Red Poppy Room

      Alexandre wonders why Leo hasn’t returned with the woman and pours himself a glass of whiskey. When he finishes his drink he lazily walks down the hallway looking for them. He pauses at the outside of one of the private rooms. Leo is sitting next to Sara on the couch carefully applying medicine to her scraped knee. Did the sun rise in the West? Leo is not only touching a woman but gently applying medicine to her leg? He coughs and Sara looks up meeting his gaze, her body stiffens when she recognizes Alexandre. He is the dangerous man who was with Li Tian at the Crystal Mountain hot spring! Leo sees Sara’s expression change abruptly while staring at Alexandre and is pissed off by the interruption. Motherf****r! The little beauty let down her guard and was smiling so beautifully at me now she looks terrified again! 

   Alexandre notices the murderous gleam in Leo’s unusual eyes and quickly says, “Lunch is ready in the Red Poppy Room.” For some reason he can’t look into Leo’s eyes without shuddering. It is not the fact that one eye is blue and the other is brown but more their bottomless depth, particularly when he is angry. 

   Sara flutters her long black eyelashes wanting to ask if Alexandre called CEO Li yet but swallows back the words she wants to say. Leo ignores Alexandre while continuing to disinfect the wound on Sara’s hand and enjoying the warmth from her soft skin. He sounds gentle when he replies to Alexandre, “We will be over as soon as I finish.”

  “En.” What the fuck! I don’t like the way Leo is looking at Li Tian’s woman. I need to call him to pick the little chick up before more problems are created for me!

  After Alexandre leaves Sara attempts to withdraw her hand and Leo smiles up at her, “ I still need to put on a bandage.”

   When their eyes meet Sara can’t help remark, “Your eyes are really beautiful.”

  Most people are frightened by his strange different colored eyes. This is the first time anyone has said his eyes are beautiful since that little girl after the fire so many years ago. Leo doesn’t respond but carefully wraps Sara’s hand with the white gauze. He can’t remember the last time he felt this calm. No treatment or medicine has been able to control his bloodlust or suppress his powerful aura because he suffers from a rare condition that causes his qi to be extremely turbulent.  

    Leo’s obsession with beautiful objects allows him to momentarily take the focus away from his internal demons, possessing and touching beautiful things is the only fleeting happiness in his life. But, ever since he was young he doesn’t like being touched or close to people no matter how beautiful. Sara’s aura is surrounding him with a layer of warmth that is causing his raging blood to slow down. Being this close to the little beauty I can actually see a faint golden glow surrounding her body and the girl’s refreshingly sweet jasmine scent is intoxicating. He is drawn to her pure and innocent beauty and has a sense of familiarity for some reason. “Miss Song have we met before?”

  Sara looks closely at him, “No. I don’t think so.” I would never forget a man who is this beautiful, his eyes are mesmerizing. 

  He reluctantly lets go of her small hand, “Finished.” It must be my imagination but I feel a strange connection to this beautiful little girl. “ Follow me.”

   When they get to the Red Poppy Room Leo turns to leave and Sara blurts out, “You aren’t having lunch?” I don’t want to be alone with this murderer!

  Leo restrains the urge to pat Sara on the head, “I have something that needs my attention. I will join you when I finish.”

  Alexandre pulls out a chair for Sara, “I wasn’t sure if you like Western food so I also had the chef prepare some Chinese dishes.”

  Sara nervously sits down, “I am not a picky eater but thank you.” She stares at the delicious assortment of food but has no appetite. Thinking about the conversation she overheard at the hot spring that day between this man and Li Tian her stomach tightens. 

   Leo stops by his office and sits at his custom made Agarwood desk and unlocks the bottom drawer of his desk removing a beautiful black case. Taking off his gold rimmed glasses he cleans them then opens the case revealing a gun used by the French Special Forces he had modified to his preference. Since the little girl is here I should use a silencer. He adjusts his glasses then screws on a silencer as he walks towards the door of his office.

  Meanwhile, in the Red Poppy Room Alexandre sees Sara hasn’t touched any of the food on her plate. “Is the food not to your liking?”

  Sara snaps out of her trance and looks across the table at him while blinking her eyes, “I’m not very hungry.”

  “Don’t be nervous. CEO Li and I are friends, you aren’t in any danger. I will call him now if it will make you feel more comfortable. I know he has an important meeting so I had planned on calling him after we finished lunch.”

   Oh.. is that explains why he hasn’t called the CEO. Sara relaxes but she doesn’t want to go with Li Tian either. Maybe if I explain this man will just let me leave. No reason to involve Li Tian. She says,“ The CEO was just giving me a ride. We were caught in a traffic jam and my destination wasn’t far away that is why I got out of his car. You don’t need to bother him, I can take a taxi.” Sara puts her napkin on the table and stands up to leave.

 Alexandre didn’t think the woman would assume she was free to leave. He quickly walks over and blocks the door. Alexandre is 190 cm tall and his body in front of Sara is like a wall. He politely tells Sara, “Now that you are here Miss Song I am responsible for you until Li Tian arrives. If I were to let you leave and something happened..well..I can’t take that chance. Sit and eat. The meeting should be over soon and I will call.”

