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  Li Tian returns to the villa after the Charity Event at Alexandre’s Club then stumbles up the stairs to the guest bedroom. He was drinking heavily during the evening trying to relieve his irritated mood because his Grandfather forced him to attend with Long An. During the evening his patience was stretched to the limit between having to deal with the Cadieux family and Long An hanging on him. 

  All he could think about was getting back to his villa and fucking Song Sara. Peeling off his clothes as he enters the guest room he stumbles to the bed then collapses. Sara is sleeping soundly and doesn’t awaken when he wraps his arm around her thin waist. Drawn to the light floral fragrance on her body he gently hugs her to him muttering, “Smells so good.” The scent calms him and he quickly passes out burying his head in Sara’s soft breasts.

   Sara is dreaming and has a warm feeling as Li Tian’s heart beats in rhythm with hers . After being asleep for a while Li Tian slowly opens his eyes to see Sara snuggled into his body, her soft long black hair scattered on his bare chest. In the soft moonlight coming through the window Sara’s beautiful face looks flawless and her pink lips are slightly parted. His body has a reaction and his breathing becomes heavy as he tenderly kisses her soft lips and runs his fingers through her silky raven hair. Not satisfied with just kissing Sara he slips his hand under the thin nightgown she is wearing. He fondles her breast then rubs her bud until it stiffens between his fingers. 

   Deep in slumber after taking a sedative Sara thinks she is in the midst of an erotic dream as Li Tian touches her sensitive body. He inserts his finger and her nectar drips down as he gently moves it in and out to get her ready for him to penetrate. Although his mind is muddled from the alcohol he doesn’t want to wake up Sara so he slowly enters her flower hole lying on his side. He  pumps in and out enjoying the feeling of her wet walls tightening around his hardness without quickening his pace. He cuddles her petite body to him wrapping his arm around to gently rub her nub and Sara softly moans in pleasure. Excited by the alluring sound of her purring Li Tian thrusts harder and faster. He continues until he can’t hold back and shudders as he explodes.

   Li Tian hugs Sara tighter as he falls into a peaceful dream state. When the sun comes up he feels himself getting hard again and notices Sara is still in a deep sleep. Earlier when he was thirsty he noticed the sedative the doctor prescribed on the nightstand when he grabbed a water bottle. He is sober now but can’t control his insatiable hunger to taste Sara’s sweet body again.The desire he feels for Sara’s body is like a whirlpool sucking him in..drowning him in lust. Craving her delicious flavor he has the uncontrollable urge to absorb all her pure essence to stabilize his turbulent qi. It is the little thing’s fault for being too beautiful and tempting. If she wakes up..well..He takes a few strands of her soft black wrapping around his finger then inhales the sweet fragrance.

    He leans over Sara and kisses her, prying her pink lips open then encircling her small tongue with his savoring her taste. Li Tian proceeds to lift her nightgown then sucking and licking her perfectly formed breasts. Not sure if she will wake up he wants to satisfy his lust so he immediately penetrates Sara. He can barely put his thick shaft halfway as she clamps down and he has a painful feeling being unable to move inside.He realizes he should have got her body aroused first and stops. Running his hand up her soft thigh he puts his handsome face between her snow white legs and kisses her sensitive mound. He rubs her nub with his thumb as he spreads her flower petals with his tongue, gently licking and biting. Ahh so sweet.

   Deep in her dream Sara whimpers and moans, “Ahhh.. Ummm..” as Li Tian stimulates her with his busy hot tongue. Sara arches her hips towards him as his tongue skilfully moves in and out while her sweet honey splashes out onto his lips. She is ready now..

He puts his pulsating erection in and begins pumping, his pillar welcomed by her slick tunnel. When he is in the deepest depths and Sara’s unique pure yin mixes with his dark yang he growls in satisfaction. Like a wolf with his delicious prey under him his glassy eyes glow red as he ferociously takes full possession of Sara’s body. Li Tian’s heart races as he spasms from ecstasy.

Sara quivers and her body is on fire from the intermingling of her pure yin and his dark yang. Li Tian has a sense of peace whereas Sara absorbing his darkness feels drained.

