Crowded Sidewalk

Love is in the air in Paris- the beautiful City of Love ! ❤ Enjoy the extra chapter..this author appreciates you reading my story! Have an awesome day full of love! ❤

While enjoying her meal Sara sees a different side of Li Tian. This seems to be the first time that I have had a normal conversation with Li Tian. I am surprised he is actually easy to talk to when he isn’t being overbearing. He was actually very witty when he shared a few anecdotes from his trips to Africa. Sara thinks about what Bi had told her about Li Tian, that he was very amiable when she had dinner with him at the Japanese restaurant. Maybe I have been too harsh in judging him.

   After they eat lunch Sara feels more relaxed, she has a sip of water, “I have never eaten Moroccan food before it is really delicious.” Sara’s eyes sparkle. “I really liked the caramelized apples and thin crepes with crushed almonds.” 

  When she says this his lips curl up into a slight smile, he watched Sara take a few photos then devour the sweet dish. Li Tian was impressed with the different flavors infused into the traditional Lamb Tagine with Couscous. “The taste is very authentic.” He hands his black card to the server as he finishes his glass of white wine. 

  “When were you in Morocco?”

 “Last year on business.” Unfortunately I had to go to deal with that bastard Amir Malouf’s mishandling of an important matter.

  She looks around at the  colorful decor of the restaurant. Traditional mosaic tiles and beautiful tapestries adorn the walls.  “I have always wanted to travel, visit different countries and experience different cultures. I enjoy trying ethnic dishes.” 

The server comes back with Li Tian’s black card. He puts it into his black leather Gucci wallet, “Finished?” He considershaving Yang James arrange a trip to Marrakech so they can spend time together. I will mention it after she is more comfortable being with me.

  Sara takes another drink of water, “Yes.” She stands up, “We can walk to the Art Gallery, it is two blocks down the street.”

  The owner opens the door to the restaurant for them and Li Tian puts on his designer sunglasses. He languidly walks over to Kang Mingshun who is leaning against the black Maybach smoking a cigarette, “We will walk.”

  Sara sees that every woman who walks past Li Tian stares at him. She smiles, the beautiful packaging is amazing but..

  He sees Sara’s silly smile while looking at him, “Good looking?”

  She laughs, “Good looking… CEO Li..”


 “Nevermind.” So many women can’t take their eyes off him, I want to ask him why does he bother me?

  He takes Sara’s small hand, she tries to wiggle it out of his grasp and he calmly says, “Too many people. Hold my hand.”

  Sara thinks he is worried because those men grabbed her earlier so she doesn’t resist. She also is still a little afraid from the whole incident.

  Li Tian has a satisfied smile on his handsome face while holding her soft small hand in his large palm. Sara’s natural warmth is travelling through his body calming his turbulent qi. This time I will take it slow and not pressure the little thing.Lunch was the first time she didn’t seem frightened of me. 

  Sara points to the Art Gallery, “Here it is.”

  He sees the name of the Gallery and hides his displeasure, “This is the gallery your friend recommended?”

  “Yes. I like modern art.”

  He opens the door and when they enter Sara gasps looking at a tall abstract bronze sculpture, She didn’t tell me that there are sculptures on exhibit here by Davinne.

  Li Tian stands next to Sara still holding her hand as she admires a bronze sculpture of a ??.He rolls his eyes, What the fuck is it supposed to be?

A stylishly dressed woman wearing an electric blue wrap dress sways her hips seductively as she approaches them. The beautiful woman has wavy long red hair and round brown eyes with full red lips. As she walks towards them her 10cm heels soundlessly glide over the marble floor. Sara can’t help but think she is one of the most beautiful women she has ever seen. The woman smiles showing her perfect white teeth which contrast prettily with her bright red lips. “Tian.” She gazes at Sara, “You must be Long An.” Lois knows very well that the young girl next to him is not Long An but she wants to see his reaction. Dare to bring a woman to my Gallery!

  Sara looks at her hand realizing she and Li Tian must look like a couple. She quickly takes her hand away before he reacts. Sara’s face turns bright red, “CEO Li, I am going to look at the paintings.” She hurries away to avoid further humiliation.

