He is Dangerous

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   Sara comes back from the bathroom and her face is very pale, “I took some anti inflammatory medicine this morning and I guess it didn’t agree with me.”

  Li Tian frowns this stupid little woman has no common sense. “You need to eat something when you take that type of medicine. Go lay down and I will send up some plain congee.”

 Song Sara is surprised that Li Tian is so considerate. “Thank you CEO Li.”


  Sara goes up to the guest room and lays down on the bed. She looks at the bottle of anti inflammatory pills, yes, it clearly says take with food.

   She is resting on the bed holding her stomach when the door opens. CEO Li brought it up himself?

    Sitting up she says, “Thank you. Sorry to bother you.”

   He sits in a chair by the bed holding the bowl of yam and millet congee.  “Well I want to make sure you eat. I need you to witness the signing of the paperwork later.”

   Sara reaches to take the bowl and he stops her, “You look shaky. If you drop the bowl the old man will need to cook more.” He blows on a spoonful of the congee and puts the spoon to Sara’s lips.

   Sara’s face turns bright red as Li Tian feeds her the mild dish. She obediently opens her mouth as he continues to feed her the warm food. Staring at his serious expression as he carefully scoops out the congee her heart flutters. The CEO is a very handsome man. Li Tian’s long eyelashes cast a shadow on his perfectly angular face as he looks down at the ceramic bowl. Sara thinks about her dream as she notices his large hands, his fingers have distinct joints and are really beautiful. In the dream those hands caressed my body giving intense pleasure.

   He notices Sara sneaking a peek at him and he looks up with a playful expression, “Am I that handsome?”

   Sara chokes on her mouthful of congee, cough..cough.. “Umm..”

   Li Tian laughs,  so cute…she looks like a frightened bunny “ Rest. If you don’t feel well at noon I can call someone to witness the transaction.”

   “I feel better already. I can accompany you. I read the bottle, you were right, the medication should be taken with food.”

   “See how you feel after you rest. The Jewelry Competition tonight is important to Julien and there is no time to replace you as the model.” He hands her a cup of warm water, “I have work to do in my study. If you need anything, call downstairs for Kang Mingshun.”

   Li Tian pushes the chair back and walks to the door, as he opens it Sara says, “CEO Li.”

   He turns around and Sara has a shy expression, “Really..CEO Li …Thank you.”

   After he walks out the door Li Tian has a faint smile on his face, I’m glad I decided to take the bowl of congee personally. He thinks about her infatuated look when he caught her peeking. Song Sara you will fall in love with me.

  Sara drinks the warm water then closes her eyes picturing Li Tian. Is CEO Li one of those men who is cold on the outside and warm on the inside? He is so strange. He can be domineering and arrogant then thoughtful and considerate. It is too confusing! The CEO is too complicated! My feelings are all mixed up about him..he definitely bullied me..but he caught me when I was close to crashing into the window I know I saw a certain affectionate look in his eyes…then today he seemed genuinely concerned I was sick Sara blushes, I can’t believe he fed me the congee…

Sara reaches over and picks up the warm water. It is probably because Mr. Navarre needs me to model the Midnight Lover’s Necklace..that’s it.. She drinks the water while thinking about her feelings towards Li Tian.Sara just because you are strangely attracted to him don’t read anything into his behavior. What about the Spring dreams? I wonder..no..It is because we had sex when I seduced him because of the aphrodisiac. I should call Bi.

  Sara takes her phone out of her purse then dials Han Bi. “Hi Bi,What are you doing?”

  “Sara honey! Not much. I got off work a little early today. I am getting ready to go out to dinner with my parents. They came to Catang City to attend a Conference and Chao is in town before goes on a World Tour with Lili.”

  “Oh Wow! Lili! I love her music!”

  “Yeah Chou Yi is one of the headliners too. I’m going to get a couple VIP tickets from Chao so we can go when they play in Pushong City.”

   “Cool. Bi..I called because I have a question for you.”

   “Okay. Why do you sound weird? Haha..”

