Sleepless Night

Here is the second extra chapter sponsored by the very awesome 3mb3r93! ❤Enjoy!

    Morgan tosses his cards on the table.”I fold.” Cheng pushes the pile of money over in front of him stacking up the bills. “Damn Morgan! You are on a losing streak!” He laughs as he finishes his beer, “Seriously Old Man, do you have something on your mind. You have been distracted all night.”

   René stands up while chugging the last of his beer, “I am going to check on Byung-soo, then turn in. Did the CEO say what time he wants to leave for Paris?”

   Cheng leans back in his chair as he replies, “Dunno. The Boss was supposed to brief us but..” He snickers, “Looks like he changed his mind when the little chick showed up.”

   René isn’t very talkative so he tosses his empty bottle into the trash and leaves.

   Morgan takes out a cigarette from his pack then lights it. Shit ! I only have two more.After he inhales and blows out a thin layer of smoke he pensively looks at his empty beer. “Any more?”

   “Nope. I got these beers from the small kitchen’s refrigerator, go get one from the main kitchen. Get me one more too then I am going to bed.” 

   Morgan thinks about what René said as he slowly walks down the hallway to the kitchen. Yeah, the Boss definitely forgot about the briefing. Who wouldn’t when a little seductress was stuck to your chest. Fuck! How am I going to switch with Cheng. No way do I want to guard the little poison. He begins to stagger as he approaches the main kitchen.

   Morgan absentmindedly walks into the main kitchen and as he walks past the island in the middle his foot steps on something soft. What the fuck! Morgan’s vision is blurred and he squints trying to focus. He gulps down his saliva when he sees the front of his black boots are caught in LiMei’s pink athletic pants stained with wine. The messy pants are crumpled on the floor next to a fluffy pink sweater turned inside out. There is an empty bottle of wine, scallions and mushrooms scattered on the polished marble floor next to the counter. He widens his dark brown eyes staring at the counter stained with wine and the two empty wine glasses. Slurring his words he stammers, “Mo..Motherf****ng shit!” The tip of his ears turn red and he regrets not sending Cheng for the beer.

Black lines form on Morgan’s forehead because he doesn’t want to touch LiMei’s clothes. He shakes his foot trying to get rid of  the stubborn pink pants covering half the black leather boots. After stumbling around the pants don’t budge. Goddammit ! The pink pant leg is caught on a small metal piece below the boot flap on his military style leather boots.. Morgan curses because he is forced to bend over and touch the pants she wore.

After drinking several beers along with a few shots of whisky his mind is foggy as he clumsily fiddles with the soft athletic pants. Morgan’s long fingers touch a silky wet piece of fabric inside the twisted pants in his hand. He drops the pants and his half opened eyes are riveted on the the tiny white silk thong left in his palm.

He rolls the silky white material through his fingers playing with it then impulsively lifts the tiny wet thong towards his nose.

Morgan hears a noise and suddenly comes to his senses throwing the white silk thong onto the floor as if it was a live grenade. Morgan trips over the empty wine bottle on the floor and it clatters into the island as he runs out of the kitchen. He breaks out into a cold sweat while furtively glancing around to make sure no one saw his lewd actions. Morgan’s heart is racing as he rushes down the hallway staring at his hand. I am a pervert! A fucking pervert!

  Cheng comes walking out of the common room meeting Morgan in the hallway on his way to the bathroom. When he sees Morgan is empty handed he bitches, “What took you do long ? Where’s the fuckin beer?”

  Morgan guiltily sticks his hand in his pocket as he stutters, “No beer..No..Out”

  Cheng is also drunk and scratches the stubble on his chin. He wanted one more beer before he turned in.  “Fuck man..I saw a twelve pack in there earlier. I’m going to see if there are any in the cupboard. I don’t mind if the beer is warm.”

   Thinking of the erotic scene in the kitchen Morgan pushes Cheng towards their rooms,  “We gotta get up fuckin early for the briefing. Go to fuckin bed.” 

  Cheng does feel dizzy now that he is standing up. “What the fuck ever.” He pushes Morgan, “I gotta piss first.”

  Morgan leans unsteadily on the wall and takes out his last cigarette to calm his frayed nerves. Consequences of actions..consequences of actions..if I didn’t listen at the goddam bedroom door I wouldn’t be fucking thinkin about the little Lolita…  I wouldn’t get drunk and I wouldn’t have.. He sees Cheng come out of the bathroom and walk down towards his room. Relieved Cheng won’t go to the kitchen now he wipes his sweaty forehead with his sleeve. Morgan doesn’t want to explain why he didn’t comment on the scene in the kitchen. Typically they would have a laugh together about that kinda shit. 

  When he gets to his room he takes off his black shirt revealing his broad wheat colored chest and eight pack. He tosses the sweaty shirt on a chair then he drops to the floor to do pushups to relieve the tension built up inside of him. After he finishes he takes off his pants and goes to the bathroom for shower. He looks down between his muscular legs at his Little Brother standing at attention. Fuck me! Poison! The little chick is fuckin poison!  He gets into the shower and turns the water on full blast.