  Li Tian’s face blackens as he watches Sara’s back get farther away. Dammit! I knew when I saw the name of the Gallery we shouldn’t come inside. He doesn’t bother to respond and lazily walks over to Sara leaving Lois standing there stunned.

    Sara is in a daze staring at a painting depicting a house on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The sky is dark and ocean waves are crashing into the cliff, one solitary light is coming from a window on the second floor of the house.  Tears are forming at the corner of Sara’s eyes and her heart tightens with a sense of familiarity and pain. Li Tian sees her crying and thinks the reason is because of Lois’ snide remark. He can’t restrain himself taking Sara into his arms wiping away her tears with his fingers. Overcome with melancholy Sara clutches onto his suit jacket burying her head in his chest. He smoothes her hair and in a gentle comforting tone says, “Don’t cry.”

   She clings onto him while her heart beats erratically.Images of a beautiful woman standing on a winding staircase crying flash across her mind. Suddenly Sara comes to her senses and looks up at him, Oh my God! What am I doing. Sara blushes face and her voice trembles, “CEO..Sorry..sorry..I..well..the painting..” Flustered she steps back wiping her cheeks with her hand. Li Tian has a knowing expression, the little girl is upset because of that bitch Lois and is covering up. I will play along. “Is this the artist’s work you you wanted to see?”

     “Well, I’m not familiar.. but this painting is very moving.” Sara can’t look at the desolate imagery anymore,  “I wonder who the artist is?” He pours a lot of emotion into his painting. Despair..loneliness..She shivers as she walks towards another group of paintings. She wants to get her mind off that dark painting. “CEO Li, Did you see anything you like.” Li Tian is distracted and doesn’t immediately answer. Song Sara is very sensitive and vulnerable. That must be why she avoids getting involved, she is afraid of being hurt. Maybe I could use that to keep her by my side.  He answers honestly, “No.” His interest lies with ancient Chinese artwork.

   Sara can see he is bored and she wants to leave. She feels the atmosphere in the Gallery is stifling. I want to breathe some fresh air to calm down. “Well, I have seen enough, we can leave if you want.”

  “Where do you want to go next?”


  “I thought we were going to explore the city together.”

  “Oh..where do you want to go?”

  He thinks walking around will give him the opportunity to hold her hand again. “We could walk around.”

   “Okay.” I did say I would accompany him to start paying off my debt.“I want to ask about the artist.” 

  Lois hears Sara, she is surprised a girl would like such a depressing and somber painting. “The artist? He is a recluse. He donated this painting to support an orphanage outside of Paris.”

  Sara impulsively says “Charity? I would like to purchase it.”

 “Five million Euros.”

 “Oh..well..nevermind. Could you tell me the artist’s name? I want to ask him a question.”

  “No. The artist wants the buyer to appreciate the painting not the artist.”

   Sara can feel the woman’s obvious hostility towards her and detects she is interested in Li Tian. She smiles sweetly,“Okay.” Best not to continue.

   After they leave Lois thinks Li Tian didn’t buy the oil painting for the woman because she was playing with him when they entered the gallery. Hmmph.. Petty Bastard! 

   Li Tian would have easily paid for the painting but he knows Sara is stubborn and wouldn’t accept it as a gift.

   Outside Li Tian takes Sara’s hand, “Crowds.”

   “Hmm..okay.” Sara has a strange sense of security holding his strong hand as they walk down the crowded sidewalk. They stop to look in a window of a Boutique. Li Tian says, “You want to go in?” Before Sara can answer without warning a man carrying a large cardboard box forcefully knocks into Sara from behind. The sudden collision sends her petite body forward towards the store’s window. As she trips, Li Tian quickly catches Sara wrapping his arms around her thin waist pulling her back from smashing her beautiful face into the glass. Tightly holding her in his embrace his heart is racing picturing Sara flying into the window if he hadn’t caught her in time.

Startled and in pain from the heavy box hitting her slender back she looks up into Li Tian’s dark eyes. Sara’s heart starts thumping and her soul flies away breathing in his unique masculine scent as he holds her in his arms. It feels as if the world has stopped around them as her eyes meet his intense gaze. The CEO.. he seems to be staring at me with.. affection? 

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  1. Wow! Had the ice started to melt? It’s finally dawned on our dumbass that you need to be exceptionally gentle with little Sarah.


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