Plan Part 3

This is the regular Monday update! Extra chapter coming tomorrow. Enjoy! ❤

   Rui follows the Manager to the stairs leading to the private rooms upstairs. He and his bodyguards attract the eyes of several women sitting at the tables they pass. A pretty Eurasian woman looks up from the menu when her friend exclaims, “Wow. What a handsome man.” She stares at Rui’s flawless face and the way his gray designer suit accentuates his broad chest and long legs as he strides across the crowded restaurant.  “I wonder if he is a model in one of the fashion shows this week.” Watching the two tall muscular bodyguards dressed in black following him she shakes her head. “No..:he must be a Young Master.” The woman turns around to see a strange look on her friend’s face, “Ning, do you know him?”

  “No. Stop staring. Look at the menu, I have a fitting at three o’clock.”

  When Rui arrives at the private room he laughs, does Hedwig think I am stupid? He noticed several men scattered at different tables that obviously were from Chronus. Although they were dressed in designer suits and accompanied by women their aura and tense body language gave them way. He has a faint smile, along with the way they were furtively watching me as I walked through the restaurant.

  He sits on the couch lazily crossing his long legs as the Manager sets two menus on the dining table. “The server will be up shortly, would you like to order a bottle of wine or something else?”

  Rui sees the sweat beads on the man’s forehead, and his hands were slightly trembling when he put the menus down. “No. I will wait for CEO Hedwig.”

  “Very well.” The Manager hurries out the door. When he leaves the room he takes a handkerchief out of his pocket and wipes the sweat from his forehead. He is actually quite happy Rui refused the wine. Mon Dieu! I don’t want to be an accomplice to murder!  Why would that elegantly dressed young woman want him dead? A cheating lover perhaps?

  Rui leans back on the couch thinking about LiMei. He takes out his phone and looks at the pictures from the video call at the chateau’s gardens. Touching the photo of LiMei’s petite figure standing at the koi pond his pitch black eyes soften gazing at the beautiful scene. LiMei’s delicate features and snow white skin make her look like a porcelain doll. Rui lightly traces over her small face with his slender finger, across her clear and sparkling green eyes down her small nose then lingering on her pink and seductive lips.  He hears movement outside the room and puts his phone away. The tender look on his face disappears swiftly replaced with a terrifyingly cold expression.

  He told Cheng and Morgan to stay outside the room and he hears them arguing and refusing to allow Hedwig’s bodyguards to enter. Rui walks to the door and opens it, he smiles, “CEO Hedwig can feel free to bring his bodyguards inside, I have no objection.”

 Cheng is in the face of one of Hedwig’s bodyguards when he protests,  “But Boss.”

Rui calmly responds, “You have your orders.” He motions for Hedwig and his bodyguards to enter.

 Gunnar Hedwig speaks English with a heavy German accent, “You aren’t afraid I will have you killed right now.”

 “If you wanted to kill me it would have been easy enough when I was standing outside the restaurant and you were parked across the street. Or any one of your men downstairs could have killed me. I hear the chef’s Boeuf Bourguignon is excellent.” He sits at the table placing his laptop down. “But.. you might not have an appetite after we talk.”

  The server comes in and brings a bottle of Chateau Ausone 2006 Gunnar Hedwig ordered. The server opens the wine and after pouring two glasses he asks, “Would you like to order?”

  Gunnar Hedwig waves his hand, “We will wait.”

  Rui swirls the wine in the crystal goblet then takes a sip and nods in appreciation, “Good choice.”

   Gunnar Hedwig raises his eyebrow; I don’t detect a hint of fear or apprehension coming from this man. What is he up to? He is aware Rui spent time in the Underworld but his capacity was as a doctor working for the Serpentine Syndicate. Since he left that life he owns a hospital and recently took over as head of the Qiao Corporation. Why does he exude a dangerous aura and his momentum is no less than mine.  He sits across the table from Rui as his bodyguards check the room for hidden cameras or any hidden weapons.

  Rui watches the two bodyguards then sarcastically tells Gunnar, “Are you sure you want them to remain? I am not armed and there are no cameras. I don’t think you want them to hear the details of what I am going to tell you.” He sneers, “It might change their perception of you as the omnipotent leader of the Chronus Consortium. Also, most men don’t want their family’s dirty laundry to become public knowledge. But you do seem to have extremely thick skin.”

  Gunnar Hedwig shrugs his shoulders as he replies, “If they hear what shouldn’t be heard well…they know what to do.”

  “Very well.” Rui looks at his watch then types on the keyboard. He looks over at Gunnar, “I sent you a video. Don’t rush to kill me because this is only the beginning. I have two more and I am saving the best for last.”

