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  LiMei looks like a small bunny as she runs into Rui’s arms. She puffs out her cheeks as she angrily glares at Hak Byung-soo then raises her voice, “CHENG! Why are you just standing there ! Hurry and get the medicine box!”

  The three men watching the dog blood scene in front of them are speechless. Rui has a small cut by his mouth and is otherwise unscathed. Hak Byung Bo’s right eye is swollen shut and his right arm is hanging limply by his side, possibly having suffered a dislocated shoulder from Rui’s brutal assault.

  Cheng leaves to get the medicine box as LiMei gently touches Rui’s cheek. She has a pampering tone and her voice is soft, “Honey, does it hurt?”

  Rui looks down at LiMei, her misty eyes are filled with undisguised love and concern. His heart starts racing as he hugs her to him breathing in her sweet fragrance. Although he was caught off guard Hak Byung-soo’s punch only grazed his jaw, he barely feels any pain. But gazing at LiMei’s aggrieved expression he replies, “Hurts.”

  She hugs him wrapping her thin arms around his waist. “Well, Cheng will be back soon. I will disinfect the cut and put on a bandage.”

   “…” Not only did the Boss ruthlessly beat the shit out of Byung-soo but he is a fucking doctor! 

  Rui looks over LiMei’s head motioning towards the door for the men to leave. Morgan is relieved, anxious to distance himself from them. LiMei’s baby voice soothing Rui in a soft pampering tone is making him recall eavesdropping at the bedroom door earlier. Fuck! She is like a tempting little Lolita! No wonder the Boss is fuckin bewitched. What man wouldn’t want a beautiful girl looking at him with those misty deep green eyes! He begins to sweat, I need to stay the fuck away from Feng LiMei! 

    Once they are outside the training room René looks at Hak Byung-soo’s pained expression. “Is your shoulder dislocated? I can snap it back for you or you can wait for Qiao Rui.”

  “No. His last kick hit my Fhendu acupoint and my arm is numb. It should be okay in a couple hours. Damn! Rene, I never expected the CEO to possess such powerful ability. I assumed he had some training but his skill is at the highest level.”

  René has no idea why Rui’s skills are that incredible. “Didn’t he say he studied under a Master in the mountains? I think since he is a member of an elite family with the constant threat of kidnapping and assasination he trained in martial arts to protect himself. Morgan,you have known the CEO for a long time, do you know?”

  Morgan hasn’t been listening. He is picturing LiMei standing on her tiptoes tenderly caressing Rui’s cheek. The pink sweater exposing her snow white thin waist as she raised her slender arm and beautiful face flushed red. Morgan’s Adam apple rolls, she has such an innocent and pure looking face like a little fairy which makes a man want to bully her. Her tiny body is so she would break pressed under a man.The sound of her sweet voice is echoing through his mind, Honey..honey…honey.. 


 Morgan shakes his head to dispel the disturbing thoughts he is having, “What.” Dammit ! Why is my mind suddenly filled with the Boss’ woman ! When we were in Cambodia I thought she was a cute girl.. but..was it listening to her in bed wiith the Boss ? Fuck ! I can’t get the sound of her moaning out of my mind ! I can’t guard her..No..I need to guard the front or go with the Boss tomorrow.

   René asks Morgan again, “Do you know why CEO Qiao has killer skills?

  “Practice.” He is aware of Rui’s training and why but doesn’t plan on revealing Rui’s dark past.


  Cheng passes by them in the hallway with the medicine kit. He doesn’t stop to talk but rushes into the training room.

  LiMei raises her eyebrow as she scolds him, “What took you so long?”

  He hands the medicine box to LiMei. “I had to find it.” We just got here! I’m not familiar! I had to look in several places.

  Rui is enjoying watching LiMei reprimand Cheng…she is so adorable when she is angry. She probably thinks she sounds fierce but with her soft voice ..haha.. !

  LiMei takes Rui’s hand, “We need to clean your injury first.” 

