I’m Fine

This extra chapter is sponsored by my favorite Russian translater Elena ❤ Thanks soo much for your support on ko-fi! Poor Li Tian he is losing his mind..haha

  Li Tian’s vein bulges on his neck and his face turns black when he hears the man’s familiar voice, “LEO! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN SONG SARA’S ROOM?!!?!”

  “ Right now? I am leaning over Song Sara gazing at her beautiful flawless face while she sleeps.”

  “You little shit, do you want to die?”

 “This isn’t China bro, haha..you have no power here and my surname is Cadieux.”

  “If you are still in my woman’s hospital room when I arrive you will see..” Li Tian angrily hangs up, “Speed up. I need to get to the hospital!” Fucking little prick! I will gouge the freak’s crazy eyes out!

  Leo hangs up the phone then sits on the edge of Sara’s bed. He isn’t sure why he cares but for some inexplicable reason he wants to protect Sara. He gently touches her stomach. What do you see in that loathsome man? Looking at Sara’s blood test results Leo folds the paper and puts it into his pocket. I don’t think it would be a good idea for the bastard to know you are pregnant. I need to find out more information before I make any decisions.

   An Indian doctor comes into the room. The nurse said the patient’s brother was inside the room but he never expected the man to be Leo Cadieux “You are Miss Song’s brother?” The patient’s last name is Song. He looks at Leo, his facial features are similar to the patient but I have never heard of Remy Cadieux having a daughter..only his socialite stepdaughter Lois.

 The Indian doctor looks at his watch, “Do you have any questions?”

 “No. But I have a request. Do not allow non-family members to visit. I don’t want my sister upset. I would like her to peacefully rest and recover. I have called for my personal bodyguards to come to prevent any disruptive visitors but before they arrive I can only rely on your security guards.”

  The Indian doctor arches his eyebrow. I can assume he means CEO Li. Well in France the Cadieux family wields a great deal of power. If it were China I would need to refuse. “I will let them know.”

  “My family will show our appreciation at the hospital fundraiser next week.”

   The Indian doctor has had a long day and after dealing with Li Tian earlier he decides Leo seems more reasonable. He also doesn’t want to upset a member of the Cadieux family. “After looking at the x rays your sister doesn’t have any bone damage. The CAT scan was normal. Miss Song should wake up soon but she needs to stay overnight for observation. The contusions on her back are rather severe so she will be uncomfortable for about a week. I will prescribe an anti inflammatory drug to reduce the swelling. Also there is a long shallow cut on the middle of her back from the impact. So additionally I prescribed an ointment that is quite effective in preventing any scarring.”

  “ Merci.”

 “I will put in the order now.”  He leaves the room and sighs wearily while slowly walking to the nurses’ desk thankful his shift is almost over for the day.

    Leo picks up a bottle of water from a side table then lays down on the couch stretching his long legs out. After he fixes the red and white accent pillow behind his head he twists the cap off the water. I wish I could see the look on that asshole’s face when they say he can’t visit Song Sara. He gulps down the water then takes out his phone to call Alexandre.

  Before he can dial the number his phone rings, “Leo, you need to return to the mansion immediately.” 

Leo takes the wrapper off a piece of peppermint candy. “I’m busy.”

 “This isn’t a request.” Remy stares at a middle aged man sitting across from him. The man has his head lowered and is sweating profusely while twisting his fingers around an empty cylinder.

 “Who are you to order me?”

 “I am your father!”

 “I recall the last family meeting you kicked me out.”

 “ If you don’t come you will regret it.”

“Haha..you dare threaten me old man?”

 “Listen Leo, I know we have had our problems but you are still my son. I had no choice at the time, I was being pressured by the Board after your reckless and violent  behavior at University. If I didn’t distance myself from the situation our stocks would have plummeted and our reputation would have suffered. I was planning on waiting until the whole mess blew over to bring you back. If you want to remain heir to Cadieux Enterprises you need to help me solve this problem.”

 “I really could give a rat’s ass about being your heir old man. I want three million euros deposited to my account for me to make the trip over to the mansion. Make sure your bitch and her daughter are not there or I turn around and leave. When I solve the problem I want another five million deposited.” He finishes the water and sits up on the couch, “Agreed?”

  His father Remy swallows his saliva, Ungrateful little fuck! then resentfully spits out, “Oui.”

  Leo puts his phone in his pocket and walks over to Sara. Confident he can solve his father’s problem, he smiles as he tenderly touches the blanket covering Sara’s stomach. Leo doesn’t need the money but enjoys make his despicable father pay when he needs his help just to aggravate him. Leo’s strange eyes shine, Song Sara,I will give you and your baby the eight million so you can leave that cold bastard. Leo feels certain that Li Tian would force Sara to have an abortion if he was aware of the pregnancy and she would never kill her child.