  Gunnar looks at the video on his phone suddenly the veins bulge on his neck and his face turns bright red. Furious he tightens his grip on the phone, “How! How!” He continues to watch as the numbers keep rolling down the screen. “You are dead Qiao!” He stands up and his bodyguards move towards Rui who remains expressionless, “ Touch me and you won’t get to see the other much more infuriating videos.”

  Gunnar looks at the screen as over a billion dollars is siphoned out of his personal account. He quickly composes himself. This money is only a dent in my personal wealth. When I obtain Subject 456 I can recoup the money as soon as my scientists are able to replicate the regeneration process. “I give it to you Qiao, I didn’t expect you to be so resourceful. I will have to reprimand my accountants for their lack of vigilance.” I will have each one of them fucking killed!

 “Well relieving you of that inconsequential amount of money and the next item on the agenda are only to get your attention.” Rui smirks, “I am saving the best for last.” He drinks his wine and pours another glass. Before he sends Hedwig the next video he looks at his watch, the livestream should begin in two minutes. “This video needs a little introduction. An hour ago you called your Manager Kalib Housner at Zartech Pharmaceuticals and informed him you acquired information the government plans on doing a surprise inspection of the facility. A whistle blower gave them evidence you use child labor and illegal undocumented workers. They also were sent pictures of an underground lab where experiments are performed on young women. This underground operation also is used for the manufacturing of illegal designer drugs such as aphrodisiacs. You told him to immediately send the workers home on both levels. The women in the lab were to be taken to your private clinic and treated.”

 “…” Gunnar Hedwig’s mouth twitches while clutching the edge of the table and his knuckles are white. The two bodyguards are sweating knowing they aren’t going to live much longer being privy to this conversation.  He wants to kill Rui but silently listens, restraining the urge to lunge across the table.

 Rui has a malicious smile, “Are you sure you don’t want to send your bodyguards out. Losing manpower is never a good thing. As a doctor I value human life.”

  Gunnar Hedwig glares at Rui, his blue eyes are red with rage. Regaining his rationality he looks at the two men standing motionless by his side.They are his most trusted guards. He grits his teeth and bellows, “VERLASSEN!”

  After they close the door Rui continues, “Now look at the video.”

  Gunnar Hedwig’s heart starts racing thinking Chronus’ illegal operation under Zaratech Pharmaceuticals was exposed. The matter of the child labor and illegals can be handled by bribing officials.  But the underground facility..there could be severe repercussions. He looks at the livestream expecting to see government vehicles surrounding the facility.

  He narrows his eyes glaring at Rui, “I don’t see government trucks… this a fucking joke?”

  “Oh, I lied to your Manager, there was no ‘whistle blower.. the government wasn’t informed..haha..I just wanted your employees evacuated, Haha..but..” He looks at his laptop, “Look now.”

   He turns his laptop in Gunnar’s direction. “Better quality picture.” There is the loud sound of several explosions and black smoke rises from the building.“The multimillion dollar underground lab and the designer drugs are destroyed. The women were taken to a private clinic to be treated but not yours. They will be giving statements and the evidence will be compiled should you decide to rebuild.

Although Dr. Samman fled..well he didn’t get far. There will be some damage to the upper level but since you are one of the few suppliers of the new Antimalarial medications I refrained from having the entire facility brought down. The supply of the Antimalarial medications you had stored was transported to a warehouse to be given to NPO’s to distribute for free.

  Any questions?”

  Gunnar Hedwig feels as though he can’t breathe. The designer aphrodisiac was already purchased and set to be delivered to Morocco. Not just the money but dealing with Madame Olga and her hothead son.. then there is that bastard Amir Malouf ..will be a huge pain in the ass. Without Dr. one else knows the goddamn formula. He gulps down his wine; he has never been played by anyone. How did I underestimate this motherf****g prick! Well it’s only money I will make this arrogant bastard’s bitch suffer a fate worse than death when I get a hold of the little lab rat. I will torture her..drain every ounce of blood out the little slut while I make him watch. 

 Rui picks up the half empty bottle of wine and fills Gunnar’s empty wineglass. “Nothing to say? Well, that was retribution for frightening Feng LiMei.” He moves the laptop back. “The next video is to ensure you won’t be bothering my woman ever again.” Rui picks up the menu, “Did you want to eat first?”

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    1. Well he needs to protect his Baby ❤. I like Rui gave the Antimalarial medication to an NPO haha Hedwig is losing cash but next chapter he loses his fkn mind 😰


    1. Well he wanted Subject 456 ..I love bad ass Rui..he is so gentle with his Baby but he is a very dark under the surface.😰 to me that makes Rui very sexy haha


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