   Sara reluctantly sits back down at the table but is startled when she hears noise from downstairs, “What is that?”

  Alexandre has black lines form on his forehead. That maniac Leo must have killed the men who brought Song Sara. Dammit!

  Downstairs Leo is standing over the corpses of the driver and the greasy man. The two gangsters are lying on the floor in a puddle of blood. Both men were systematically killed execution style without even a chance to beg for their lives.  Leo puts his gun in the back of his pants while looking at Harry who is sweating profusely and the other gangster who fainted. He instructs Harry in an emotionless voice, “Get rid of them. Tell Maurice the next time any of his men act on their own I will wipe out his entire crew and then his family.”

  Satisfied after avenging Sara, Leo runs up the stairs two steps at a time anxious to see Sara. He hurries to his office and cleans the gun then places it back in its case. After he puts the gun case back into the drawer he locks it and then goes into the bathroom.Leo washes his hands several times then furrows his eyebrows when he notices a little blood that sprayed onto his white shirt. Fuck! Those bastards! Now I need to change! He unbuttons his shirt and tosses it into the trash. Not wanting to delay he grabs a new white shirt from his office putting it on as he quickens his pace down the hallway to the Red Poppy Room. 

  He opens the door to the Red Poppy Room and frowns Sara is absentmindedly picking at her food. He glares at Alexandre, I told him his chef’s food is unpalatable. Sara glances over at Leo approaching the heavily laden table and smiles brightly, “You finished your business?”

  ‘Finished.”  He pulls out the chair next to Sara, once seated he has a pampering tone, “Miss Song, if you don’t like the food I can have my personal chef send lunch over to the Club.”

  “…” Alexandre takes a gulp of his wine wondering if Sara put a bewitchment spell on Leo. Since when does this iceberg have any human emotion?  He is a ruthless and heartless killer.I have never seen him smile at a woman in all the years I have known him. Judging from the sound I heard before he came back he killed the men who abducted the woman. 

  Leo pours Sara a glass of wine, “Try this wine it is from my family’s vineyard.”

  Sara waves her small hand, “Thank you, but I can’t drink alcohol. I’m allergic.” Actually if I drank that wine god knows I would do!

  Leo pours a glass of wine for himself. He orders Alexandre, “Call downstairs and have them bring her a glass of fresh squeezed juice.”

  Sara stops Alexandre, “No need. I don’t want to bother anyone.”

    Leo insists so Alexandre calls the kitchen. After he hangs up the atmosphere is very awkward with no one speaking.  Leo is unhappy watching Sara pushing a piece of asparagus around on her plate. He looks at his diamond encrusted watch, obviously Li Tian won’t miss acquiring the artifact so he won’t come to the Club until after the meeting. Leo impulsively stands up and takes Sara’s hand pulling her up from her seat. “I am taking Miss Song to eat. We will be back before Li Tian arrives.”

   Alexandre’s veins bulge on his neck but he is reluctant to attempt to stop Leo. He knows many dangerous men but no one is as terrifying as this Young Master when he is provoked. Before Alexandre can say anything suddenly the door to the Red Poppy room bangs open. Li Tian has a crazed look on his face when he sees Sara holding Leo’s hand, he grabs Sara’s arm pulling her away from Leo. Alexandre can feel the sparks flying between the two domineering and dangerous men, both are emitting strong killing intent.

Sara stands in front of Leo not realizing his aura is equally as strong as Li Tian’s. The two men are so close to each other she assumes the terrifying oppression is being emitted from Li Tian. Sara is afraid that Li Tian will hurt Leo and pushes Li Tian, “CEO Li, he took care of my injuries! Let him go!”

   Leo has a faint smile on his face as Sara defends him. Quickly hiding his aggressiveness pretending to be weak he holds onto her hand.

   Li Tian has just enough time to get to the meeting he doesn’t want to fuck around any longer with Leo or Alexandre. He glares at the two men and commands Sara, “Come here. We are leaving. ”

  Sara looks between Li Tian and Leo still annoyed at Li Tian she refuses, “No. CEO Li, I’m fine. You should go to your meeting. We are going to get lunch, then I am going to the art gallery.”

   “…”  When Li Tian and Kang Mingshun entered the club there was a strong stench of blood. He was panicked thinking something happened to Sara. Now he looks at her holding another man’s hand and is about to explode, not to mention the fact she breezily tells him she is going to lunch with a psychopath! A deranged killer! Leo most likely just killed people downstairs. The naive little fool is unbelievable!

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    1. Yes..spoiler Leo is Sara’s elder twin brother. It will all come out later. She got all the good aspects of being born at midnight on the winter solstice and he got the scary eyes and turbulent qi. 😰 Song Yichen is not their father. Lol


      1. You know what, that kinda explains why she isn’t as warily around Leo. And Sara having such a brother is a good deterrent against Li Tian 🤣👏🏽


      2. Yeah I think her having a brother that loves her will be good for Sara. Basically she only has her Grandma. Leo will finally have someone who cares about him😊


  1. Wow! Suddenly. I was afraid that there was another contender for Sarah’s heart, but brother is cool! Now she will have someone who can protect her from obnoxious maniacs. It seems that Li Tian will have more difficulties in conquering Sarah. ha-ha


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