Losing Control

Well here is an extra chapter just in under the wire for Valentine’s Day haha..I love Rui ❤ LiMei and this ridiculous gif! Enjoy!

   They are almost to Rui’s chateau outside of Paris, LiMei looks out the window, “The rain finally stopped.”

   Rui is lost in thought about how to bring up the subject of the face mask after they arrive at the chateau. He knows Dietrich’s workmanship is excellent and no one would be able to recognize LiMei when she is wearing it. He made sure the only two people who knew about the face mask can no longer remember. Rui didn’t want to leave any loose ends once Dietrich completed the task he erased his memory along with his wife Marta’s memory using his silver needles. The payment they receive from him will be transferred anonymously. After so many years of dealing with people in the Underworld he is well aware that even if Dietrich and his wife wanted to keep the secret Gunnar Hedwig has a thousand ways to make them give up the information. The technology that Chronus possesses..well most likely they will find out our location soon.

  LiMei tugs on his jacket, “Rui, what are you thinking about?”

  Rui snaps out of his daze and kisses LiMei’s forehead, “Nothing. We should be at my chateau soon, are you tired?”

  “A little. I have a bit of a headache that won’t go away.”

  “I will massage your head for you. Morgan, hand me a bottle of water”  Rui has a twinge of guilt when LiMei says she has a headache. He doesn’t want to use his silver needles after earlier. He has a few regrets for making the decision to put her to sleep so Dietrich could make a mold for the mask.But, he believes to ensure her safety it was the only choice he could make. He opens the mineral water, “Drink.” He rubs gently her temples then massages her head. LiMei closes her eyes and sighs, “Ahh..that feels better.”

  When he finishes she snuggles into his embrace, “Rui, do you think while we are here we could go to Pont des arts .”

   He has a pampering tone as he plays with a strand of her silky black hair, “If you want.”

 “How long will you be in France? I might need to book a flight back to China.” 

 “I’m not sure how long my business will take. If you are worried about your job I spoke to Jianyu. He has a temporary assistant until we return.” No way am I letting you out of my sight ever again!

  “CEO Chen wasn’t angry?” That man has the worst temper. I can’t believe he wouldn’t make a stink about me having an extended leave.From the missed calls Nuying was trying to get a hold of me. She glances at Rui, I still need to find out how I lost the time between being in Cambodia to being in Milan. Did I hit my head? Is that why I am having headaches? I will ask when we reach the Chateau.

 “No. He hugs LiMei possessively, “ LiMei you should quit working for that arrogant bastard and work for me.” Be by my side every day when we return to Pushong City. No…don’t work.. just marry me and have my baby.

  LiMei laughs when she sees his serious expression then wraps her arms around his neck, “We can talk about it when we get back to China.”

  Cheng pulls up to a tall iron gate and puts in the passcode. When he drives up a circular driveway Emily straightens her back, “Wow! Rui! This is your house?”

  He kisses her on the head, “En.”

  When Morgan opens the door to the backseat Rui picks up LiMei carrying her to the front door. A very tall muscular man opens the door, “CEO Qiao.” He looks at the small woman in his arms and doesn’t realize he is staring. Morgan coughs, “ René I need to speak to you.”

  René walks away from the entrance way with Morgan. Cheng is following behind and takes out a cigarette. He was dying to smoke on the ride to the chateau but couldn’t because of LiMei. When they are in the dining room René says, “Who the fuck is the little girl the CEO is holding?”

  Morgan looks to make sure Rui isn’t walking their direction, “Listen you idiot! That is the Boss’ woman and you are lucky you were on the side and he didn’t see you staring at her! He is crazy about the little chick! The Boss kicked the living shit out of Cheng because he was having a cup of coffee with Feng LiMei and she was laughing at something he said.” Cheng packs the tobacco in his cigarette and nods. “It’s true Dude. He is fucking bewitched by the little girl.”

  “Anyway just avoid Feng LiMei. I have to fill you in on some shit.You are in charge of the outside security. Me and Little Cheng here will take care of the interior of the mansion. Did the men arrive?”

  “Yeah. They are in the servant’s quarters.”

  “Okay. I will be back to call a meeting as soon as I talk to Qiao Rui.”

  Rui carries up the marble staircase to the Master bedroom and puts her down on a soft couch. “There are clothes prepared for you in the walk in closet. Do you want to take a bath?”

  “Yes.” She reaches up and pulls him on his sleeve. She has a mischievous smile exposing her two cute dimples as she teases him,“Do you want to bathe together?”

  LiMei’s soft kittenish voice scratches his heart and his Adam’s apple rolls listening to the tempting offer. He leans down and kisses her lips. “Want. But, I need to speak with Morgan.”   LiMei pouts and her soft voice sounds coquettish as she clings onto him like a koala bear, ”Stay.”

Rui gently caresseses her cheek then brushes her hair behind her ear whispering, “Can’t.” LiMei quivers from his warm breath on her neck and blushes when he rejects her.

