Leaving The Inn

    After Rui reaches the heavens releasing his essence deep inside of LiMei he holds her naked body tightly in his embrace.They are both breathing heavily as he brushes the damp tendrils of hair off her face, then traces his finger down her face. She looks up at his handsome face with a satisfied smile sweetly meeting his tender gaze. He wants to lock LiMei away so he is the only one who can possess her beauty. I want your beautiful green eyes filled only with me. When Rui sees his reflection in her hazy green eyes his heart skips a beat. So incredibly beautiful and she is mine..only mine.. Rui tenderly touches her flat abdomen and rubs his hand across her soft skin thinking they have never used any contraception. If LiMei was pregnant that would be..he stops himself from indulging in wishful thinking. His voice is hoarse and sounds breathless as he whispers in her ear, “Baby, I love you so much.” 

   LiMei wraps her soft arms around his neck and her eyes get misty hearing his heartfelt confession. She doesn’t say anything but lays her head on his chest and closes her eyes while listening to his rapid heartbeat. How did I get so lucky to meet such an amazing man.  

   Rui wishes they could stay in bed but realizes they must get to the safety of his chateau. “LiMei I will start a bath we need to leave.” As he gets off the bed she pulls on his arm. She has a coquettish tone as she pouts, “Can’t we stay here for awhile.”

  He momentarily hesitates as he stares at her bright smile and her cute little dimples as she tries to pull him back onto the bed. He lifts the quilt over her snow white body that is covered with his love bites. Baby, I would love to stay in bed with you but it would be too dangerous to linger here any longer. He bends down and kisses her forehead. “We need to go.”

  LiMei removes her hand from his arm and lays back onto the pillow. Why is Rui so anxious to leave?

   When the bathtub is filled with water he comes into the bedroom and carries LiMei into the bath then joins her. While Rui washes LiMei she relaxes enjoying his pampering. Suddenly images of them in Cambodia pop into her mind and she feels very confused. She holds his hand as he runs the washcloth down her arm. Rui, did something happen to me? I can’t remember coming to this Inn.”

   LiMei notices a strange expression flash across Rui’s face but he doesn’t answer. “Rui..tell me.”

   He takes LiMei into his embrace and tenderly kisses her lips, “Baby, I will explain while we are in the car.”

   Rui gets out of the bath and dries his muscular body while LiMei watches him while leaning on the side of the bath.Rui’s wet hair is hanging down onto his forehead and water droplets are dripping down his face. He looks like a model. No even more beautiful..I am so lucky ! Rui is so strong and handsome…His body is perfect, long muscular legs, eight pack and oh my god what am I thinking ! LiMei blushes and covers her face hoping he didn’t notice her peeking at him.

He has a devilish grin, she is so cute. Rui leans down his warm breath on her face, “Baby, am I that good looking ?”

LiMei blushes and covers her face and Rui starts laughing then lifts LiMei out of the bath into his arms. He kisses her glistening wet lips then says, “LiMei, trust me.”

   LiMei feels safe in his arms and snuggles into his warm chest, “I do.”

   Rui kisses the top of her head thinking how he can explain the situation without frightening LiMei.

   After they are dressed Rui walks to the door and turns around, “I will be right back then we will leave.”

   LiMei gets out her phone to play a game while she waits for Rui. She sees she has several missed texts from Gu Cheng and missed calls from Chen Group. She texts back [Sorry I didn’t see your texts. I will send my rent immediately to your Grandfather.]

   Gu Cheng is walking into the school gym for basketball practice when he sees the text from LiMei. He tosses the basketball to his friend and walks to the side and immediately texts back. [We were just worried about you because we haven’t heard from you.]

   [Sorry.(T_T)] I don’t even know how to explain not returning his texts. They are from last week.

   [Are you still travelling on business?]

   [Yes] I will need to ask Rui when he plans on returning to Pushong City.

  Gu Cheng’s coach sees him texting and glares at him across the basketball court. [Okay I am at the gym for practice. Text me later.] He puts his phone into his gym bag and runs onto the court.


   In a high tech computer room a man excitedly says, “ Dr. Graff I have a lock on the lab rat’s phone.”

  When Rui gets back to the room LiMei is laying on the bed sleeping. He has a pampering smile as he picks her up from the bed. When he walks out into the hallway he tells Chang to grab her purse and his jacket. Chang starts to ask him something and Rui frowns looking down at LiMei snuggling into his chest.

  Once they are in the black Maybach Chang puts in the address Rui gave him earlier. Rui plans on stopping in a small town across the border. A man lives there who he was acquainted with during his time in the Underworld. Rui holds LiMei on his lap as she sleeps and he leans back closing his eyes. How am I going to explain the situation to LiMei?