   Li Tian straightens out her nightgown and pulls the covers over Sara’s flushed body. He decides it would be best for now not to remain in the bed.Before he leaves the room he picks up his crumpled clothes off the white carpet. I need to find a way to solve this..make her mine..Song Sara is the only woman whose body makes me feel pleasure. While walking down the hallway he smells the lingering scent from her body and smiles. He opens the door to his bedroom and tosses the dirty clothes into the trash. The suit reeks from Long An’s heavy perfume and cigarette smoke. He takes off his retro style Rolex and goes into the bathroom to shower. He has an appointment with Qiao Rui to deliver the Tianshu Dragon Sword today.

   Sara wakes up, her nightgown is damp and sticky . I had another Spring dream? She shakes her head why do I keep dreaming of CEO Li! This is too embarrassing! I need to shower, what should I do with this nightgown? I really can’t wait to get home to Catang City! I think I will book a flight for tomorrow morning. I wanted to sightsee but I am not in the mood anymore. This trip has been a disaster ever since I left home! I will model the Midnight Lover’s Necklace at the Jewelry Competition tonight then get a good night sleep ..leave in the morning. Before she gets out of bed she takes her phone from the nightstand and books a nonstop flight to Catang City.

  After Li Tian is dressed he goes into his study to call Qiao Rui to confirm the time. He looks at the black sword on the table wondering why anyone would pay that much money for a plain sword with no jewels or embellishments. He organizes the paperwork he needs to bring with him then goes downstairs.

  He is in a good mood when he sees Tang Qiang. “You got Long An on the plane?”

  Tang Qiang confidently replies, “I couldn’t go through the security checkpoint but I watched Miss Long as she was walking towards the gate. Boss, after you showed her the photos I think she is afraid of disobeying you. Miss Long was not as arrogant as usual.” Although she kept bitching and hitting me with her tiny little fists blaming me.

 “Very good. I will deal with her when we return.”

  Kang Minshun walks over to Li Tian, “The cook prepared Hangover Soup for you.”

  Li Tian walks into the dining room and a short elderly man in an apron brings the soup. He is French but lived in Beijing and studied Chinese cuisine. “CEO Li, this recipe is from a villager in Huangdon. It is said to cure the worst hangover.”

  “En.” Li Tian thinks for as much as he drank at the Charity Event he doesn’t feel that bad. He contributes that to the fact the sex was satisfying and he slept unusually well. He is drinking the Hangover Soup when Song Sara comes into the dining room with a timid expression on her face. Sara compose yourself, he doesn’t know you had a realistic erotic dream about him “Good Morning CEO Li.”

  Li Tian puts down his soup spoon. “Miss Song. Did you sleep well?” 

   Sara sits at the table across from Li Tian. She sips some water then nervously responds, “Very well. Thank you.”

  “I have a business appointment at noon. I will need you to take notes.”

  Sara thinks it would be too weird to spend any time with him. Everytime she looks at him she thinks about her erotic dream. “ CEO Li, I don’t work for you any longer. I planned on sightseeing until I need to go to the Jewelry Competition.”

  “Miss Song, do I need to remind you that because of your negligent behavior you were  abducted and I suffered a two million dollar loss.” He has a spoonful of soup then glances at Sara’s reaction.


  The cook brings out breakfast, “I made both Western and Chinese dishes.”

  Sara smiles at the cook, “Thank you for your hard work.”

  The old man winks at Li Tian as he takes away the empty soup bowl.

  Sara is starving but when she smells the scallion pancakes her stomach feels queasy. She pushes away the chair and says, “Excuse me. I’m not feeling well.” She hurries away from the table and rushes into the downstairs bathroom.

  Li Tian watches her run off through the living room, what is wrong with her? She was fine a few minutes ago.

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    1. Yes Sara goes with Li Tian to give the Tianshu Dragon Sword to Rui. I think it will be a good couple chapters also a big surprise lol


  1. Oh, I’m looking forward to seeing Sarah and LiMei. I think in life they could become friends. Although they have completely different characters, their destinies are similar in some ways.


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