Hak Byung-soo

    Rui gently runs his hand across LiMei’s flat stomach, judging from the time of your last period you should be ovulating. He smiles thinking of the possibility,  Maybe…  

He lovingly gazes at LiMei sleeping in his arms exhausted after he indulged his desires too intensely. Rui brushes LiMei’s damp hair off her cheek then wipes the beads of sweat from her face with his finger.The feeling of her soft naked flesh pressed against his body is indescribable. He lightly plants a kiss between her eyebrows, Baby, I am sorry I had to betray your trust but it was necessary I can’t let anything happen to you… You are the only pure existence in my life…Baby, I love you so much..

   Rui bitterly recalls when LiMei was abducted and he couldn’t find her whereabouts. His heart tightens at the memory.. the feeling of despair..loneliness.. as though someone had ripped out his heart. Before he met LiMei he had never been in love and the only two people Rui cared about were his brother Delun and his mentor and Master, Xixin Woo. Now that he has let LiMei into his heart he won’t let anyone come between them.

Rui’s Phoenix eyes narrow and are black filled with freezing killing intent. I will never let that bastard Hedwig capture you. I’m not going to sit back and wait for the lunatic’s next move either. I have a plan to destroy that motherf****r, you just need to stay in the chateau where I can protect you and wait. When you are safe LiMei, I will take you anywhere you want to go. He licks and kisses her pink lips then reluctantly covers LiMei with the white comforter and gets out of bed to take a shower. 

    Morgan is nervously sitting in the living room with a strange expression on his ruggedly handsome face. What the hell! I’m dead if the Boss finds out! Fuckin Dead! He tilts the water bottle in his hand and gulps down the water. When Cheng and René walk into the room Cheng notices Morgan’s face. “Hey bro, do you have a fever? Your fuckin face is as red as a monkey’s butt.”

   Cheng sits in the chair opposite the white leather couch and lazily crosses his long legs, “Did you talk to the Boss?” Cheng was behind the servant’s quarters smoking a cigarette and talking with René. When Morgan didn’t come back with instructions after he smoked half a pack he decided to see what’s up.

   Morgan has sweat beads on his forehead, “Nah..No..The Boss..he..he.. hasn’t come down from upstairs. I have just been sitting here waiting.” He finishes the water and glances at his crotch covered by his jacket.

   “What the fuck is wrong with you Old Man?” Cheng  thinks it is funny to see the stoic and taciturn Morgan seemingly distraught. He starts laughing derisively, “ What? Did you see a fuckin ghost?” 

   Morgan snaps out of his daze, he angrily growls, “Shut the fuck up you little asshole!  I gotta take a piss I will be right back.” He hurries down the hallway holding his jacket in his hand.

   When he finds the bathroom he rushes in and sits on the toilet seat. He looks down at the big tent formed his pants, Fucking Shit Man! Are you a fuckin pervert! Why didn’t you walk away! Morgan received an important call and without thinking rushed upstairs to tell Rui. When he got to the bedroom door he was about to knock when he heard LiMei’s loud moans and lewd language. He was shocked when he heard LiMei’s seductive voice and was going to leave but found himself stuck in place outside the door listening. If the Boss knew..I don’t want to think about the punishment.

He shivers looking at his erection. Little Brother we better pray he doesn’t find out. Well, I need to solve this and get back out to the living room. It just damn! The little chick looks so innocent and cute. Morgan thinks about the sound of her alluring voice, like a little kitten purring and pleading.. The way she was begging for the Boss to.. “Ahh..OH..AHH.. Fuck!” When Morgan finishes he looks at his sticky wet hand and his Little Brother. This  secret is between you and me Little Brother! No one else can know! He zips up his pants and tucks in his black shirt. After he washes his hands he splashes water on his face then looks in the mirror and shakes his head, You pervert!

  Rui comes down the stairs dressed in a black cashmere sweater and dark gray casual pants. He sees Cheng and Rene and looks around. “Where is Morgan?”

  Before Cheng answers Morgan rushes into the room, “Here I am.”

   Rui walks over to the bar and pours a glass of whisky then turns around,“ I don’t want Feng LiMei to be aware that there is any danger. I want the men to stay out of sight. She knows you two.” He looks at Morgan and Cheng, “She remembers you from Cambodia.” He sits on the couch and sets his glass of whisky on the glass coffee table. “ Rene, I will introduce you to her tomorrow so Feng LiMei feels comfortable with your presence and I think one more man. Who do you suggest? The other men I want to keep a distance from her and protect the perimeter of the property. She would become suspicious if she sees a number of bodyguards. I don’t want Feng LiMei to worry or ask questions.”

  “Hak. Hak Byung-soo. He has a high level of martial arts skill and a calm temperament. He is Korean but speaks fluent Chinese.”

   “Go get him.”

    After René leaves the room Rui takes a gulp of his drink and then rubs his temple, “Morgan, I need to go into Paris tomorrow, I will take Cheng and Rene, leaving you in charge of the chateau and Feng LiMei. Don’t let her out of your sight stay close to her..do you understand? She can walk in the enclosed gardens out back not by the lake or the front of the house.”

