking walk away.. so I wouldn’t be fucking tortured by the images of her delicate naked body.. I’m a goddam fucking pervert!

Once he finally came back to his senses he hurried down to his room ready to explode. In his entire twenty-nine years he has never been so ashamed of himself. He is an honorable man and has never been tempted by a woman before. When he was in the Special Services he encountered situations where women were used to seduce him but he never wavered. Before he began working for Rui he guarded a beautiful socialite in Shanghai who attempted to crawl into his bed. He was disgusted by their touch yet he can’t get  a little girl out of his head. The lewd sounds and the sight of her seductive appearance keep reappearing in his mind driving him crazy. I want to be the man holding her beautiful naked body and giving her pleasure. I want to taste her sweet honey.. Feng LiMei moaning under me saying in her kittenish soft voice,”I want you.. Fuck me.”  

  The Old Man sets down the bowl and he looks closer he remarks, “Morgan you really look like shit.” Morgan’s face is pale and his forehead is covered in a layer of sweat thinking about his obsession with Feng LiMei. Yes, I am becoming obsessed...a fucking obsessed pervert. I need to avoid all contact with Feng LiMei and I will go on that blind date my mother keeps bugging me about when i get back to Pushong. I will call home after I eat.

  LiMei hears their conversation as she enters the common room and rushes over, Morgan was fine last night in the Game Room. Were there intruders? The two men sitting facing her don’t know who she is and ignore LiMei. She hurries in front of Morgan. When she sees his swollen face her green eyes widen, his cheek is bruised and right eye is swollen shut. “Morgan! What happened to you! Did Rui see it? He is a doctor.” She grabs his muscular arm to pull him up,“Let’s go!” He doesn’t budge and as he moves his arm. LiMei almost lands in his lap but he quickly pushes her away stunned by her sudden appearance while he was thinking about his perverted behavior.

   Morgan sits motionless from the sudden shock. What the hell is Feng LiMei doing here? Saw it! The Boss did it!. His uninjured left eye reflects his trepidation, if the Boss finds out she came here I’m dead! DEAD! Hak Byung -soo is the first to speak and he wants to curse LiMei. He snarls, “You don’t know? I will tell you. It is because of …” It was because of your drunkenness and foolish behavior you little bitch that caused us both to be beaten by Qiao Rui. We were told to fight our best not hold back and we still ended up in this condition. Which shows how pissed off the CEO was, he was like a crazed madman beating the shit out of us all because of you! Hak Byung- soo’s body and his pride are very damaged right now and he is staring at the culprit! He didn’t sustain facial injuries but his ribs are bruised and he has an injury to his leg from one of Rui’s fierce kicks.  Morgan swiftly stands up between them and grits his teeth not allowing Hak Byung-soo to continue. “Shut it.” Morgan furrows his brows and winces from the pain as he tells LiMei, “I’m okay. Miss Feng you shouldn’t be back here.”

  She stands on her tiptoes and gently touches his bruised cheek. He can feel the warmth spread from her small hand through his body. LiMei has a concerned expression. “That looks painful. Did Rui give you some medicinal ointment?”

  “No need. Please leave.”

   The old man knows the story and chimes in as he scratches his full gray beard, “Little Miss, didn’t you do enough? Don’t stir up any more trouble for the Big Guy.”

   Morgan gives him a stern look as he gently leads LiMei towards the door, “Don’t mind him. The old man is senile. Mistook you for one of the maids. I got into a fight over her with another guard.”

   “Oh.” LiMei’s little face is full of undisguised worry as she wrinkles her eyebrows together. I should help him. Although he has facial paralysis and doesn’t talk much he is a good guy. He went and got the beers then the snacks, he even fixed the karaoke machine for me. “Well, Morgan, you shouldn’t fight over a woman. Which maid, maybe I can talk to her for you. Tell her all your good points. Who was the guard? I can have Rui fire him.”

    All the men in the room: “…”

    Morgan gazes at her sincere expression. The little girl has no idea how fucking cute she is…I can’t take it. I need to ask for a transfer before I do something I will really regret. “That won’t be necessary.”