LiMei doesn’t want Rui to leave, she doesn’t want to be alone for some reason. This room reminds her being trapped in a similar room. Unwilling to give up she wraps her arms around his neck and boldly kisses Rui putting her little tongue in his mouth. His body reacts and he takes control, his tongue savoring her sweet taste as he deepens the kiss.

He scoops LiMei up and carries her to the luxurious bed covered in a white comforter then presses her petite body down into the soft cover. He continues to feverishly kiss LiMei as he unzips her top.  Breathing heavily Rui touches her breast covered by the thin lace bra, then moves his hand down her flat abdomen towards her black athletic pants.When he slides them down her snow white legs LiMei instinctively arches her body towards him. Rui sucks and nibbles on her neck causing LiMei to softly moan as her body heats up from his familiar touch.

Rui tears off the thin lace covering her soft breasts and twirls his tongue around her erect pink bud. He then gently bites LiMei sending a wave of pleasure through her sensitive body. When his hand is under her panties and a finger is moving in and out of her tight tunnel LiMei’s moans get louder, “Ahh..ummm..Rui..” LiMei’s honey is dripping out covering his finger and she touches the tent formed in his pants, “Rui..I want…give me…” 

   “Naughty girl.” Rui has a devilish gleam in his dark eyes, he has never seen LiMei be this wanton and he is really aroused by her lewd behavior. His throat is dry and his voice sounds hoarse as she rubs his erection through his pants teasing him.

He licks his finger that is dripping with her honey while watching LiMei unzips his pants. “Baby..you are a bad little girl.” She has an idea when she touches him. She wants to give Rui as much pleasure as he gives her and she bites her lower lip, “Rui..I want to..to..” LiMei shocks Rui when she puts her delicate soft hands around his hardness licking and sucking the tip then puts his throbbing member into her small mouth. The feeling of being inside LiMei’s mouth and her moist hot tongue licking and sucking him Rui almost can’t hold back the urge to release. His heart is pounding in his chest as his fingers hold onto her messy ponytail. He growls, “Baby…Umm..Ahhh.. soo good.” as he thrusts into her wet little mouth that can barely accommodate his thick long shaft. Not wanting to release into LiMei’s mouth he pulls out while spreading LiMei’s slender thighs apart then inserting his huge erection into her dripping wet flower hole.

    LiMei whimpers as Rui enters and hits her sensitive spot with a hard thrust. He knows what to do to drive LiMei crazy and rubs her red and swollen nub with his thumb while increasing the speed and intensity of his thrusts. LiMei clutches onto messy bed cover as her small hips move up to meet his wild movements. “Mmm..Ruiii..Soo Big..Too Fast.. Ahhh.” Rui can’t stop his raging possessiveness to own LiMei’s heart and body. He sucks and licks her breasts covering her snow white skin with red love bites. The alluring sight of her beautiful innocent face flushed red with desire unleashes the beast in him. You are mine LiMei..Mine.. I was your first man and I will be your only man in this life.

His messy ink black hair is hanging onto his forehead with droplets of his sweat dripping onto LiMei’s snow white skin as he loses control. He lifts her thin legs in the air as he continues to ruthlessly pound into LiMei. He wants to crush her bones into his and become one so she can’t ever escape. 

Dizzy from the intense heat flowing through her body LiMei tries to hold onto her sanity. She feels engulfed in a sea of flames as he continuously hits deep into her tight tunnel. The more she writhes around Rui can’t stop his raging beast like urges. He holds her thin waist turning her over to continue ravaging her body.

Rui’s eyes are red and full of lust looking at her beautiful body in this position. Her slender snow white back covered in damp long black tangled hair a thin waist that one of his hands can wrap around. My Baby is so beautiful..He can’t resist the urge to slap her round cheeks leaving red handprints. When he unexpectedly slaps her tender skin LiMei has a rush of pain and pleasure and she screams his name as she climaxes again. When he hears LiMei’s seductive voice call his name he can’t control the intensity of his movement plunging inside of LiMei as far as his huge erection can reach. When he can’t hold back any longer he groans, “Umm..Baby..Urghh..Mmnn.. as releases his essence into the deepest part of LiMei. Afterwards he hugs LiMei tightly in his arms and tenderly kisses her lips. Satisfied he filled LiMei with his seed he covers her stomach with his large warm palm…Have my baby LiMei.. 




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      1. Happy Valentine’s Day to my favourite author!! Lol Rui’s naughtiness no longer surprises me. I’m just surprise Rene made it out with his eyes intact 🤣


      2. Oh gosh, imagining Rui as a dad is just too much that I may have a nosebleed. A mini LiMei and Rui!! The baby having her eyes and just blending their features together is just driving my poor heart crazy.


  1. Would be a little heartbreaker for sure!

    Rui: Son..She is mine!
    Son: Dad..Mom loves me more
    Rui: Your plane for boarding school leaves in an hour!
    Son: Dad: I’m only THREE!
    LiMei ????


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