Blood Test

    Sara has a strange sense of security holding Li Tian strong hand as they walk down the crowded sidewalk. Suddenly a man carrying a large box knocks into Sara from behind sending her forward. As she trips, Li Tian quickly catches Sara wrapping his arms around her thin waist pulling her into his embrace. Startled she looks up into his dark eyes and her heart starts thumping and her soul flies away inhaling his unique scent. It feels as if the world has stopped around them as her eyes meet his intense gaze. The CEO.. seems to be staring at me with.. Affection?  Suddenly everything goes black in front of her eyes as Sara passes out. 

   Li Tian frantically calls her name as he touches her pale face.“Sara..Song Sara.” He puts his finger under her nose, good she is breathing.  “Kang Minshun get the car!” He impulsively kisses her forehead and strokes her hair. “Wake up Sara..Wake up.” He touches the back of her head and can feel a lump and there is some blood at the base of her skull.. The corner of the fucking box must have hit her head. Dammit!

  Kang Mingshun drives up and Li Tian gets into the car putting Sara on his lap, “Go to the nearest hospital.”  

   Li Tian nervously looks at Sara wondering why she passed out suddenly. He kisses her face, “How far?”

  “Not too much further Boss.”

   Sara has her head on his strong chest and inhaling his unique fragrance she drifts into a dream. She and Li Tian are in bed, he is pressing her down and kissing her body. His handsome face is above her with a gentle expression. She listens to his heartbeat and in a barely audible whisper Sara mutters, “Tian..” as she hugs his waist and snuggles into his embrace. 

 “…” Did she just say my name in her sleep? He feels her arms tightening around his waist and he smiles. Should I try to wake Sara ? No, it would be best to have a doctor examine her and wake up naturally. He holds her petite body tighter as his fingers play with her silky black hair.

  When they arrive at the hospital Li Tian quickly carries Sara into the Emergency demanding to see a doctor immediately. A young Indian doctor comes from around a curtain after examining a patient that was brought into the ER after cutting his fingers at work. He hands the chart he is holding to a nurse then walks over to Li Tian looking at Sara in his arms. Speaking Chinese with a faint French accent he asks, “What happened?”

  Li Tian tells him what happened and the doctor turns to a nurse, “The third bed.”

  Li Tian sneers looking at the crowded emergency room. “I want  a VIP room.”

 “You need to fill out paperwork first.”

    “My name is Li Tian.”

    “Nurse, bring a wheelchair for the patient.”

    Li Tian kisses Sara on the top of her head and responds “No need.”

   “Very well” He grew up in Shanghai and knows how powerful the Li Family is in the South. I don’t need to anger him over formalities. “The patient’s name?”

“Song Sara.”



The doctor asks Li Tian several more questions as they wait for the elevator. “Well, CEO Li, since you aren’t aware of her medical history we will proceed cautiously to avoid any problems should she have any drug allergies.”  They take the elevator to the15th floor. The doctor opens the door to a luxurious room. Li Tian carries Sara to the bed and lays her down. 

   The doctor tells Li Tian to have a seat so he can examine Sara. Li Tian furrows his eyebrows looking at Sara lying motionless on the bed. He reluctantly walks over to the couch and checks his phone. Fuck! That greedy bastard! I will call after I find out about the little thing’s condition.

After the young Indian doctor examines Sara he orders some tests. He hesitates, usually the patient’s information can’t be shared with a non related person. Obviously CEO Li has a close relationship with the young woman. He finishes writing his notes then approaches Li Tian.

  “CEO Li, Miss Song sustained a head injury. Due to the position of the impact and subsequent swelling she is suffering from a concussion. Her back is badly bruised and we will need to take x rays to see if there is any bone damage. She has a very delicate physique. Before we do xrays I need to ask could Miss Song be pregnant? If you don’t know we will need to take her blood and check.” He pushes up his glasses and begins writing the orders, “CEO LI?” 

   “Pregnant?” He glances over at Sara, I never used protection and didn’t think of giving her any contraceptives after we had sex.  “Do all the necessary tests.” 

  The doctor walks towards the door, “I will send a nurse to take her blood.”

  Li Tian walks over to Sara’s bed and holds her small hand thinking about the possibility Sara is pregnant. He is staring at her lying unconscious on the bed and is deep in thought when Kang Mingshun comes into the room. “A bitch at the desk said someone needs to bring Miss Song’s ID, Passport and Visa to the Admittance desk.”

  “Her purse on the floor in the back seat of the car. Should be in there.”

 “Boss what do you want to do about the merchandise?”

 “As soon as they run some tests on Song Sara I will take care of the problem.”

  “I wil handle the paperwork.”

  A nurse comes into the room speaking French she says, “I am going to draw Miss Song’s blood now.”

  Li Tian looks at his watch, “How long for the results of the blood test?”

 “The lab will expedite the blood tests because the patient needs x rays and a CAT scan immediately.”

  She inserts a needle in Sara’s vein and draws two vials of blood. After she puts the vials and needle on a tray she smiles at Li Tian. “Done. Are you going to wait with the patient?”


  “Very well. If you need anything push the buzzer by the bed.”

  “En.” He sits on the edge of the bed and fixes the covers on Sara then touches her face, you are so sweet and beautiful..I never thought about having children… He runs his finger over her pink lips.. And now isn’t the time. I have too many enemies and my family would never accept you. I need time to take control..then.. He gently kisses her soft lips, you would be a very beautiful mother.. But if you are can not keep the child.

   He gets up from the bed and looks at his Limited Edition Cartier watch, I wonder how long for the results from the bloodwork. I need to secure the artfact.

Sara is dreaming about Li Tian…They are on a beach and a beautiful little girl is building a sandcastle. The little girl looks up and smiles exposing two cute dimples. She sweetly calls, “Mommy…Daddy look..look.”

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  1. Noooo!!! That’s too much of a cliff hanger! And what the hell! First Rui now Tian?! I mean, at this point you need to do a side story of daddy day care with these guys discussing methods of impregnating their gfs to keep them 🤣👏🏽


      1. …for now, but he did say once he cleaned up the family and everything else, he could see himself having kids with her. How that’ll go over with Song Sara, is anyone’s guess. But I can guess that she’d put up a fight with Li Tian on this matter. Poor Sara already has such a shitty family situation currently. Losing a child would just destroy her I think.


      2. Remember Sara has some ability in fortune telling. Born at midnight on the Winter Solstice.. maybe her dream was fortelling..maybe not. 😳Haha


      3. Haha no need! I will post an extra chapter on Sat. Thanks for enjoying my story and commenting!.I am having fun writing lately..tbh my best friend who got married in Nov. is pregnant and Spring is in the found some inspiration..babies are so cute! ❤


      4. Ah babies are adorable 🥰 !! Oh too late, I’ve been enjoying your work so much that I already sent it! It these chapters that make this pandemic less depressing for me, so keep up the good work!


      5. Oh wow! Thank you soo much for your support!❤ I really enjoy all your comments! Encourages me to write! Well..spoiler when Sara wakes up there are a couple surprises haha extra chappies coming!😌


      6. Yay!!! I’m so excited 🤗🤗. And of course! Like I said before, your writing brings me joy and as always, I look forward to the updates ☺️!


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