Initiate Plan

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 LiMei clings onto Rui, “Rui, can you take me with you into Paris? Not to your meeting..haha..but drop me off so I can do a little sightseeing?”

   Rui brushes a few loose strands of hair behind her ear then kisses her forehead. “Baby, you need to rest. As soon as my work is done in a couple days we can go anywhere you want.” He hugs LiMei tighter then licks and sucks on her neck sending a shiver through her body

   LiMei notices Noelle holding two glasses of juice standing next to Rui. Could you stop staring at Rui like that! Put the juice down and go back to the kitchen! LiMei possessively wraps her arms around Rui’s neck and kisses his lips then pouts, “Please? After your meeting we could have dinner and walk around the city.”

  He smiles and takes her arms from around his neck and teases LiMei, “Be good. Baby, I wouldn’t feel at ease with you by yourself in the city.”

   She points at Morgan and Cheng who are walking past the dining room towards the living room.  “I wouldn’t be alone.  I could take Morgan and Cheng  with me.”

   Rui won’t relent, “Cheng is coming with me. Morgan will stay at the chateau. The third floor has a game room Delun set up, don’t you like to play video games? and an indoor pool. You can watch a movie or play video games. There is a koi pond and the gardens are beautiful.”

    LiMei can tell she won’t be able to change his mind. She scrunches up her nose, “Well..then.” She stares at the two men’s backs as they enter the kitchen. “You take Morgan and leave Cheng here with me.” Morgan has facial paralysis and never talks, I will be bored to death! Cheng at least  is funny and we could play video games. “Cheng and I can play video games and he is funny.”

   “…” Rui narrows his eyes, he has a surge of jealous rage flowing through him remembering LiMei laughing with Cheng at the hotel in Cambodia. He tightens his grip on the teacup almost crushing it in his hand then calmly responds, “I need Cheng to come with me. Morgan stays.”

  LiMei snuggles into Rui’s chest and twists a button on his shirt , “Okay. What time will you be back?”

  “By dinner.”

  Morgan  hears their conversation and he dejectedly leans on the wall holding his head. When he overheard LiMei request Cheng he was elated then he heard Rui’s response. There goes requesting a change. The Boss sounded firm. Fucking Shit! He will only get pissed if I say anything now. 

 Cheng takes out two pills from his pocket then hands them to Morgan. “ Here are some pain relievers, you really look like shit!”

  Rui and LiMei come into the living room holding hands. He lowers his head and kisses LiMei thinking about how beautiful she looks in the dark green dress. The color makes her skin look even more white and her green eyes look exceptionally bright and sparkling. Rui whispers in her ear “Baby,you look very beautiful. You should change your dress.Wear the black track suit, you will be more  comfortable.”

  ??? LiMei blushes and hugs Rui. “Will you call me after your meeting?”


  She walks with him to the door, “Rui..”


  LiMei sees Noelle watching Rui from the dining room so she stands on her tiptoes and kisses him, impulsively putting her small tongue in his mouth. He deepens the kiss and they tangle their tongues kissing until LiMei is dizzy. She looks up at Rui, her heart  pounding from the lingering kiss. LiMei’s soft voice is tinged with seductiveness as she breathlessly says, “Hurry home, ok?” Thinking about how handsome and sexy Rui is LiMei worries..Don’t look at any women..just come straight home to me.

   He hugs LiMei and lifts her chin affectionately gazing into her eyes “Be good.I will bring you a surprise.” Rui picks up his computer bag from a side table as René opens the front door.

   She starts to walk outside with Rui but he stops her at the door, “Stay inside.” He laughs at the way she is being clingy. “If you walk out with me, I won’t want to leave.” 

    LiMei flutters her eyelashes looking up at him with an aggrieved expression while holding onto his suit coat with her small hands.“I wish you didn’t have a meeting.”

     Rui bends down whispering in her ear, “Why? So I can make love to you all afternoon?”

   LiMei’s mouth drops open and her face turns bright red. “Rascal!” She pushes him towards the door.  “Go. Don’t forget my surprise.”

    Rui’s face lights up as he walks to the black Rolls Royce Phantom. He shakes his head looking back at LiMei standing in the doorway waving to him....My Baby is so damn cute! I want to fuck her so bad right now.

Cheng opens the back door for him. René starts the engine. Rui takes out his phone and calls Morgan. Since LiMei was clinging to him he didn’t want to talk in front of her. “Morgan. Do not let Feng LiMei out of your sight. If anything happens..well this time..I think you know the consequences.”

   “Yes Boss.”  Morgan gulps thinking of the punishment when Feng LiMei went missing in Cambodia.  He has seen Rui’s ruthlessness first hand and knows this time he won’t escape a horrible death. 

    Rui hangs up then puts on his sunglasses and opens his laptop. “Go to Centre Private Hospital.”

