Li Tian looks at Sara holding another man’s hand and is about to explode, not to mention the fact she breezily tells him she is going to lunch with a psychopath! A deranged killer! Leo most likely just killed people downstairs. The naive little fool is unbelievable!

   He does his best to control the rage boiling inside of him when he notices the injuries on Sara. Leo that little bastard! He must have put the bandages on her arm and leg. I want to kill the brat for touching my woman!

   Sara’s aggrieved expression on her beautiful small face and Leo smugly standing behind her with a self satisfied smile is hard for Li Tian to accept. He is an expert at controlling his emotions except when it comes to Sara, his dark eyes are filled with a deeply possessive gleam. Fuck! I need to calm down.The killing intent he is emitting disappears, “Little Leo, it has been a long time how is your father?”

    Little Leo! One of Leo’s triggers is people mistake him for a high school student because of his boyish good looks, the other is his domineering father. He is agitated but standing next to Sara on the surface he appears unaffected by the hidden barbs, surprising Li Tian. Leo has one hand balled into a fist in his pocket while he continues to hold Sara’s hand with his other. He smirks as he replies,“He and Lois came back from New York for the International Jewelry Competition. My step brother is representing  the company tomorrow.” See if you can restrain your anger after this, “Uncle, you should call Lois.”

  Sara has a strange stuffy feeling in her chest, Who is Lois?

   Li Tian’s temper is about to flare and black lines form on his forehead, UNCLE! 

. The tension between the two makes Alexandre nervous and he can’t afford to offend either man. One is his partner, the other is a powerful ally. Alexandre looks at the time, “Tian, don’t you have an appointment at one?”

  Sara gazes up at Li Tian and decides to compromise in order to protect Leo. She turns and smiles at Leo, “Thank you for the lunch invitation, but I will leave with the CEO. I need to discuss something with him. Are you going to the Jewelry Competition? I will be modeling Mr. Navarre’s necklace.”

  Leo hadn’t planned on going but he smiles, “Yes.” I wasn’t but now I am!

 “Well, then I look forward to seeing you there.”

 She takes the initiative to take Li Tian’s hand pulling him towards the door. Why is the CEO such an unreasonable man!

  Once they leave, Leo brushes all the dishes off the table, “BASTARD!”

   Outside the door Li Tian pushes Sara up against the wall caging her petite body between his strong arms then lowers his head. Sara’s blue eyes widen and her heart beats wildly. She has her small hands on his chest. What is he going to do?

Li Tian gazes at Sara’s adorable expression. She looks like a bullied little bunny. Doesn’t she realize when she stares at me with that look it brings out my inner beast. He has a mischievous light in his eyes as he lifts her chin, “Naive.” Stupid little girl has no idea how to judge people..her fiance is a womaninzer and Leo is a cold and ruthless assassin. He takes his hands off the wall then stands back and his lips curl up into a devilish smile. Sara had instinctively closed her eyes when he leaned down obviously waiting for him to kiss her, “Let’s go. I will take you to the art gallery.”

  Sara felt her legs got weak when he pressed her to the wall. She could smell his distinct masculine scent and her heart was thumping thinking he was going to kiss her lips. Her cheeks turn red when she realizes he was amused at her reaction. Errr.. Li Tian you are sooo annoying! She stomps behind him; sounding like a kitten who had her tail stepped on she angrily hmmphs, “ No way am I going anywhere with you! Don’t you have an important appointment? I can get a taxi.”

   Li Tian ignores her and walks down the stairs. After Sara was abducted he changed his plans, obviously too many people were aware of today’s scheduled exchange. He called and made different arrangements by enticing the man with two million dollars in addition to the classified information he was providing. Knowing Garth he will pocket the two million without disclosing the change of plans. Satisfied that he was able to salvage the situation he has an idea, turning around he sounds serious, “You obviously screwed up my plans. How are you going to compensate me? I lost a lot of money.”

  Sara’s face pales, “How much money? I will compensate you then please don’t bother me again.”

  “Two million USD.”

  She gulps down her saliva, “TWO MILLION?”  Sara breaks out in a cold sweat, Where would I get that much money? Was it a breach of contract fee? Maybe I could make installments. This is terrible!

  Li Tian almost bursts out laughing, she is really an idiot!  “Two million.”

