This chapter is 18 and older

Rui is a bad..bad..boy..haha

  Bright sunlight shines brightly into the luxurious bedroom through the floor to ceiling bedroom window. LiMei stretches her slender arms out from under the black silk cover and slowly opens her eyes.  She squints her eyes trying to focus, her head throbs from the brightness of the room. Smacking her dry lips LiMei reaches for a water bottle on the nightstand and gulps the refreshing water down her parched throat. After she puts the water bottle back on the small wooden table she sighs, last night is a blur. How many beers did I have? Oh yeah I had some vodka too. LiMei puts her hands behind her head on the pillow and stares at the white ceiling .Her mind is disoriented, the last thing she remembers is being in the Game Room singing while waiting for Rui to return. 

   She is looking at the pretty soft white nightgown embroidered with small blue flowers she is wearing when Rui comes into the room. “Awake?”


   He sits on the edge of the bed then hands her two small pills and holds the bottle of water for her to drink.

   After she swallows the pills LiMei has a dazed expression, “When did you get back?”

  “…” h

Rui gently kisses her forehead, “Last night.” Maybe it is best she doesn’t remember my beastly behavior last night.

    Last night LiMei woke up as he carried her to the bed and wrapped her arms around his neck snuggling into his chest.When he laid her on the bed to go get the bath ready LiMei’s seductive snow white body lying naked on the black silk sheets made his dragon rise again.Gazing at him with a coquettish smile she fluttered her dense black eyelashes, “Don’t go.”

  Rui was on fire again as he leaned over passionately kissing her red and swollen lips then whispering, “Baby, you are a little demoness.” Unable to restrain himself he wanted to mold her beautiful body into his by penetrating her obscenely writhing body again. His raspy voice seductively teasing LiMei” Not enough..you need more? You little hussy..” Rui turned LiMei over and squeezed her tender bottom then held her slim hips thrusting wildly her small flower hole again and again with his throbbing erection. Rui’s face had a demonic expression while slapping her soft round ass leaving more handprints as LiMei whimpered consumed with both pain and pleasure calling his name over and over.

LiMei’s wanton cries became more lewd as he ruthlessly plunged his huge pillar deep into her wet tunnel dripping with her sweet honey while teasing her small nub. The sound of the obscene words coming from her enticing pink lips intermingled with her kittenish soft moans excited Rui to the extreme. While out of his mind with jealousy ,his dark obsession that LiMei belongs to him only contolled his rough actions. Rui punished her delicate body repeatedly tossing her on the crumpled black silk sheets to declare his sovereignty.

Once his momentum peaked he was completely spent barely able to breathe, Rui groaned in ecstasy. Sweat dripped from his messy black hair and down his chest to his mermaid line as he vented all his pent up jealousy by filling her up with his seed again.

When he reached the pinnacle from the intense sensations flowing through his body he embraced LiMei. She was like a fragile doll asleep in his strong arms, his bottomless dark eyes were filled with warmth and tenderness. He pressed his handsome face next to her ear. “LiMei I love you so much..you are perfect.”

    He carried LiMe into the bathroom and placed her in a warm jasmine scented medicinal bath. He created this medicinal herb formula especially for LiMei to sooth her delicate and tender body. After drying her with a soft white towel he applied a special ointment to alleviate the pain from his selfish lovemaking.

Rui gently massaged her soft pillowy breasts as he rubbed the creamy white ointment into her snow white skin covered with his red love bites. He continued to rubbed the cool ointment on her entire body, the red handprints he left on her small butt, her delicate flower petals and tight tunnel. Rui had a line form between his swordlike eyebrows as his long slender finger covered in the ointment touched her swollen nub and the ravaged inside of her delicate body. He could tell her small tunnel barely was able to accept his long thick shaft. Rui put a simple white nightgown on LiMei then covered her with a warm quilt.

    He sighed as he went to take a shower and turned on the water letting the hot water spray onto his face.He washed his lean body looking at the red scratches LiMei left when she was struggling under him and he regretted being so out of control.Suddenly he slammed his hand on the wet shower wall. “LiMei has to stay by my side! What if she leaves me? I would lose my fucking mind!”

After he showered Rui decided he will be more gentle with LiMei. I need to control my possessiveness and dark desires so I don’t lose my sanity the next time we make love.He calmed himself down then got into the big bed pulled LiMei lovingly in his arms until morning. Rui got up early and went to deal with Morgan and Hak Byung-soo inviting them to the training room. He gave the men a choice, to leave the chateaux or take responsibility for failing to take proper care of Feng LiMei last night. Both men agreed to take responsibility.

Refreshed after teaching Morgan and Hak Byung-soo a painful lesson in the training room Rui is satisfied while going to check on LiMei. . Rui made it clear if another incident occurred the consequences and punishment would be much worse than a simple beating. He opens the door to the bedroom after taking a shower in the guest room so he wouldn’t wake up LiMei after the long night.

  LiMei stares at Rui in his casual home clothes, “What time is it?”

 “Nine o’clock.”

 He kisses LiMei and gently touches he cheek. “I had the cook prepare breakfast. Do you want to go eat or sleep a little longer?”

  LiMei’s eyes sparkle at the mention of food. “Eat! I am starving!” She goes to stand up and her legs tremble and she collapses. Rui quickly catches LiMei around the waist before she falls.

 “Oh my God I can’t stand up.” LiMei looks at Rui suspiciously, “Ahh.. Ruii?” 

 Rui has a guilty conscience, “Well Baby..we… when I got home last night. Sit. You had a bath. I will get your clothes out for you.”

