This chapter Only 18 and older..

   Before Rui leaves Paris he tells Cheng to stop at LTJ Paris to find a piece of jewelry to surprise LiMei. When he enters the store because of his outstanding good looks and the two muscular bodyguards following he attracts the attention of several women. A saleswoman’s eyes light up when she notices his Limited Edition Cartier Black Diamond watch. She rushes over, “Can I help you?”

  “I want to see the Navarre Pink Collection.”

  “Certainly.Please come with me. We have a private room where you can view the collection.”

  A  frequent customer of LTJ, a socialite named Lois Cadieux notices Rui. She is here to pick out a set of jewelry to wear to the International Jewelry Competition being held tomorrow night. Lois pulls the arm of the saleswoman next to her whispering, “Viv, do you know that handsome man?”

   She shakes her head, “Non. I have never seen him in the store before.”

   Lois overheard Rui ask about Navarre’s Pink Collection. “Viv, I want to see the Pink Diamond Lotus Necklace.”

   “Now? But Marielle just took a customer into the private viewing room. I can’t intrude, she is the Manager.”

   Lois whispers something in Viv’s ear and she feels her knees go weak. A layer of sweat forms on her forehead,“Miss Cadieux..you wouldn’t!”

   Lois sneers, “Would. Now let’s go.” She points her finger towards the private room then licks her lips. I must have that delicious looking man.

  Viv regrets greeting Lois, she purses her red lips and reluctantly walks through the luxurious shop to the private room.

  The private room has a comfortable white leather couch and a contemporary glass table. There is a bottle of fine wine on the table for the customer to enjoy while looking at the jewelry. “Monsieur, would you care for a glass of wine?” She doesn’t wait for Rui to answer and pours him a glass. Customers tend to spend more after a couple gasses of wine and are easier to handle.  “I will be right back with the Navarre Pink Collection”

   When the saleswoman hasn’t returned yet Rui frowns looking at his watch. He wants to get back to the chateaux to be with LiMei.

   Outside the room Lois Cadieux wants to go inside but Rui’s bodyguard René tells her she can’t enter. They are arguing in French when the Manager walks up followed by another man carrying velvet cases. She glares at Viv but smiles at Lois Cadieux, “Miss Cadieux, there is a gentleman waiting to see this jewelry. Viv can take you to the  Blue Rose Room.”

  “Miss Piate is this how you manage your store? I am a VIP customer and I requested to see Navarre’s Pink Collection before that gentleman came into the store. Do I need to inform my father of your incompetence! My family spends a great deal of money at LTJ!”

  Marielle Piate looks at the two bodyguards blocking the door and sighs, “Miss Cadieux, LTJ appreciates your family’s patronage but.. I can’t disrespect the gentleman inside patiently waiting. If you had mentioned you wanted to see this collection first..well..but unfortunately you did not. If you have a problem with my decision please feel free to call LTJ headquarters and complain.” 

   Lois humphs as she follows Viv to the next room and the Manager enters the room where Rui is waiting. “I’m sorry I was held up. Here are the pieces you wanted to see.” She opens several black velvet cases. “This is his latest piece, the Pink Lotus, this bracelet has 25 pink diamonds each one is 2 carats of the most exquisite and purest pink diamonds, the gold is 24 carat. As you can see the gold with the pink diamonds is each in the shape of a delicate pink lotus. The necklace is an intricate single pink lotus design created using a 15 carat pink diamond.”

  “I don’t need to see the other pieces.” Rui hands her his black card, I will take these.”

  She can barely contain her excitement; the necklace and bracelet combined are 75 million euros. Oh my God! My commission..it will be huge! HUGE!” The Manager’s hands are trembling as she takes his black card.

  Rui’s lips curl up in a smile, the Pink Lotus jewelry will look beautiful on LiMei’s snow white skin. When the woman comes back with his card and the jewelry Rui wants to call LiMei but he decides he will surprise her instead.

