Plan part 2

I am working hard to bring you extra chapters my friend 3mb3r93! ❤ Thank you so much for the ko-fi coffees..Enjoy!

   Director Broussard takes a bite of the creme brulee, he moans in pleasure, perfect. He grimaces when his phone rings. Listening to what Robert says he takes a sip of his imported Black Ivory coffee, arrogant bastard! He throws his linen napkin on the hand carved mahogany table begrudgingly replying,“ I will be right down.” He picks up a folder from the desk with the prepared documents. Dammit! If that old man didn’t make me run this fucking hospital I would be in St. Tropez right now with my friends! Now I need to kiss some Chinese bastard’s ass!

  Rui stands at the nurses’ desk with Robert Pierpont who is nervously looking towards the elevator. What is taking the lazy prick so long, I can’t take the suffocating aura of this domineering man. Knowing that fat fuck he is still licking the crumbs off his plate.

   Director Broussard comes out of the elevator slowly walking towards the men, “Dr. Kang. Let’s go to my office where we can comfortably discuss our cooperation.”

   Rui looks at his watch, “I have been here for thirty eight minutes you have seven minutes.”

   Hmmph.. He maintains his fawning smile and opens the folder on the counter. Just sign it asshole.

   Rui flips through the pages, “Now that I have observed the facility I think there needs to be some revisions before I sign. You need to fire your private chef and convert the private dining room into a family room for patient’s visitors. I hate second generation heirs like you that are lazy and overindulgent to themselves. Your annual salary will be cut by 30% but you will be awarded bonuses if the quarterly report shows you increased revenue. Of course this is while keeping the level of care at an optimal level.  Fifty per cent of the investment capital needs to be allocated to the Oncology Department, it is the most profitable department. Lastly, I want 500 shares of Broussard Corporation in addition to the agreed upon return on my investment. After your father reviews the new provisions, if he agrees, have Arthur personally contact my Shanghai office.”

   Rui slaps the folder into Director Broussard’s soft chest then looks at his watch. He motions to René and Cheng then they walk away leaving Director Broussard standing there speechless.

 He clenches his fist crumpling the folder and his face turns crimson red watching Rui enter the elevator. Slamming his hand on the counter, his blood is boiling. He screams, “BASTARD!” while throwing the folder onto the floor. Papers scatter around his brown leather shoes and he stomps on the pages, Who the hell does he think he is! A pay cut? No fucking way! Insulting me by his last sentence, as though I am not in charge of this hospital. I AM THE DIRECTOR!

  The nurse sitting behind the desk hides behind a chart hoping he doesn’t direct his anger at her. While he is kicking the papers she sneaks away. Why did the Chairman make this nut the Director? His sister Marjorie was doing a very good job until she was replaced by him.

   René opens the back door of the Rolls Royce Phantom and Rui has a smug smile as he enters the car. I planned on signing the agreement but it was too fun fucking with that fat little shit. It is a good investment, we will see if Arthur Broussard is desperate enough to agree to the new terms.

  Rui opens his laptop to make a call. Kuang Bo is in his study lying on a leather couch. He is listening to music while looking at some fashion designs sent to him by a friend when his phone rings.

  “Is it done?”

  Kuang Bo turns down the rock music, “Done.”

  “I will contact you later.”

  Kuang Bo was stunned when Rui contacted him. He called on a secured private line that was only known by Scorpion and a couple other trusted associates. Rui proceeded to tell him he wants his help to counter attack Gunnar Hedwig to protect LiMei. Qiao Rui is aware of her past as Qin Daiyu and at present she has no memory of her life with Black Sky. Kuang Bo didn’t have any leads when LiMei went missing so he was willing to help Rui after listening to his plan.

  Kuang Bo sits up, “ I’m curious.How did you know I am the head of the Crimson Jade Syndicate and that I am an expert  hacker?”

 “Not that difficult.”