   When they arrive at the gate of the property a man in a booth asks for their identification then asks which patient they are visiting then asks for their identification. Rui rolls down the back window and says, “I have an appointment with Director Broussard.”

   The middle aged man hands Cheng back the Id’s and makes a phone call after he hangs up he opens the iron gate. While approaching the entrance Rui looks at a message on his computer screen. After he types a response he narrows his dark eyes. Very Good.

   René gets out of the front passenger seat and opens the door for Rui as three men hurry out the entrance of the small hospital to greet Rui. The bald man in the lead wipes his sweaty palm on his jacket and reaches out to shake Rui’s hand. The man has a greedy gleam in his eyes as his full lips curl into a smile.“Doctor Kang, I am the CFO, Robert Pierpont. Director Broussard is delighted you could come today. ”  Actually, the old fart was so pissed his eyes were bulging in his head and he spit out his fois gras when he heard you were personally coming. He thought you would just sign the check.

  Rui has a contemptuous look on his face ignoring the bald man’s fat hand. He walks to the entrance followed by René. Once inside the bald man says, “The Director is waiting for you in his private dining room. He had his private chef prepare a fabulous gourmet lunch.”

    Raising his eyebrow Rui looks down at the short bald man. “The hospital is in the midst of a financial crisis and the Director indulges himself with a private chef?”

   Robert has no idea how to respond. “The Director is a diabetic and needs to have a special menu.”

     Robert Pierpont and the two men the Director sent down to meet Rui can feel his cold and oppressive aura. Waiting for the elevator Rui sneers “The hospital employs competent dieticians doesn’t it? A private chef seems excessive. I will want to personally visit some patients to check the quality of care they recieve.” 

   Cheng parked the car and hurried through the lobby to meet them at the elevator.The elevator door opens and a very plain looking nurse walks out into the lobby. She shyly smiles at the men and nods at René as she exits.

   Seeing the signal Rui says, “I am short on time. Have the Director meet me in the new Oncology Wing. As a doctor,  I am considering investing in Centre Hospital because I was impressed with your prospectus my investment firm received. According to what I read, your success rate treating cancer patients well exceeds the norm. I want to see for myself.”

  “Certainly.” The man next to Robert Pierpont pushes the button for the 10th floor. 

  “ Tell him to bring the paperwork.”

  Rui wanders down the hallway while Robert Pierpont is on the phone with Director Broussard.  The two men watch him but no one dares stop him. He casually opens the door to a room and enters while Cheng and Renée stand outside the door.

   The hospital bed is raised and a thin middle aged woman is covered with a blue blanket. She is wearing stylish designer reading glasses, flipping the pages of Paris Vogue.The blonde haired woman looks as though she was once very beautiful, but her face is ashen and her blue eyes are sunken from being ill.  Rui walks over and checks the infusion bag next to her bed. She looks up from the magazine and coughs watching Rui. She smiles at him then coughs some more, her thin chest heaving in and out. “When did Philippe hire such a handsome doctor?”

  Rui smiles and replies, “When did he get such a beautiful patient ? ”

Hana Hedwig is used to being flattered but since she became ill she knows how dreadful she looks. Her stylist applies her makeup and does her hair every day but when she looks in the mirror she is devasted. She was once a famous Swedish supermodel but retired when she got married. She laughs, “Handsome, I will need to have Phillipe increase your salary. I feel better looking at you.”

He takes her thin wrist and feels her pulse then has a complicated expression, his information was correct. It is hard to believe someone would be so cruel to their own wife.  Looking at her chart he says, “You started chemotherapy last week?”

  “Yes Handsome.” She touches her wavy blonde hair that is stylishly clipped to the side. ” I fear soon I will lose all my beautiful hair.”

  “Well, I will see if I can prevent that from happening.” Rui thinks the hospital unable to detect she was poisoned misdiagnosed her with stomach cancer.  The door opens and Robert Pierpont frantically rushes into the room. Dammit! of all the rooms this asshole could have entered he came into Hana Hedwig’s room. He is beginning to sweat heavily, “Dr. Kang…M’am”. Flustered he looks over at Hana Hedwig who is reading a magazine. Good she doesn’t seem disturbed. There would be hell to pay if she was annoyed by the intrusion

  Rui  leisurely walks out the door of Hana’s hospital room as he looks at his watch, “Where is the Director? I have another appointment.”


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    1. Well he wants to protect his Baby,LiMei and the best way is to attack Gunnar’s weaknesses. Remember Gunnar is a ‘mama’s boy’ haha. I think it will be interesting..spoiler Gunnar’s father is the one who poisoned his mother. Rui is pissed and remember in high school he was called ‘Demon Lord’ and he has rage issues. This is only the beginning..😰


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