  When Rui arrives at the chateaux he hears someone in the kitchen. He thinks it is LiMei and he hurries into the room. 

  Noelle looks up from the stove greeting him with a bright smile, “CEO Qiao. Dinner will be ready soon.”

  Disappointed that it is the cook he frowns, “Where is Feng LiMei?”

  “Miss Feng? I don’t know.” Noelle notices the bag in his hand. She can see the black velvet boxes peeking out the top of the gold colored bag printed with LTJ and feels extremely jealous of LiMei. What is so good about that little slut !

  Noelle knows LiMei is in the Game Room but doesn’t want to say then thinks about it. That big rugged looking bodyguard came and got beer. Maybe they are getting drunk. It would be great if Qiao Rui caught the little bitch fooling around. I saw the way that frosty looking bodyguard was gazing affectionately at Feng LiMei. “Oh that’s right ! The handsome bodyguard..ah.. I mean Morgan came and got beer for them. Miss Feng is in the Game Room playing games with the two bodyguards.”

  Rui’s face turns black and he immediately turns around darting out of the kitchen dropping the LTJ bag on the floor. He races up the two flights of stairs and angrily opens the door of the Game Room. 

   After neither Morgan or Hak Byung-soo wanted to play a game LiMei decided to use the karaoke machine to sing. She is clutching the microphone and singing a sad love song by her male idol Kang Jin when the door opens. Rui stands in the doorway listening to her sweet voice echo through the room. He is mesmerized staring at LiMei’s sexy appearance while she is singing. A storm is brewing in his pitch black eyes and he clenches his fist at his side. What the fuck has been going on while I was gone. Luckily for Morgan and Hak Byung-soo they are across the room looking out the window. Morgan heard Rui open the door and immediately pulled Hak Byung -soo over to the window. He lowered his voice and said “Ignore Feng LiMei or we are both dead.” A moment before they were both by the bar staring at LiMei’s soulful ‘performance’.

LiMei doesn’t notice Rui right away because she is immersed in the song. When she notices him she drops the microphone on the floor, “WuuWURuiI!”  LiMei drunkenly stumbles as she runs into his arms. LiMei smiles happily as she wraps her arms around him. “Youwoo tooook sooo wong.”

  He glares at Morgan and Hak Byung-soo by the window then growls, “GET OUT!” I will deal with you bastards later! LiMei is obviously drunk! 

  LiMei takes his large hand in her tiny palm and drags Rui over to the couch. She innocently looks up at him, her face is flushed and her long black eyelashes flutter. “Sit.I will sing wouu a song.”

  Rui’s eyes are red and full of jealousy as he pulls LiMei onto his lap. His eyes are glued on her swan like neck and delicate collarbone exposed in the off the shoulder dress. Dammit! Any man would be tempted looking at LiMei in this dress. I don’t remember telling Chloe to include this dress in the clothes she sent to the chateaux.The thought of the two men watching LiMei in her intoxicated state incites his dark possessiveness.

He has his hand on the back of her neck and passionately kisses her lips, licking and biting. Rui inhales her light jasmine fragrance and his heart starts racing.He slides his hand up under the layers of the apricot chiffon dress rubbing and squeezing the soft mound through her thin silk underwear. He bites her earlobe. “Baby, you are so wet already.” He possessively grabs her wet sensitive spot then slides his finger underneath rubbing hee nub. She squirms twisting her small butt on his crotch. “Mmmmm” Rui’s deep voice sounds hoarse and filled with lust as his warm breath tickles her neck. “Do you want it ? Baby..tell me you want it.” He is hard but wants to punish LiMei.

  She bites her bottom lip and gazes at his incredibly handsome face so close. “Ahh.. so handsome..” LiMei’s charming smile and her starry eyed expression captivate Rui. He quickly looks away from her tender gaze. No…I need to teach LiMei a lesson.She was very naughty.

