Game Room

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 LiMei walks in from the garden followed by Morgan and Hak Byung-soo. She sighs, “I wonder when Rui will be back?”  She enters the kitchen and opens the refrigerator and takes out a bottle of water.  When she sees the groceries she decides she will make Rui dinner after she changes. “Hey Morgan.”

  Morgan has been avoiding making eye contact with LiMei, “Yes, Miss Feng?”

  “Is there a market around here?”

  Morgan frowns remembering LiMei escaping from him in Cambodia, “Miss Feng, the CEO said you can’t go anywhere.”

  “I want to make his favorite dish and I need prawns.”

 “I’m sure the Boss would like anything you prepare.”

   LiMie bites a piece of celery then points it at Morgan.“Well, you go.”

  “I can’t. I need to guard you.”

   LiMei scrunches up her nose, “You go then Hak Byung-soo.”

  “I also need to stay.”

  Noelle overhears them talking and confidently struts into the kitchen. I am cooking for Qiao Rui! “I have decided on tonight’s menu. The chicken is marinating.”

  LiMei didn’t like Noelle’s flirtatious behavior towards Rui before he left for Paris. “You can make dinner for these guys . I’m making Rui’s dinner. You can have the night off.”

   Noelle maintains a professional appearance but she has a slight sneer on her pretty face as she replies, “Only the CEO can dismiss me Miss Feng.”

  LiMei bites down on the piece of celery, “ Then Rui will give you the night off when he gets home.” She angrily grabs a beer from the refrigerator and tries to twist the top, “Ouch.” The beer falls from her hand and Morgan quickly grabs the bottle before it hits the ground.

  “…”  He sets the beer bottle on the counter and takes a bottle opener out of the drawer. “I wouldn’t open that one.” 

  LiMei is in a bad mood because Noelle is at the counter starting dinner. She ignores his advice and opens the bottle, the beer foams as LiMei quickly drinks it. The foamy beer dribbles down her chin onto her snow white chest. When she licks the beer from her glistening lips  Morgan’s Adam’s apple rolls and he quickly turns away Goddam little enchantress! 

    LiMei’s catlike green eyes narrow while glaring at Noelle. She puffs out her cheeks then tells Morgan as she stomps out of the kitchen,“I’m going to change then go to the game room. You guys can meet me there.”

    Dejected LiMei slowly goes up the stairs to the bedroom drinking the beer on the way. That woman!.. I want to make dinner for Rui!  She takes off her dress stained with beer and goes into the bathroom to take a bath. While she is lying in the bubble bath she splashes the water around and plays with the bubbles. I wonder when Rui will be back? LiMei washes her hair and leans back in the warm bath closing her eyes.

   Morgan and Hak Byung-soo are standing outside the bedroom door. Rui told them not to be far from LiMei at all times. Hak Byung-soo leans against the wall. He mutters, “This job is fucking boring. What are we..goddamn babysitters? Who would want to fuck with that silly girl?”

   “ Word of advice. Don’t let the CEO hear you say anything about Feng LiMei.”

  “I was supposed to guard a visiting sheik but René pulled me off for this job. It is a fucking waste of my skills. I don’t guard celebrities or socialite bitches.” Hak Byung-soo is still pissed off LiMei blamed him after he hit Rui in the training room as if he sucker punched him or something.

  “Did René tell you why you are guarding Feng LiMei?”

 “No. He never divulges the why of an assignment. What is so special about this chick?”

   Everything..the way she smiles and her little cute laugh.. The way in the kitchen when she was angry… she puffed out her cheeks and pursed her pink lips..her big green eyes..

 “Morgan, I asked you a question.”

 He snaps, “Just do the job.”

  In the bathroom LiMei opens her eyes then stretches her arms and laughs. I almost fell asleep… this bath feels so good. The medicinal herbs that Rui told me to use really make my body relaxed and all the soreness is gone. She gets out of the bath and wraps a towel around her petite body then dries her long black hair. I want to look extra pretty for when Rui gets home. Looking through the clothes hanging in the closet she picks an apricot colored chiffon dress with cap sleeves by Chloe Designs. When she opens the drawer and sees the selection of sexy underwear, she laughs, Rui.. haha.. She chooses a nude colored lace bra and matching thong.  Once she is dressed she applies lip gloss and a light coat of delicate makeup. LiMei pulls half her  long black hair up into a small bun with her white jade hairpin leaving the rest of her waist length hair hanging down. She turns around in front of the full length mirror in the bedroom.

Satisfied with her makeup and the beautiful dress LiMei puts on her slippers and grabs her phone then walks out of the bedroom. She smiles at Morgan and Hak Byung-soo, “To the game room! Haha..”

   Both Morgan and Hak Byung-soo stare at LiMei’s alluring transformation. Morgan can feel his heart pounding and Hak Byung-so gulps down his saliva.