  Not twenty minutes after they leave the small Inn two SUV’s come racing into the parking lot of the Inn.  When they screech to a stop in front of the Inn several muscular men dressed in black jump out and enter the lobby. The old innkeeper has just come back inside from the garden and thinks it is his wife returning. When he looks up he freezes thinking they are gangsters sent to disrupt their business again. He immediately wants to run and as he is attempting to escape one of the men grabs him by his collar, “Old Man tell me what room Qiao Rui is in now!”

  The old man’s hair is standing up on his neck, no one checked in by that name and the only guests they had just left. “We don’t have any guests right now.” He is about to tell him about the four people who checked out but he sees another man come inside with a gun to his wife’s head. The old man immediately screams, “Let her go!”

  The old man’s legs are dangling in the air, the extremely tall man grits his teeth, “I will have him release the ugly old woman when you tell me where they are.”

  “I’m telling you, search! We don’t have any guests!” What the hell! We need to sell this Inn and move far away!

  He tall man motions to three of the other men,“Look around.”The coordinates we got from the lab rat’s phone definitely is this run down piece of shit hotel. “If you are lying Old Man you will regret it.”

   The Old Man can barely breathe but he spits out, “Why would I lie?” The old man panics why didn’t I say they checked out? If I say it now he will think I am trying to buy time.

   His wife nervously looks at her husband. Why didn’t the idiot say they checked out a an hour ago. “Four people checked out an hour ago.”

   The tall man holding the Old Innkeeper lets him go then shoves him to the ground, “Why didn’t you say so?”

  “I was going to but you didn’t give me a chance.”

  “Did they say where they were going?”

  “I overheard one of them say something about Paris. But I don’t know if that is where they are headed.”

  “What kind of car were they driving?”

  “I don’t know it was black and looked expensive.”

  “Let me see your security cameras.”

  “…” The Old Man stares at his wife with his eyes wide and more sweat forms on his forehead. The last time the gangsters Johnny sent the first thing they did was destroy the cameras. “We are a small Inn. We don’t have any security cameras, but  there are CCTV cameras on the road.”

   The tall man sneers at the two old people who are shivering in fear, Useless old farts. He walks towards the door of the Inn. “Let’s go.”

   When he gets into the passenger seat of the first vehicle he slams his hand on the dashboard. If that asshole Frank hadn’t screwed up this wouldn’t have got dumped in my fucking lap. He dials a number, “Get the CCTV footage from the coordinates we received from the phone to all roads headed towards the French border. Even if they are headed to Paris they could take a detour. You are looking for any high end vehicles. Send the feed directly to my laptop.” He hangs up and stretches his legs out. Frustrated they couldn’t capture them at the Inn he glares at the man in the driver’s seat and barks, “What are you waiting for? Move out.”

    The driver squeezes the steering wheel, I was waiting for your orders you fuckin prick! He knows not to mess with the him if he wants to live. “So to the highway headed for France?”

    The tall man named Jack lights a cigarette then traces his finger across the photograph in his hand. The driver notices a strange expression on Jack’s face and leans over to see the picture he is holding, “Is that the lab rat?”


   “Why would they use such a little girl?”

   “Don’t know.” He recalls when he heard rumors were circulating five years ago he didn’t believe that the procedure would be a success. The rumors quietly died down and he thought the experiments had been scraped. It wasn’t until Gunnar Hedwig called him personally that he found out there was a person named Subject 456. This experimental subject displayed the ability to heal at an unbelievable rate. Intrigued at the prospect that this biotechnology could produce super soldiers he planned on observing the experiments at Chronus’ lab. It would be worth the price of one insignificant person’s life if the biotechnology could save the men under his command. After he flicks his half smoked cigarette out the window Jack stuffs the photograph of a beautiful young girl playfully making a peace sign into his pocket.

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  1. I can’t stop laughing at how much Rui wants to get LiMei pregnant. It’s downright terrifying, but the most effective way to keep her.


      1. Why am I not surprised. I mean it’s not like she’s hiding from a killer organisation…and if he happens to find herself knocked up and having to go on the run, a potential baby won’t slow her down 😂


      2. Oh god and the pregnancy is just a backup plan! Oh Rui and I can’t imagining him taking on the role of a work at home husband/dad 🤣👏🏽


  2. Yeah he loves LiMei he wants to marry her and have a family. He is a bit obsessed but he has never loved anyone before. So he is always afraid of losing her.😌


    1. It was broken by Nikolai. He bought her a new one when she agreed to cooperate with him for the weekend.So she could play games. LiMei said she wouldn’t contact Rui because Nikolai threatened her.😰


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