Rui pinches her little nub between his fingers and LiMei gasps as a pleasurable sensation spreads throughout her sensitive body. A stream of honey gushes out of her flower hole from his stimulation. He holds up his wet finger then licks the honey dripping down. LiMei blushes watching him then he says, Baby, you taste so good.” as he rubs the finger across her soft pink lips then kisses LiMei. LiMei thinks Rui doesn’t sound like his usual self but is drunk and doesn’t think much about it.

Rui has a demonic gleam in his eyes he is still holding her small hand on the tent formed in his pants. “You have to say you want me to fuck you.” He is still angry at LiMei and he wants to hear LiMei be lewd. He plays with a strand of her silky hair, “Say, fuck me hard Rui.”

“Ruwwwi. Umm.. I waaant..I waaant. Fu..fuck me.” LiMei feels on fire from his touch and responds using her small tongue to pry open his mouth. While she tangles her tongue with his she restlessly continues to rub her round bottom on his lap.

   Rui pushes LiMei down on the wide comfortable couch tossing off the extra pillows He wants to dominate her body and soul as he hungrily tears the beautiful dress revealing LiMei’s beige lace bra. After he rips the bra from her body he sucks on her erect pink bud while kneading her other breast. He wants to crush her into his bones and punish LiMei after watching the scene when he opened the door of the Game Room. Rui’s pitch black eyes are filled with desire as he leans down and kisses LiMei’s face then rains kisses down her neck leaving his marks on her tender skin. After nibbling her ear he seductively whispers, “Baby…you are so beautiful..” as his finger spreads her flower petals and invades her tight tunnel thrusting in and out. Rui grows his voice low and sexy, “Say my name, LiMei.”

    LiMei arches her back and wraps her slender arms around his waist. Breathlessly whispering, “Mmmm..WuRuuui.”

    He has a volcano about to erupt inside him as he hurriedly strips off his shirt then unbuckles his belt. Once he unzips his pants his huge dragon is released, the tip glistening. He wants to punish LiMei for her seductive appearance while singing in front of Morgan and Hak Byung-so.He pictures her pink mouth opening and closing while she sang the sweet lyrics. The way her long black hair hung loosely down the front of the thin almost nude colored dress to her tiny waist. Gazing down her slender snow white legs swaying as she tried to keep her balance. The image of LiMei’s face flushed red and her hazy deep green eyes flashes across his mind.

Consumed by jealous rage Rui impulsively turns LiMei over and slaps her small round bottom leaving a large red handprint. LIMei squeals, “Ahh..hurts.”  He slaps her again leaving another handprint on her tender skin, “You were a naughty girl LiMei…You are mine..only mine..You can only sing for me.”

Rui gets very turned on seeing LiMei’s innocent face dyed red with lust so he turns her over to face him again. He kisses the tears from the corners of her eyes then spreads her slender thighs with his large hand then puts his hardness at the entrance of her tunnel. He wants LiMei to fully submit and beg him to fuck her only then will he feel reassured.

Rui arouses her further by rubbing the tip of his pillar over her red and swollen nub then back and forth across her flower petals teasing without inserting his throbbing erection. LiMei cries out with a soft obscene voice, “ Only yours..Pleassse Rui I need..hurry..so itchy.” She arches her hips and puts her small hand on his huge shaft. He gazes at her incomparably gorgeous face she looks like a little kitten in heat.

  LiMei is dripping nectar and he gets excited listening to her coquettish moans. He wants to enter but he holds back, enduring so he can continue to tease LiMei.Rui has a devilish gleam in his eyes as he growls in a low raspy voice, “Baby, what do you need?”

  “You..ahhh..inside..fill me uppp..” LiMei’s body is burning up from the torture of feeling the tip of his hardness rubbing her nub and flower petals.The alcohol has intensified her desires and the the waves of blissful pleasure and her sensitive body trembles from Rui toying with her. He knows how to drive her crazy teasing her with his touch.