   Sara twists the white sheet with her finger, ‘Don’t laugh..”  Bi interrupts, “Why is it when you say that I know I will want to laugh.”

   “Forget it.”

  “No tell me I won’t laugh.”

  Sara spits it out, “I have been having erotic dreams about CEO Li.”

  Bi starts laughing, “Haha..Sorry Sara but Li Tian?”

  Sara doesn’t want to say they have had sex which is most likely the reason but there must be more to it.”Bi! Stop laughing or I am going to hang up!”

  “Bi wipes the tears from her eyes, “Honey I’m sorry but I pictured his iceberg face and couldn’t help it. Granted he is extremely handsome but he looks too emotionless. He always has that ‘don’t get too near me or I will kill you’ vibe.

  Now Sara laughs, she knows that look. “Well, remember you said when you had dinner with CEO Li he was funny and not that cold?”

  “True..but even so he still seemed unapproachable, just not like a killer haha.”

   “Bi! I am being serious. My question is this, have you had an erotic dream?”

  “Of course. I think everyone does when they are attracted to someone.”

  “Okay. So attraction.”

  Sara thinks she could feel Li Tian’s every touch and movement, even his scent left a vivid impression. “Was it realistic?”

  “I’m a virgin. How would I know..”

  Sara’s face gets hot, “Haha..yeah..”

  Bi continues as she walks to the couch, “I think though if a person was experienced it would be realistic don’t you think? You know..they have done it so..”

  “Enough..enough.. Let’s drop the subject.”

  “I think the point is…Sara do you like Li Tian?”

 “No! Of course not!”

  “Then why would you dream about him?”

   “…” Maybe I like the feeling of having sex with him? No I can not tell Bi! Hmm… Bi is my best friend I can tell her, no… I will when I get home.


  “I don’t know. This trip has been crazy..maybe I lost my sanity..haha. I will tell you when I get home.”

  “I will give a word of advice. Li Tian..he is an extremely dangerous man and you shouldn’t get any ideas about him. I have overheard my brother Chang and him talking and he is not a good thing. You are too sweet for a powerful man like him. Li Tian didn’t get where he is without being ruthless. My family and the Li’s have always been close and his entire family is afraid of him except his old grandpa. Li Tian gets along with my brother because well.. they are childhood friends.

Sweetie, have you ever heard of Li Tian being with a woman? Chao told me he saw him on the Red Carpet at a Premiere, the beautiful and popular star of the film tried to get close to him and he kicked her..I mean literally kicked the poor woman into a row of reporters. She was so embarrasse…humiliated! One of her 10cm red high heels hit the Director in his pudgy face as she flew past him. When she rolled on the ground her low cut dress slipped down revealing her padded bra.The woman never made another movie. Need I say more?”

 “No. I get it. Don’t worry. Once we get back to Catang City I will be working at the Zhou Group again and avoid him.”

 “Speaking of Zhou Jason I have a little gossip. It is a good thing you are over him, rumor has it he is getting married to Zheng Lan of the Zheng Group in Bashu City.”


  “My brother Weisheng told me because the engagement banquet will be held at our new hotel in Bashu City. I do part time work there when they need a wedding banquet coordinator.”

  “You are the wedding planner?”

  “I just coordinate with the hotel and the wedding planner. I think Weisheng said their wedding planner is Tang Tang from Beautiful Peonies. They are sparing no expense. It might be the biggest wedding of the year.”

 Sara’s heart tightens, “Bi. I need to get back to work. I’m coming home tomorrow. Can you pick me up at the airport at six o’clock?”


  “Okay thanks.See you then.” Sara’s hand holding the phone is trembling as she hurries to get off the phone.

   Sara throws the phone on the bed then starts crying. No..it can’t be true…hugging the pillow her body shakes as she sobs, tears streaming down her face. Even though Sara knows they have no future together, Zhou Jason was her first love and she still loves him. She mutters, “Jason and Zheng Lan..no..not Zheng Lan..”as she cries herself to sleep.


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