 “You and Gunnar Hedwig are overconfident because you are narcissistic. You forget you leave traces of your existence when dealing with insignificant situations and unremarkable people.”

Rui hangs up and rubs his temple. Yes, I learned a lot about the criminal mind when I was in the Underworld for five years. During that hellish time I remained quiet, watching and listening while stitching up gangsters. Not to mention when a man thinks he is dying he likes to confess his sins. Then there are the men you save and they feel they are indebted to  you. It is strange their convoluted sense of right and wrong..what is moral..what is honor. I never thought when I left that dirty world I would be drawn back into it. But for you LiMei ..I will do whatever it takes to ensure you are safe and can always be with me.

  Kuang Bo deep in thought puts down his phone. Picking up a glass of whiskey from the table next to the couch he cocks his eyebrow as he mutters I underestimated the good doctor. Maybe he can protect Daiyu.”

  Rui puts down the privacy window, “How much further is the restaurant?”

  Cheng replies after looking at the GPS, “A half hour I would say.” Centre Hospital is located on the outskirts of the city and Étienne’s is in the heart of Paris.

 “ Rene, hand me a bottle of mineral water.”

Rui drinks the water. I wonder what LiMei is doing? He makes a video call.

LiMei is feeding the fish in the koi pond. When she hears her phone ring she drops the fish food onto the ground. “RUI!”

 “I miss you. I wanted to see your beautiful face before my meeting.”

  LiMei has a mischievous gleam in her sparkling green eyes, “Hurry home and you can see more than my face.”

 “Naughty girl!”

 LiMei blushes from her impulsive statement to change the subject, “I was feeding the fish and one big blue and reddish koi kept pushing the other fish away..what a little fatty.” She turns the phone to the pond, “See That one. I call him Gordo! Haha.”

  Rui recognizes that particular koi because it is extremely rare. “Delun bought that one last year.” LiMei looks so beautiful with the koi pond and the flowers as a backdrop. 

  Rui has black lines on his forehead when he sees Morgan and Hak Byung-soo on her left side as she turns the phone. He sounds angry, “Baby, I thought I told you to change. It is too windy and cold out today.”

   Wisps of her shiny black hair are caught by the breeze and her cheeks are rosy, giving her a very alluring look.The green dress she is wearing is too short and as the wind blows it flutters up exposing her creamy white thighs. LiMei looks like a fragile fairy..Damn! Why didn’t I wait until she changed before I left. Disobedient girl!

  LiMei looks guilty, I was too lazy to go upstairs and change. “Okay. I will.”

 “Good girl. Go.”

 “Well I want to take a couple pictures first.”

 He tries to control his jealous temper, “LiMei Baby if you catch a cold we won’t be able to go into Paris.”

 “Okay I will go into the house now.” 

 ‘ Have Noelle make you a cup of herbal and ginger tea.”

 “I will.” I don’t want to have anything to do with that woman! I will make it myself.

 “Baby I need to hang up now. I love you.”

   LiMei smiles showing her two dimples and her eyes bend in a crescent shape when she hears his low and sexy voice saying he loves her. She blows him a kiss, “Rui, hurry home. Don’t stop anywhere, come right back…okay?”

  “I will. Bye Baby.” After he hangs up he looks at the screenshots from the call. He brushes his finger across the screen. You are so sweet and beautiful. He smiles at the picture where she is blowing the kiss.

When they stop in the front of Étienne’s. René opens the door and Rui steps out of the car. He doesn’t show any fear as he looks across the street at a black Bentley with tinted windows. He stands on the sidewalk and lingers for a moment smiling then enters Étienne’s

The man in the backseat of the Bentley smokes a Havana cigar as he watches Rui confidently stride into to the restaurant. He has a deep laugh, ” The good doctor has some balls..I will give him that.” He crushes the cigar in the ashtray as he asks the muscular man in the front seat. “Are the men in place?”

“Yes Boss.”

“He chose a good restaurant for his last meal.Three Michelin stars..”

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