   “ I will come back with the ointment.”

   “Miss Feng, I asked for the day off for personal reasons. I don’t want the CEO to know.”

    LiMei nods her head, Yeah I don’t know if Rui would understand him fighting over a woman. “I understand. I won’t mention I am bringing you the medicinal ointment.”


    Hak Byung-soo: The little slut is very dense.

   The Old Man: Who is senile! You are senile!

   The two other guards: ???

   LiMei leaves wondering who the maid is that could make the Big Iceberg fight over her with another guard. He really seems like the kind of guy who puts his ‘brothers’ before a woman.

   After LiMei leaves the common room Morgan begins to slowly eat the soft egg on top of the porridge.  One of the other guards asks Morgan, “That little chick is the CEO’s woman?” He expected the woman to be older and more sophisticated. He was very surprised by LiMei’s innocent and young appearance.

   Morgan doesn’t answer and keeps slurping up the porridge with his spoon. He keeps hearing LiMei’s soft voice filled with concern. After a few bites lost in thought he touches his cheek where she touched him.

  Hak Byung-soo answers, “Yup. She is the CEO’s little slut.”

  Morgan is suddenly surrounded by a dangerous and terrifying aura as he clenches his spoon. If he speaks up for Feng LiMei it looks suspicious but if he doesn’t he isn’t a man. “Watch your mouth. She is just a little girl.”

   “Fuck you! That little bitch might look sweet and innocent but she has the CEO fucking p***y whipped.”

   Morgan stands up towering over Hak Byung-soo as he tightly grips his neck then squeezes lifting Hak Byun -soo up off the floor before he can react. Morgan’s eyes are blazing with a strong killing intent as he tightens his fingers, “Disrespect the CEO’s woman again and you are fucking dead.” He tosses him like a rag doll across the room then sits down to finish his porridge.

   Hak Byung-soo gets up rubbing his neck then glares at Morgan as he storms out of the room. The other men mind their own business and continue playing cards.

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  1. Hmm, I wonder if Morgan will tell them what happened to LiMei? And that he may still feel guilty for everything that happened to her? I get why the guards think she’s a ditzy slut and whatnot, but LiMei was literally shot in the head, has no memory of how she went from Cambodia to France, and has had her memory manipulated three damn times. Give poor LiMei a break and focus on that fact that Rui is crazy obsessive. And I’m glad that even though Morgan realises what he’s feeling is not good, he doesn’t blame LiMei, because he knows she’s just a nice person and doesn’t mean anything by it, and I have no doubts that he may realise something’s off with her after everything that happened in Milan. But I love how Hak Byung-soo is and I can’t wait until everything he believes about LiMei is thrown back into his face.


    1. Well they only base what they think on her looks and the way the usually cold Boss is acting according to Hak. Hak Byung-soo didnt like LiMei from the first time they met. She acted like he sucker punched Rui when he got the shit beat out of him. He realized afterwards her entrance into the training room caused Rui to lose concentration resulting in his punch landing on Rui’s face. Then the next time he saw her in Game Room he was doing his job and still got beat again because of her. Haha although it was all Rui.Morgan and Cheng have a better impression of LiMei. Judging someone by first impression is never good. haha Then Morgan knows LiMei is a nice person and concerned about his injury. The men view her as instigating the CEO and now firting with Morgan. I tried to portray how some men view women based on nothing hahaha


      1. Oh yeah, you did a good job of that and it sucks that they see her that way. But it’s also funny how oblivious LiMei is about it all. But I also know she’ll feel really bad once she finds out and god forbid if Rui finds out that his guards caused LiMei to feel depressed 🤣👏🏽


    1. So when they get their asses kicked by the Lil lady who’s causing all the trouble, it’s all the more funny 😆


  2. LiMei thinking Morgan the Big Iceberg is in a love triangle and injured because of fighting over a woman forgot to ask about what happened in the Game Room last night haha..😳😰


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