Sara sits on the couch next to Li Tian. “I overheard the doctor when I was waking up. I’m fine.” He was talking to Leo Cadieux. I have no idea why he was here. I pretended to be asleep because then Leo was on a call with his father and it was intense. I didn’t want to embarrass him. 

  ??? What the hell does that mean ‘I’m fine’? I’m fine, I’m pregnant? I’m fine, I’m not pregnant.

  Li Tian’s ashen complexion worries Sara and she notices he has a strange expression. Sara thinks it is because his head hurts. “CEO Li.. you don’t look well. Let me call the doctor for you.”

   “No. It is nothing. What else did the doctor say?”

   “I have a mild concussion and some bruising.” She doesn’t want to stay in the hospital so she lies, “I can be discharged any time.”

    “That’s all he said? Nothing else?” Li Tian studies Sara’s face, she appears to be telling the truth.

  “…” Why does he sound anxious? “No. CEO, don’t need to stay. I can take a taxi to a hotel.”

    He controls his emotions and his voice sounds cold, “You need to be monitored. I’m taking you to my villa. Julien doesn’t have time to find another model for the Jewelry Competition tomorrow night.”

     Sara sighs thinking about having to spend more time with Li Tian. He did save me from cutting my face. If the CEO hadn’t caught me I would have been pushed straight into the Boutique’s window…but..damn!  I don’t want to go back there! I had a strange feeling when he was holding me and looking at me tenderly. Right now being this close to him and inhaling his distinct masculine scent I feel my heart beating fast.I need to get far away from Li Tian! “Really, I will rest and be there.”

   Li Tian remains resolute, he frowns slightly, “Get dressed. Clothes are on the chair.”

   Sara doesn’t have the mental bandwidth to argue with him; she puffs out her cheeks as she picks up the new dress and stomps into the bathroom. Why is he so domineering! 

  Li Tian steps out into the hallway to call Sun Peizhi. Either Song Sara doesn’t know or she is keeping the results of the blood test from me. 

   Sun Peizhi glances at his phone, what the hell does that arrogant bastard want? I told Yang James I have another job now that my work in Milan is finished. “I sent the restored pictures of Tang Qiang and Miss Long to his phone. I don’t work for you anymore.” He is about to hang up when Li Tian quickly says, “Wait!I will pay you separately for this job.”

     “Whatever it is…I am not interested.”

Li Tian blurts out, “Song Sara is in the hospital..” Before he can finish his sentence Sun Peizhi snaps, “What happened to Song Sara?”

    Li Tian doesn’t answer his question.“I need you to hack into medical records at Centre Private Hospital in Paris to check Song Sara’s blood test results.”

  Sun Peizhi clenches his fist at his side, I knew I should have brought the little girl back to Catang City with me. I could have found some reason. BASTARD! What happened to Song Sara? He controls his temper. “I need more information.”

  “She was injured and admitted to the hospital. They took blood before she was sent to x ray. I want to know if she is pregnant. I need the information as soon as possible to deal with the situation.”

  Deal with the situation? What the hell does that mean? “What do you plan on doing if Song Sara is pregnant?”

  Li Tian ,“None of your fucking business. Do it unless you want me to tell Zheng Tielen I was unhappy with your work. You won’t get another job as a bodyguard in China.”

  Sun Peizhi wants to laugh, I am Sun Zhi, heir to Sun Group and the only reason I worked for you asshole was to complete my mission. But, I want to know… I have a bad feeling about this. “I will have the information for you in an hour.” It is better that I do it than for him to find someone else, so I can protect Song Sara. If I know that bastard.Li Tian won’t want her to keep the baby if she is pregnant.

   After Sun Peizhi hangs up he goes upstairs to his computer room at his mountainside villa. The room contains high tech equipment from his company, Futuretech. It doesn’t take long for him to access Song Sara’s hospital records on the computer. His handsome face darkens, she has a concussion and injuries to her back. He accesses her x rays. How the hell did that happen? Fucking Li Tian! He continues to look at the paperwork for the blood test result. He breathes a sigh of relief..not pregnant. Scanning the pertinent information he notices the time. Why would the blood test be taken after the time of the x rays? That doesn’t make sense. He twirls a pen between his fingers then switches to another program. Someone accessed this record…who?..He checks the IP address, it is hidden and heavily encrypted. Hmm.. he types several codes..still nothing..after ten minutes he is able to pinpoint the geolocation. He zooms in, a company called Tristan Investissments. Isn’t this a front used by Leo Cadieux for money laundering?