  He lazily walks to the closet returning with a navy blue pair of casual pants and a white sweater with a navy blue stripe down the sleeve. He stops at the dresser and picks out a white lace set of underwear and a pair of socks.

  LiMei looks at what he is wearing: a white v neck cashmere sweater and navy blue jogging pants. She smiles and teases, “Is this a couple outfit?”

  He grins, “Could be I guess.”

  LiMei takes off the nightgown and puts on the white lace bra. She bends over to slip on the underwear and she moans, “Oww.”

  Rui takes the white lace panties from her hand, “Let me.” He slides the underwear up her legs and can’t resist touching her sensitive spot. LiMei slaps his hand away, “Oiao Rui!” 

  He has a devilish smile on his handsome face, “ Yes.. we should eat first.”

  LiMei puts on the white cashmere sweater and Rui helps her put on the navy blue pants. He carries her to the bathroom so she can brush her teeth and wash her face.

“Go out I need to pee.”

  Rui lips curl up in a smile as he leans on the wall.“What haven’t I seen? Not to mention I’m a doctor.”

  LiMei points to the bathroom door“Go.”

   Rui reluctantly walks out of the bathroom. While LiMei is sitting on the toilet she thinks she should have got her period. When her stomach hurt she thought it was cramps. Although my mind is cloudy from drinking too much we obviously had sex last night from the way my body feels. Rui never uses protection or gives me a morning after pill. I need to discuss this with him. It wouldn’t be a good idea if I got pregnant. I mean seriously it isn’t even a good idea that we are together. He is a powerful CEO and I am just a secretary. Really what does an amazing man like Rui even see in me? I know something is wrong inside my head. I have images that don’t make sense. Crazy dreams…I have some sort of amnesia..I can’t remember how we got from Cambodia to Paris. He is so incredibly perfect..handsome..wealthy..kind..a genius doctor. Maybe from the hangover she feels depressed. LiMei’s mood worsens thinking about the disparity between them. She twirls the ring Rui gave her that was his mother’s precious possession. I need to give this ring back.

  Rui wonders why she is taking a long time and knocks on the bathroom door snapping LiMei out of her reverie. 

 “Out in a minute.”

  She washes her hands and face then brushes her teeth. LiMei applies a little lip gloss and notices the dark circles under her eyes, she mutters, “Oh I look terrible. I am never drinking again.” Fixing her hair in a ponytail she sticks in her white jade hairpin then says, “Ready.”

   When she comes out of the bathroom Rui notices her mood, he lifts her chin and has a worried expression gazing deep into her eyes, “What is wrong? Are you uncomfortable anywhere?”

     My body is uncomfortable everywhere but that is not it.  “Ah..Rui don’t look so close..I look terrible.”

    Rui smiles, his eyes expressing his deep love for LiMei, “I think you are very beautiful…the most beautiful” then kisses her forehead, “But you probably shouldn’t drink so much in the future. You will feel better after you eat. I told the cook to make Hangover Soup for you and a light breakfast.”

   LiMei blushes, “Well I was bored waiting for you.” Oh the cook.. smelly woman..she is part of the reason I was drinking. I wanted to make you dinner and she said no. Rui needs to get rid of Noelle…no I don’t have the right to ask him to fire her just because she flirts with him. What woman wouldn’t want to be with Rui.

   Rui notices all the emotions flashing across LiMei’s face, what is she thinking? Is she angry at me for my rough and demanding behavior last night? He hugs her tightly and kisses the top of her head, “Are you angry with me?”

   LiMei looks up at his handsome face, “No..no..I was just thinking.. Oh never mind let’s go eat.”

  Rui’s low deep voice softens as he brushes her hair behind her ear,“Baby,I want to know what is bothering you.” He is worried LiMei is upset about his tyrranical behavior and excessive demands during sex.

  “Nothing really, I’m just really hungry.” Rui’s fear is unfounded LiMei doesn’t remember much about last night at all.

   Relieved she is only hungry, Rui picks her up to take her downstairs and LiMei wiggles in his arms, “I’m fine I can walk.”

   He affectionately kisses LiMei. “Be good. I like holding you.”

   When they get to the dining room Rui sits with LiMei on his lap. Noelle brings out the Hangover Soup and places the bowl on the table. “Do you want me to bring the other dishes out or wait?”

  “Now.” Rui takes a spoonful of soup and blows on the spoon then feeds LiMei, “You will feel better after you eat.”

   Noelle stands peeking out the kitchen at their affectionate behavior. Last night she opened the velvet cases and saw the magnificent Pink Lotus Necklace and matching bracelet. She was thinking of trying on the jewelry just to see how it would look and feel when the two bodyguards came down the stairs. She had to quickly retreat to the kitchen. Then Qiao Rui never came down to eat the sumptuous dinner she had made for him. She grits her teeth, I should poison that little slut. Before I got the job as a cook with Rene I worked with that bastard Kuang Fu and learned a few undetectable poisons.. Walking out with the other mild dishes she arranges them on the table. Behind Noelle’s glasses her pupils narrow dangerously but she smiles politely, “Anything else?”

   Rui is dismissive answering in a curt tone. “No.”

    LiMei leans her head on Rui’s warm chest and breathes in his unique masculine scent. She rubs her cheek on his soft sweater, “Rui..”

   Rui hugs LiMei in a tight embrace with his head resting on her shoulder. He likes the way she is clinging onto him like a soft little bunny in his arms, “Hmm.”

    LiMei’s tightens her slender arms around his waist and her voice sounds soft as she sweety whispers, “Thank you.”



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  1. Noelle doesn’t know LiMei. Black Sky is a big Organization.But Li Tian and Sara come over next chapter with the ancient sword ..andddd..haha


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