  Rui takes the medicine box from LiMei as they walk out of the training room. When they arrive at the bathroom LiMei holds a white hand towel and puts some soap and water on it.”Rui, lean down… no sit.” He obediently sits, his eyes are full of LiMei’s reflection as he watches her seriously taking care of him as though he is a small child. He thinks it is funny as LiMei wrinkles up her forehead carefully wiping the blood from the corner of his lip. Rui has a warm feeling being taken care of by LiMei.She gently cleans the small cut. After she disinfects the area she puts on a bandaid, “Rui, why were you fighting with that man?”

  “He is a new bodyguard and I wanted to see his skill.” 

  “Why didn’t you have him spar with Morgan or Cheng?”

   He wants to tease LiMei as he stands up and envelopes her in his arms. Rui has a devilish grin and in a low and sexy voice whispers in her ear, “Baby, since you were sleeping..well..I had some energy I wanted to burn.” He lifts her chin and kisses her lips then playfully quips, “Now that you are awake..”

   LiMei’s face turns red, “Rui…” She looks at him. Rui is so handsome and sexy.. so sexy. Her heart starts thumping as she peeks up at him.

    He takes her hand as they leave the bathroom, “Are you hungry?”

  “I am. How about you?”

  “Hungry.” He suddenly lifts her up and LiMei wraps her legs around his waist as he pries open her mouth inserting his eager tongue kissing her deeply. They are both caught up in the moment as Rui backs her into a wall and they continue kissing. Rui and LiMei are both breathing heavily when LiMei’s stomach rumbles loudly. Rui puts her down and laughs. “We should eat.” He looks at LiMei’s thin figure, we can continue this later.  

   When they enter the kitchen LiMei opens the refrigerator and takes out some vegetables. “Do you want me to make some porridge? Or noodles? Either one would be easy for you to eat.” 

   Rui’s jaw and mouth are fine but he enjoys LiMei’s thoughtfulness. “Noodles would be good.” He pours two glasses of wine, setting them and the bottle on the counter.Rui encircles her waist from behind, leaning down he rests his chin on her shoulder, “Need anything?”

  LiMei turns around and decides to provoke Rui because he always teases her. LiMei’s beautiful green eyes are sparkling and she flutters her long black eyelashes as she points the scallions in her hand at the glasses of red wine. “My hands are full and well.. I’m a little thirsty.”

  Rui’s eyes light up and he smiles at LiMei’s playful behavior. He picks up a glass of wine and takes a mouthful then puts his hand behind LiMei’s head. She opens her mouth and he kisses her, the wine enters her mouth and she swallows the warm liquid. “Mmm..” A few drops are glistening on her lips and Rui feels his desire building. He gently licks her lips and in a hoarse voice says, “Still thirsty?” LiMei seductively licks her wet lips and nods. Rui’s lower body is reacting as he takes another mouthful of wine and feeds it to LiMei. After the entire glass has been fed to her LiMei feels drunk and uninhibited. She puts the scallions on the counter and holds the other wineglass and sweetly says, “You must be thirsty too.” She tips the wine glass into her mouth then curls her slender finger for Rui to bend down and kisses him. The wine drips down her chin onto her snow white neck and ignites the fire in Rui.

  He lifts her up onto the counter and feverishly kisses her lips then seductively whispers, “Baby.. I want to eat..I’m very hungry.” Seeing LiMei being coquettish makes Rui very hot and unable to control the urge to make love right now. When she fed him the wine it was drinking a strong aphrodisiac.

   LiMei wraps her arms around Rui’s neck and eagerly kisses him craving his touch. Ever since they arrived at the chateau LiMei feels as though she can’t get enough of Rui. When she woke up in the big bed and he wasn’t there she felt lost.  While bathing she couldn’t help touching herself thinking about the feel of his his hands on her body that sent waves of pleasure through her body.. She leaned back in the bath imagining his handsome face as he was pressing her down, his hot kisses and the feeling of him deep inside of her body. So after her bath she hurriedly dressed and went to find him wanting to take him back to bed. Now that he is kissing her LiMei wants more.