  Morgan gulps down his saliva, “Boss, Feng LiMei well.. she might feel more comfortable with Cheng. I should go with you to Paris.” Rui glares at him, that is exactly why I am taking him with me. Cheng is too good of a bodyguard to dismiss but I don’t want LiMei in close contact with him. Rui is jealous and paranoid because LiMei said Cheng was cute. He clenches his fist picturing them laughing together.There is a distinct chill in the air and Rui sounds irritated. ”Are you questioning my orders?”

  “No. No Boss.” He almost forgot about the call he received earlier. “Boss, Han Weisheng called. He has the information you requested.”

  René walks into the living room followed by a boyish looking Korean man. “Boss this is Hak Byung-soo.”

  The Korean man bows respectfully. “CEO Qiao.”

  Rui looks at him then says “Come with me.”

  The five men walk down the long hallway to a large room Rui specifically had renovated when he bought the property a couple years ago. It is identical to the Chinese style training room he has at his house in Pushong City. The room is virtually empty except for some mats stacked on the floor and a couple dummies in the far right corner , on the wall are various weapons on two racks. When Hak Byung-soo enters he notices several beautiful calligraphy on the wall. The strokes are bold and you can feel the fighting spirit of the person who wrote the profound words. He has to ask, “CEO Qiao, may I be presumptuous this once and ask what Master’s work these are ? “

  “These are my own but I was taught by my Shifu in the mountains. He values his privacy.”

 Hak Byung-soo seldom feels jealous but envies Qiao Rui. Not because he is rich but from looking at the calligraphy he can feel his powerful spirit. Who is his Shifu ?

 Rui points to the weapon rack, “I want to see your ability. Miss Feng is my most beloved person.” 

  Hak Byung-soo nods and walks over to the wall removing two Wing Chun Butterfly knives. The size is good for maneuvering and striking in close distance combat. He thinks Rui will match him up with René or one of the other two men and is surprised when Rui says, “Ready?”

   Hak Byung-soo thinks he should warn Rui. “CEO, I think it would be best if you wore protective gear.” Is he insane? Am I supposed to hold back and put on a show? He notices Rui hasn’t chosen a weapon “Aren’t you going to get a weapon”

 “No need.” He waves his hand for Hak Byung-soo to attack. 

  Hak Byung-soo looks over at René who is also surprised. Both Morgan and Cheng remain silent because they know the level of Rui’s skill.

   Hak Byung-soo lunges forward and Rui agiliy dodges the butterfly knives. He doesn’t move forward on the offensive but studies the way Hak Byung-soo wields the knives. After being unable to strike Hak Byung-soo quickly swings around to attack from the side.  It seems as though Rui has eyes in the back of his head. He anticipated the strike easily avoiding the blades. Hak Byung -soo suddenly feels a violent and oppressive aura surrounding Rui and his breath is sucked out of him when Rui’s foot lands on the chest sending him backwards. Hak Byung-soo stumbles to regain his balance realizing Rui wasn’t being arrogant and definitely has a high level of martial arts skills. He decides the knives will be useless against Rui and he tosses the knives to the ground surprising Rui and the men watching. Rui gives him points for being adaptable and realizing he chose the wrong weapon.

  The two men begin fighting using martial arts. Hak Byung-soo feels his internal energy being depleted and can’t believe Rui’s stamina as they fight. Suddenly the door opens and LiMei is standing in the doorway wide eyed watching the two men exchanging blows. When Rui sees LiMei for a half a second he becomes distracted and Hak Byung-so who is caught up in the momentum punches Rui in the face. LiMei screams. Her shrill scream pierces through Hak Byung-soo’s concentration and he sees Qiao Rui bleeding from his mouth. 

Li Mei runs over to Rui with tears forming in her eyes, “Ruiii..You’re hurt.” She has her hair in a high ponytail that swings as she runs past Morgan and Cheng and she is wearing a pink and white top paired with pink athletic pants. LiMei looks like a small bunny as she runs into Rui’s arms. She puffs out her cheeks as she angrily glares at Hak Byung-soo then raises her voice, “CHENG! Why are you just standing there ! Hurry and get the medicine box!”


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  1. So two things off the bat: 1. It’s such a Rui thing, to turn her ovulation into a romantic thing and 2., I cannot say I’m all that surprised about Morgan. I mean after LiMei got him good in Cambodia I could sense the eventual awkwardness between the two. But this totally goes beyond what I imagined and it was hilarious!


  2. Haha..yeah Morgan won’t be able to handle his ‘shame’. 😰 I have to say I laughed writing this chapter …This is the regular update will start posting extra chappies you sponsored tomorrow. ❤


    1. Hurray! As always, I’m looking forward to the next chapter, and oh I can imagine how ‘ashamed’ poor Morgan is during this arc 🤣👏🏽


      1. LiMei is very angry at Hak Byung for hurting Rui. Spoiler-Rui is really cute enjoying LiMei’s concern..he thinks it was worth getting hit haha..


      2. Poor Hak Byung-soo got the short end of the stick, but hey! One less bodyguard entering LiMei’s eyes like Cheng lol!


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