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    Li Tian gets up from the bed then paces around the hospital room, his mind in chaos and he is unable to concentrate. He is a decisive man but when faced with the possibility Sara could be pregnant he is conflicted. This isn’t a problem that can be solved with the stroke of a pen or the stab of a knife. Li Tian’s emotions are turbulent..on one hand Sara is the only woman he wants but on the other hand he has no intention of marrying Sara. I can’t have an illegitimate child. If she is pregnant.. once I force her to abort the fetus with her personality she won’t want to have anything to do with me.  Where is the doctor with the fucking results!  He twirls the flawless black jade dragon surrounded by gold ring on his finger that his grandfather gave him when he was made CEO of Li Group. Goddammit! He angrily opens the door without looking back at Sara. Kang Mingshun is standing in the hallway and Li Tian storms past him, “Let’s go.” If he doesn’t secure the artifact for the owner of the land outside Catang City the Mega Mall Project is dead in the water. The asshole won’t sell the property to Li Group or the Zhou Corporation.

  Li Tian stops at the nurses’ desk when he recognizes the woman behind the desk as the nurse who took Sara’s blood. He hands the nurse his black and gold personal business card. “When the results of Miss Song’s blood test come back, I need to be informed immediately.Song Sara doesn’t need to be aware of the test. Do you understand?” Kang Mingshun hands her a stack of euros. She cautiously looks around, after she is sure no one will witness her accepting the money she doesn’t refuse.The nurse eagerly stuffs the bills in the pocket of her uniform. “Of course CEO Li.”

  When they exit the hospital Li Tian takes out a cigarette, “Kang Mingshun, you better forget what you heard.”

  “I didn’t hear anything Boss.”


  Li Tian lights the cigarette as they walk to the parking lot. “Are the men ready?”


  He gets into the backseat and takes out his phone. When the person answers Li Tian growls, “Don’t try to fuck with me Ronaldo. I am in a very bad mood. I will be there in a half hour.”

“I’m waiting.”

  After he hangs up Ronaldo gulps, Damn! He sounds pissed off. Did he find out about the old woman? He raises his eyebrow looking at the long sword on the table next to him. When Chou and his men found the ancient Warlord’s tomb deep in the Washu mountains I never thought out of all the precious artifacts this piece of shit black sword would bring the highest price. No jade.. no jewels..ordinary… Ronaldo picks up the sword and swings it around as his assistant walks into his office. “Hey! Fuck Boss! You almost cut me.”

   Ronaldo heartily laughs as he touches the edge of the sword’s blade, “I don’t think the blade is sharp enough to cut a tomato.” He tosses it back on the table, “Did you find out why the old bitch dropped out of the bidding?”

 “ No. Her representative said something came up. But she does want the ice jade necklace and bracelet.”

 “Fuck no. I am taking the remaining artifacts to the Underground auction in Shenshuan next month.” He sits down at his messy desk to watch a soccer match on his computer. Glancing over at the sword he is curious, why is that asshole Li Tian willing to spend a hundred million USD for that piece of shit. He said an associate wants it for his ancient weapons collection, but the other swords found in the tomb are much more impressive. Ronaldo loosens his black silk tie , what the fuck do I care why he wants it those collectors are a bunch of freaks with too much money. I am happy to benefit from their stupid obsessions.  He scratches his beard, “Send Maria into my office I am feeling a little tense.” He rubs hand on his crotch, “No send Diana.” The fat whore has a sweet mouth and I like to put my d**k between her plump breasts. 

Laren rolls his eyes, Boss, you don’t look tense at all..you look like a fat cat who just ate a big carp. “Yeah. Boss, the Charity Event at Alexandre’s are you going? Might be a good time to take care of the little bastard.” Then I can get the fuck back to my life.

 Ronaldo has his hand inside his blue pin striped designer pants. “Leo will be attending? That OCD Motherf****r? Ha.. I doubt it. Who was your source?”

 “His stepsister Lois.”

 “ Hmm.. Ahh..I will think about it. I’m not in a rush. I said go get the fucking whore.” 

    He leans back picturing Lois as he strokes himself, “I wonder if she is still fucking that disgusting old fart Phillipe.”

  After Laren leaves he squeamishly shivers, Fucking Ronaldo is so damn disgusting! “Hey, Diana! The Boss wants you.”

  Diana drops the raspberry pastry she is eating onto her plate and quickly wipes the crumbs from her mouth. She takes out a small mirror and applies some red lipstick. After she brushes her curly red hair and sprays perfume she stands up. Diana is wearing a tight lowcut blue dress, Laren can’t help but notice the crumbs on her exposed breasts. He impulsively points to her ample chest, “You are such a slob, get the crumbs out of your cleavage.”

  Diana’s brown eyes light and crumbles more of the raspberry pastry on her chest. Diana doesn’t like Laren’s arrogant attitude, always looking down on her and the other women who work at Ronaldo’s Gentleman’s Club. She coquettishly licks her full red lips as she touches his broad chest with her long red fingernail, “Haha.. Sweetie, the Boss likes to clean me up.”

  Laren’s ear tips turn bright red as he removes Diana’s finger from his chest, then he mutters under his breath, “Perverts.”