  In the morning Rui is propped up on his elbow watching LiMei soundly sleeping curled up next to him in his bed. He carried LiMei up to his bedroom from the guest room after he indulged his desires half the night. They continued in his bed, Rui tormented her delicate body until she fell asleep exhausted.

After LiMei went to sleep he put a pillow under her propping her legs up so his seed wouldn’t leak out. He tenderly touches her stomach and smiles, soon LiMei soon..then you will never leave me.  Rui plays with the wisps of hair hanging on her forehead then kisses her face. While caressing her cheek he sighs. Baby. I can’t get enough of you.. You are so beautiful.. Today I will begin my plan to protect you. I don’t care how immoral my methods are if they keep you safe.  Rui hugs LiMei  for a while then takes her arm from around his waist trying not to wake her up. He has a devilish gleam in his eyes thinking the odds of becoming pregnant increase if a woman stays in bed after having sex. He quietly gets out of bed to shower.

   After he showers he selects a crisp white shirt and a dark gray suit from Henri Couture.Looking through his ties he picks a silk light gray striped tie. Once he is dressed he puts on a low key Cartier watch on his wrist that has been modified. It is equipped with poison tipped needles that will instantly render a person immobile. He picks up his laptop case and walks to the bed.

  Rui sits on the edge of the bed, he hesitates staring at LiMei’s peaceful expression while she sleeps. Rui doesn’t want to wake LiMei up because she must be exhausted after the amount of times he indulged himself during the night. His desire to bind LiMei to him and make her addicted to the pleasure he can give her was out of control. Rui is aware now that he is sober that in the heat of passion a couple positions might have been too much for LiMei’s delicate body to handle.

Rui studied the Kama Sutra with his female Master ten years ago when he lived in the mountains with Xixin Woo. She trained Rui in the ways to please a woman not just physically but spiritually.

He applies soothing ointment he personally made for LiMei on the red and purple marks covering her petite body. He tenderly touches the bruises on her narrow hips. Rui furrows his sword like eyebrows. Baby.. I’m sorry if I was so rough. He kisses her stomach then rubs the medicinal cream on her red and swollen nub with his slender finger. Afterwards Rui covers LiMei with the soft white comforter.

He lowers his head and kisses LiMei lightly on the lips then leaves the bedroom.

  Downstairs Morgan and Cheng are in the small kitchen eating breakfast talking to Rene and Hak Byung-soo. Morgan is silently drinking his black coffee and hasn’t touched his plate of food.

  Cheng notices Morgan’s lethargic appearance, “Old Man you look like shit! Ask the cook for some porridge if you can’t eat  Western food.” 

  The cook is one of the men René recruited. He used to be an assassin but now he is over fifty and retired because of health issues. His vision isn’t very good and he has a slight limp. This is a good paying job for him and he likes hanging out with René and his men.. René was one of the last men he trained and he gives him work when he has a job.  “Hey ya want some hangover soup? I got some here.” He was drunk last night too so he made some.

  Cheng answers for Morgan. “Sure. Thanks Fatty.”

  Fatty pours some soup and slowly walks over to the table, “This always works for me.”

  Morgan looks at the steaming bowl of soup. He didn’t sleep because every time he closed his eyes the events of yesterday played back in his head. He wonders if anyone went to the main kitchen yet and cleaned up the mess. Probably the main cook should have come to fix the Boss’ breakfast. He picks up the spoon and takes a mouthful, “Good.”

Cheng takes a big bite of ham then looks at his watch, “The Boss should be down soon. He said eight o’clock.”

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  1. Between Morgan’s sense of crisis and Rui’s midwife practices…haha I couldn’t stop laughing 😂. My god Morgan’s a fucking pervert and I couldn’t stop thinking how pissed off all of LiMei’s suitors would be if they found out Rui was playing such a dirty trick!


    1. Well I would say at this point LiMei is under Rui’s spell haha.. Leng Shai is on a secret mission for the Chinese government and Nikolai has his hands full going legit haha. But they will show up again. As far as Chen Jianyu goes..well he never had a chance really. As far as Kuang Bo goes LiMei will have no idea who he is. I googled about the ‘get pregnant quick’ lol I laughed I don’t think the propping up is very scientific ..Rui you are a doctor its a MYTH! Haha 😰


      1. Lol but I love the detail. I studied historical women’s medicine, so when I read that line I started laughing and thought of my previous research. Hahaha, poor Kuang Bo out of all the suitors, he’s probably the one what was closest to her, but now LiMei doesn’t even remember him and probably not even Nikolai anymore 🤦🏽‍♀️. Oh! So that’s why Leng Shuai has been quiet on his end…hmm can’t wait for his return. Hahaha I remember Chen Jianyu! How time flies!


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