  Sara apprehensively looks at her watch, “Maybe you still have time to make the meeting if you hurry.”

  “No time.” 

  Kang Mingshun opens the back door of the Club as Sara grabs Li Tian’s arm. She shakes her head, how does he twist everything around! “Wait. Why should I compensate you! If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have been kidnapped.”

  He opens the back door of the car, “Get in.”

   Sara obediently gets into the backseat forgetting the fact she was dead set on distancing herself from him, “You should compensate me!”

  Li Tian furrows his brow, “Miss Song, let me explain the situation to you. We are riding in a car that has bulletproof glass and is virtually impenetrable. Well protected by Kang Mingshun, an experienced ex Special Force elite bodyguard.

The men who grabbed you did it impulsively because you gave them an opportunity to threaten me. They were driving an older nondescript car and I can assume their job was simply to follow us to inform my competitor of the location of the meeting . This would have been impossible for them to accomplish because on route additional bodyguards in several SUVs were to meet this car and would have blocked their ability to follow. You have to admit the men who abducted you were low level gangsters with no ability to disrupt my plans. But YOU Miss Song..YOU gave them that opportunity when you willfully stepped out of the security of my car. So because I couldn’t take a chance you might be injured or even killed by those incompetent losers if they panicked I immediately did everything in my power to find you. Which included disregarding a meeting I set up a month ago.” He carefully watches the emotions that flash across her face, so cute!  haha..this is a perfect way to keep the little thing by my side.  No way does she have two million dollars haha..

   Sara nervously listens to his explanation, CEO Li is right it did seem as though those smelly men were flustered and unprepared. She doesn’t know what to say, it looks like I do owe him because I was impulsive earlier. “Well CEO, I can pay you in installments.” My God it will take me forever… wuuhuuu there goes my savings!

   “How about you work off your debt with me? I told you I have never had a chance to enjoy Paris I will deduct 50,000 if you accompany me today.”

   Sara doesn’t hesitate and nods her head,“50,000? Hmm.. okay.”

   Kang Mingshun looks in the rear view mirror, Boss you are shameless! Bullying a beautiful girl like Miss Song! The main reason you didn’t go is because Yang James told you that the meeting was compromised. What is two million to you? When you possess the artifact you will make 150 million! You are a goddamn Billionaire!

   Li Tian gazes at the anguished expression on Sara’s beautiful face but doesn’t feel the least bit guilty. When have I, Li Tian, ever passed up an opportunity to get what I want? And what I want is you Song Sara and I will do whatever it takes to keep you by my side.  He wants to press her down in the backseat and crush her into his bones right now.

  “Do you want to go to the art gallery?”

   Li Tian can hear Sara’s stomach making noises so he suggests eating first.“I am hungry. We can go after lunch.”

   “Do you want to try a small restaurant by the art gallery? My friend recommended it to me because her cousin owns it.”


   Sara looks at her phone to give Kang Mingshun the address.

   Li Tian can’t take his eyes off Sara’s profile while she checks the address on the internet. Her long black hair is hanging down onto her white swan like neck and she is surrounded by a faint sweet scent of jasmine. She is so pure and innocent looking with delicate features like a fragile doll. He can’t recall any woman who has made his heart race like she does. Sitting next to her being unable to touch her is almost unbearable. Sara seductively bites her lower lip while concentrating and he is having trouble restraining himself from kissing her tempting pink lips

   Sara looks up from her phone and meets his intense gaze. “CEO Li..your is very red.. do you have a fever?” Sara reaches over and touches his forehead with her small hand sending a jolt of electricity through his body. He immediately grabs her hand, “Kang Mingshun, didn’t I tell you to turn up the air conditioner!” 


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  1. “In the voice of an aggrieved kitten whose tail has been trodden on…” Hahaha I like that comparison. I immediately pictured Sarah with a pout


    1. thank you for your beautiful story until now… I’m not so sure when will be able read again your story in near future. Bcuz I’m a myanmar and tomorrow will be the dead line . The Military going to cut down the internet connection all over the country to control and isolate us from outside world .



      1. OMG! I will pray for your safety! Please stay safe… Thank you for being my loyal reader ❤ ❤ ❤… I hope my story made you heart is truly breaking for you..May God protect you and your family always..kira


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