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  Satisfied, Ronaldo zips up his pants then reaches into his desk drawer, “Get out.”

   Diana quickly pulls up her dress over her sticky breasts then grabs the money Ronaldo tossed onto the floor. As she bends over he slaps her fat ass, “Tell Laren to come.”

  Laren is pouring a cup of coffee when Diana walks over to him. Gripping onto her hard earned cash in one hand and rubbing her sore breast with the other she says, “Asshole, the Boss wants you.”

  He stirs the coffee and looks at Diana with a contemptuous expression responding, “It’s Mr. McGowen to you, whore.” Laren taunts Diana, “You should change, your shift starts in ten minutes.”

  Diana looks down at her stained blue dress, Dammit this dress cost me a week’s worth of tips. She composes herself and shoves the euros into her bra. She has a malicious smile on her pretty face, “ I always keep an extra dress in my locker. The Boss is very..umm.. potent.” Diana unexpectedly grabs Laren’s crotch. “The Boss said he is ready for you next handsome boy, did you bring an extra set of clothes?” She sways her hips as she struts across the room then winks at a gangster who is grinning watching them from the side.

  Laren’s face turns pale, he has only been working for Ronaldo for two weeks during which he witnessed both men and women leaving Ronaldo’s office in a sorry state. No fucking way..I’m a fucking Treasury agent not a goddamn male prostitute. Coffee splashes on the floor as his hand holding the coffee cup shakes while he apprehensively walks back to his desk. He sits at his neatly arranged desk shuffling through some papers. Fucking pervert! I will act as though I didn’t get the message. I hate this fucking face of mine! I am too damn good looking. Last job the crazy bitch couldn’t keep her hands off me..now Ronaldo.. hell no..I am insisting Vince replace me when I report back. If I can get some good pictures of Ronaldo and Li Tian that should suffice with the money and black market artifact. I know the department wanted the old woman but fuck..

  Ronaldo looks at his watch. Li Tian should arrive soon. He scratches his balls. Well.. it will be cut and dried since the old woman backed off. Where the hell is the new assistant?

  Several SUVs and a black Maybach pull into the parking lot of Ronaldo’s Gentleman’s Club. Ronaldo insisted on cash payment so Kang Mingshun and another bodyguard take four large black canvas bags containing neat bundles of money out of the trunk. Surrounded by twelve armed bodyguards Li Tian confidently approaches the door. Looking at a security monitor a greasy looking gangster snacking on peanuts says, “Tell the Boss Li Tian is here.”

  A short man with long blond hair knocks on Ronaldo’s office door. “Boss the buyer is here.”

 “Let him in.”

 A buzzer goes off and the heavy wooden door opens. Kang Mingshun walks in first and Li Tian follows along with his elite group of bodyguards surrounding him. Ronaldo’s bodyguards and a few random gangsters are assembled in the deserted bar lined up with their hands on their guns.

Li Tian smirks as they walk through the luxurious room past a stage equipped with stripper poles. Looking at the empty black iron cages hanging down from the wall, opulent red velvet couches and crystal chandeliers he shakes his head. For a man with two Doctorates and a family of scholars Ronaldo’s taste really is base and vulgar.

   Ronaldo comes out of his office and saunters over to the group of men. “Let’s sit in the Club and have a drink. I haven’t seen you since last year.” Li Tian knows Ronaldo has thin skin and doesn’t refuse. He glances down at Ronaldo who is a head shorter than him, the slovenly bastard’s office last time I came was full of trash and disgusting… this room is at least clean.

Ronaldo motions to a man by the bar to turn on the lights. Several beautiful naked women are illuminated on the stage who begin gyrating to rock music, sliding up and down the poles provocatively. A topless woman brings over a tray with two drinks, Ronaldo hands Li Tian a glass of whisky. “As I recall Tian you prefer Scotch. This is Sixty Year Old Macallan.” He has a charming smile on his devilishly handsome face, “I stole it from Grandfather after he called me a useless degenerate.”

“…” Li Tian has a sip, “Very smooth.”

Li Tian’s bodyguards are not distracted by the naked women and stay focused on Ronaldo and his men. Ronaldo’s highly trained guards can feel the oppression coming from Li Tian’s formidable looking men. They are relieved the two men are talking in an amiable fashion because they are unsure if they would survive if a battle broke out between the two factions.

   Li Tian is anxious to get back to Sara,. He impatiently says, “Let’s do it. Where is the sword.”

   “The money?”

  Kang Mingshun opens the bags for Ronaldo to see the cash. Ronaldo nods his head and one of his guards leaves the room. He gulps down a shot of tequila then sucks on a lime, “I am having an Underground auction in Shenshuan next month of the remaining treasures.”

  “Ronaldo, robbing a tomb…aren’t you worried the artifacts are cursed?”

   Ronaldo crosses his long legs and then snorts a line of cocaine from the glass table, “I don’t believe in that shit. If you do… why are you buying the sword?”

 “I told you it isn’t for me.” Li Tian isn’t happy he was forced to obtain the artifact from Ronaldo to secure the land deal. He sarcastically quips, “If that bastard is cursed all the better.”

 Ronaldo is high and he laughs, “You are a cold son of a bitch. Isn’t the man your associate?”

  Li Tian twirls his jade ring on his long slender finger, “So. It is a mutual exchange for benefits nothing more. He has something I want when I acquire the sword I have something he wants.”