    He continues to examine the medical records and has a gut feeling. I need to find out from the lab looks like the data was altered but I can’t find a trace of the original blood test.   Walking out of the computer room Sun Peizhi takes a piece of toffee from his pocket as he leans on the railing overlooking his living room. Why would Leo Cadieux access Song Sara’s medical records?

    Remembering a new ghost program recently developed at Futuretech he turns and walks back into the computer room. Using the advanced software program developed for the government to fight cyber crime he searches for an anomoly. There is a line between his swordlike eyebrows as his fingers deftly move on the keyboard. When he hits Enter the screen displays the original result of the blood test and he slams his hand on the desk, pregnant… two months. Wait.. from the information Freddie gave me Song Sara has only been with Li Tian for a little over a month. Sun Peizhi raises an eyebrow and narrows his dark Phoenix eyes, Who is the father?  Song Sara’s fiance Tzu Yibo? Not that maniac Leo Cadieux! No that can’t be possible, he was in New York. But..What is his involvement? 

   He takes out another piece of toffee then sets it on the desk, Fuck I need a cigarette! Opening his desk drawer he grabs a new pack of cigarettes then leaves the computer room. At the end of the hallway there is a glass door that leads to a spacious balcony overlooking a lake. Once outside the cold breeze hits his face as he cups his hand to light the cigarette. He inhales deeply savoring his first cigarette in two weeks then exhales, Dammit! Who was the man? Li Tian will be furious if he finds out Song Sara is pregnant by another man even though he probably doesn’t want an illegitimate child.  

His gloomy mood worsens as he stares affectionately at the picture on his phone of Sara and him taken on the hotel balcony before the Bellini Reception. I have secured the location for a restaurant so you can be independent of that bastard. Should I fly to Paris? He tenderly runs his finger across Sara’s playful smile. I will do whatever I can to help you. Sun Peizhi has a complicated expression on his handsome face as he gazes at the stars in the sky, wondering what Sara will do when she finds out she is pregnant. 

  Li Tian and Sara have arrived at his villa outside Paris. Sara is in the kitchen and Li Tian is impatient to find out the results of the blood test. He takes this opportunity to call Sun Peizhi. “Well?”

   Sun Peizhi sits down then crosses his long legs while flicking an ash from his cigarette. He tries to find a connection between Leo Cadieux and Song Sara but is stumped. When his phone rings he crushes the remaining half of cigarette in the ashtray as he calmly lies, “Not pregnant.”

  “Are you sure?”

  “I can email you the report.”

  “Do it.”  Relieved that Sara is not pregnant Li Tian pours a glass of whiskey. Fuck yeah!

 Sara comes into the living room with a plate of sliced fruit and sees Li Tian with a satisfied smile on his face, “CEO Li, I cut up some fruit for you.”  He looks like he just won the lottery..haha.. When the CEO smiles he really is a very handsome man.

  Li Tian’s phone rings and he walks out of the living room without saying a word. Watching him leave Sara sets down the fruit on the coffee table. Rubbing her temples because she suddenly has a throbbing headache her voice sounds weak,“Kang Mingshun when the CEO gets back will you tell him I am tired and went to lay down.”

  Outside on the patio Li Tian’s face turns black listening to his grandfather. Unable to restrain his pent up anger he throws the glass of whisky smashing it against the brick wall. “Grandfather, I told you I am not taking Long An to the Charity Event. I don’t care if Remy Cadieux expects me to attend with my fiancee, I have plans tonight.”

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    1. Well he really likes Sara..he thinks she deserves better than Li Tian. I have Sun Zhi’s side story started haha..he is so damn cute ! ❤


      1. I do feel bad for him. But I love how he has this protectiveness for Song Sara. I’m surprised he didn’t put how Song Sara reacted, when she was unconscious at his home and her pregnancy together with the person that fright Song Sara.


      2. And the poor thing, I have a feeling, will be the last to know and everyone is just keeping Li Tian in the dark about it.


      3. Hehe..if it’s anything like when Dr. Deng’s face-slapping moment, I’d pay big bucks to watch Li Tian’s misery 😂🤣👏🏽


      1. I hope so..haha spoiler she falls in love at first sight with our handsome Sun Zhi..she is very quirky..coming tomorrow 3 chappies😳


      2. I guess you can say it’s a silver lining to the pandemic…free time to explode creativity!


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