  As Leo exits Sara’s room his bodyguards are walking down the hallway. He gives them instructions not to allow anyone to enter her room. Leo raises the corner of his mouth as he presses the elevator button thinking about Li Tian’s reaction when he is not allowed to see Song Sara. The elevator door opens and Li Tian steps out along with Kang Mingshun. Leo laughs as he passes them while entering the elevator, he has a mischievous smile,“Think of the devil and he will appear..hahaha.”

  Li Tian is curious why Leo is leaving. He turns to confront him but the elevator door closes. Li Tian looks towards the hallway, “Fuck him…it is good the little shit is leaving. I need to find out if Sara is pregnant.” He rushes to the nurse’s station. The nurse looks up from the computer, “Can I help you?”

  “Yes. I want to know the results of Song Sara’s blood test.”

  “Can I see your identification?”

 Li Tian takes out his ID and hands it over the counter.

  The woman’s friendly attitude changes, her friend Michelle told her before she ended her shift about the patient and her abusive relationship with this man. Also, she met Leo who reinforced the idea that Li Tian caused Song Sara to have mental health issues. The nurse sneers but her tone remains polite, “I’m sorry Sir, the patient is not allowed visitors other than family.” 

  Li Tian’s face blackens and the temperature drops below freezing surrounding him. No wonder that fucking asshole Leo had a smug expression on his face when he was leaving. He softens his tone. “I am Miss Song’s fiance. I’m sure she would want to see me.”

  “The patient hasn’t awakened or she could give verbal permission. As of now I have instructions from the doctor not to allow any visitors.”

  “Let me speak to the doctor.”

  “Dr. Patel has left for the day.”

  Li Tian is ready to explode, first I couldn’t get answers from the nurse I paid off now the goddamn doctor has left for the day! Fuck it! He angrily takes long strides down the hallway to Sara’s room followed by Kang Mingshun. The nurse calls security then hurries down the hall after them. Frightened by his terrifying aura she stutters, “ Stop! Stop right there! You can’t..you aren’t allowed to see the patient.”

  The two men outside Sara’s room block Li Tian and Kang Mingshun from entering.Pushed to his limit Li Tian loses his mind grabbing one of the muscular bodyguards pulling him away from the door. Kang Mingshun has the other man with his arm twisted behind his back. Suddenly Li Tian is hit in the head from behind by a security guard. Kang Mingshun lets go of the man he is holding to pick up Li Tian slumped on the floor.A female doctor sees the confrontation and hurries down the hallway. “Are you crazy! This is a hospital!”

  Li Tian holds the back of his head, “Is this the way you run a hospital? Allowing gangsters to assault visitors?”

  The doctor isn’t aware of the situation but she can recognize the fact the cost of the man’s clothes and watch could pay her salary for a year. What is going on? 

   Sara woke up and was drinking water when she heard the commotion outside her room. Is that the CEO?  She hurries to the door and when she opens it her blue eyes widen, Li Tian is holding the back of his head  and is surrounded by several security guards. Sara weakly says, “CEO Li.. what happened.”

   He sneers at Leo’s men and the security guard then through clenched teeth he growls,“Sara, tell them you want me to come into your room.”

  Sara has a bewildered expression, what is he talking about? “Ah..sure..he is my Boss… he can come in.”

   Li Tian walks into the room and Kang Mingshun doesn’t know whether to follow or stand outside. He decides it would be prudent to wait outside. The doctor and the security guards leave and only Leo’s bodyguards remain. The three of them stand motionless staring at each other.

  Inside Sara’s room she holds onto his arm, “CEO Li how did you get hurt? Let me see.”

  It is nothing, get back in bed. What are you doing up?”


  He wants to know if she is pregnant, being in the dark has been driving him crazy. “Sara, did the doctor tell you the results of your test?”

  She sits on the couch next to him. “I overheard the doctor when I was waking up. I’m fine.” He was talking to Leo Cadieux. I have no idea why he was here. I pretended to be asleep because then Leo was on a call with his father and it was intense. I didn’t want to embarrass him. 

  ??? What the hell does that mean ‘I’m fine’? I’m fine, I’m pregnant? I’m fine, I’m not pregnant.

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      1. Oh I bet. I mean was vibing with Song Sara…only for her to be knocked up by a prick named Li Tian 🤣👏🏽


      2. Ah yes!! Poor guy just didn’t meet Sara first. Lol now I’m looking forward to Sara going back home and slowly realising something isn’t quite right.


  1. Haha, Li Tian, you’re a loser. I like Leo more and more. Their history is very interesting, how it happened that they are relatives. Will he be a caring brother to Sarah?


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