  Rui licks the wine trickling from her mouth to her chin and moves his lips down her swan like neck licking and sucking. LiMei runs her fingers through his ink black hair as her body heats up from his passionate kisses.

Rui pulls off her pink sweater tossing it onto the floor then removes her bra. LiMei surprises Rui by taking the bottle of wine and filling up her glass. After she takes a gulp she tips the glass dripping the rest of the wine down her breasts. LiMei’s deep green eyes are sparkling and her cheeks are flushed from the wine. “Oops.” She runs her finger down her chest then puts her wine soaked finger to his mouth.

   Rui’s eyes are full of lustful desire aware she intentionally spilled the wine. Fuck she looks so damn beautiful! Rui can’t control the fire inside his body as he sucks her finger while looking at LiMei’s half naked body. The contrast between her snow white breasts, his red love marks from earlier and the glistening droplets of wine fuels his dark desire. He growls, “Naughty are driving me fucking crazy..” Rui buries his face between her breasts licking the wine dripping down the valley. His hot tongue then licks the sweet wine on her soft breast as he kneads the other tender breast in his large hand. After he licks and sucks the wine from her breasts his lips travel down her stomach. LiMei quivers softly moaning. “Rui.. Ummm..feels sooo gooood.”

He pulls her pants down with his hand. When he touches her wet panties he smiles, “Baby, so wet..” Rui removes the soaked white silk thong and spreads her slender legs. He kisses her wet sensitve spot and rubs his thumb across her red and swollen bud. His other hand caresses her soft thigh as his tongue moves in and out of her slick tight tunnel. LiMei arches her back deep in the throes of ecstasy. “Ahh..Umm..” Rui savors her sweet nectar as her honey drips down her snow white thighs.

LiMei feels dizzy from the intense pleasure as his hot tongue teases her flower petals. He is nibbling and sucking stimulating all of her senses. When she can’t take it anymore she whimpers, “Please..please..Ahhh..Mmmm..” as she leans back on the granite counter. LiMei has never been this aroused…”Ruiiii..stop..please..Ahhh..”

He loves the taste of LiMei and listening to her moaning in pleasure his erection is throbbing. Rui sucks her honey then puts his finger inside of her tight tunnel hitting her sweet spot and LiMei shudders. Looking at her face dyed red and her beautiful green eyes hazy filled with lust as her body twitches he has a satisfied expression “So sensitive.”

Rui can’t hold his back the urge much longer to be inside of her body so he picks LiMei up from the kitchen counter. He kisses her forehead that has a thin layer of sweat as he quickly carries her to a guest room on the first floor.


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  1. Haha..Wait until he goes to the kitchen for a beer later to unwind lol..luckily he convinces Rui tomorrow he should accompany him to Paris! Morgan is just a lone wolf who usually ignores women. He would have continued to ignore LiMei like he did in Cambodia but unfortunately his mind was overtaken after eavesdropping..
    Tomorrow Rui shows a very dark side of his personality.😰


    1. Ooh that’ll be interesting. I feel like he only got a very tiny glimpse when Rui was rushing to save LiMei, gosh eons ago! Hahah Morgan walks in again?! He’s cursed! This is his punishment for losing LiMei back in Cambodia 😂! Oh, just an editor’s note. You kept saying blue eyes, which made me think of Song Sara, instead of green eyes. So I was was convinced that Song Sara ran away and was with Rui 🤣👏🏽.


  2. Lol i will fix too many eyes haha! Morgan doesn’t walk in on them that would be too devastating for him! Haha..spoiler..just her pink clothes on the floor😰


    1. Haha yeah, I’m not surprised it gets mixed up after awhile! Ok that’s not too bad, but it’s just about it for him seeing her damn clothes scattered on the floor. I have no doubt his hearing was also affected?


  3. I kept waiting for someone to come into the kitchen. Ha ha. Poor Morgan, he would soon stop coming into the house for fear of running into her.


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