   Laren brings the sheathed black sword to Ronaldo who lays it on the glass table in front of Li Tian. “If you ask me it is an ugly piece of shit.” He uses a razor blade to line up the coke, “You don’t know what you are missing this is straight from a Colombian drug lord’s private stash.”

Li Tian raises his eyebrow, “You should slow down. Isn’t your grandfather expecting you to attend the charity event at Alexandre’s tonight?”

Ronaldo’s eyes are glassy and his heart is racing from the cocaine. “Fuck me! I forgot about that boring obligation. Lois complained to Grandfather I have been ignoring her lately, so I need to be her escort.”

“I thought you were trying to get out of that marriage contract.”

“Well, I do have evidence that proves Lois is screwing Phillipe. But, I am waiting for the right time to expose the cunning little slut to my grandfather. The senile old fart still thinks Lois is the same sweet girl who would come to our family’s villa by the sea in the Summer.”

While Ronaldo is talking Li Tian stares at the dull looking sheath on the table with a complicated expression. He picks it up then pulls out the long black sword.  Previously he had only seen pictures which made the sword appear unremarkable. He recognizes the intricate carving of a fierce Black Dragon, the carving is nearly invisible because the hilt itself is black as obsidian. This type of ancient sword would be coated with poison and used by the Black Dragon Assassins in the Jianghu. They were extremely feared because of their lethal poisons and martial art skills. Additionally, only the Divine Doctors of the Black Dragon Clan had the antidotes. Li Tian read the members of the clan were immune to over a thousand poisons. Interesting.. It makes sense… Qiao Rui is a doctor… I can see him wanting to add this unique artifact to his weapons collection. Many myths and legends surround this ancient Tianshu Black Dragon sword. 

 “Ronaldo, you said the artifacts were found in a Warlord’s tomb?” Li Tian was busy at the time and didn’t pay attention to the conversation on the phone.

  “Chou Ji works for Grandfather’s antique business… the Shanghai location.” He sneezes, “You know my grandfather he has a stick up his ass and would never accept any antiquities that were questionable. So when Chou Ji made this discovery he called me. At first I didn’t want to fuck with it… I don’t know shit about Chinese artifacts and if my grandfather found out he would disown me. Anyway..” Ronaldo leans back on the couch as he smokes a joint, “Chou didn’t want to deal with anyone in China. He said those ruthless Chinese motherf****rs would feed him to the dogs and take the treasure. He said if I could offer him protection he would split the profit 60/40. When Chou told me he thought the treasure could be worth close to a billion I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Damn this BC bud is..”, cough cough.. He holds out the tightly rolled joint. “Take a hit man, you are always so fucking tense.”

   “…” Li Tian ignores Ronaldo, “Why are you having an auction in Shenshuan?”

 “The bulk of the goddamn treasure is still hidden in China. The auction…well… long story I have no fuckin choice.” A big breasted blonde woman pours Ronaldo another shot of tequila. After he slams it down his face is flushed red. “Fuck..I am so fuckin high..FUCK! He hooks his finger in the half naked woman’s thong pulling her down onto the red velvet couch then motions to her twin sister to come over.

 Li Tian gives Ronaldo a look as he abruptly stands up. Ronaldo is wedged between the two blondes with his arms around them and his hands resting on their bare breasts. He knows Li Tian has a cleanliness fetish so he teases him, “Stay and enjoy. These Swedish twins are both virgins.” 

   Li Tian picks up the sword, “Let me know the details of the auction. If I have time I will come.”

Ronaldo doesn’t answer as one of the women gets on her knees between his legs and her twin sister is kissing his neck.

  Li Tian  leaves followed by his bodyguards. Once he is in the car he makes a call, “ I obtained the sword when do you want to meet?”

  Qiao Rui is sitting in the back of a Rolls Royce Phantom texting his girlfriend when he gets the call. “Bring the sword and paperwork to my chateau tomorrow afternoon at three o’clock. I will send you the address.” He hangs up and smiles when he sees the cute emojis his girlfriend Feng LiMei sent. It is worth taking a loss on that property outside Catang City to get the Tianshu Dragon Sword. I will need to make arrangements as soon as we get back to Pushong City to go to the Washu Mountains.

  Li Tian calls the hospital anxious to find out if Sara is pregnant with his child. Nurse Lavigne is off duty and her replacement answers the phone. “Chevrelle Hospital Fifteenth floor may I help you?”

 “I want to know if the blood test results are back for Song Sara.”

 “May I ask who is calling?”

 “CEO Li. Is this Nurse Lavigne?”

 “No she left for the day. Are you a relative of Miss Song’s? You will need to come into the hospital, we don’t give patient information over the phone.”

  Li Tian grips his hand on the phone. The bitch left without calling me with the results after she took my fucking money! “Is Miss Song awake?”

   “I can’t give any information over the phone.”

  “Can you connect me to her room.”

   “Yes. Please hold.”

   The phone rings and rings, Li Tian is about to hang up when a man answers, “ Oui, Allo.”

   Li Tian’s vein bulge on his neck and his face turns black when he hears the man’s familiar voice, “LEO! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN SONG SARA’S ROOM?!!?!”

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  1. Hahaha gosh I can’t wait until Leo can throw the fact that he’s Sara’s brother in Li Tian’s face 🤣👏🏽. Those two will be a comedic duo with poor Sara in the middle.


      1. Ahh I can’t wait! I’m really a big fan of Leo being Sara’s twin. They seem so adorable and well balance together!


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