  The unsavory looking men sitting at the round table all laugh at the scene. A tall muscular man with his elbows resting on the table teases , “You get used to it.”

   Laren walks to his desk and rolls up his sleeves ignoring the vulgar taunts from behind him.Gross! Get used to Ronaldo’s perverted behavior.. NEVER!. Why am I the one who had to infiltrate this disgusting organization..why didn’t the Boss send Vince? Fucking shit!  He can hear the lascivious sounds coming from Ronaldo’s office Shit! Why is my desk so close to the psycho’s goddam office. He looks around, I am going to move my desk over to that corner after these assholes leave. 

  At the hospital Leo sits by Sara’s bed. He had one of his men follow them worried about Sara after she left Alexandre’s with Li Tian. Leo also convinced the old woman to give up obtaining the artifact to protect Sara. He reasoned if Li Tian smoothly acquired the artifact it would lessen the danger surrounding Sara. He was surprised at himself that he would help Li Tian in any capacity but when he met Sara he had a strong sense of familiarity. Until he can find out what connection there is between them Leo feels compelled to keep Sara safe.

    Leo gazes at Sara’s pale and weak appearance. Lowering his head he touches her cheek and glances at her slender neck and clavicle. She is too frail and delicate.He clenches his fists, from what George said it appeared to be an accident but is that really the case? Leo knows the area because the Boutique is located by his step sister Lois’ Art Gallery. Song Sara you should get far away from that bastard Li Tian. 

  Leo fixes the cover on Sara then gently runs his fingers through her soft black hair. Upset thinking about Sara’s injuries he angrily strides to the nurses’ station. When he heard about the accident his first impulse was to see Sara. He rushed in to check on her after telling the nurse outside that he is her brother. Now he wants to gather more information about her situation. He leans his long body across the counter and touches his tinted gold rimmed glasses. Leo’s voice is low and seductive, “Beauty, can you tell me about my sister’s condition?”

  The  nurse’s heart flutters looking at the handsome young man.  It makes sense the patient is extremely beautiful and so is her brother. “Well we are waiting for blood test results before your sister can have x rays. The patient has a concussion which is why she is unconscious” She notices his worried expression, “But don’t worry she is stable at present. They will also do a CAT Scan.”

 “Why the blood tests? Shouldn’t you hurry and do the x ray?” The nurse hesitates, the patient’s chart states she is single should I mention the possibility of pregnancy needs to be addressed?

Leo smiles brightly showing his perfect white teeth. The woman is obviouslty hiding something. What is it? “I am her brother. I want to be able to contact our parents about my precious sister’s condition.”

  She furrows her brow, “Well, we need to test for pregnancy before they can safely take x rays.”

  Leo face darkens only for a moment then he reverts back to a gentle expression. He crooks his finger for the nurse to come closer and he looks at her name tag, “Nurse Lavigne if the blood test states my sister is pregnant I need you to write on the chart she is not.”

  The young nurse has a worried expression, “But..but they need to take precautions during the x rays, it could be dangerous.”

  She can feel his warm breath as he leans down and can smell a hint of mint and tobacco. Oh my god he is so sexy. Taking off his tinted glasses he stares deeply into the young nurse’s eyes. Leo’s low deep voice and intense gaze have a hypnotizing effect on the young woman. “I trust you can make sure the technicians take the appropriate measures. But, I don’t want my sister, my parents or CEO Li to know. Sara has been having mental health issues due to the abuse she is forced to endure from that maniac.”

  Nirse Lavigne puts her hand in her pocket touching the Euros the scary looking bodyguard gave her earlier. Yes, that man CEO Li had a very domineering and intimidating aura surrounding him. Poor girl, in an abusive relationship with a rich and powerful man. Must be hell.

  Leo can see from the different emotions flashing across Nurse Lavigne’s face his Persuasion Technique worked. Using his unique ability always gives him a headache from eye strain. After rubbing his different color eyes Leo puts back on his tinted glasses

To seal the deal I could offer her money but she might be insulted. I will ask her out for dinner. The woman is almost drooling, staring at me. “I can see you are a compassionate person. Little Beauty, I would like to get know you  better. Are you free for dinner tomorrow?”

  Her brown eyes light up, Song Sara’s brother is handsome…looking at his designer clothes and expensive watch he is rich…he seems like a gentle man. “Okay I will put down she isn’t pregnant on the chart and make sure the necessary precautions are taken. But you can’t keep this information secret for long. Your sister will need prenatal care if she is pregnant.”

  While Leo is standing at the desk a lab technician approaches with a white sheet of paper in his hand, “Nurse Lavigne, this is the expedited blood test results. I need to hurry back David Behange called in sick and I am the only one working in the lab.” He frowns when he sees Leo talking to Nurse Lavigne, usually she is alone and talks to him for awhile. 

  He hands the paper to Nurse Lavigne and Leo has to catch himself before he rips the results out of her hand. He looks at the lab technician, I will need to hack into the hospital computer and change the result if Song Sara is pregnant. That man and this stupid nurse will need to be transferred to a different hospital.  He looks at the man’s ID hanging around his neck, David Behange .

Leo waits until the lab technician leaves and Nurse Lavigne looks at the results. Leo sounds like a nervous and concerned brother, “Is my little sister pregnant?”

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