  When they enter the game room LiMei’s eyes light up, she exclaims, WOW! THIS IS AWESOME!” as expected of Delun this set up is great! There are several gaming systems, computers, two giant screen televisions, some arcade games, pool table, a bar.. The leather sectional looks really comfortable with thos big pillows and plushies.

   LiMei walks to the small refrigerator by the bar, she frowns when she opens it..ahh empty.

   “Morgan or Hak Byung-soo do you mind getting some beers for the fridge? I would go but I don’t want to see that stinky woman Noelle.”

   Morgan: “..”

  Hak Byung-soo: “…”

  Morgan volunteers, “I’ll go.”


   LiMei plops down on the couch and hugs a plushie, I should call Delun. She calls his number when he answers she says, “Delun, it’s Feng LiMei.” 

   “Hey. How is Milan?”

   “Didn’t Rui call you? He had business in Paris so we are at his chateaux.”

   “You are at his chateaux?”

  “Yeah. I am sitting in the amazing game room right now. So cool! What are you doing?”

   “ I’m driving to meet Sheng Siyue for dinner. I’m going back to school in Paris on Monday. Did Rui say how long you will be there?”

  “Oh..I was going to see if you wanted to play ‘Dark Kingdom 2’. You can call Rui. I have no idea. He is at a meeting right now though.”

   Morgan comes into the room with an armful of beer and puts it in the small fridge. LiMei gets up and lazily walks over to get a beer. Morgan opens it for her and she takes the beer from his hand. “Thanks.”

   When she steps away he can still feel the warmth of her fingers on his hand. He shivers, Goddammit I need to get my mind off of Feng LiMei! Why can’t I stop thinking about the little temptress! When I have a day off I am going to get laid! Why didn’t the Boss take me with him into Paris!

  Delun says, “Who is that?”

  “Morgan.” I want to say the Big Iceberg but he did open the beer for me. She looks at the finger she hurt earlier. “Delun when you get back from dinner if you want to play ’Dark Kingdom 2’. Text me. “


   After she hangs up she rubs her stomach, snacks would be good with this beer. She looks over at Morgan and Hak Byung-soo reluctant to ask them to go to the kitchen. 

    Morgan has been watching LiMei and can see LiMei is hungry but doesn’t want to go to the kitchen. He volunteers, “Miss Feng if you are hungry I can go to the kitchen.”

    LiMei excitedly jumps off the couch, “Really? You don’t mind?”

   His lips curl up in a faint smile, “Don’t mind.”

  “Awesome. Thanks!”

   After Morgan leaves Hak Byung-soo has a disgusted expression while staring at LiMei. He mutters under his breath. “Spoiled…”

  LiMei hears him and her face turns red in embarrassent. “Morgan..Morgan said he would go get the snacks. I didn’t force him.”

   Hak Byung-soo ignores LiMei and strides to the floor to ceiling window looking outside at the dark sky.

  LiMei finishes her beer and opens another one. When Morgan comes back holding a tray of snacks LiMei rushes over and takes it from him. She looks at Morgan fluttering her curled black eyelashes and her voice sounds sweet, “I’m sorry I asked you to get me snacks. Here you guys should relax and have a beer.”

  “…” Morgan gazes down at LiMei, she looks so cute.. “No problem. We can’t drink on duty.”

  “Oh… Well… have a snack.”

  “Not hungry.”

    LiMei sets the tray down and pulls his arm.“You must be tired. Sit down I will massage your head and shoulders.”

    Morgan’s tips of his ears turn red and his heartbeat accelerates as he takes her small hand off his muscular arm. “Miss Feng, why don’t you play a game. I have something important to discuss with Hak Byung-soo.” He breaks out in a cold sweat as he hurries over to where Hak Byung-so is standing. WHAT THE HELL!  A FUCKING MASSAGE! THE BOSS WOULD FUCKING KILL ME!

  LiMei glances over at the two men, hmm..well I will make it up to Morgan. I just didn’t want to look at that smelly woman. I’m afraid I would lose my temper. LiMei drinks the cold beer and picks up a bag of chips. She pops a chip in her mouth then puts on headphones to listen to music while she plays a game. She finishes the beer then starts singing as she plays, “ He said, Baby, I don’t want to fall in love..what if it isn’t reciprocated?…   I want you..I want you..”

  The two men look over at Feng LiMei who sounds drunk.

  Bored playing the game by herself she puts down the controller then saunters over to the two men by the window.  LiMei’s cheeks are flushed pink and her green eyes are glistening from drinking. “Do you want to play with me?” 


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      1. And him, trying to explain the shot that went down and why LiMei needs so much protection, while trying to maintain pure thoughts, is comedy gold!


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