  “ What ? “

LiMei has lost her rationality and her breathing is chaotic as his touch leaves a trail of fire. Her body is flushed red and she is writhing under him. Tingling in pain she pleads, “Fu..fu..fuck me. Give it to me ! I’m gonna dieee..pleasssse.”

Rui’s eyes are pitch black when he sees LiMei has a muddled expression on her face.He pinches her chin and makes her look into his accusatory deep eyes. LiMei looks out of it..is she thinking of one of those fucking bodyguards. “Who am I.”

    LiMei is moaning and making lewd sounds from his intense teasing.“Ruiii..my Ruiii”

   Rui’s pitch black eyes are clouded with desire gazing at her delicate pink flower petals and narrow entrance. He has a satisfied smile listening to LiMei as he inserts his eager erection into her slick tight tunnel. He thrusts in and out while LiMei moves underneath his strong body welcoming his invasion. He groans from the intense and indescribable pleasure as her wet walls squeeze the most sensitive part of his thick shaft . “Ummm..”Only mine..

He holds onto her slim waist as they tangle their bodies, rythmically thrusting keeping a tempo of shallow then deep thrusts. Not leaving a gap between their hot bodies only the sound of flesh slapping together can be heard.

When LiMei’s nectar heavily flows down his thick shaft it fans the flames of desire and he accelerates his movements. Pumping faster and harder Rui feels overwhelming ecstasy as he slams his huge pillar deep inside LiMei’ tight wet tunnel. I will make you only have me in your eyes LiMei.

   Once he unleashes the beast inside of him he continues to mercilessly pound into the depths of her petite body.  Sweat is dripping off his muscular chest down onto her plump breasts covered in red marks and Rui’s breathing becomes ragged. The way LiMei’s warm narrow cave tightens around his huge member and sucks it in deeper sends an electric current up his spine. He wants to release but he holds back, his brows draw together as he controls the urge to fill LiMei up with his seed. He licks and sucks on her breasts then twirls his hot tongue on her erect bud as he continues to plunge deep inside.

  LiMei’s feels dizzy as Rui holds onto her slim waist lifting her slender legs onto his shoulders while constantly ramming and ruthlessly colliding into her twitching walls, “Too fast..too deeeeep..Ahhh..” The fiery heat flowing through her body and the intense pleasure overwhelms LiMei; she screams, “Noo..Noo more..AHHHH!RUIIIII! She presses her hands on his hard abdomen trying to push him away but her resistance incites him further and he thrusts deeper. LiMei’s sweet honey flows down making her tunnel very slippery allowing him to slide in and out while accurately hitting her most sensitive spot. LiMei shudders digging her nails into him. “Too big! Noooo..Ahhh Ruiii! So Big!”

  Listening to LiMei’s kittenish voice begging for mercy combined with her small hands on his waist is intoxicating. He completely loses control and is on the brink of madness from the euphoria he feels while possessing his beloved woman. “Nngh…. Baby..Your little p***y belongs to me…Ahhh…Ummm..Your wet p****y ..Nngh..so good…” as he thrusts deep inside creating a bulge in her stomach. Rui is unable to hold back any longer. He spasms and groans in ecstasy shooting his seed deep inside of LiMei. She quivers and her nectar flows out mixing with his essence, drained of all her energy from his savage penetration she loses consciousness.

  Rui stays inside of LiMei as he hugs her delicate body covered with his love bites to him. He brushes her wet hair off of her face and kisses her red and swollen lips. He realizes he wasout of control and too reckless, he whispers, “Baby, I’m sorry.” He kisses LiMei’s face and hugs her exhausted body tighter in his arms. He nibbles on her delicate small ear. “You shouldn’t have been a bad girl.. You don’t know how my heart tightened and hurt when I saw your alluring appearance in front of those two fucking men. I wanted to kill them.” He puts his hand on her mound that is drenched with their i intermingled essences. “Baby, your sweet little p***y belongs to me…you are only mine…  I will never let you go.”

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